Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 881

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Feather King and Zi Qingxuan both have wings behind their backs. The two of them clashed repeatedly and in an instant, violet-golden sparks danced about in the air.

"What a fast attack. Not only do they have speed, they have sufficient power as well."

The hearts of everyone trembled. The attacks of these two could even rumble the air, causing a violent hurricane to be formed. That cone shaped violet-golden wind swirled about and ravaged the entire platform. Lending the power of the wind, the two of them soared into the air unceasingly as they continued their battle amidst the cheering of the crowd.

"If Feather King lost again, he would have no chance to be ranked within the top three. Before him, there’s Hua Taixu and Gusu Tianqi. Also, Jun Mengchen appeared. In fact, even Qin Wentian disdained to fight with him. One could very well imagine the pressure now on Feather King." An immortal king spoke in a low voice. The ten participants were all too terrifying.

If one left aside the dazzling Gusu Tianqi, as well as the low-profiled Hua Taixu, there was still Jun Mengchen and Qin Wentian who suddenly rose up in this last round. Which one of them were weak? The tyrannical heavenly god race, Qin Ta, and Ye Qianchen with his supreme sword techniques, had actually become existences at the bottom among the top ten.

Also, the young king, Feather King of the Winged Devil Race, he actually was defeated by Jun Mengchen. Gusu Tianqi and Qin Wentian had never treated him as their opponent. This was just too crazy, and they couldn’t help but to sigh as they reminisced. Staring at these juniors being so earnest in this competition reminded them of themselves during the time when they were young.

Very swiftly, Gusu Tianqi destroyed Qin Ta and Mo Wen crushed Ye Qianchen.

Qin Ta and Ye Qianchen were instantly relegated to the bottom few rankings. They didn’t even have a single victory. It was not a matter of strength but rather, all of their opponents were too terrifying.

The battle continued. Other than Hua Taixu who had not fought yet, the others were all fighting frenziedly.

"Myriad Incarnations, your disciple doesn’t seem to be too keen on the rankings." The Undying Immortal King spoke to the beautiful woman before him. Hua Taixu hadn’t even fought in a single fight yet.

"Even if he can obtain a position in the top three, I will be reluctant to let him join the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. In addition after he walked out of the samsara world, his will and temperament is already different from the others. Hence, the things he wants are different from people as well." The Myriad Incarnation Immortal King laughed. The Undying Immortal King nodded, indeed this was true. Everyone who stepped upon the battle platform had their own purpose. Gusu Tianqi’s fame shook the Eastern Prefecture, he wanted to become the top ranker of this immortal banquet to continue the legacy of glory his ancestors had before him.

As for the other geniuses, there were some who wished to take on the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor as their master and there were some who wished to be recognized by the powerful immortal kings here. They all came here with different motives and only Hua Taixu was different. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

The storm of combat continued raging. Feather King and Zi Qingxuan had already clashed a countless number of times in the air, the might and speed of their attacks were simply astounding.

Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen were both observing the battle. So was Gusu Tianqi and Hua Taixu. This four didn’t seemed to mind being idle at this moment.

Hua Taixu’s eyes slowly turned and landed on Qin Wentian. His expression was as calm as ever as though everything that happened here didn’t have the power to affect his heart.

"We seem to be linked by fate." Hua Taixu smiled at Qin Wentian. It was a very natural and lighthearted smile filled with elegance, with no hints of vengeance or hatred.

Qin Wentian also smiled back as he nodded. "When I was sixteen, I encountered you back in the Royal Sacred Region. At that time, you were already the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. At the end, I also obtained the same ranking as you, we differed by one batch. Next, we met each other again in the Immortal Martial Realms and maybe it’s just like what you said, we are linked by fate. However, we seemed to be lacking a battle."

"That’s my intention as well." Hua Taixu laughed as he continued, "My purpose here is simple, I only want a fight with you. Are you prepared?"

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded. The two of them stood facing each other and at this moment, they seemed to be the only two existences on the vast battle platform. This battle belonged to them and from a very long time ago, other than the fight they had together with Gu Liufeng in the Immortal Martial Realms, they had never fought one-on-one before. This battle between them should have already been fought but it was always delayed until today."

The immortal kings stared at the two of them as puzzlement flashed through their eyes. From Hua Taixu’s words, it seemed that he and Qin Wentian were both acquainted a long time ago. At that time, Qin Wentian was only 16 years of age. How interesting was this.

However the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, Undying Immortal King, as well as a few others weren’t that surprised by this. They knew Qin Wentian and Hua Taixu were from the same particle world and given their levels of talent, they were naturally people at the peak in their world. It wasn’t surprising that they knew each other.

"Hua Taixu is going to fight with Qin Wentian. This battle is extremely critical."

Before the final round, Hua Taixu was already ranked #1 and #2 during the previous rounds, he had the same probability of entering the top three as Gusu Tianqi. If he defeats Qin Wentian here, there was no doubt that he would surely be part of the top three. After all, Qin Wentian had already defeated many participants.

But what if Qin Wentian defeated Hua Taixu?

