Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 874

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Dongsheng Ting was smiling, exuding a graceful demeanor. He stared at the participants on the platform and continued, "The rankings of the first round cannot be used to determined the final rankings. Next, everyone still needs to put in more effort and contend for the top three positions."

"Can I offer a suggestion?" At this moment, a voice drifted over from the platform. Everyone turned their attention who spoke and it was none other than Jun Mengchen.

Dongsheng Ting gazed at Jun Mengchen and smiled, "Sure."

"For the second round, can things be more transparent? Allowing everyone to see what everyone of us is experiencing." Jun Mengchen asked, his words causing strange looks to flash on the faces of the spectators. Given their intelligence, they naturally understood there was another meaning behind Jun Mengchen’s words.

Everyone knew that Jun Mengchen’s temper was extremely irritable. Yet, he didn’t clearly state his intentions. It was obvious he was hinting at something.

"In the first round, we entered into the dreamscape of the Dream Demon King. I checked with my senior brother and sister and realized that what we experienced are all different. Although it’s almost a given that senior Dream Demon would surely do his task well, using such a matter might cause a deviation resulting in the results becoming inaccurate. In fact, if one were to put it impolitely, senior Dream Demon could decide the ranking for himself if he so wished to. In front of him, all of us have no way to resist. If he wishes for us to fail first, we would naturally fail first."

Jun Mengchen spoke, the tone of his voice turned sharp. However, he didn’t question the end result of the first round and would not do so. Because he understood that since things have already happened, further arguing would also be pointless.

"Hence, I suggest that for the second round, it’s better for it to be more transparent. At the very least, everyone would know what we are experiencing and the various immortal king judges can see things clearly as well. There wouldn’t be anyone suspicious of the end results. Naturally, this is only a suggestion. This place after all is the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and your highness is the one who makes the decisions."

It was already very clear what Jun Mengchen wanted to say, especially so for his last sentence. This is an immortal banquet organized by the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and you, Dongsheng Ting, is the controller of this event. If you wished to control things in the shadows, you can simply directly say who you wished the top three to be.

"I agree with Jun Mengchen’s opinion. I hope your highness would consider it." Zi Qingxuan supported her junior brother. Her countenance was calm and one couldn’t tell what she was thinking based on her expression.

"I think so as well." At this moment, a clear voice rang out. It was actually none other than Mo Wen who spoke. A total of three participants have spoken and the weightage of their words were naturally much heavier. In addition, Qin Wentian was actually not among these three.

But at this moment, another voice rang out. "I hope for it as well. If I, Qin, am ranked the last once again, I would also accept the results wholeheartedly." Qin Wentian faintly spoke. Mo Wen’s attitude caused him to feel somewhat taken aback, leading to him who initially didn’t intend to say anything, to speak up as well. With a total of four out of the ten participants speaking, Dongsheng Ting couldn’t help but to consider their suggestion carefully.

Since the four of them have supported this suggestion, if Dongsheng Ting still ignored them and went ahead, it would simply be too obvious.

"Since so many of you feel this way, I, Dongsheng Ting would naturally agree." Dongsheng Ting agreed in an outspoken and direct manner, with no hesitation at all.

"The first round actually caused so much misunderstanding among the participants, I have to apologize as I’ve overlooked it. The ten of you are all outstanding characters, exuding magnificence throughout the generations. Given how much confidence you all have in yourselves, those ranked at the bottom few would surely not accept the rankings if things aren’t transparent enough. I should have been more cautious when the rules were set for the first round."

Dongsheng Ting spoke, the way he phrased his sentences made it so that it felt like it was Qin Wentian and the others who wished to make trouble because of their low rankings. What a good actor this Dongsheng Ting was, turning the tides with just the aid of a few sentences.

"Don’t worry, the second round will definitely be transparent enough." Dongsheng Ting waved his hands and continued, "Set up the Devil Statue."

As the sound of his voice faded, some experts at the side appeared. They advanced towards the battle platform while dragging a gigantic statue of a devil along.

This devil statue was extremely terrifying, containing an intensely powerful will within. It has three heads and six arms. Its six eyes granted a 360 degree vision, and the no matter where one was standing at, the devil’s eyes could easily locate them.

When the eyes of the participants matched the eyes of the devil statue, they instantly felt a terrifying spiral drawing them within. Those pitch-black eyes were as though wanting to devour them. In their consciousness, they saw terrifying devils rushing at them exuding a crushing force that rumbled their minds. This caused the participants’ countenances to turn stiff as they hurriedly averted their gazes while guarding their minds.

"This devil statue is extremely bizarre." The hearts of the participants shivered. Those experts dragged the statue and carried it up, placing it right at the center of the battle platform.

Qin Wentian and the other participants already noticed the strangeness of this statue when they laid their eyes on it. This devil statue contained a terrifying will that could launch attacks at the minds of others.

After moving the statue up, the experts responsible for moving it retreated immediately. Dongsheng Ting then spoke, "The second round is extremely simple. This devil statue contains a terrifying will capable of attacking within it. All of you will surround and rotate around the devil statue and match gazes with it. The ones who avert their gazes first will be ranked last and the one who can persist the longest will ranked first. I’m sure this second round is transparent enough."

