Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 907

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Everyone went silent. They were all descendants of immortal kings and emperors and naturally, many of them have heard of the legends regarding those ancient emperor characters before.

They all knew that in this vast immortal realm, there were a few world-shaking immortal emperors who once appeared. These people managed to unify the entire immortal realm under them, standing at the peak, becoming a true emperor that ruled for tens of thousands of eras.

Emperor Yi was precisely one of these legendary people. And just as in line with the runic diagrams in his emperor palace, Emperor Yi was an immortal emperor that was extremely skilled in divine inscriptions, having an extremely profound understanding of them, leading to him being able to create a secret divine art.

There had always been rumors saying that, whoever managed to get his inheritance, would be the one that has the opportunity to reign supreme in the immortal realms.

"How could it be so easy to obtain the heaven-shaking art of Emperor Yi? Even immortal kings were trapped here to their death let alone us. In addition, even if his legacy was placed in front of us, who dares to say that he would be able to cultivate it?" Someone asked, his words causing the hearts of the people here to sink again.

What was a heaven-shaking art? A supreme power that could tyrannically suppress all other innate techniques underneath the heavens. Given how grand the immortal realms are, those techniques and arts that could have the claim of ‘heaven-shaking,’ are all things that even immortal emperors desire to possess. Even if that secret art were to appear before them, it would surely be extremely difficult to comprehend and cultivate. If it was so easy, the secret art wouldn’t have become lost in the first place.

"The secret art Emperor Yi was famed for... it should be the God’s Hand right?" Xiao Lengyue spoke in a low voice. The hearts of everyone trembled slightly, indeed, the secret art of Emperor Yi was none other than the God’s Hand. Just hearing this name would give rise to countless imaginations regarding its power. However, nobody knew what the God’s Hand is and there was no one who had ever seen how terrifying the attacks that utilized this secret art could be. Could it really shatter the heavens and earth, containing boundless might?

"Yes the secret art is named God’s Hand. But now, were we not discussing precisely what was the thing this guy obtained exactly?" Xuan Xing pointed his hand towards Qin Wentian, he had never considered letting him get away.

Qin Wentian frowned. He stared at Xuan Xing, "I’ve already said that was a map."

"Hmph, the info has already been transmitted to your mind. I don’t believe you." Xuan Xing coldly snorted.

"You also know that it has been transmitted into my mind. You don’t believe me? Could it be that you want to dig the info out from my mind?" Qin Wentian replied just as coldly.

"Why not? If you don’t hand it over, you will definitely die here today." Xuan Xing stepped forth, the people of the Twin Stars Alliance all surrounded Qin Wentian, causing the pressure in the atmosphere to reach a frightening level.

"The important thing now is to find a way out. There’s no need for a fight to happen between us." Xiao Lengyue icily stated.

"Lengyue. Before this, he lied to us saying he obtained a map. Maybe, it’s because he wanted us to help him. Why must you interfere now that people want to kill him?" Xia Qianhan who stood at the side also spoke up.

"Let me say it again. That information I acquired was the map of this underground palace. The ancient passageway we entered lead to a total of five smaller pathways. This is one of them. And earlier if it wasn’t for all the divine inscriptionists here acting to seize that item, I wouldn’t have acted as well. In fact, that map was completely useless, only allowing us to see the whole picture clearer. If not, why do you think those immortal kings who came here in the past didn’t take it away?"

Qin Wentian spoke in a loud voice, his words causing the others to freeze. Qin Wentian’s words were logical too. That picture scroll was in the first area, inside the runic diagrams and no one in the past had sought to take it away. There was a high possibility it’s only a common guiding map of the underground palace.

"I’ll take care of you when we return." Xuan Xing pointed at Qin Wentian. "Let’s go see the other paths and try to figure out what is the mysterious secret here."

After speaking, Xuan Xing brought the people of the Twin Stars Alliance away, preparing to explore the four other pathways.

Xiao Lengyue’s brows furrowed tightly. After that she spoke in a low voice, "Even immortal kings were trapped and died in here. If we want to find a way to exit, that’s nothing but a fool’s dream. We should study this place meticulously and see what secrets are contained within here exactly."

"Qin Wentian, you are proficient in divine inscriptions. It’s rumored that Ancient Emperor Yi himself was also a terrifying grandmaster in the dao of divine inscriptions. There are so many runic diagrams engraved here in the underground palace, I think you can try to study from them and see if there’s a runic diagram that can act as a key, opening up the pathway leading to the palace." Xiao Lengyue spoke to Qin Wentian.

"Right." Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly. He studied the surroundings of the cavern, no matter if it was the stone rampart in front of him, or the stone ceilings above him, there were countless runic diagrams engraved there. The runic diagrams contained several singular divine inscriptions but they could converge together at will. To divine inscriptionists, this place was a treasure trove, filled with a countless number of inscriptions suitable for all manner of things.

But this treasure trove seemed somewhat lackluster when compared to the astounding legends of Ancient Emperor Yi. Hence, even for those geniuses well-versed in divine inscriptions, they didn’t really pay any attention to the runic diagrams when they saw them earlier.

Qin Wentian contemplated for a long time but a hint of despair seeped into his heart. In this place, there was nothing else other than divine inscriptions. There seemed to be no way out.

A few hours later, Xiao Lengyue walked towards Qin Wentian and asked, "Any discoveries?"

"No." Qin Wentian shook his head. It was him who brought Xiao Lengyue into this place. From her beautiful eyes, he actually saw no traces of anger. This made Qin Wentian somewhat astonished, this Xiao Lengyue had an extraordinary temperament.

"I’ll go around and take a look." Qin Wentian spoke. Xiao Lengyue nodded, "Let me accompany you then, in case Xuan Xing tries anything funny."

