Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 868

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After Dugu Xishan, it was Mo Wen’s turn again.

The top ranker of the Supreme Moon Prefecture, Mo Wen, had already lost a round before but her opponent back then was none other than Gusu Tianqi.

It was only logical for her to be defeated. No one would dare to say they wouldn't lose when fighting against Gusu Tianqi.

In that battle earlier, Mo Wen had already displayed an extremely tyrannical strength. But after which, she gave up voluntarily hence n.o.body knew what the extreme limits of her combat prowess was if she went all out.

"Let's hope she can win." Jun Mengchen stated in a low voice upon seeing it was Mo Wen’s turn to battle. He naturally hoped she would be able to win this battle because if she lost again, she would be out of the running.

And in addition, there already weren't many partic.i.p.ants which Mo Wen could challenge. She cannot challenge those who had lost one round and the remaining individuals were all fearsome characters.

"Sorrowless of the Western Desert Prefecture." Mo Wen named the opponent she wanted to challenge. Sorrowless was the third ranker of the Western Desert Prefecture and had yet to battle. There was a higher chance to obtain victory if she fought him. Mo Wen was also a very cautious individual.

Sorrowless was none other than the monk Qin Wentian met in the Eastern Sage Cliff. He walked onto the platform and his bronze-colored skin gave others the sensation of overwhelming strength and imposingness. His eyes were extremely terrifying, exuding a sense of dominance to whoever he looked at.

He chanted a Buddhist mantra, causing golden light to flash through the skies. As a terrifying ancient golden Buddha manifested, cascading its golden glow down to Sorrowless, enveloping him protectively within. He blasted out with a palm that resembled a gigantic golden Buddha palm, smas.h.i.+ng towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen radiated an icy qi as the phantom of a frost king manifested with an icy spear in its hand. The surrounding temperature plunged as the air around the area froze. With a wave of her hand, a screen of frost appeared, blocking the golden Buddha palm as it came smas.h.i.+ng over, as the two attacks shattered into nothingness.

At this moment, terrifying icy qi gushed out corroding this s.p.a.ce, creating frost and snow in the air. It was so cold that Sorrowless’s constellation felt as though it was about to be frozen solid.

Sorrowless’s countenance remained unchanged. He closed his eyes and floated up into the air, sitting cross-legged. Instantly, boundless runic inscriptions of Buddhist arts flashed as numerous silhouettes of Buddha of Suffering appeared. All of them sat cross-legged and a terrifying buddha light enveloped this entire s.p.a.ce before folding inwards, wrapping around Sorrowless. From afar, Sorrowless was like an incomparably gigantic golden ancient Buddha.

The freezing power of the frost king qi gushed over, wanting to turn the golden buddha into ice. However, the cold qi had no way to penetrate the body. The defense of the golden buddha can only be described with the word, terrifying.

"In this immortal banquet, only the Western Desert Prefecture can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Cloud Prefecture. The Cloud Prefecture has three fellow sect members, while the three individuals in the top twenty from the Western Desert were each from a different power." The spectators mused. The battle between the two continued to rage on. Mo Wen transformed into a frost queen G.o.ddess, as her long hair turned to ice crystals. Her beauty was without flaw, akin to a spirit of the snow.

Boundless buddha light streamed from Sorrowless’s mouth as the buddhas in the air launched their attacks. A moment later, numerous ancient bells manifested, it was actually similar to Qin Wentian’s attack. It was none other than the innate technique they both comprehended during their time at the Eastern Sage Cliff.

"The defense of Sorrowless is so tough and his attacks are so domineering." The spectators got more and more shocked as they watched on. However, Mo Wen’s strength was also gradually unleashed. The temperature got colder and colder and right at the end, a single attack from her could even freeze the heavens. The originally impervious golden body defense of the buddha also crumbled before it. n.o.body could block her might.

