Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 871

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At this moment, Jun Mengchen’s handsome silhouette became even more imposing. His opponent was Cang Ao, the top ranker of the Li Prefecture!

He lost an arm from a single punch of Jun Mengchen, and was blasted unceremoniously off the platform.

The king armor enveloped around Jun Mengchen vanished. He stared ahead, his eyes on Cang Ao as he spoke, "You can’t even withstand a single strike. Are you even qualified to challenge me?"

After speaking, he returned to his original location and sat down quietly as though defeating Cang Ao wasn’t a significant thing that was worthy of being prideful about.

"Only eleven remain. One more to the top ten. There shouldn’t be anyone else challenging Jun Mengchen and his fellow sect members." The spectators mused. At the host seat of the immortal banquet, Dongsheng Ting cast a deep glance at Princess Glaze beside him. This Princess Glaze was truly worthy of her reputation, what accurate judgement.

On the platform, there was yet another bout of silence. All eleven heaven chosen were calmly waiting, as though this has nothing to do with them.

Nobody went to challenge the others. After all, this would be the final battle to see who was the top ten and none of the participants had the absolute confidence of being able to win against the others. Hence, they were all very cautious.

This second period of waiting, lasted for an extremely long time.

Finally, the aura of someone fluctuated as though he was seized by impatience.

This person was none other than the top ranker of the Blazing Sun Prefecture, Dugu Xishan.

The gleam of sharpness in Dongsheng Ting’s eyes intensified further, he couldn’t help but to mumble. "Princess, your judgement is simply god-like. I heard that Princess Glaze has the ability to peer into heavenly fate and discern heavenly secrets, and you are truly worthy of your reputation. Could it be that Princess already knows who the top three rankers would be?"

"Using my innate connection to my constellation to deduce things is merely a single path out of millions of martial daos, this cannot be considered as foresight. There’s no one who would be able to know everything, and I’m unable to tell who the top three might be." Princess Glaze calmly replied.

On the battle platform. Dugu Xishan’s aura started to permeate the atmosphere. He is a heaven chosen of the Blazing Sun Prefecture. Hence, the cultivation arts he cultivated all had to do with fire. His innate techniques were incomparably tyrannical and the techniques and arts of stellar martial cultivators would have a certain amount of effect on their personality. For example, those who practiced sinister poison arts would gradually turn cold and insidious, those who cultivate ice arts would have their personalities akin to frost, etc.

"What’s the point of waiting further? Mo Wen, I’m the top ranker of the Blazing Sun Prefecture while you are the top ranker of the Supreme Moon Prefecture. The attributes of our cultivation arts and techniques are the exact opposite. Let’s see who is stronger." Dugu Xishan pointed his finger at Mo Wen as he declared.

Mo Wen’s figure was svelte, bordering on perfect. An ice-cold beauty on the outside yet when she truly erupts forth with might in combat, her strength was incomparably astounding.

Stepping out, her frosty eyes regarded Dugu Xishan. Since Dugu Xishan is keen to fight her, she didn’t mind accepting his challenge.

Their auras gushed forth, turning half of the battle platform scorching hot, while the other half became ice-cold.

Dugu Xishan’s aura was incomparably scorching, wanting to incinerate the heavens and earth. Even the air around him was heated up so much that the air particles turned red.

Mo Wen’s aura was incomparably chilly, frost swept over everything, freezing the heavens and earth.

The two of them had never fought against each other before. Right now, frost and fire was gathering and colliding against each other in the air, constituting an extremely terrifying sight. Sounds of sizzling rang out endlessly, and the spectators could clearly see that the battle platform was now separated into two parts - one was a scorching hell while the other was an ice-cold abyss.

Their auras grew stronger and stronger, repeatedly colliding against each other.

Dugu Xishan and Mo Wen also advanced step by step, closer to each other.

A spinning wheel of blazing flames appeared above Dugu Xishan, the heat it exuded was so overwhelming that it could incinerate everything.

An ice statue of a frost queen appeared above Mo Wen. A long spear was in the hands of that statue as it took on a defensive stance.


All of a sudden, boundless streams of fire erupted out from the flaming wheel, akin to fiery dragons, blasting towards Mo Wen. The spear of the frost queen stabbed out repeatedly, freezing the heavens and earth as snow abruptly fell, wanting to negate the blazing heat, causing endless sizzling sounds to ring out.

Dugu Xishan rushed out. A flaming wheel of wind and fire appeared in his hand as he launched it outwards. The infusion of blazing heat in addition to the augmentation effect of the wind, melted away the frost as the attack shot straight for Mo Wen.

Mo Wen’s spear rapidly turned in circles, blocking the spinning wheel as the impact caused it to break apart.

However right now, even more wheels of wind and fire manifested as millions of them frenziedly shot towards Mo Wen. For an instant, the ice and frost was corroded away by the power of these blazing wheels.

Mo Wen transformed, a cloak of ice enveloped her as her hair turned into icicles. Behind her, a phantom of an ice goddess queen of frost appeared. With a wave of its hand, countless spears of ice launched out, as streams of chill permeated the atmosphere, neutralizing the heat. The two energies of extreme opposites clashed endlessly against each other, destroying everything.

