Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 828

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There was only a total of 360 immortal statues here in the Hundred Immortals Forest but right now there were actually over a thousand participants in this area. They instantly understood when they saw the other geniuses sitting on the stone platforms in front of the statues that this was an excellent place for cultivation. How could they miss out on this? Hence, chaotic battles erupted.

Also, after experts on the stone platforms finished with that particular statue, they wanted to gain insights on other immortals’ wills. Hence, they would seek out other statues that was already occupied, leading to the constant combat.

In addition, once combat started, the only ending was death. There was no mercy and all of them had to be extremely decisive. Because everyone understood that if you don’t want to be continuously disturbed, there was only a single solution - kill.

Killing all competitors using the most domineering methods, killing till nobody in the surroundings dared to covet what you wanted. Everyone was hunting for prey, if you are weaker than the rest, there would immediately be people acting against you.

There were also geniuses who felt that they have insufficient strength, hence choosing to leave to search for other cultivation grounds to learn more powerful techniques before coming back here.

In any case, the Hundred Immortals Forest became the grounds which were most hotly contested for. There were also geniuses who understood that as long as they avoided this place, there was a chance for them to sneak into the 1,000 participants selected but it was truly a waste if they did so. Truly powerful geniuses would seize every opportunity they had to grow stronger and stronger.

The remaining 1,000 would merely be able to join the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. What these truly powerful geniuses wanted, was to be the top three, gaining the opportunity to become a disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor.

The platform Jun Mengchen occupied belonged to an extremely powerful immortal statue. This immortal statue emanated an incomparably tyrannical king will as though it was an invincible war king. Just a single glance at it was sufficient to feel the might within the statue. There naturally were participants fighting for it earlier but a majority of them had fallen to Jun Mengchen, resulting in the current scene of him fighting against three experts.

"The bloodline power of this man is extremely strong. Although he’s very young, he’s still very powerful. People in the surroundings mused silently as they stared at Jun Mengchen. The King Armor enveloping Jun Mengchen was manifested purely from the power of his blood. The bloodline of a king dao was extremely terrifying but even so, he’s currently disadvantaged because he was facing against three supreme geniuses. Each of his opponents possessed overwhelming strength and when the three of them joined hands, their power soared wildly to the extreme. It was already extremely difficult for Jun Mengchen to persist so long as he did.

From afar, a silhouette sped over with a speed as quick as lightning. It was a figure filled with grace, and she was currently flying towards the location Jun Mengchen was in. Releasing her astral soul, a divine falcon manifested, shining with a holy light. She blasted out with her palms as the falcon swooped downwards, wanting to rip everything apart, shooting straight towards the three opponents Jun Mengchen was fighting against. The countenance of one of Jun Mengchen’s opponents drastically changed, especially so when he noticed a violet-golden glow on the female who just arrived.

That person roared in rage as a violet demon silhouette manifested and clashed together with the divine falcon. Yet, it was useless, the demon was instantly torn apart. The newcomer was naturally Zi Qingxuan, she instantly acted the moment she arrived, not bothering to waste time with words.

"Bzz!" That graceful silhouette flickered, and in an instant, scores of divine falcons lunged over. In the Eastern Sage Cliff Mountain Range, she found an immortal-technique that was extremely well-suited to her. That person who was exchanging blows with her couldn’t sustain any longer and with an explosive boom, he was directly blasted outwards. With the pressure on Jun Mengchen lessening, he roared with wild excitement, "Senior sister, good timing!"

The two other opponents fighting against him instantly lost all their advantage. Battle qi turned into a tempest of destruction that ravaged this space. Rumbling explosive sounds thundered unceasingly as the two opponents were flung through the air, slamming heavily onto the ground as they turned white and coughed out blood.

All three of the geniuses that fought against Jun Mengchen were injured. They gathered swiftly together again and stared at Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan who were both standing together. Their expressions turned ashen, they didn’t expect that these two would be so powerful.

"This platform is occupied, if everyone else don’t join hands to seize them, we would all have no hope at all." One among those three turned his gaze onto the crowd as he spoke.

"There’s only a single spot per platform. Even if we joined hands to seize it, who would that spot belonged to?" Somebody asked. Even if they could seize the platform, without strength it would similarly be seized away by others. They wouldn’t be able to defend it.

Unless, there’s someone strong enough that nobody dared to even covet it.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone turned ahead. Over there, there were a total of 18 immortal statues at the very forefront where nobody dared to disturb.

At one of the stone platforms of the 18 statues, Gusu Tianqi quietly stood there, giving off an invisible sense of pressure. His back view was already sufficient to display his majestic might and there’s no doubt he was an extremely fearsome character.

Each of the 18 immortal statues were all occupied by supreme existences - majority were the top rankers of all the thirteen prefectures.

Other than this, there were also some other extremely powerful geniuses just sitting in the platforms behind them. People of these two groups didn’t fight each other, they merely waited for each other to finish their comprehension before exchanging positions. Nobody dared to contend for those spots as well.

Jun Mengchen’s platform could also be considered somewhat at the forefront and he was the second ranker of the Cloud Prefecture. Nobody would act rashly ordinarily but the immortal statue he had chosen was simply too outstanding. And in addition, because the Cloud Prefecture was ranked among the last out of the thirteen prefectures, some people could no longer control their greed and wanted to seize it for themselves.

At this moment, a few other figures soared over, directly surrounding Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan. Jun Mengchen stared at the man in the lead, and it was none other than Blackpeak, whom they encountered once before back then in the inn.