Mo Wen’s strength was simply astonis.h.i.+ng. When she fought against Gusu Tianqi, she lost before she went all out. Right now, she can no longer afford to lose and did her best in the battle. Unleas.h.i.+ng the entirety of her strength and the advantages the frost king physique provided her, she managed to narrowly defeat sorrowless, finally obtaining victory.

Next, originally it should be Blackpeak’s turn to battle but since he was already killed by Qin Wentian, the turn naturally skipped to the next partic.i.p.ant.

Hence, it was Xia Jiufeng’s turn. He who was defeated by Jun Mengchen, since he obtained the initiative authority, he can choose who he wants to fight against.

Xia Jiufeng was the same as Mo Wen. He can no longer afford to be defeated and had to go all out to secure a victory. However, he cannot challenge those who had already lost a battle and could only challenge those winners or people who have yet to partic.i.p.ate in the combat.

For those winners, all of them had exhibited a super strong combat prowess and it would be extremely tough to win against any of them. Xia Jiufeng started to hesitate as he turned his gaze onto those who hadn't partic.i.p.ated in the combat yet.

Right now, only three have yet to fight any battles.

The second ranker of the Western Desert Prefecture, Qin Ta; Hua Taixu, disciple of the Myriad Transformations Immortal King; and finally Ruthless, the disciple of the Undefeatable Devil King.

To Xia Jiufeng, this was obviously a difficult choice. Up till now, the remaining individuals were all extremely fearsome opponents.

And he had to defeat one of these opponents to avoid getting eliminated for this round.

"I'll challenge Qin Ta from the Western Desert Prefecture. Xia Jiufeng finally spoke. Out of these three, Hua Taixu’s fame was too outstanding. While Ruthless’s master, the Undefeatable Devil King, was simply too terrifying. Hence, he felt that he would have more more confidence if he chose Qin Ta of the Western Desert Prefecture.

The second rankers of the Eastern Prefecture and the Western Desert Prefecture both stood on the stage, staring at each other.

Would Xia Jiufeng be stronger, or would Qin Ta be stronger?

Before this, the second ranker of the Eastern Prefecture Xia Jiufeng, had already lost to the second ranker of the Cloud Prefecture, Jun Mengchen. Xia Jiufeng could no longer afford to lose.

The silhouette of a barbaric and tyrannical demonic beast, in the form of a barbarian king, appeared as a constellation. Xia Jiufeng was going to use his strongest techniques right at the start of the battle.

Qin Ta had a very large body frame, akin to a giant. He belonged to a terrifying race living in the Western Desert Prefecture, the Heavenly G.o.d Race.

People from the Heavenly G.o.d Race were born with boundless divine strength. They were akin true G.o.ds, able to move mountains and overturn oceans, summoning the clouds and wind. Their attacks and defenses were publicly recognized as the strongest within the Western Desert Prefecture.

Staring at Xia Jiufeng who was going all out the moment combat started, Qin Ta roared in anger. His entire body circulated with heavenly divine light as rumbling sounds rang out when his body suddenly expanded to over ten metres tall, akin to a true heavenly G.o.d. Behind him, a 1,000 meter gigantic silhouette appeared, exuding boundless might.

"People from the Heavenly G.o.d Race are able to perceive an unique constellation in the nine heavenly layers that was named the Heavenly G.o.d Constellation by them. They condensed Heavenly G.o.d astral souls and evolve them into a Heavenly G.o.d Constellation when they stepped into the ascendant stage. This was the inherent advantage possessed by powerful ancient races who had ancestral inheritances."

An immortal king spoke, his words causing Qin Wentian to feel a little shock in his heart. The immortal realms were much more fascinating compared to particle worlds. There were some powerful ancient races that not only have the advantage of a powerful bloodline, they also possess an innate perceptivity to certain constellations.

This was undoubtedly an inherent advantage. Such ancient races were too terrifying, their strength wouldn't decline throughout the generations at all. Once a truly talented and powerful cultivator is born to them, that person would be able to lead all of them to a far greater height than their ancestors did.

