Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 819

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The Eastern Prefecture was the most luxurious prefecture out of the thirteen prefectures controlled by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. It was also termed as the leader of all the prefectures.

Within the thirteen prefectures, the strongest sects were all located within the Eastern Prefecture. But naturally, the strongest of all sects was none other than the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect that governed the thirteen prefectures.

The Eastern Immortal City was also known as the Emperor City of the Thirteen Prefectures. It was incomparably vast and the leading city of the entire prefectures. Ordinary people didn’t even need to dream stay within it.

They, were at most only pa.s.sersby through the Emperor City, staying in inns over there. It was impossible for them to own a permanent residence within there.

The administration of the city was extremely strict with heavy patrols around the area at all times of the day. No crimes are permitted here, let alone killing others casually. If there was a life-and-death grudge between both parties, they had to step upon a battle arena to settle their differences as was not condoned.

Hence although this Emperor City was the largest of all the cities, the crime rate here was also the lowest. Under the foot of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, criminals dared not show themselves here.

At the very end of the city, there were layers of misty immortal mountains known as the Eastern Immortal Mountain Range and the palace established there was none other than the supreme character of the thirteen prefectures, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor.

And because of the unique position of the Emperor City, the stellar martial cultivators here all possessed a cultivation much stronger than the average. One could even say that this place was littered with immortal-foundation experts. In this, the most powerful city within the thirteen prefectures, even ordinary immortal kings wouldn’t dare to be too brazen because there were too many existences that could wipe out ordinary-tier immortal kings living here.

Also, for those with lower cultivations - the Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants that were staying here, n.o.body dared to offend these people casually because those who could stay here definitely had an extraordinary background. If not, they wouldn’t be staying in the Emperor City and would only be a traveller at most.

In the vast streets of the city, streams of experts flooded the place. And in a certain area, several experts suddenly halted. People who were flying in the air also stopped their steps as they stared at the phenomenon ahead. A beam of light seemingly shot down from the heavens as the surrounding s.p.a.ce started to vibrate.

After which, an incomparably gigantic mirror appeared in the air and countless experts could be seen within. The next instant, an eye-piercing golden light flashed as a row of figures directly stepped out into the air. There were actually over hundreds of them and the intense spatial fluctuations haven’t stopped yet. In the blink of an eye, yet another batch of partic.i.p.ants arrived.

The people of the Emperor City weren’t overly shocked when they saw this scene. Their eyes calmly swept over the new arrivals and upon seeing the medallions pinned on their robes, an immortal-foundation expert in the air laughed, "The selected geniuses from the Cloud Prefecture have arrived. The twelve other prefectures of the thirteen prefectures all had a connection with the array here and today was the day where geniuses from all prefectures would arrive here one after another."

"Yeah, this banquet would definitely be a grand event. I can still remember the one held a hundred years ago. Time truly pa.s.sed so fast." Another immortal by the side drank a sip of wine from a bottle gourd as he laughed.

"How sad, after a hundred years, we don’t even have the qualifications to receive an invitation to watch the test and can only watch from afar like the other ordinary people. Hahaha." The first one who spoke gave a self-mocking laugh.

"You wished to be invited? Firstly, step into the immortal king realm before you speak of this again. In fact, even ordinary-tier immortal kings wouldn’t be invited. The invitations would only be sent out to famous immortal kings like the Undying Immortal King for example. I wonder how old he actually is now."

"A few hundred years to those people is simply nothing, pa.s.sing in the blink of an eye. However, I know an immortal king who is extremely happy this time around. It’s none other than the lord of the Scarcemoon Immortal Manor, Scarce Moon Immortal King.

"That’s only natural, I heard that a few years ago when the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor held a disciple recruitment event in a particle world, the Scarce Moon Immortal King’s descendant was actually selected as a disciple. I even heard rumors say that Que Tianyi had an excellent performance after entering the sect and even gained the recognition of the Immortal Emperor himself. No wonder the Scarce Moon Immortal King is extremely happy."

"Haha the topic digressed too far. Look, the 1,000 partic.i.p.ants from the Cloud Prefecture have finally all arrived. That person should be the lord of the Cloud Prefecture, the Idlecloud Immortal King." The two of them turned their attention to those people who just appeared. Not only them, the entirety of those in the surroundings all had their attentions focused on this group of new arrivals.

"The people from the Cloud Prefecture have fully arrived." The crowd murmured. They heard that there were already geniuses from eight other prefectures who had arrived earlier. The Cloud Prefecture was the ninth prefecture to arrive.

Qin Wentian and the others were teleported over. They stabilized themselves and glanced at the surroundings as well as the level of cultivation bases and calm demeanor of the people nearby, and couldn’t help but to silently stated in their hearts that this was as expected of the Emperor City. In addition, the distance that spatial transference array covered was truly terrifying, directly sending them from the Cloud Prefecture to the Emperor City in the Eastern Prefecture.

"Follow me." At this moment, the voice of the Idlecloud Immortal King rang out as he led the way, heading forward. Those from the Cloud Prefecture instantly followed behind him. This 1,000 plus entourage was extremely impressive, as many people couldn’t help but to stop and watch.

"Senior brother, this Emperor City of the Eastern Prefecture is truly prosperous." Jun Mengchen glanced at the majestic ancient buildings littering the streets as well as the unending streams of expert as he commented. "In addition, everything seems to be so orderly here."

"The Emperor City naturally has its own set of laws that maintain the order." Someone beside explained, causing Jun Mengchen to nod his head. "So that’s the case. Forgive me for my ignorance and inexperience."

