Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 906

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Every step Xuan Xing took was like the dance of dragons and snakes. A powerful force blasted out, not consuming any of his energy. He was purely using the runic diagrams in the underground palace to issue attacks.

Xuan Xing has refined his eyes, this pair of mystic eyes were able to see through all divine inscriptions and considering his high level of attainments, he would be able to borrow the aid from the attack-type runic diagrams that were engraved here.

When Qin Wentian sped frenziedly ahead, he could feel the towering might blasting towards him from his back. He didn’t hesitate and directly moved onto a runic diagram on the ground as he stomped down. Abruptly, that diagram shone with resplendent light, forming an indestructible dazzling armor around him.

Turning back, he blasted out with his fist. His armor was embedded with powerful divine inscriptions and every punch he blasted out was like the roaring of devils, filled with an inconceivable might. Terrifying rumbling sounds shook the entire underground palace, echoing endlessly. The quaking of the earth made everyone present feel that this underground palace would fall apart any second.

"Divine inscriptions armor." Xuan Xing’s countenance turned incomparably ugly. So the reason why Qin Wentian kept speeding ahead was because he saw this thing from afar, and because he was the first who reached here, he gained the right to activate the resplendent armor. Right now, Qin Wentian’s entire body was s.h.i.+ning with a dazzling light that radiated in all four directions while an unexcelled aura gushed forth from it.

Numerous figures sped over, trapping Qin Wentian within a circle. The people of the Twin Stars Alliance and the other geniuses here all understood that this underground palace had a very high possibility of being the true pa.s.sageway. Since Qin Wentian acquired the map, it was naturally of paramount importance to corner him.

"Hand it over." Xuan Xing moved forward, a terrifying flood dragon suddenly manifested as it wrenched its maw wide, wanting to devour Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian coldly laughed. With a wave of his hand, he pressed down on a runic diagram as a heaven-shaking slash cleaved down from the heavens, aiming for the flood dragon. The two collided, falling apart into pieces.

"What a high level of attainment in divine inscriptions. Although he doesn’t have the mystic eyes, he can still easily activate any runic diagrams in here, able to control their power." Everyone stared at Qin Wentian. This person was like a tiger who had grown wings, he was completely in his element in the underground palace, and his strength was much stronger than before.

"Xuan Xing, isn’t it a little inappropriate for you to act against a member of my Xiao Sect in such a manner?" Xiao Lengyue walked out. Although she was clad in a fiery hot luxuriously tight-fitting red robe, right now only a sense of extreme chill could be felt emanating from her. Everyone couldn’t help but to s.h.i.+ver.

"This person you invited is truly gusty." Xuan Xing gave a cold smile to Qin Wentian. "Since the map is on his person, how about making him lead the way while we follow behind him?"

"Sure." Xiao Lengyue nodded, she didn’t reject the proposal. If they could find the access point and gain entry to the emperor palace, the strength of their Xiao Sect was the strongest among all those groups present here. How would she fear anything? On the contrary in this underground palace that was full of runic diagrams, they were at a disadvantage.

"Qin Wentian you lead the way." Xiao Lengyue stepped forth, moving to the back of Qin Wentian as she transmitted her voice, "Well done!"

Qin Wentian smiled. He then moved out. This underground palace was very vast, and felt like an emperor’s tomb. Not only was there an ancient air, there was a sinister and mysterious feeling in the atmosphere.

Before them, the road split into quite a few pathways and each entrance emitted an air of mystery.

"Which one?" Xiao Lengyue asked.

"This path." Qin Wentian pointed to a certain path as he continued. Everyone followed him but the moment they stepped into the entrance, an extremely frosty wind gusted, causing everyone to feel their entire body trembling.

This place seemed to be like a gigantic cavern. There were stone walls and ramparts all around, as though they were in the middle of a mountain. However, these stone walls were uneven and b.u.mpy, and the road ahead was in an irregular shape that continuously extended outwards.

No one spoke, all of them were silent with solemn expressions. If this place was really the pathway leading to the emperor palace, they might encounter danger at any moment. They couldn’t help but to be cautious.

And at this moment, their steps abruptly stopped. Their eyes were fixed ahead as all of them froze. There were actually several corpses ahead of them. Not only that, some of these corpses were still in perfect condition, seemingly as though they were still alive.

"This…" The hearts of everyone trembled. Right ahead, there was a mysterious ancient stone rampart with boundless runic inscriptions on it. It was extremely complex.

Xiao Lengyue’s silhouette flickered, arriving at one of the corpse in perfect condition. The skin of this corpse was like jade, s.h.i.+ning with a l.u.s.ter. There was no way ordinary people would have such perfect skin but clearly, this body had no signs of life. They were already dead, but there was no way to tell how long they have been dead for.

"At the very least, this person was an immortal-foundation expert." Xiao Lengyue’s gaze froze.

She slowly stepped away, arriving before another corpse. The robes of this corpse were torn and tattered with signs of its bones showing. However, there were mysterious runes inscribed on the bone that contained traces of the great dao. It emanated power that was extremely terrifying.

"Rune bone... seems like this corpse reached the immortal king level before its death." Shock painted Xiao Lengyue’s face. Before his death, this person was surely an immortal king. Even after his death, his cultivation condensed into runes that were inscribed onto his bones, transforming them into treasures that contained formidable law energy.

In this place, there are many corpses. Even immortal kings were among them, but all of them eventually died here.