"I think Xia Jiufeng might be in danger with regards to this battle." Qin Wentian spoke in a hushed voice. Qin Ta’s strength was originally already very strong, at the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon, very near to immortal-foundation. Although the gap between the two was still very wide, for ascendants with a higher level of cultivation, their comprehension of their martial path would surely be deeper. Hence even if their cultivation bases were suppressed, this advantage wouldn't be taken away. In addition, Qin Ta was from an ancient race and when considering everything together, Xia Jiufeng’s probability of defeat was much higher.

Xia Jiufeng naturally could sense how domineering Qin Ta was. The air trembled as millions of barbaric beasts rushed out, wanting to destroy everything.

Qin Ta’s countenance was extremely calm. He stomped the ground and blasted forth with both his fists, wanting to penetrate through the void. The spectators only saw a pair of arms from a Heavenly G.o.d shooting forth with divine might, exploding the bodies of the barbaric beasts.

"Strong, looking at his attacking strength, he’s another monster. If Qin Ta’s cultivation base wasn't suppressed, he’s at the ninth-level with an immeasurably deep comprehension of his martial path." The spectators mused, all of them were already sure Xia Jiufeng would be defeated in this battle.

Reality was what they antic.i.p.ated. Although Xia Jiufeng gave it his all, unleas.h.i.+ng the strongest and most violent attacks in his a.r.s.enal, he was still defeated at the end, being blasted off the platform by Qin Ta, and was heavily injured.

The second ranker of the Eastern Prefecture was eliminated, ranking within the top twenty.

After this battle ended, Blackpeak had been killed, while Gu Zhantian and Xia Jiufeng were both eliminated.

None of these three were weaklings and they were all powerful existences at their level. But sadly, all of them were eliminated. This was how cruel the later phase of the selection tests of the immortal banquet were. No matter how strong you are, you still had a possibility of being defeated consecutively. An example was Gu Zhantian and Xia Jiufeng.

After Xia Jiufeng, the next battle should be Qin Ta doing the challenging. But given he had recently fought, another individual was called instead.

"Next battle, Sorrowless." Dongsheng Ting spoke. Sorrowless was the same as Mo Wen, they had all lost one battle. Next, it was going to be his turn but luckily, he had the initiative authority and could choose who he wanted to fight against.

Sorrowless now was also under great pressure. Only Hua Taixu and Ruthless had yet to fight. Other than them, the other partic.i.p.ants remaining were all winners of their respective matches.

"Ruthless." Sorrowless turned towards the disciple of the Undefeatable Devil King. He wanted to challenge Ruthless.

Ruthless’s entire body exuded a baleful aura, akin to an evil G.o.d. He walked onto the platform as devil qi gushed forth from him, causing fear in the hearts of others.

Immortals and devils were both cultivation paths, but devils were much fewer in comparison. The devil path was extremely difficult and the cultivator had to be inconceivably harsh to themselves before they can see success. For some powerful devil cultivators, they had already achieved the state of having no sentiments and desires, pursuing the way of the devil with all their heart.

"A Buddha against a devil." The spectators mused, watching on with interest. Buddha light radiated from Sorrowless while devil qi gushed forth in torrential amounts from Ruthless. A demonic spear could be seen in Ruthless’s hands, condensed from his devilish might. It glowed with a b.l.o.o.d.y light and at this moment, Ruthless stepped forth, advancing towards Sorrowless. Every step he took generated a towering devilish might, the spear in his hands seemed to be able to tear through everything, possessing the power to shake even the heavens.

"Ruthless, the disciple of the Undefeatable Devil King, is someone exceedingly mysterious. It is extremely rare for him to act. In the immortal banquet, the chance to see him fight this time is all thanks to none other than his highness Dongsheng Ting." An immortal king laughed as he watched on.

How strong would a disciple nurtured and taught by the Undefeatable Devil King be? At this location where geniuses are as common as clouds, would he still be able to slaughter out a path of blood, establis.h.i.+ng his dominance!?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 868

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