Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 869

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The baleful aura from Ruthless was extremely heavy. Devil qi enveloped him, forming a devilish armor making him resemble a true devil king. It was extremely terrifying.

A swishing sound echoed as the long spear in his hand directly pierced out like a bolt of black lightning. Although he was some distance away from Sorrowless, the spectators saw that the spear actually penetrated right through the void with imposing might, directly appearing before Sorrowless. There were no chaotic currents when the spear penetrated through the void. It was as though there was only this spear in the entire world as Ruthless congregated the entirety of his devilish might, infusing the power into his spear.

Sorrowless blasted out a gigantic golden palm imprint with a speed as fast as lightning, colliding instantly against the spear strike. Sounds of an explosion rang out. The spear actually penetrated the golden palm and continued on its way, piercing into Sorrowless’s body.

"The attacks of devil cultivators are usually stronger. Their way of cultivation is tougher and they can fall too deeply into the devil path if they make the slightest mistake. Losing their minds, becoming nothing more than a mindless tool of killing, condemned for all eternity. Hence, there are usually many times fewer devil cultivators compared to immortal cultivators." The spectators watched on as Sorrowless’s countenance turned solemn. With a roar of rage, golden buddhas appeared as all of them simultaneously blasted their palms at Ruthless.

However, he only saw that right now Ruthless was enveloped in a torrid devilish light. His physique expanded as he transformed into a devil. Astral light flashed, as a heaven shaking spear appeared in his hands, causing the surroundings to rumble violently from the might emanating from it as the head of a primordial devil appeared behind him.

Ruthless stepped out, his countenance was ice cold. With neither sound nor presence, another spear stabbed out. However at the instant this spear strike was unleashed, the boundless devilish light congregated together as thousands of devil spears materialized and erupted towards Sorrowless.

Sorrowless chanted Buddhist mantras rapidly, gathering golden light. His defense was incomparably powerful but under the flurry of attacks from Ruthless, the devil head behind him trampled upon his golden buddha body causing cracks to appear. As the onslaught continued, the golden body protection eventually shattered apart.

"How brutal, are these the characteristic attacks of a devil cultivator? They are proficient in savage attacks and don’t know the meaning of stopping until their opponent is defeated." One of the spectators praised.

"As expected of the disciple of the Undefeatable Devil King. Awesome! His highness Dongsheng Ting is extremely intelligent in placing Ruthless and Hua Taixu among the top twenty. They would act as a test of immense difficulty to the other participants. It would be extremely tough to win against either of them." An immortal king stated with a smile. Dongsheng Ting’s eyes gleamed like torches. The two he nominated into the top twenty were both fifth-level ascendants and were exceedingly famous characters.

At the very end, Sorrowless was still defeated. The powerful monk of the Western Desert Prefecture had lost two rounds and was eliminated.

It wasn't that he isn't strong, but simply because there were no longer any weak opponents remaining. Both of the opponents he fought were extremely fearsome characters.

"Yan Zimo of the Mo Prefecture, you have one more chance left." Dongsheng Ting spoke after the two earlier combatants left the platform.

Yan Zimo had already lost a round to the top ranker of Qian Prefecture, Ye Qianchen.

Hence now that it was his turn, he had the initiative authority and no one else could challenge him.

But right now, this was also his last opportunity. He can only win, he cannot afford to lose. And right now, other than the winners, the only one remaining who had yet to fight was Hua Taixu.

Yan Zimo’s pressure was exceedingly great.

He truly didn't know who to challenge. The winners are: Gusu Tianqi, Feather King, Jun Mengchen, Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan, Ye Qianchen, Cang Ao, Dugu Xishan, Qin Ta, Ruthless and Mo Wen.

He had to win a battle against one of these eleven.

After all it wasn't guaranteed that all of these eleven would pass this round.

Drawing a deep breath, Yan Zimo spoke, "Zi Qingxuan."

Yan Zimo actually chose to challenge Zi Qingxuan of the Cloud Prefecture.

Zi Qingxuan stepped onto the battle platform as the glow of the divine falcon covered her. Right at the start of the battle, a countless number of divine falcons soared into the air, frenziedly launching attacks towards Yan Zimo. Zi Qingxuan was a little angered. Out of these ten plus people, did Yan Zimo chose her because he felt she was weak? Hence, she directly burst forth with overwhelming strength, her savage attacks complete engulfing Yan Zimo.

The ending was that...Yan Zimo was defeated. He was eliminated.

After which the top ranker of the Rock Prefecture, Bashan, stood upon the platform. This was also his last chance, he was defeated by Cang Ao earlier and he had to win the next battle no matter what.

His choice of opponent was Qin Ta of the Heavenly God Race. It was extremely regretful, he basically had no way to defeat someone of the Heavenly God Race. He was somewhat similar to Qin Ta in terms of the types of arts they cultivate, granting both of them overwhelming attack and defense. He was like a mountain but sadly, Qin Ta was like a Heavenly God descending down to the mortal world, suppressing and defeating him completely.

After Yan Zimo, the top ranker of the Mo Prefecture was ousted. Bashan, the top ranker of the Rock Prefecture was eliminated as well. This was simply how cruel the test is.

Next, Gu Hong, the top ranker of the Yue Prefecture appeared on the platform. In an earlier battle, he had already lost to Dugu Xishan, the top ranker of the Blazing Sun Prefecture.

For this battle, when Gu Hong swept his gaze onto the remaining participants, he didn't have any confidence of victory at all. Furthermore, the defeat of two powerful geniuses before him had also influenced the state of his heart.

Gu Hong eventually chose to fight against the top ranker of the Qian Prefecture, Ye Qianchen.