This young man who obtained the last ranking during the first round. Would Dongsheng Ting allow him to enter the top three?

Hence, the battle between these two filled everyone with much anticipation.

Jun Mengchen and Gusu Tianqi stood there, staring at Qin Wentian and Hua Taixu. The two of them were also filled with anticipation for this battle, they had no idea who would win.

Jun Mengchen naturally believed in Qin Wentian. Although they were intentionally targeted during the first two rounds and had a pretty lousy ranking, they would definitely shock and stun everyone during this final battle, tramping all on the geniuses here. Who dares to doubt them? After they have done their best and if the top three rankings really didn’t belong to them, they wouldn’t have any regrets as well. Even if they failed in the mission the Heavenly Talisman Realm had given them, nothing could be done about it.

The spectators only saw Hua Taixu and Qin Wentian standing there, both were exceedingly calm. In fact, not the slightest movements could be seen at all. What was strange was that in the center of Qin Wentian’s brow, there was a flashing dazzling light that seemed to be a third eye. Terrifying rays shot forth from that eye as his Dreamworld Constellation appeared above them.

These two who simply seemed to be standing there, had actually already begun combat.

The two of them entered a marvelous space which was the dreamscape Qin Wentian created, that was also the illusion-scape Hua Taixu created.

Hua Taixu’s eyes were already capable of battling. This point had already been proven before, nobody would doubt the power of his eyes. His master is the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King who excelled in illusionary arts, and could manifest millions of different incarnations. She was unparalleled in the realm of illusions among immortal kings and Hua Taixu himself had also undergone the tempering in the samsara world and survived without going mad.

The two of them stood in the air. In this marvelous space, several incarnations of Hua Taixu appeared, flickering incessantly.

"Illusion-scape? In the battle before this, Hua Taixu used this as well, causing his opponent to be so helpless that he almost broke down." Qin Wentian mused.

The myriad incarnations of Hua Taixu moved towards Qin Wentian. They all held long spears in their hands and one of them directly stabbed out a spear strike that contained a terrifying might within.

Qin Wentian lifted his palm that was shimmering with a fearsome runic light and directly shattered the spear. The incarnation that attacked was dissipated as well, it was like nothing but a mirage.

"Bzz!" Another attack blasted over as Qin Wentian calmly responded. It was just another mirage.

The spectators outside only saw Qin Wentian launching blow after blow under the light of his constellation. They were stunned in their hearts, Hua Taixu’s illusions were too strong. It was clear Qin Wentian had already sunk into them.

But at this moment, the spectators saw a boundless sword might gushing forth from Qin Wentian, forming a terrifying sword qi vortex. His Slaughter Sword Constellation appeared in the air, and the sword might swept across the marvelous space, lacerating all the incarnations of Hua Taixu. However, as the incarnations perished, even more incarnations appeared again and again, in an unending cycle.

Ahead, another spear launched over. This spear was extremely powerful and when Qin Wentian stared at this strike, a countless number of illusions appeared in his mind. Right now, there was no one around him and he was back in the Sky Harmony City of Chu Country. The skies were filled with dancing snowflakes, Mo Qingchen wore a pure and white robe, staring at him amidst the falling snow, as beautiful as a fairy.

In just an instant, numerous scenes flashed through his mind, they were so real, just like reality.

"Damn…!" Qin Wentian’s alertness was exceedingly strong. His aura abruptly gushed out with full force as he activated his battle art, forcefully waking up from the illusions. The power of his blood thrummed and he directly roared in rage. A moment later, endless bell chimes echoed through the air as numerous ancient bells manifested. With both his palms, he blasted out and destroyed the spear shooting toward him and after the spear was destroyed, he only saw the calm gaze of Hua Taixu looking at him.

"That’s the real body!"

Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. The true body of Hua Taixu was mixed in within the millions of incarnations and there were too many illusionary techniques hidden in those spear arts of his. Hua Taixu could directly influence one’s will and cause many scenes to flash through their mind in just an instant. When the opponent is distracted, the true killing blow would appear, directly obliterating them. How terrifying was that?

In the space they were in, another million incarnations flickered, it was unclear which was real and which were false. Hua Taixu’s strength was different from others but no one is as dangerous as him. If it wasn’t for his powerful will earlier, he would have already been defeated by Hua Taixu.

"Everything is an illusion, one cannot break out from it just depending on their will alone." An immortal king sighed. Hua Taixu’s illusions were too strong. Who among the ten participant can break through them?

Qin Wentian also sensed the power of these illusions, he knew they weren’t something that could be broken through just by will alone. Right now, a white candle-like flame circulated around his entire body and an instant later, his entire body was blazing with pure white flames. These flames burned brilliantly in his eyes and the remaining flames all congregated within that third eye in the center of his brow.

At this instant, the pupils of his eyes turned white, flickering with fire, burning like torches. It was extremely terrifying.

"Zi, zi, zi, zi~" The incarnations were all burning up one after another under the focused stare of those eyes. They, who were formed from the void, returned to the void!

Translator Notes: Amaterasu!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 881

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