Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 880

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Qin Wentian was puzzled. The phenomenon that appeared behind Jun Mengchen actually startled all the immortal kings, causing them all to stand up. Apparently, they were extremely shocked by it.

"Seems like junior brother Jun was born extraordinary." Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice upon seeing how startled the immortal kings were.

To these ancient existences, although geniuses like them might have outstanding talent, they merely have a wisp of opportunity to step into the immortal king’s realm.

An immortal king is a supreme existence. Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants were simply too weak, no matter how high their talents are, it was impossible for immortal kings to be too shocked by it.

Hence from the start till now, those immortal kings could maintain their calm states and watched the battles. There was nothing that surprised them too much.

Also, given how high up the Deepflame Immortal King is, despite the outstanding talent Qin Wentian and his two fellow sect members showed, the Deepflame Immortal King didn’t care at all. Because, with talent, it didn’t mean they would become immortal kings. At most, they could only join a powerful sect.

But right now, the entirety of immortal kings present all stood up because of Jun Mengchen. What did this indicate?

Does this mean that in the future, Jun Mengchen had a very high possibility to become an existence that surpa.s.sed an immortal king?

After that moment of shock, those immortal kings returned to their seats. After all, they were supreme existences and were able to quickly adjust their mental state. Although they were seated now, their eyes were still gleaming with interest as they stared at the battle in the air.

Dongsheng Ting was also staring at Jun Mengchen’s transformation. He already didn’t care for the battle between Jun Mengchen and Feather King, because it was no longer that important.

He didn’t expect that he would see a legendary phenomenon on the body of Jun Mengchen. In this case, the intentional targeting Dongsheng Ting arranged earlier was simply taking a stone to smash his own foot. Given that such a character had appeared in this event, his royal father would definitely accept him as a disciple. In addition, it would be a personal disciple instead of just a normal one.

Jun Mengchen had to enter the top three no matter what.

His actions earlier were ridiculous now in hindsight.

"Forget it, since this is the case, this fellow is truly worthy of being nurtured. After royal father accepts him as a personal disciple, we will get him to sever all relations.h.i.+ps with Qin Wentian. I’m sure he would know what choice to pick." Dongsheng Ting mused. In front of absolute temptation, let alone being ordinary fellow sect members, even a master and disciple might turn on each other. If his royal father was willing to go all out and nurture Jun Mengchen, it wouldn’t be strange for Jun Mengchen to leave his current sect and fall out with his master, let alone severing the relations.h.i.+p with Qin Wentian, a mere senior apprentice brother.

Did they not came to this immortal banquet for one purpose only? Now, he was willing to give this opportunity to Jun Mengchen.

And at this moment, the combat finally ended. After Jun Mengchen unleashed his trump card, the powerful Feather King could no longer endure under his attacks.

Feather King was defeated.

Feather King’s wings flapped as he floated in the air. Wounds could be seen on his body as his aura fluctuated. Inclining his head and staring at that incomparably resplendent Jun Mengchen, he felt a strong reluctance in his heart. Jun Mengchen’s attacks were simply too overwhelming, there was no way he could stand against it at all.

For this final battle, this was his first lost.

He did not manage to obtain one of the top two rankings in the first two rounds either. The first round, he was ranked #3; as for the second round, he was ranked #4. In this case, his hope is already extremely slim if he wished to become one of the top three rankers. He had to win all battles from now onwards before he would have a chance. If he lost once again, there’s no more hope.

"Mhm, if this is the case, Mengchen only needs to fight two more battles against Hua Taixu and Gusu Tianqi." Qin Wentian silently mused. And just so coincidentally, Jun Mengchen was glancing over his direction. Jun Mengchen who was clad in king’s armor exuded an aura unexcelled in the world. He smiled at Qin Wentian as he called, "Senior brother!"

"Take a break, there are very few battles left for you to fight." Qin Wentian spoke. Jun Mengchen nodded and retracted his aura. But the immortal banquet wasn’t as calm as Qin Wentian. Because of Jun Mengchen, a storm had actually manifested.

"Your highness, given Jun Mengchen’s strength, he should be powerful enough to become one of the top three. Although his earlier performance wasn’t that good, the criteria of this recruitment event is still mainly placed on one’s talent and combat prowess. Just by this, given his performance earlier, it’s already sufficient to guarantee a spot in the top three." Beside Dongsheng Ting, a supreme immortal king from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect stated.

Although his tone was vague, it was clear he was hinting at Dongsheng Ting that Jun Mengchen must become part of the top three no matter what.

If not, if the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor didn’t accept him as a disciple, he might not be keen to join their sect. There are too many immortal kings here at the banquet that was willing to recruit him under their wing.

Naturally, the person he feared the most was none other than Princess Glaze.

Princess Glaze came from so far away just to attend this immortal banquet and they had no idea as to her true purpose. Also, Jun Mengchen had manifested a legendary phenomenon and as the daughter of the White Emperor, how could she fail to understand what this meant? If Jun Mengchen didn’t get into the top three, wouldn’t this Princess act on behalf of her royal father and directly recruit him away?

"Mhm, his talent is extremely good. Let’s see his later performance. There’s a very high chance for him to enter the top three." Dongsheng Ting nodded and replied. The immortal kings naturally understood his meaning.

"Your highness." At this moment, Princess Glaze turned her gaze over as a mysterious smile flickered in her eyes.