"What did you get exactly? Is that really a map?" At this moment, a cold voice rang out. Xuan Xing’s mystic eyes stared at Qin Wentian, radiating a coldness. He wouldn’t believe anyone easily, let alone a stranger like Qin Wentian. Before this, they noticed that the runic diagram on that particular stone wall felt extremely special and seemed to be moving about unceasingly. Hence, this was the reason why all of the divine inscriptionists present wanted to seize it for themselves earlier. But as to whether the picture scroll Qin Wentian eventually obtained was a map or not, only he knew the truth of it.

The one who said it was a map earlier, was also none other than Qin Wentian himself.

Xiao Lengyue’s eyes turned to Qin Wentian as sharpness gleamed within. Evidently, she was getting suspicious. Only Qin Wentian alone knew the truth. Was what he obtained truly a map of this place?

"Qin Wentian tell me the truth. Was what you acquired earlier truly a map of this underground palace? The main point is where are we now exactly? Where is the end point?" Xiao Lengyue transmitted her voice to Qin Wentian. Because of Xuan Xing’s words, Xiao Lengyue started to doubt Qin Wentian.

"This pathway is a dead end, the thing you acquired earlier is clearly not a map." At this moment a voice rang out. The gaze of the crowd turned to the stone rampart ahead only to see a genius from their group standing there, looking at an immobile body sitting far in front of him. It was actually a corpse that had died long ago.

Xiao Lengyue’s beautiful eyes gleamed with an unknown emotion. After which, her silhouette flickered and the others also moved towards that person. Following his gaze, they saw that on the stone wall in front of the corpse, there was a line of words engraved there.

"Several tens of thousands of years, pondering about a countless number of endings. Even so, I failed to antic.i.p.ate that I’ll be trapped here, which led to my death after the limit of my lifespan expired."

This row of words could stir the heart, filling everyone with a sense of coldness when they gazed at it. They felt every atom of their bodies had frozen solid. This corpse was trapped here for tens of thousands of years?

This corpse had imagined a countless number of scenarios, yet he failed to antic.i.p.ate that he would be trapped to the death here. What a terrifying number was this? There was a high chance that this was an immortal king before his death. But because his lifespan was up, he died trapped within this underground palace.

Even immortal kings were trapped here, what about them?

One after another cold gazes landed onto Qin Wentian as their killing intent gushed forth. In fact, even experts from the Xiao Sect were doing the same thing.

If it wasn’t for Qin Wentian wanting to come in, they wouldn’t have taken the risk. Qin Wentian led the way into here, leading them all into doom.

In that case, the picture scroll Qin Wentian received earlier, might truly not be any map. There was no such thing at all.

Xiao Lengyue’s face was ice cold. Qin Wentian lied to her.

"Why don’t you guys finish reading the words?" Qin Wentian spoke. Naturally, everyone had already finished reading. There was another line of words underneath which stated, "Ancient Emperor Yi, how can I comprehend the abstruse mystery of this place?"

The killing intent gus.h.i.+ng forth from everyone was extremely terrifying. All of them were glaring coldly at Qin Wentian. Even immortal kings died in here and they were all led here by him.

"You guys wanted to enter the emperor palace so I led all of you into it. This really is the pathway. And now, we can also confirm the fact that this emperor palace is indeed the one constructed by an ancient emperor character. What’s laughable is that all of you are also heaven chosen of the immortal realms yet after making your own choices, following me in willingly, you are now all s.h.i.+fting your rage onto me after realizing that we may be trapped here? What an irony."

Qin Wentian coldly laughed, "I don’t think I’ve forced anyone of you to follow me in here, right?"

Although Qin Wentian put it this way, the killing intent didn’t lessen. Xia Qianhan’s countenance was extremely cold. "Lengyue, I’ve already told you that we can’t trust this man so easily. Now that he led us into this forbidden area, he should die for it."

"But he is right. This is indeed the pa.s.sageway to the emperor palace. If we can unravel the mystery here, we might be able to get an ancient inheritance." Xiao Lengyue spoke. "I’m sure all of you have heard about Ancient Emperor Yi."

The eyes of everyone gleamed with sharpness. If they saw the words ‘Ancient Emperor Yi’ before this, they would all go crazy with happiness. But now, they only felt dread and fear after knowing the fact that even immortal kings had died in here.

"We naturally heard of him before. Ancient Emperor Yi was someone who once unified the immortal realms in the past. It’s rumored that in this particular layer of sky (there are 33 skies, 1 sky = 1 immortal realm), there were a number of times that it had been completely unified before. Ancient Emperor Yi is precisely one of the rare few who had accomplished a unification, his accomplishments shocking the people then and now. Who would have thought that his palace was actually within the City of Ancient Emperors. If this news were to be spread out, it would surely cause a great commotion." Someone replied.

"The City of Ancient Emperors is a special dimension independent of any of the immortal realms. It’s extremely mysterious and without permission, even immortal kings and emperors will find it tough to enter. I heard that in the past, there were traces of ancient emperors inheritances being found here. Now that I personally see the name of Ancient Emperor Yi appearing in this place, it only makes everything even more mysterious." Although Xiao Lengyue felt panic in her heart, she could still maintain a clear-headed mind.

"If we can really gain that heaven-shaking art inheritance left behind by Ancient Emperor Yi…" Xiao Lengyue continued to murmur, her words causing many of the hearts of those geniuses present who have heard about Ancient Emperor Yi before to tremble.

Legend has it that Ancient Emperor Yi’s secret heaven-shaking art has already been lost to the world for an incomparably long time. There was a high possibility that this secret art was also the reason why these immortal kings appeared here. Sadly, not only did they fail to get the inheritance, all of them ended up dying in here.

So now that they are in this this a blessing or a catastrophe?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 906

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