Mo Wen moved towards Dugu Xishan, as the frost goddess phantom behind her began radiating a divine glow. In an instant, she appeared before her opponent.

"YOU ARE COURTING DEATH!" Dugu Xishan snorted coldly as a blazing heat emanated forth from him. His entire person transformed into blazing flames as streams of heat rushed forth repeatedly. With a single palm, he blasted out a diagram of a spinning wheel that could incinerate everything under the heavens.

However all of a sudden, Dugu Xishan’s countenance drastically changed. Staring at the frost queen behind Mo Wen in horror, the terrifying spinning wheel in front of him was pierced right through and frozen solid by the the phantom of a frost queen’s spear. Cracking sounds rang out as his body gradually froze bit by bit.

"I CONCEDE!" Dugu Xishan roared. Just an instant slower, he would have turned into an ice statue and died there.

As the sound of his voice faded, Mo Wenm retreated. Dugu Xishan circulated his fire-attribute energy and warmed his body, thawing the ice away. Although he soon recovered, his countenance was extremely ugly to behold.

He had lost!

He became the last to be eliminated and what’s more, this battle was initiated by him.

From now on, the top ten rankers appeared.

Dongsheng Ting could only sighed in his heart, he couldn’t help but to be impressed. Princess Glaze’s judgement was many times more accurate than his.

Everything was just like she said.

Cang Ao and Dugu Xishan were the ones who couldn’t control their patience. Eventually, because they initiated the challenges, they became the ones eliminated.

Dugu Xishan left the platform with heavy disapointment in his heart.

Only the top ten rankers remained on the platform now.

"Congratulations to everyone for entering the top ten." Dongsheng Ting laughed, yet he felt extremely unhappy in his heart. Within the top ten, Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan occupied three of the spots.

However, although he was unhappy, he didn’t say anything. This Qin Wentian must be extremely dissatisfied with what happened years before. Then he headed over here with his own abilities again, wishing to become part of the top three rankers. Wanting his royal father to take another look at him, thereby taking this chance to gain status and authority. Thus, it would be easier for him to come into contact with Princess Qing`er.

Most probably, other than becoming a personal disciple of his royal father, Qin Wentian had no other paths to take.

Undoubtedly, Qin Wentian was daydreaming. Even if he entered the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, Dongsheng Ting had millions of ways to play Qin Wentian to death.

Naturally, even so, Dongsheng Ting didn’t hope that Qin Wentian could enter the top three. Because once Qin Wentian became part of the top three and things didn’t happen as what he anticipated, this fellow might do some crazy things that tarnish the prestige of his royal father. Although the possibility of this happening was very miniscule, it would still be best to be more cautious.

"This batch of geniuses aren’t bad. The top ten are all outstanding talents." An immortal king praised.

"Yeah they are all extremely strong, I’m filled with anticipation to see who would enter the top three."

"Everyone, take a break and enjoy the delicacies first and relax your tense nerves." Dongsheng Ting smiled. After which, the ten participants left the platform and headed back to their respective seats.

The location where the Cloud Prefecture was at was extremely conspicuous, because three out of the ten participants headed towards that direction.

Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan. Right now, even those major powers of the Cloud Prefecture could only shut up as they watched them.

These three were part of the top ten. At the very least, they could become personal disciples of a supreme immortal king.

Although these three were already outstanding, no one expected that they would be this outstanding and rank within part of the top ten. How dazzling are they?

Qin Wentian didn’t bother with their reactions and returned back to his seat. Their true objective wasn’t merely to be part of the top ten.

"Next, the final ranking battle to determine the rankings of these ten participants will begin. Everyone, let’s discuss and set some rules." Dongsheng Ting turned and regarded the various immortal kings.

"Princess Glaze has many good ideas, why don’t we consult her opinion?"

"Princess, what do you think?" Dongsheng Ting smiled.

"The final ranking battle is of extreme importance and has to be carried out with great caution. I think it would be better for the seniors of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect as well as your highness to be the one who sets the rules." Princess Glaze rejected. She knew it wasn’t appropriate to exceed her place and meddle too much in the affairs of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

"Might as well, since Princess Glaze put it this way, I will discuss with the various seniors and set the rules then." Dongsheng Ting nodded his head and started a conference with the immortal kings.

"Is it possible to reveal the rewards for the top three rankings so as to further increase our motivation? At this moment, a clear voice sounded out. The everyone’s gaze turned over to the Cloud Prefecture and discovered that the one who spoke was none other than Jun Mengchen. They couldn’t help but to scold in their hearts, this young man was so impatient, did he really think he would be able to become part of the top three?

However given the overwhelming strength Jun Mengchen had displayed, the spectators dared not completely dismiss this possibility.

But, becoming the personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor wasn’t enough to motivate him? This young fellow seemed to be more keen on the rewards instead, how comical.

"Little friend, the status of the top three is much more valuable compared to the rewards given." An immortal king laughed, "You can become a personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor!"

"Haha, tell me about the rewards first! In any case, there isn’t any conflict anyway." Jun Mengchen continued. He wouldn’t enter the tutelage and take on the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor as his master anyway, hence that held no attraction for him.

"No problem, in that case, let me talk about the rewards then." Dongsheng Ting smiled.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 871

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