Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 848

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"It’s concluded."

Everyone let out a deep breath. Finally, the names of the 160 partic.i.p.ants were finalized. To many partic.i.p.ants, this was already an awesome accomplishment. But of course to those peak-tier demon-level characters, they still wanted to fight for an even higher ranking.

"Brother Qin, many thanks."

Many people continuously walked towards Qin Wentian, as grat.i.tude painted their faces. If it wasn’t for Qin Wentian, they basically would never even be able to reach this step. It seemed that their decision to follow Qin Wentian back then was correct.

Naturally, there were others whose eyes gleamed with sharpness when they looked at Qin Wentian. Blackpeak was foremost among these people.

Qin Wentian was actually still alive and was now a core disciple. One could very well imagine the anger in his heart.

Other than Blackpeak, Su Feng and Lu Longcloud also surveyed Qin Wentian. This man led those ascendants who split with the main group and most of them actually survived. How interesting, what happened exactly and why was their luck so good?

"Fifth-level ascendants? Don’t their numbers seem to be a little high?" The immortal king from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect soon discovered an unusual occurrence.

This time, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect wanted to recruit 160 core disciples, and if split according to the cultivation levels, there should be on average roughly about 17 partic.i.p.ants each level through the nine levels of Celestial Phenomenon. Of course, some variances were expected as the initial number of partic.i.p.ants who entered were different for each level; but now, it was evident that the number for fifth-level ascendants were far more than the other cultivation levels. Just Qin Wentian’s group alone has over ten experts present and when every fifth-ascendant was taken into account, there was a total of roughly 25 to 26 of them.

However, the immortal king didn’t question any further. Since all these people could survive till now, they were already qualified to become core disciples. This was a rule, no matter how they achieved this, they have succeeded. Even for people who just hid in one corner dodging attackers, it didn’t matter at all. The sect had already recognized them as having the potential to become a core disciple.

Naturally, the example given above was too extreme. After all, disciples who act as the hunters, could already see the location of the partic.i.p.ants of the same level. The vast majority of the truly weak partic.i.p.ants were already eliminated long ago.

"Everyone follow me. Later on, you all need to pay attention to your etiquette as there will be many supreme existences attending the immortal banquet." That immortal king reminded the partic.i.p.ants as he stepped out, leading all of them deeper into the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

The 160 partic.i.p.ants soared through the air, pa.s.sing by numerous majestic and imposing buildings. This place was the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and was akin to a true heavenly palace. The atmosphere was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the majesticness of a king.

Occasionally, troops in armor could be seen brandis.h.i.+ng their long spears while on patrol. Every one of the guards was extremely powerful as evident by the immortal corona around them. Even for ordinary guards, they were already at the immortal-foundation level. The strength of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect far exceeded one’s imagination.

Also the deeper they headed, the more powerful the guards were. And at the very end, there was a regiment of troops whose leaders were so terrifying that a single gaze seemed akin to a supreme spear of the world, able to penetrate their hearts. Those were definitely characters at the immortal king realm and possessed unfathomable might.

Before them were several ancient palaces that emitted a sinister air. The immortal king leading the way spoke, "No one is allowed to fly through the air ahead. Everyone get down to the ground."

As the sound of his voice faded, that immortal king descended downwards. The partic.i.p.ants all understood and could sense the imposing majesticness from the ancient palaces ahead. They all descended to the ground and followed closely after. In front of an incomparably majestic monument, several experts appeared. They were all supreme existences from the thirteen prefectures and were surveying the partic.i.p.ants.

"There’s actually ten people who pa.s.sed from my Cloud Prefecture. Excellent!" The Idlecloud Immortal King smiled widely, turning his gaze towards those partic.i.p.ants from the Cloud Prefecture.

