Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 859

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(kidding) Actual t.i.tle: One Punch


Upon seeing this scene, the countenances of everyone turned ashen. Jun Mengchen’s entire body was turning black after being engulfed by blood from the blood clone. How could anyone not understand what was happening?

And at the same time, the young man blasted out with a palm. A Blackblood Palm Imprint directly smashed onto Jun Mengchen’s body, flinging him through the air while hastening the corrosion of poison within him.

Everything happened in the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint. It was inconceivably fast.

"BOOM!" Over at the location where people of the Cloud Prefecture were at, Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan abruptly stood up as an intense coldness radiated from both of them. Qin Wentian’s eyes gleamed with sharpness as his killing intent permeated the atmosphere.

"Deepflame Immortal King!" Upon seeing Jun Mengchen being infected with blood poison, Qin Wentian instantly understood why the Deepflame Immortal King wanted this young man to act. This opponent was proficient in poison and especially so in the aspect of blood poison, there was basically no good way to defend against it. This young man was even able to create a blood poison clone and anyone who fought with him who didn’t know his proficiency would likely fall to the same move and be instantly infected by the blood poison.

The Deepflame Immortal King basically wanted to take Jun Mengchen’s life by sending this opponent up. It already wasn’t the case where he merely wanted someone to defeat Jun Mengchen.

What truly infuriated Qin Wentian was that the one the Deepflame Immortal King obviously had a grudge with, was him. But earlier because Jun Mengchen also sarcastically replied to the Deepflame Immortal King, he harboured hatred in his heart and wanted the personal disciple of his friend to finish Jun Mengchen during combat on the platform.

"Mengchen admit defeat!" Qin Wentian roared. However, at the same time Jun Mengchen crawled up from the ground, it was as though his entire blood was already frozen solid. Even his organs were corroding away, his body felt completely empty, he had no way to mobilize any of his strength.

"NO!" Jun Mengchen’s eyes shone with a terrifying light. That was a kind of stubbornness, his eyes were fixed unwavering on the young man currently walking over to him.

His opponent’s body was completely covered by blood light. His black palm lifted up again, a fearsome destructive power brewed within as he walked step by step towards Jun Mengchen.

"Mengchen, just give up. There’s still another opportunity!" Qin Wentian loudly berated. Under the circ.u.mstances where Jun Mengchen was badly poisoned, how else can he still continue fighting? That young man would definitely seize the opportunity to kill him.

"NO WAY!" Jun Mengchen’s eyes flashed with madness.

"Seems like things will be what I predicted, he’s going to lose his life on the platform." Zuyu from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor smirked with a cold smile on his face.

His words instantly enraged Qin Wentian. His eyes turned ice-cold as he stared at Zuyu. Except he only saw Zuyu’s mouth curling up in a smile that took joy in the calamity of others, as an expression of enjoying a show appeared on his face. It seemed like he couldn’t wait for Jun Mengchen to die.

"What did you say?" Qin Wentian stepped out, the impact from his steps caused a rumbling boom that exploded several tables around him. Zuyu stood up and coldly regarded Qin Wentian. He was an eighth-level ascendant, how would he be afraid of fighting Qin Wentian?

"Hehe, you don’t allow people to comment on it? It’s a given that your junior brother will die here. And as for you, you might not survive today either. People like you who have no understanding of the times, yet are still so brazen and arrogant would surely have a bad ending." A cold voice rang out as an expert from a major power of the Cloud Prefecture commented. It was none other than Gu Zhantian.

The sounds of explosions rang out continuously. Not only Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan and Ghost Saber Mu Yan were completely enraged too. For a period of time, the entire location where those of the Cloud Prefecture were sitting at, were in total chaos.

"INSOLENCE!" A voice roared, akin to a thunderbolt from a clear sky, rumbling the minds of Qin Wentian and the others. Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan and Mu Yan only felt their bodies trembling involuntarily from the strength of that roar. After which, the Deepflame Immortal King coldly spoke, "This is the immortal banquet of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. How dare you all be so impudent, there’s simply no Eastern Sage Immortal Sect in your eyes, are you all courting death?"

Qin Wentian’s eyes flickered with a bone-piercing coldness. He glanced at the Deepflame Immortal King before turning his attention back to the platform. Right now, he was extremely worried for Jun Mengchen.

"Senior brother you don’t need to worry about me." Jun Mengchen glanced over to Qin Wentian. A terrifying divine glow radiated from him as the phantom of a terrifying war G.o.d divinity appeared behind his back, like a guardian angel. Jun Mengchen leaned against that divinity as he closed his eyes.

That poison user walked to a location not far from Jun Mengchen. Upon seeing that light radiating from Jun Mengchen, he instantly rushed out akin to a violent raging wind as his destructive black blood palm imprint smashed down on Jun Mengchen’s head. However, the phantom behind Jun Mengchen roared in rage as a violent and turbulent air current shot towards the young man, wanting to destroy him.

"Puchi…" The opponent directly imploded himself, dodging the attack as rivers of b.l.o.o.d.y light filled the atmosphere. An instant later, a countless number of blood clones could be seen in front of Jun Mengchen, it was unknown which was the true body.

These figures simultaneously walked towards Jun Mengchen while all the spectators could only shake their head thinking that it’s already the end for him. In fact, the hearts of many were clenched as though they were extremely nervous when they spectated this battle.