The participants didn’t speak. Dongsheng Ting continued, "Right now, all ten of you prepare to stand in positions, rotating around the statue. Close your eyes for now, and when I give the signal to start, you all have to open your eyes and match gazes with the statue."

The ten participants followed Dongsheng Ting’s instructions and started to stand around the statue with their eyes closed.

"The second round is about to start. It’s of critical importance. Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan all have disappointing results during the first round. If their rankings were still as inferior in this round, they wouldn’t have any hope left. The top three rankings would then be fated not be theirs."

" It is as expected of the top ranker from the Eastern Prefecture, Gusu Tianqi. Right now, the probability of him obtaining the one of the top three ranks is the highest. There’s no need to doubt his combat prowess and during the first round of testing, he also obtained the position of the top ranker. As long as he can rank within the top three for this second round, it’s almost certain that he would become one of the personal disciples of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor."

"The personal disciple of that Myriad Incarnations Immortal King also has a high probability of entering the top three rankings. Other than Gusu Tianqi and him, the only character with a high probability left is Feather King."

The spectators discussed. Before this, all of them believed that Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen were likely to become part of the top three. But the first round had shattered what they believed and the possibility of them becoming part of the top three dwindled almost to nothingness. Everything depended on this round, let’s see if they are able to overturn the situation.


At this moment, Dongsheng Ting’s voice echoed out. The ten participants all opened their eyes at the same moment and stared at the devil statue.

At the instant Qin Wentian’s eyes opened, he instantly felt his heart trembling. The eyes of this devil statue were akin to an invincible abyss. In just an instant, he was drawn in completely.

Qin Wentian felt as though his soul was dragged into another dimension. That was actually a wisp of his will, being brought in front of the eyes of the devil statue.

The surroundings resembled a terrifying abyss, a world of blood and darkness. This entire place was akin to a purgatory.

A ruined ancient city, shattered earth all around with many fragmented divine weapons embedded in the ground that were bleeding fresh blood. Qin Wentian’s heart involuntarily trembled when he lifted his head. A 1,000 meter tall devil was currently staring at him.

With a flash of light, a blood saber materialized in the devil’s hand, extremely fearsome to behold.

The blood saber was lifted up before slashing down abruptly. The heavens and earth seemed to be torn asunder. Qin Wentian turned pale, there was completely no way for him to block that strike.

Just a single slash was sufficient to rip him into two.

"No, that’s only a wisp of my will. As long as my soul doesn’t dissipate, my will shall remain strong." Qin Wentian told himself. As the saber light fell, everything vanished. Qin Wentian’s will body was torn into two. It was as though he just experienced a baptism of death.

In the external world, Qin Wentian’s real self groaned in misery as his countenance turned as pale as paper. He felt a splitting headache and was forced back a single step. But even so, his eyes were still fixed resolutely on the eyes of the devil statue ahead unwaveringly.

Those devilish eyes had a terrifying attraction force in them, pulling yet another wisp of Qin Wentian’s will into them. Qin Wentian once again appeared in that world of blood and darkness.

The devil king was still staring at him, exuding an incomparably fearsome and cold aura. Once again, the devil launched its attack, shooting its palm downwards, causing the entire skies to turn dark. Qin Wentian wanted to flee but he discovered that there was simply no where he can run to.

In just an instant, Qin Wentian was grabbed within the gigantic palm and brought before its eyes.

The eyes of the devil king were as terrifying as the abyss, penetrating his soul in a single glance. After which, the fingers on his palm ruthlessly clenched. Qin Wentian roared in agony and despair as his body was crushed into pieces, experiencing death once again, in an even more agonizing manner than the last.

Qin Wentian’s true body was forced back a few more steps. A groan of misery escaped his lips as his countenance turned even paler. Not only him, the others all around showed similar reactions. It was just that Qin Wentian’s reactions were much more intense compared to the others.

In fact, Qin Wentian’s eyes had already turn bloodshot. However, he still locked his eyes on the statue ahead. Once again, a wisp of his will was pulled within, there was no way for him to resist at all.

"Could it be that this Qin Wentian’s will is truly lacking? Before this he was already ranked the last and now in the second test, his reactions were the greatest among the participants." An immortal king stated. However, for those supreme-level immortal kings like the Undying Immortal King and Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, they were all furrowing their brows, suspecting something.

They had witnessed how resolute Qin Wentian’s will was before, all those years ago. Although the participants on the platform were all very powerful, he shouldn’t be the weakest among them by right.

However, the truth was in front of their eyes. All the participants were facing the complete same thing. Qin Wentian was no exception.

From the start till now, Bai Wuya was as calm as ever. He didn’t say anything and was like a neutral observer.

Although the White Robe Immortal King looked calm on the outside, there were naturally waves shaking his heart. This test had truly made things difficult for the three young fellows. It was clear that Dongsheng Ting wouldn’t allow them to become the top three rankers.

Casting a deep glance at that devil statue, Bai Wuya completely had a reason to believe that the will within this devil statue was bizarre, it almost felt like the will was being controlled intentionally by someone!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 874

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