Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 864

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Gusu Tianqi retreated back to his original location, not choosing to continue launching his attacks.

Facing against opponents, he was able to probe their strength from the exchange of a single blow. Mo Wen has a Frost King physique and naturally, just using ordinary attacks on her wouldn’t be able to secure his victory.


In the air, a terrifying blazing furnace appeared, enveloping the entire space of the battle platform. At the same time, numerous balls of light akin to the sun appeared above the furnace. There was a total of nine suns, and the heat they radiated caused the temperature of the blazing furnace to soar even higher.

"You won’t be able to defeat me." Gusu Tianqi spoke in arrogance. As the sound of his voice faded, a boundless divine glow cascaded down from the furnace to Gusu Tianqi. He now resembled a divine being from the heavens, unexcelled in this world.

"How powerful." The spectators felt their hearts trembling. Before this, Gusu Tianqi had never used his full strength in his battles, and that was already sufficient to effortlessly defeat his opponents. Right now, when he unleashed his constellation, that variation-type constellation of his contained boundless might. If fact, there was no need for him to even attack ordinary ascendants, just the pressure from his constellation alone was sufficient to kill a countless number of ordinary ascendants who were on the same level as him.

In front of absolute strength, numbers are nothing. Even if there are thousands of same-level ordinary ascendants rushing Gusu Tianqi, they would all be buried by his strength.

Mo Wen’s fairy-like eyes flashed with a solemn light. Her aura gushed outwards as a chill capable of freezing the heavens permeated the atmosphere. In the air, a frost-type constellation manifested, opposing the blazing furnace constellation of Gusu Tianqi. Half of the sky was cloaked in baking heat while the other half was cloaked in bone-chilling ice.

In the air, numerous silhouettes of frost queens appeared, all of them were like divine maidens of ice, wielding long ice lances in their hands, taking on a corporeal form as they stared at Gusu Tianqi in front of them.

"BOOM!" Gusu Tianqi stepped out. The heat from the nine suns grew more intense. The furnace cascaded a reddish light down, wanting to incinerate the entire space below. Gusu Tianqi shimmered with a divine glow as he stepped towards Mo Wen. A blazing sun spear appeared in his hand and with a single stab, a ball of fire like the real sun shot out, penetrating through the void, melting the ice wherever it passes by.

"BREAK!" Gusu Tianqi coldly commanded, as the sounds of ice cracking drifted out. This long spear was incomparably resplendent, it melted all the frost and ice as it shot right towards Mo Wen’s throat.

Mo Wen lifted her hands as boundless runic glow circulated, transforming into a terrifying diagram of a shackle that shot towards Gusu Tianqi.

Gusu Tianqi waved his hands, that blazing long spear split itself into numerous smaller sun spears and all erupted outwards. Mo Wen had no choice but to retreat as the diagram she conjured shattered apart from the power of Gusu Tianqi’s strikes.

"Get down here!" Gusu Tianqi stretched his hands upwards, the golden glow radiating from him made it seemed as though he was a sun god.

"DIE!" With a roar of rage, the sun spears erupted towards the sky. At the same time, Gusu Tianqi stepped out and every step he took seemed to cause his aura to climb even higher. His immortal battle art was unleashed as the battle qi radiating from Gusu Tianqi towered into the skies.

Mo Wen’s body was protectively enveloped by layers of ice. Upon seeing the resplendent blazing battle halo around Gusu Tianqi, Mo Wen decisively called out, "I admit defeat."

As the sound of her voice faded, Gusu Tianqi halted his steps. That towering battle aura from him dissipated in an instant. He calmly stood on the battle platform and it was simply impossible to imagine that a sixth-level ascendant would be able to unleash such power.

However, Mo Wen was also very strong. It was only she was forced to concede. Most probably, she didn’t want to waste too much energy in this battle against Gusu Tianqi. To Mo Wen, this wasn’t worth it. She now had the initiative due to her loss, hence she would definitely win her next match.

The two of them walked down the platform, yet both left behind a deep impression in the hearts of the crowd.

"The second battle, Feather King of the Western Prefecture." Dongsheng Ting’s countenance remained unchanged as he spoke once more. Feather King stood up, his wings flickered as he instantly arrived on the battle platform. His expression was extremely terrifying and sharp. He naturally wouldn’t choose to challenge Gusu Tianqi. And after Mo Wen was defeated, he cannot choose her as his opponent. Hence, there were only seventeen people left in the pool for him to pick.

Feather King’s cultivation level was at the seventh-level of Celestial Phenomenon. If he thought the same as Gusu Tianqi, there was a possibility that he would select an ascendant on the same level as him to fight. Having to restrict their cultivation bases to fight a different-level ascendant was simply not satisfying.

Those who were at the seventh level of Celestial Phenomenon were - The top ranker of the Qian Prefecture, Ye Qianchen as well as the top ranker of the Cloud Prefecture, Gu Zhantian.

The three of them were top rankers of their respective prefectures and at the initial phase of these tests, they would try to avoid clashing with each other. But as time flowed by during the later phase, it would be inevitable for them to clash.

And as expected, the Feather King’s gaze flickered, sweeping over Ye Qianchen and Gu Zhantian. The Qian Prefecture was one of the three great prefectures hence Ye Qianchen was more famous. His gaze eventually landed on Gu Zhantian as he spoke, "I challenge you."

Gu Zhantian’s expression stiffened while others felt somewhat bewildered by his choice.

Feather King actually chosen to challenge Gu Zhantian.