If Jun Mengchen were to die here, it would truly be a pity. A young man with so much talent should be able to pa.s.s this round of selection and become one of the top twenty by right but sadly, he is about to die under the blood poison.

Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan were the most nervous ones. Their eyes were fixed on the battle platform. Not long before this, the young man who joked around with them instantly was infected by a severe blood poison. Such a contrast caused Qin Wentian to feel extremely uncomfortable in his heart. His junior brother with that suns.h.i.+ne-like personality, nothing must happen to him!

Zuyu and Gu Zhantian were both laughing coldly, wanting nothing more for Jun Mengchen to die instantly.

That poison user and the numerous blood clones he manifested walked closer and closer. He was different from many supreme heaven chosen, choosing to keep a low profile, hiding in the shadows and darkness. However, everyone had already seen how dangerous he could be. Jun Mengchen was badly poisoned just after exchanging a single blow and what’s more, Jun Mengchen was the one who initiated the attack!

No one would be willing to antagonize such a person, and there’s no wonder he’s someone nurtured by an immortal king. That black-robed immortal king was none other than a powerful war general under the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor - the Absolute Poison Immortal King. His attacking power couldn’t be considered strong among immortal kings but he was considered one of the most dangerous of them all. His proficiency in using poison was naturally countless times higher than his disciple. And for the other immortal kings, they feared him like mortals fearing poisonous snakes and scorpions. No one was willing to offend such a character.

"Was Deepflame the one who asked you to kill me?" Jun Mengchen stared at the several bodies in front of him. He couldn’t be bothered and directly said the name of the Deepflame Immortal King, completely feeling no fear at all.

This precisely was Jun Mengchen’s personality. He was sincere and straight-forward to his friends, but he was simply a madman during combat, extremely brutal and savage to his opponents. He had no fear at all and would speak what he wanted to say. Despite being poisoned so badly, he’s still as brazen as before as a hint of wild madness could be seen flickering in his eyes.

Indeed, the Deepflame Immortal King couldn’t help but furrow his brows when he heard Jun Mengchen’s words. This fellow truly wishes to court death. At this time, he should just obediently died off already, why is he still sprouting such c.r.a.p.

Coldly snorting in his heart, there was no expression on the Deepflame Immortal King’s face. He wanted to teach Jun Mengchen that although the young might be arrogant and brazen, not knowing when to take a step back or the immensity of the heavens and earth, has to use their life to pay the price for this. This world was after all a world of the strongest. Being hot-blooded was useless and would only lead you to an early death. This punishment would also make Qin Wentian pay the price for his actions - first targeting the people around him, letting Qin Wentian know who has control of the situation and what was authority. Sometimes, talent didn’t mean anything.

"Haha you think you can kill me? How sad. Such an expert at using poison will die here today." Jun Mengchen started laughing maniacally, his words causing bewilderment to flash on the faces of the spectators. This Jun Mengchen was truly a monster. Even at this moment, he still dared to be so arrogant.

"I also want to see how you can kill me." As the voice of the young man faded, the numerous clones in the surroundings wave their hands as a boundless blood-colored light started to engulf everything. Their blackblood palm imprints madly blasted towards Jun Mengchen, forming a current of blood akin to a tidal wave, emitting swis.h.i.+ng sounds and containing an endless corrosion power within.

"DIE!" Jun Mengchen roared. At this moment, his entire body radiated a towering light. His blacking body actually shot out an intense eye-piercing beam while the spectators discovered that the immense body of the war G.o.d divinity phantom behind him started to crack apart. From within, an incomparably supreme energy burst forth, cascading all over Jun Mengchen as he punched out with a fist covered with the king armor.

Right now, Jun Mengchen appeared to be the king of all living things in the world. The king halo around him was so intense that no one could look straight at him. This simple punch of his manifested a beam of king’s light, shooting straight towards his opponent.


A thunderous explosion rang out as the entire s.p.a.ce collapsed due to the might of his punch. The eye piercing light flashed as several people instantly placed their hands before their eyes, blocking out the rays of the beam. They could faintly see that the numerous clones before him were all shattered apart one after another. In just an instant, all bodies present exploded, regardless of clones or the true body of his opponent, not a single one was left remaining.

That intense beam of light finally vanished, as the glow radiating from Jun Mengchen also dimmed. That phantom behind him gradually disappeared as well. Right now, the entirety of Jun Mengchen’s body was black, he sat there limply, there wasn’t even a drop of red blood that could be seen on him. But regardless, the disciple of the Absolute Poison Immortal King had completely vanished, exploded into nothingness under the might of a single punch.

"This…" Everyone all stared at the scene dumbfounded.

The auras of several immortal kings fluctuated, tendrils of their aura swept across everything before landing on Jun Mengchen as all their gazes turned to him. A moment later, an immense shock could be seen flas.h.i.+ng through their eyes.

"What the h.e.l.l was that?" The immortal kings had never seen that before, in fact they couldn’t even differentiate what was that the final attack Jun Mengchen used - whether was it a kind of energy, or a type of innate technique, or the power of his constellation, or the strength of his bloodline.

"What power is that?" Even the Deepflame Immortal King and Absolute Poison Immortal King had never seen that before. Jun Mengchen seemed to be different from others.

There must be a startling secret hidden on Jun Mengchen!

"Could it be a kind of heavenly-defying physique?" Some of the immortal kings mused. Although their horizons were broad, they had never seen such a sight. All of them couldn’t be sure of what it was exactly!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 859

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