"It’s Blackpeak, the disciple of the Deepflame Immortal King. The other two are geniuses from the Eastern Prefecture and are extremely close with Blackpeak." The other geniuses stared at this scene with astonishment. The disciple of the Deepflame Immortal King actually wanted to deal with these two?

"Back then when Sage Child Ye Zixuan organized a banquet, you and Qin Wentian were both truly insolent." Blackpeak stared at Jun Mengchen as he spoke. Everyone instantly understood, so it turned out that these people were the ones who smacked the face of the Sage Child Ye Zixuan back then. Blackpeak was the disciple of Deepflame Immortal King, he naturally would have a good relationship with a Sage Child of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

"I can help you kill them both. But you guys cannot occupy this stone platform." Blackpeak stared at the three injured geniuses who fought against Jun Mengchen earlier. The expressions of these three stiffened but they nodded and replied, "Sure, we don’t want the platform any longer."

"Scum! You are all so shameless." Jun Mengchen stared at them in disdain. Zi Qingxuan frowned, "We should leave."

"Senior Sister, if we meet these people later on again in the test. We must kill them for sure." Jun Mengchen was completely enraged. Zi Qingxuan nodded and both of them abruptly soared into the air, planning to flee. They understood that with their strength combined, it was impossible for them to fight against so many people. They can only choose to leave first.

"Hmph." Blackpeak coldly snorted. He lifted his palms and blasted a scorching black-colored palm imprint outwards, containing a tyrannical destructive strength within.

"SCRAM!" Jun Mengchen roared. The heavens and earth trembled as both he and Zi Qingxuan launched their attacks. The palm imprint of Blackpeak couldn’t stop them, both of them instantly appeared in the sky as they sped far away.

Blackpeak floated in the air, upon seeing how fast the two of them were, he understood that they would be impossible to chase down. He didn’t have time to bother about that or any time to waste, directly taking over the stone platform for his companion.

As for Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan, both of them were flying through the skies as Jun Mengchen sighed in a depressed manner. "How regretful, all my innate techniques from before are sealed in this place or I would have wiped out all of them back then. Senior sister, I have implicated you."

"No worries." Zi Qingxuan shook her head. Although they had violet-gold astral souls, because they couldn’t use techniques they were proficient with, they were unable to display their full might.

"I wonder how senior brother is faring? He is extremely strong and after so many days, he should be much more powerful than before." Jun Mengchen spoke in a low voice.

"Let’s go look for some other places to increase our own strength. There are many instances of good fortune here in the Eastern Sage Cliff, we’d better not waste the opportunity." Zi Qingxuan stated. Jun Mengchen nodded his head as the two of them continued flying through the skies.

"Senior sister!" After some time, Jun Mengchen exclaimed in surprise as his eyes were turned towards a stone platform on an ancient peak. Qin Wentian was standing there, practicing his innate techniques one after another, applying his theory and insights. He was currently deep in his immersion and even appeared to be enjoying it.

"Don’t disturb him." Zi Qingxuan’s heart trembled slightly, she discovered that every movement made by Qin Wentian was one with the heavens. Extremely natural and he was in a marvelous state. Any of his casual attacks were already exceedingly powerful and this kind of perfect connection with the heavens couldn’t help but stir admiration in her heart when she saw it.

"Eh? Why are you guys here?" At this moment, Qin Wentian halted. He discovered the two of them in the air. Soaring upwards, his silhouette flickered as he appeared directly before them.

"Senior, have you been here all this while? Didn’t you go to the Hundred Immortals Forest?" Jun Mengchen asked.

"I’ve been to quite a few places before coming to this place. I supposed I’ve stopped for quite a long period of time here. Where is this Hundred Immortals Forest you are speaking of?"

"The Hundred Immortal Forest has a total of 360 immortal statues that contain the will of immortals within them. You can connect with that will to learn the cultivation arts of the immortal and obtain an inheritance. It’s extremely chaotic over there and the fights are unending. It’s a little shameful to say this, but I was forced to leave and even implicated senior sister." Jun Mengchen stated unhappily.

Qin Wentian’s eyebrows twitched. Based on Jun Mengchen’s talent, that shouldn’t be the case by right.

"I was there much earlier, encountering the Hundred Immortals Forest just after I comprehended a single innate technique. Hence, my combat strength now is considered to be on the weaker side."

"You are already not bad, being able to persist for so long when fighting against three opponents. If it wasn’t for Blackpeak and his companions jumping in at the last moment, we wouldn’t be forced to retreat." Zi Qingxuan added, her words causing Qin Wentian to instantly understand. A moment later, he turned to them and spoke, "Let’s go back there."

"We will kill our way back?" Jun Mengchen’s eyes flashed with sharpness.

"Yes." Qin Wentian nodded. Since there was such a location like the Hundred Immortals Forest, he naturally had to go take a look. In addition, that should be the main battle ground for this selection test.

"Right, let’s move out immediately!" Jun Mengchen’s eyes were actually flickering with excitement.

Zi Qingxuan glanced at Qin Wentian. Although the three of them were quite powerful, she didn’t know if they could resist against the joint forces of so many geniuses. But with their strength, even if they were defeated it shouldn’t be a problem for them to escape. Hence, she also nodded her head to show her agreement with Qin Wentian’s suggestion.

This junior brother of hers, Jun Mengchen, although his talent was extremely outstanding, his personality was still a little too impatient. Compared to Qin Wentian, he lacked the calmness. The feeling Qin Wentian gave her was someone with extreme resolution and determination. He could be calm and in control and also erupt forth with so much pride that it towered up into the heavens. The more she interacted with him, the more she felt that he was extraordinary!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 828

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