After speaking, she didn’t wait for Qin Wentian’s opinion and stepped ahead to lead the way.

Qin Wentian stared at her back view for a moment before following after.

Silence was everywhere inside the underground palace, the only sounds were the constant echoing of footsteps. Xiao Lengyue turned her head and flashed a smile. That smile was so mesmerizing that it could hook the souls of men away.

"Do you think we will be like those immortal kings, trapped here until our lifespan expires?" Xiao Lengyue suddenly asked.

"I won’t think about such things." Qin Wentian replied. "I will only think about how we might exit this place."

"You are very optimistic." Xiao Lengyue giggled. "These immortals established their immortal bodies, and even in death, decay couldn’t touch them. If we die after we reach the end of our lifespans, we would only become a pile of bones. No matter how beautiful I am now, I would surely be very ugly at that time."

After speaking, a bitter smile appeared on her face, as though in self-mockery.

Qin Wentian didn’t reply to that. The two of them continued quietly walking forward, coming to the location that led to the split of the five pathways. Xiao Lengyue stood beside him and smiled, "The picture scroll earlier, was it truly only the map of this underground palace?"

"Yes, I have no reason to lie to you." Qin Wentian nodded.

"I trust you." Xiao Lengyue smiled. "Let’s go and take a look at the other pathways."

Qin Wentian cast a deep glance at Xiao Lengyue’s back, feeling a wave of coldness in his heart. Did Xiao Lengyue really trust him?

If she trusted him, why would she accompany him intentionally and even flashing him such a radiant smile before asking that question again?

Although Xiao Lengyue’s performance seemed very natural, Qin Wentian was no longer an ignorant youth. How could he not see through her? This Xiao Lengyue was more terrifying than he imagined, and her scheming mind made him feel a wave of coldness in his heart.

Did Xiao Lengyue truly not have a trace of vengeance considering that it was him who brought her into this forbidden ground?

Qin Wentian continued following after Xiao Lengyue, both of them thinking about their own matters in their hearts but not knowing the thoughts of the other.

This pathway they were at resembled the one before completely, there was nothing unusual. And at the end of the pathway, there were also several corpses.

Next, for the third pathway, fourth pathway and fifth pathway, everything was the same. This discovery made the geniuses here feel even more panic. Was there really no way out from here?

Were they destined to die here?

After some days, the minds of these geniuses were breaking down. What ancient emperor that unified the immortal realms, what secret art that could shake the heavens, they had already forgotten about these things. Right now, they wanted nothing more than to leave here.

Although a few days of time was nothing to them as people of their levels would often cultivate a few years worth of time in one sitting, this place was different. They were truly facing the threat of death, if they couldn’t find the exit, their death was assured. Every moment that passed by was extremely agonizing for them.

Their jittery emotions, stacked upon each other day after day. And after one month, even Xiao Lengyue could no longer maintain her previous expression. Right now, her face was like ten-thousand-year-old ice, so cold that it fills the hearts of those who looked at her with fright.

Not only for those currently trapped in the underground palace. In the outside world around the ancient passageway, many experts gathered there. Among them were many experts from the Xiao Sect, as well as the Twin Stars Alliance. There was a young man within the crowd that was extremely conspicuous. He stood in the midst of the crowd, exuding an extraordinary aura, giving off the feeling that he was head and shoulders above the rest. His face also bore a great deal of similarity to Xuan Xing.

This young man was none other than Xuan Xing’s elder brother, Xuan Yang - the other alliance leader of the Twin Stars Alliance, an expert ranked #4 on the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

"Xuan Xing has already entered that place for a month." Xuan Yang coldly spoke. The others around him could also sense the coldness radiating from him.

"Mhm, Xiao Lengyue and the others as well." Someone replied. The daughter of the Xiao Emperor, Xiao Lengyue, actually went missing. They had all entered the ancient passageway but nobody knew if they were still alive or dead. If all of them died...the thought of this filled the hearts of everyone here with dread as they shivered.

"Lengyue…" Among the experts of the Xiao Sect, there was also a figure exuding magnificence through the generations. He stared ahead, the expression on his face as sharp as swords. His gaze then turned to two people not far away from him and they were none other than Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen.

"Your friend brought Lengyue into that forbidden ground. If something happens to her, I want you guys to die as well." That young man coldly spoke, his words causing Jun Mengchen’s eyes to narrow as he stared at him.

"A bunch of retards." Little Rascal lazily laid in Zi Qingxuan’s embrace. Staring at the lazy expression on Little Rascal’s face, Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen knew that no dangers had befallen Qin Wentian.

At a random particle world boundlessly far away… an old man stood atop an ancient peak with an extremely cold-looking younger man beside him. Both of them were staring ahead, and there was a young man currently walking towards them.

After arriving at the side of the old man, that young man asked, "Senior, have you heard of the name Ancient Emperor Yi before?"

"I know of him. Why are you asking this?" That old man replied, feeling a little unhappy.

"I wish to know what kind of power Emperor Yi was known for?" That young man asked.

"God’s Hand. However, although the name of the secret art is ‘God’s Hand,’ the truth is that he ignited the entirety of energy within his body in order to refine his body, fusing it with the power of laws that were derived from runes, resulting in whenever he attacks, the power unleashed through his palm could achieve a heaven-shaking might."

"However, God’s Hand isn’t a palm art. It is an auxiliary art that could be applied to any techniques, for to master it, one must first be proficient in runes, allowing all varieties of attacks to achieve heaven-shaking might when unleashed from his palms. This is the reason why the secret art is named ‘God’s Hand.’"

That old man replied in an indifferent tone.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 907

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