If one divided the 160 partic.i.p.ants throughout the thirteen prefectures there should be roughly 12 partic.i.p.ants per prefecture who pa.s.sed. Of course in reality one couldn’t count it this way. The geniuses from the top three prefectures - Eastern, Qian and Li - should be more powerful and thereby, there should be more partic.i.p.ants who pa.s.sed for those prefectures. Next, were the border prefectures - Blazing Sun, Supreme Moon, Western Desert and Underworld Prefecture. As the prefecture lord of the Cloud Prefecture, the Idlecloud Immortal King was someone who knew how to manage his expectations. Initially, he believed that as long as roughly 7 to 8 people pa.s.sed from his prefecture it would already not be bad, yet the reality was this. A total of 10 people from his prefecture had pa.s.sed this selection test.

This in fact, was considered extremely excellent. Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen, those three fellow sect members have all pa.s.sed this selection test.

As the top ranker of the Cloud Prefecture Gu Zhantian, there was no need to say too much about his results. He naturally pa.s.sed as well. His descendant Mu Yun, Zuyu of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor, Yi Changfeng of the Myriad Sage Academy, Xia Dongjiang from the Cloud Tower, Pang Shanyue from the Immortal Suppression Sect, and Ghost Saber Mu Yan the disciple of the Saberlord of Death. All of these individuals pa.s.sed the selection test.

These ten had all done well. There were currently several experts from the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture around the Idlecloud Immortal King. This included the immortal kings from the Battle Heavens Immortal Sect, Myriad Sage Academy, etc. They were naturally extremely happy when they saw their disciples were qualified to become core disciples of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. The geniuses they had nurtured had truly not disappoint them.

The situation for the other prefectures were roughly the same as the Cloud Prefecture. With disciples of the major powers being qualified, their sect elders would naturally feel happy. For those whose disciples didn’t qualify, their expressions darkened and evidently, it was a loss of face for them.

"Even the Cloud Prefecture has 10 who pa.s.sed. How interesting." The prefecture lord of the Eastern Prefecture laughed, his tone containing a hint of contempt. His gaze then turned to Gusu Tianqi, that heaven chosen which exuded a magnificence throughout the generations would definitely become a Sage Child character, ranking within the top three.

"There’s a total of 17 who pa.s.sed from my Eastern Prefecture, and odds are high that there would at least be a Sage Child character among these. I hope there’s at least two that can enter the top three rankings." The prefecture lord of the Eastern Prefecture’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. It was almost a given for Gusu Tianqi to enter the top three. If there’s one more from their Eastern Prefecture, they would occupy two out of the three spots, ranking top two out of the entirety of geniuses in the thirteen prefectures. This was truly a matter that one could be proud of.

"Let’s go in for the banquet before we continue chatting." The immortal king that led the partic.i.p.ants here smiled. After which, the crowd nodded as they entered a gate behind that majestic monument, pa.s.sing through an ancient pathway and came to a vast s.p.a.ce. Over here, there were ancient battle platforms, long corridors and right up ahead, an incomparably gigantic great hall that towered into the heavens could be seen.

"Greencloud Hall." Everyone stared at the words carved on the top of the ancient hall. These three words seemed to contained a world-supreme might that seemed to originate from the nine heavens.

Before the hall, there was a flight of steps leading to the entrance. And at the forefront of the immortal banquet, there were many seats prepared for the immortal kings and the other prestigious guests.

Naturally, sumptuous delicacies were already laid out on the tables with many beautiful female servants quietly waiting behind. Upon seeing the arriving crowd, the female servants went up to usher the guests to their seats, welcoming them to the immortal banquet.

"This wine here is all top-graded immortal wine, and the nutritional value of the food here wouldn’t lose out to immortal pills." A female servant led the way for the Idlecloud Immortal King and the ten partic.i.p.ants from his prefecture, leading them to the location designated for them. Those immortal kings from his prefecture naturally sat around him as well.

The experts from the thirteen prefectures filled up the seats one after another and very soon, the entire place was packed.

For the second level, experts appeared one after another as well. Those who appeared there all gave off an unfathomable feeling. They sat on their seats, surveying the crowd with their gazes. All of them were immortal kings with extraordinary statuses within the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

"It has finally ended, this selection test caused all of us old fellows to wait for so many days." A voice drifted over from afar, causing people to turn their attention over. There were actually some people who flew through the air in this area. Undoubtedly, these are all special guests invited by the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and were all at the immortal king level or they wouldn’t be able to have this authority.