A few hours later, they arrived at an extremely luxurious location. This area was extremely vast with many inns on the streets and the majority of experts here were actually those from the younger generations with cultivation bases at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm.

Upon seeing them, these ascendants inclined their heads as gleams of sharpness flashed in their eyes. At the same time, the ordinary crowd were also whispering to each other.

"These must be the geniuses from the Cloud Prefecture, I wonder what their strength is?" A young man with an incomparably sharp countenance stared at the entourage behind the Idlecloud Immortal King as an intense battle intent radiated forth from him.

"We are here. This place is filled with taverns and inns, go where you will and all prices are waived on account of the medallions you wear on your robes. The Eastern Sage Immortal Sect has already prepared everything, so you guys can just go ahead and find any place that you wish to stay in." The Idlecloud Immortal King spoke. "In addition, try not to venture too far during these few days. This area has a radius of a few thousand miles and it should already be sufficient for you guys to move around. I will summon all of you once I receive any news."

"Immortal King, when will the banquet start?" Somebody was filled with antic.i.p.ation as he asked.

"I’m not clear either. At the very least, we have to wait for partic.i.p.ants of all thirteen prefectures to gather. Don’t be impatient there are already many geniuses here. Take your time to understand the strength level of partic.i.p.ants from the other prefectures." The Idlecloud Immortal King replied before casually continuing, "In addition, all fights are forbidden in the city. And especially for these few days, the security is extremely tight. Don’t start any trouble here and don’t blame me for not reminding you all in the first place. Alright that’s all from me, just go on ahead."

After speaking he waved his hands and brought some people away. Even his descendent Mu Yun was left behind in this area.

As the lord of a prefecture, the Idlecloud Immortal King naturally had to bring the experts of the major powers from his prefecture to pay respect to the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

He himself also originated from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and could be considered a disciple of it.

"We’ve finally arrived."

"Let’s go and find a place to rest first."

The 1,000 partic.i.p.ants descended. Qin Wentian and his fellow sect members naturally stuck together while the others broke up into small teams of three to five or chose to go solo.

Several gazes shot over, Qin Wentian’s expression flickered but after which he discovered that the attention of these people weren’t focused on him but was on his junior brother Jun Mengchen.

"Ranked number two from the Cloud Prefecture and he’s actually so young." One of them spoke in a low voice, as the gazes of these people stared at the medallion pinned on Jun Mengchen’s robes. After which, they turned their attention to Zi Qingxuan as they contemplated her. Among these three, the two of them were the most dazzling. Jun Mengchen was number 2 while Zi Qingxuan was number 5.

Naturally, the person these people paid the most attention to was none other than the number 1, Gu Zhantian.

These people had no idea what happened in the selection test of the Cloud Prefecture. So, what they saw was only the ranking inscribed on the medallions.

The number one ranker would always be the person with the most attention gathered on them.

"The top ranker of the Cloud Prefecture, I wonder how high his talent is." Those below started discussing among themselves. Qin Wentian and his companions already landed on the ground. People in the surroundings were all studying them and many among them also had medallions from the other prefectures pinned on their robes. Evidently, they would all be compet.i.tors in the near future.

"Our understanding with regards to the geniuses from the Cloud Prefecture is somewhat lacking but no matter. After all the Cloud Prefecture is ranked among the last out of the thirteen prefectures and they definitely won’t be able to compare to the Eastern Prefecture, Qian Prefecture and Li Prefecture."

"Haha no matter what, our Eastern Prefecture is definitely the strongest. Over here experts are as many as the clouds and other than those demon-level characters from the peak-level powers, some other disciples nurtured by the major powers were also all extremely impressive. I heard that the beautiful Myriad Incarnations Immortal King also accepted a disciple named Hua Taixu and both of them would be arriving soon."

"Mhm, the capable general under the Eastern Sage Majesty, Deepflame Immortal King also has a disciple that’s partic.i.p.ating in the selection test. It’s simply too lively, I wonder how many geniuses there will be."

The crowd was filled with excitement and antic.i.p.ation for the banquet to start.

Qin Wentian and his companions continued on their way forward as the people on the streets were still in their discussions.

At this very moment, Qin Wentian suddenly halted as his gaze was fixed on a silhouette in front of him. His eyes flickered first with astonishment followed by a hint of laughter.

The other party he was looking at was extremely handsome and possessed a graceful demeanor. He exuded an extraordinary air just by casually standing there. He too was astonished when he spotted Qin Wentian but that soon faded away, replaced by a smile on his face. "To think that we actually would meet each other again in the vast immortal realms after so many years. Qin Wentian, it’s been a long time."

"It has truly been a long time." Qin Wentian smiled as he stared at the figure ahead.

The flowing wind isn't l.u.s.tful, the calm lake severs the moon, Yi shooting the nine heavens. This man was none other than one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses from his particle world, the most dazzling one among them - Gu Liufeng!

"How did you arrive here?" Gu Liufeng walked up, asking in curiousity.

"The Royal Sacred Sect has been annihilated, I came here with the help of a senior. How about you? You joined the Immortal Martial Realm right?" Qin Wentian smiled as he answered. Back then when Gu Liufeng disappeared, there were rumors saying that he joined the Immortal Martial Realm.

"Yeah. The Immortal Martial Realm can be considered a pretty strong power in the immortal realms and has a foothold in many particle worlds, selecting geniuses to join them. It’s quite regretful that you didn’t choose to join. If not, given how talented you are, the radiance you exuded would definitely be incomparable." Gu Liufeng smiled. Back then Qin Wentian was the top ranker of the Immortal Martial Realm ranking while he shared the second rank with Hua Taixu. This was something he still remembered!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 819

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