The top ranker of the Cloud Prefecture was Gu Zhantian. But if one took note, the combat prowess of Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan were all extremely overwhelming as well but Gu Zhantian still became the top ranker of the Cloud Prefecture. There was no need to doubt his combat prowess and before this during the selection for the top twenty, Gu Zhantian’s performance was also extremely domineering. However, it was precisely because of this Feather King chose to challenge Gu Zhantian. His spirit was something ordinary people would lack, he wished to fight against the strongest no matter what.

Just from the spirit he showed, Feather King was undoubtedly a young king of the Winged Devil Race of the Western Prefecture.

Gu Zhantian’s countenance turned cold. He was actually the second one being chosen to fight in this round. To him, being selected this early was nothing but a kind of contempt.

An instant later, Gu Zhantian appeared on the battle platform, facing the Feather King.

Violet-gold wings could be seen on the back of Feather King, it was extremely dazzling. Devilish runes could be seen circulating around his body, containing an unfathomable might within them.

As an expert from the Winged Devil Race, their speed and strength were all exceedingly monstrous.

With a flap of his wings, Feather King was like a bolt of lightning flashing through the skies, directly appeared before Gu Zhantian as he punched out a fist shimmering with dazzling devilish runelight.

Gu Zhantian roared in rage as a flood dragon manifested, erupting forth, clashing against Feather King.

A thunderous explosion boomed, the entire platform shook from the impact of their clashes. Their strength was overwhelming and they both chose to fight directly head-on, causing chaotic qi streams to ravage the area from the impact of their blows. From the platform, they exchange moves all the way till both of them were in the air. A phantom flood dragon could be seen behind Gu Zhantian’s back, roaring in rage. It felt as though Gu Zhantian himself was going to transform into a real flood dragon.

As for Feather King, his dominance knew no bounds. The dazzling devilish runes transformed into astral war beasts that rushed straight at Gu Zhantian.

"KILL!" Gu Zhantian howled. The phantom flood dragon directly coiled around him and each of his attacks were like they weren’t attacks by humans but a true flood dragon instead.

Feather King’s body took on the characteristics of devils. The devilish runes circulated wildly around him and right now, the aura from him contained a hint of tyranny from those who practiced devil arts. Combining that with the brutality of demons, every one of his punches had the power to shake the void.

"As they are both confident in their strength, the two of them chose to use the simplest method, clashing directly head-on, strength against strength. However, this kind of method usually is the most brutal and dangerous." The spectators felt their hearts trembling. These two individuals were extremely proud geniuses. They didn’t even bother to probe the strength of their opponents and started to clash directly. The altitude the two of them fought at got increasingly higher, and it felt like two ancient devils or demons fighting against each other high up in the sky.

"Truly brutal." The spectators watched on.

"Gu Zhantian is the descendant of that mad man, getting more and more crazy the longer he fights. However, his opponent is Feather King, the young king of the Winged Devil Race! Right now, it seems that they are both evenly matched." The Idlecloud Immortal King mused silently. In just an instant, it was unknown how many times the two of them collided. And finally, with a draconic roar, Gu Zhantian unleashed his bloodline power, taking on a form with three heads and six arms.

But right now, the devil form of Feather King grew more and more ‘devilish.’ His physique expanded and he seemed just like a devil king, His wings slashed out arcs of wind that were even sharper than swords as the tempo of their fight increased to such a pace that the eyes of some of the spectators couldn’t even follow it.

Gu Zhantian howled in madness, astral light from his constellation cascaded down on him, boosting his combat strength.

"BOOM!" The dome of heavens abruptly trembled, numerous bodies of Feather King could be seen in the air. The number of his incarnations continued to increase, filling up this entire stretch of sky. These incarnations all attacked simultaneously, aiming for Gu Zhantian alone.

Gu Zhantian’s hands immediately folded ancient seals. He who has three-heads and six-arms, seemed to have the body of an divinity, blasting out attacks endlessly in all directions. There were flood dragons breaking the skies, there were leviathans and rocs unleashing their might, and also kirins attacking frenziedly. Each and every one of his strikes contained world-shaking might, breaking apart all of Feather King’s incarnations.

"Powerful, both of their combat prowess is too tyrannical." The spectators inclined their head and stared at the scene in the sky. Astral light flashed and at this moment, chaos was everywhere. A supreme devil manifested as the devilish glow enveloped Feather King completely. Right now, Feather King was like a primordial devil. His attacks were so powerful that Gu Zhantian’s countenance drastically changed.

"Gu Zhantian is going to be defeated, his trump cards are all exhausted." The eyes of the spectators narrowed as their hearts clenched. This young king from the Winged Devil Race, the top ranker of the Western Prefecture, was truly too terrifying.

And as expected, after the violent collisions of their attacks, Gu Zhantian was blasted off the platform. Feather King floated in the air, coldly peering down at him.

Gu Zhantian, defeated.

At this moment, Gu Zhantian turned completely ashen as he stared at the sky. He was defeated, he had actually lost.

"Beautiful!" Only to see in the direction where the Cloud Prefecture was located, Jun Mengchen was extremely excited upon seeing the defeat of Gu Zhantian. Since that was the case, Gu Zhantian would be eliminated if he lost one more fight.

"Senior brother, I will go and provoke Gu Zhantian later, making him accept my challenge. I want to make him unable to get into the top ten." Jun Mengchen’s eyes flickered with a dazzling light. Qin Wentian glanced at Jun Mengchen as he nodded. A cold light flashed in his eyes. Blackpeak and Gu Zhantian, they definitely must properly abuse these two.

However, since Gu Zhantian had already lost one battle, no one can directly challenge him. He now had the initiative authority to choose who he wants to fight with!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 864

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