"Before this, Jun Mengchen was ranked #6 in the first round and #7 in the second round. Such a performance can be considered lackl.u.s.ter and although his performance during the third round isn’t bad, can he really enter the top three?" Princess Glaze questioned.

"Princess’s words are precisely what I’m thinking about in my heart. But the purpose of this immortal banquet after all is to select the top three disciples with the most outstanding talent for my royal father. Although Jun Mengchen’s earlier performances aren’t that great, just the strength he showed at the final round already makes him more than qualified." Dongsheng Ting’s voice was powerful and resonating as he spoke with a.s.surance.

"In that case, the senior brother of this young man Qin Wentian… his performance during this round isn’t in anyway inferior to Jun Mengchen. If Jun Mengchen enters the top three, could it be that Qin Wentian would as well?" Princess Glaze turned her gaze over to the platform as a smile appeared on her face. If Dongsheng Ting only chose Jun Mengchen and not Qin Wentian, the fairness of this event would instantly come into question.

"That’s why we still need to monitor their later performances. If Qin Wentian’s performance is similarly outstanding, he naturally can be part of the top three as well." Dongsheng Ting was forced to reply this way. Upon hearing this, Princess Glaze didn’t say anything any further.

Gusu Tianqi, Hua Taixu, Jun Mengchen and Qin Wentian. There were already four people. In addition, there’s also the powerful Feather King. With these five people, there are only three positions for the top three rankers. She wanted to see how Dongsheng Ting would choose exactly.

The battles continued unendingly on the platform. When Zi Qingxuan defeated Ruthless, the Undefeatable Devil King’s countenance became extremely unsightly.

After the third round started, his disciple Ruthless had lost continuously, not even winning a single battle. As a master, his face was completely thrown away.

However, this was just so coincidentally because those who fought against Ruthless were simply too strong. Even as a devil cultivator, Ruthless didn’t have too much advantage and after being defeated so many times, he no longer had a chance to qualify for the top three.

The compet.i.tion was too intense. Mo Wen and Ye Qianchen were also currently fighting. And staring at their battle, Ye Qianchen was clearly inferior. This top ranker of the Qian Prefecture seemed to have become the stepping stone of many in this last round of testing.

In addition, Gusu TIanqi also started to search for battles. After defeating Ruthless, he moved towards Qin Ta. The things Qin Wentian and his fellow sect members accomplished, he could do so as well.

To Gusu Tianqi, only the top rank was his target.

One could very well imagine the pressure Qin Ta had when facing against Gusu Tianqi. He was the same as Ye Qianchen, both were in an extremely miserable state. Up till now, they didn’t even have a single victory.

"Seems like for this final battle, Ruthless, Qin Ta and Ye Qianchen are already destined to be ranked last. After tabulating their scores for the first two rounds, they wouldn’t even be able to get in the top five." The spectators mused.

In fact right now, many partic.i.p.ants were no longer qualified to be part of the top three. Other than the three of them, Mo Wen also had no more hope. In fact, even the powerful Feather King’s hope was very slim.

Right now, Feather King was staring at Qin Wentian as an intense battle intent flickered within his eyes. He wanted to fight with Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian also saw him but his expression was one of nonchalance, with no emotions at all. It was as though Feather King was simply not the opponent he wanted to fight with.

Feather King noticed Qin Wentian’s expression. He walked step by step towards Qin Wentian as arrogance could be seen on his face. His violet-gold wings flapped rapidly, exuding a terrifying might.

"Get out of my way." Qin Wentian glanced at Feather King as he emotionlessly spoke.

"Bzz!" The wings of the Feather King started flapping, causing a violent tornado to gush forth, as he arrived before Qin Wentian in an instant. He then lifted his hand and flexed it into a terrifying claw as it lacerated the s.p.a.ce, aiming for Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian snorted coldly, using his right hand to launch an attack. Rumbling sounds echoed through the air and in just an instant, numerous ancient bells gushed forth causing the entire s.p.a.ce to reverberate from the sounds of the chimes. Feather King roared in rage because he originally wanted to crush Qin Wentian with a single strike.

The bell chimes continued endlessly, as golden calamity lightning blasted onto Feather King, jolting him so badly that even his soul was shaking. Qin Wentian’s entire body was glowing with an intense battle light, and when Feather King looked at Qin Wentian now, he saw a dazzling battle halo circulating around Qin Wentian.

"BANG!" Finally, Feather King could no longer endure the calamity lightning by the ancient bells and hurriedly fled backwards. Qin Wentian didn’t bother to give chase, he continued standing at his original location and stared emotionlessly at Feather King.

"Qingxuan, do your best to win this battle." Qin Wentian encouraged. Zi Qingxuan then moved towards Feather King as a pair of divine falcon wings took form behind her back, s.h.i.+mmering with a brilliant light.

Feather King’s eyes narrowed. Qin Wentian wanted Zi Qingxuan to fight against him? Qin Wentian seemed to feel disdain towards him, unwilling to be the one to fight him.

Qin Wentian had already ravaged quite a few people before this, he didn’t think it was necessary to use Feather King as a tool to establish his dominance. Right now, he basically didn’t have the Feather King in his eyes.

"BOOM!" Feather King’s aura towered into the skies. After being defeated by Jun Mengchen, Qin Wentian actually refused to fight him. What degree of humiliation is this?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 880

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