Ye Qianchen was naturally unhappy that he was chosen. After stepping onto the platform, overwhelming amounts of sword qi gushed forth from him. He stepped forth, moving like a shadow as he unleashed sword attacks capable of reaping lives away with every strike, trapping Gu Hong within an abyss of death, forcing him to concede.

A total of three top rankers were all eliminated one after another.

Next, it was Su Feng’s turn. He is the top ranker of the Thunder Prefecture.

Right now, one could very well imagine the amount of pressure Su Feng was facing. Although he made it to the top twenty, right now he was feeling nothing but despair. But no matter what, he still had to do his best and fight a battle.

"I choose Hua Taixu." Su Feng spoke, he had no other choice left. Before this he conceded to Zi Qingxuan when she challenged him and next, the other winners were all so tyrannically powerful. Only this mysterious character Hua Taixu had yet to do battle. He could only pray and hope to find a glimmer of hope by challenging Hua Taixu.

"Hua Taixu." Qin Wentian turned his attention onto the lanky figure slowly soaring towards the platform. He was as handsome as before and resembled an elegant and extremely clean-looking young master where no dust could stain his robes.

However right now, Hua Taixu’s demeanor was many times more extraordinary than before. His eyes were clear but deep. So deep that there seemed to be no limits. He who kept his aura retracted actually gave off a sense of unfathomability to people instead. He was simply deep and immeasurable.

Hua Taixu descended onto the platform lightly, as though gravity didn't affect him. His eyes calmly regarded Su Feng, and there were no fluctuations in his expression. This actually caused Su Feng to feel a sense of unease. Hua Taixu was too mysterious, he seemed cloaked in mist and was like an illusion.

"RUMBLE~" Su Feng wasted no time instantly unleashing his powerful aura. With a stomp, he moved like lightning as a light enveloped his body before he vanished from sight. Ten thousand terrifying elephants suddenly manifested, all rushing towards Hua Taixu but in just an instant, Su Feng discovered that Hua Taixu’s illusionary bodies were everywhere in the surroundings. He had no idea which was real.

"BREAK!" Su Feng roared in anger as the ten thousand elephants smashed forwards, destroying an illusionary body of Hua Taixu. However very swiftly, another Hua Taixu replaced the one who just got destroyed earlier, adopting the same posture, simply standing there and staring at him calmly. How clear was his gaze? Yet it was also unreadable.

Su Feng howled, his attacks got more and more crazy as he slaughtered countless numbers of Hua Taixu’s illusionary bodies. However it was all useless, no matter how many he killed, Hua Taixu simply stood there, calmly staring at him.

"ARGH!" Su Feng felt he was going crazy. A boundless strength enveloped his body, his speed increased to his maximum as he chose to tear the bodies Hua Taixu in the surroundings into pieces personally by his own hands instead.

"Chi chi chi…" Hua Taixu’s bodies exploded from the impact one after another, but new ones replaced them again and again. What was reality? What was illusory?

The spectators all stared in shock. Disbelief could be seen in their eyes as they glanced at the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King. Only to see a light smile adorning her face as though she was extremely satisfied with the shock of the spectators.

"Hua Taixu has indeed obtained the true inheritance of the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King. That illusion art can directly break the mind of his opponent simply by standing there and doing nothing else." The spectators sighed in admiration.

The battle on the platform caused the crowd to shiver. Hua Taixu merely stood there, yet Su Feng didn't attack him but was focusing his attacks onto nothing, blasting the surroundings instead. Apparently, the things they saw was different from what Su Feng was seeing. Su Feng had already been trapped within an illusion-scape the instant Hua Taixu appeared on the platform.

"His eyes are the windows to his illusion-scape." Many of the spectators realized.

"Being able to return alive from the samsara world... His eyes alone are already sufficient to overwhelm many geniuses."

Su Feng’s attacks grew more and more ferocious. His momentum grew to a point where he destroyed all the illusionary bodies in a single strike. Sadly, he was already destined to be defeated because he couldn't even see the fact that Hua Taixu was simply standing there right in front of him.

Ultimately, after killing the never-ending illusionary bodies, Su Feng’s mind was on the verge of breaking down as he gave a roar of rage and voluntarily gave up. Only now did he regain his clarity. Hua Taixu was still standing at his original location with his aura retracted. Hua Taixu’s eyes, just as before, were simply staring at him calmly.

Su Feng groaned in agony, coughing out a mouthful of blood as his countenance turned pale. He felt a sense of breaking down as the state of his heart crumbled in an instant.

"So that's why, that's why..." Su Feng mumbled as he ambled down the platform. In this test of the immortal banquet, he was truly a failure. He had failed utterly and completely.

"What a pity, let's hope he will recover soon." The spectators mused. It was really quite sad for Su Feng. It wasn't that he isn't strong but rather, his opponents were all stronger than him. How could he not suffer a setback?

"Let's hope Su Feng would be able to get over this, and use this defeat as a tempering experience to mold the state of his heart." An immortal king sighed. He wasn't willing to watch the breaking of talented junior just like this.

Hua Taixu departed the battle platform. Next, by right it should be Hua Taixu and Ruthless’s turns. But before this, people had already challenged them and they had already won the matches.

Hence right now, the top twelve were already set in stone. A total of eight participants were eliminated.

These twelve are: Gusu Tianqi, Feather King, Jun Mengchen, Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan, Ye Qianchen, Cang Ao, Dugu Xishan, Qin Ta, Mo Wen, Ruthless and Hua Taixu.

They all had victories and right now, two more had to be eliminated from these twelve to arrive at the the final top ten ranking. It was simply too difficult to choose who should fail. Because...anyone of them were all the strongest outstanding heaven chosen of their generation!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 869

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