"Yeah, I wonder what kind of demon-level characters will appear in this selection test and if they will be able to gain the favor of his Majesty and become his personal disciple." Several immortal kings appeared, flying through the air leisurely as they surveyed the partic.i.p.ants while discussing. At this moment, Qin Wentian could clearly sense many powerful immortal senses sweeping past him.

For people of the same level, this was an extremely rude thing to do. But for immortal kings surveying Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants, who would dare say anything?

"I heard there’s Gusu Tianqi from the Eastern Prefecture that’s supposed to be very powerful. He may have a chance to become a personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Majesty."

"Haha, I’ve heard of this Gusu Tianqi before as well. He’s known as the number one heaven chosen in the Eastern Prefecture for those below the immortal-foundation realm. His surname Gusu, he is the lone descendant of nine generations of his clan and so far, there’s an immortal king born for every generation. He naturally also possesses an immortal-king physique and seems to surpa.s.s his seniors. In fact, there’s even rumors saying that he has the potential to become an immortal emperor." An immortal king laughed, not bothering to mask his words. causing many to turn their attention to Gusu Tianqi.

However, Gusu Tianqi’s expression was as calm as ever, quietly sitting there as though the topic of the discussion has nothing to do with him.

These invited immortal kings flew to the second level as well and clasped their hands to the immortal kings from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect beside them.

"I heard that the personal disciple of the Deepflame Immortal King also partic.i.p.ated in the selection test. In order to avoid gossip, the Deepflame Immortal King made his disciple partic.i.p.ate right from the first test. Given the talent of his disciple, he should stand a high chance of becoming one of the top three rankers as well." An immortal king laughed, hints of fawning on the Deepflame Immortal King could be heard from his words. Many people turned their attention onto Blackpeak, he stood up and bowed to the immortal kings as he spoke, "Junior Blackpeak greets the seniors."

"Good, it’s rare for a junior to be so polite." That immortal king smiled back politely. After all, Blackpeak was the personal disciple of the Deepflame Immortal King. However, none of them knew that nothing in the selection test went smooth-sailing for Blackpeak, he was heavily humiliated and was spared only because his opponent disdained to take his life. Naturally, It was impossible for Blackpeak to go around telling people such things as well.

"The difficulty of becoming one of the top three rankers is exceedingly great. There are some personal disciples from other immortal kings who will directly take part in the final test. Although they already have masters and wouldn’t join the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect even if they ranked within the top three, their presence would act as a huge obstacle to the other partic.i.p.ants in the final test."

The various immortal kings chatted leisurely. From afar, immortal kings continued appearing.

"There are so many experts. Too many." All of the partic.i.p.ants couldn’t help but feel shock in their hearts when they saw so many immortal kings appearing. Truly, this is an immortal banquet. The vast majority of powerful experts from the thirteen prefectures were all here today. In addition, there were also a large number of immortal-foundation characters who appeared, yet these people didn’t even have the qualifications to obtain a single seat. They could only stand at the locations designated for them. Evidently, only immortal kings were qualified to have a seat in this banquet.

Just a short period of time pa.s.sed, this grand hall was already packed to the brim with experts. And at this moment, a few other extraordinary individuals appeared.

"That’s the Scarce Moon Immortal King and the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King. These two supreme immortal king existences have arrived." Several immortal kings instantly stood up and clasped their hands in respect. In addition, a member from the younger generations could be seen standing by the side of each of them.

"Is that Que Tianyi? A personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Majesty. The Scarce Moon Immortal King came here with his descendant. Right now, Que Tianyi is the hope of the Scarce Moon Immortal Manor."

"The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King is still so beautiful. That young man beside her should be Hua Taixu, yes? As expected, he’s just as what the rumors stated and is definitely a character that exudes magnificence throughout the generations."

"We pay our respect to Scarce Moon Immortal King and Myriad Incarnations Immortal King." Everyone clasped their hands and smiled. The two in the air nodded. Qin Wentian also turned his gaze to the four people in the air. He had met all four of these characters before!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 848

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