Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 909

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Qin Wentian seemed to have entered a meditative state, completely immersed within a world of comprehension of his own.

Since he already ‘drew’ the palm shape out, exhibiting it in the form of a three-dimensional model, it was clearly possible that the abstruse mystery of the underground palace was hidden within this gigantic palm. If he was able to comprehend it, there was a chance for them to exit.

However, the divine inscriptions within the palm were too profound, containing boundless transformations. It was extremely hard to comprehend anything from it. Both Di Tian and himself were currently a.n.a.lysing it, hoping to comprehend it as fast as possible.

Right now in the underground palace, Xia Qianhan walked to the side of Xiao Lengyue as he asked, "Lengyue, there’s completely no way to find the exit. Why are you still so adamant on s.h.i.+elding that person?"

Xiao Lengyue stared at Qin Wentian, she didn’t bother to look at Xia Qianhan as she replied, "Right now, everyone is doing their best trying to think of a solution to get out. Stop thinking of such things, and so what if I vent my anger and frustrations on Qin Wentian? Would we be able to find an exit that way?"

"Well spoken." A voice drifted over. Xuan Xing slowly walked over, his eyes s.h.i.+ning with a dazzling mysterious light. He was like Qin Wentian, and had already looked through all the runic diagrams of the underground palace. As a possessor of the mystic eyes, no divine inscriptions could escape his sight. But in this case, even if he could unravel the divine inscriptions one by one, it was still useless to unravel it one by one when compared to the perspective of the entire runic diagrams in here, he wouldn’t be able to unravel the secrets within.

"However Xiao Lengyue, are you really that magnanimous? The others can say that they followed you in, but it’s a fact that you were persuaded by him to enter. You don’t even feel the slightest bit of vengeance?" Xuan Xing stared into Xiao Lengyue’s eyes, his sharp eyes felt as though it could pierce through anything in this world.

This Xiao Lengyue was truly an extraordinary character. If he was in the place of her, there was no way he would be able to have such a calm expression on the surface, not bearing the slightest bit of hatred and even to the extent of continuing to protect Qin Wentian.

"Lengyue, say something. I can kill him for you. How about it?" Xuan Xing smiled. From the start even before they entered this place, he already had a low opinion of Qin Wentian. Let alone now, all of them were trapped inside this underground palace, the anger and hatred in his heart for Qin Wentian had already reached a boiling point.

Xiao Lengyue swept her gaze over to Xuan Xing as she spoke coldly, "There’s no need for you to bother in my matters. Why don’t you go find an exit and lead all of us out."

"Haha! Xiao Lengyue, we are already trapped here now, why must you still be so cold and uncaring. If we really have to be trapped until we die in here, we can be considered dying together as we shared the same fate." Xuan Xing laughed uproariously. After which, he turned and regarded Qin Wentian, his eyes flickering with a cold light. This Qin Wentian truly seemed to be very relaxed, to think that he could even cultivate at ease in such circ.u.mstances.

"If you are so free, why don’t you go and a.n.a.lyse the runic diagrams and see if there are any secrets hidden within?" Xiao Lengyue’s voice turned even colder. She was like a blind woman in this underground palace, the only people she could depend on were the geniuses who were proficient in divine inscriptions. This was also the reason why she still s.h.i.+elded Qin Wentian.

She naturally could tell that Qin Wentian’s attainments in the dao of divine inscriptions was extremely high. If a ninth-level ascendant was to fight against him here, there was a 50% probability that the ninth-level ascendant would lose. And there was already an example of that earlier.

"Hmph." Xuan Xing snorted coldly, unravel what hidden secrets? Did Xiao Lengyue believe that he didn’t want to do so? However, there were simply no clues at all. He didn’t know where he should even start. When his gaze turned to the sea of corpses in this area, the light in his eyes when he looked at Qin Wentian grew even colder.

"Xuan Xing, do you want to...?" A few experts of the Twin Stars Alliance walked over, staring at Qin Wentian while making a slas.h.i.+ng motion with their hands.

"No hurry, in any case we are already all trapped here. He can’t escape even if he wants to. If we kill him directly now, there would be one less person to suffer the agony of waiting with us." Xuan Xing changed his mind, he wasn’t in that much of a hurry to kill Qin Wentian. The feeling of waiting and waiting here for their death was extremely agonizing. If he killed Qin Wentian off so early, it just meant that Qin Wentian would find relief faster.

In the days that followed, the geniuses here felt their frustrations at the max. There was no exit, no glimmer of hope at all and they couldn’t even be bother to cultivate. It was useless even if they broke through to immortal foundation here as even immortal kings had died in this place. How could immortal foundation experts change anything?

This underground palace was like a devilish curse, trapping everyone within. Because no one could unravel the mysteries, the state of hearts of all of the experts here grew increasingly violent and explosive, almost to the point of being uncontrollable.

Qin Wentian continued sitting cross-legged at his location, as though he wouldn’t move forever. Layers of light circulated around his body, that was the Heavenly FiendG.o.d Body Refinement Art in effect.

For the Heavenly FiendG.o.d Refinement Art, it was simply to use the energy of divine inscriptions to mold one’s body. But only those who had cultivated in the Spiritual Refinement Method before could do so. After a.n.a.lysing the giant palm for such a long time, Qin Wentian could faintly sense a great deal of similarity with regards to both the palm model as well as the FiendG.o.d Body Refinement art.

However, the FiendG.o.d Body Refinement Art’s purpose was to refine one’s body while the giant palm model was more like a pure attacking force. But as he cast his thoughts in this direction of comprehension, it felt much more effective than previously. Clearly, it was a sign he was on the right track.

Also, because he cultivated the Spiritual Refinement Method before, he possessed an innate advantage.

In addition, Qin Wentian even used the principles of the Ten Thousand Laws Record, trying to understand everything better. Right now, his perception was wandering in the maze of countless divine inscriptions that made up of the giant palm and he could no longer see the different groups of divine inscriptions. Right now, as the runic light from the giant palm fell upon him, what he saw was one complete ent.i.ty that possessed millions and millions of transformations, bespeaking of an unfathomably immeasurable level in divine inscriptions.

"The path of cultivation is as such… from simplicity to complexity, and returning from complexity into simplicity once more." Qin Wentian mused silently. He had already comprehend this point very long ago. All kinds of power were the same, one first had to start from the simplest basics, slowly building up into complexity but after one’s comprehension reaches the peak, they had to revert the complexity back into simplicity to truly understand the essence. Once they comprehended the essence of anything, no matter how complicated an innate technique would be, they could still instantly blast it out at full power in the span of a single thought or with a wave of a single hand.

It was simply so abstruse, regarding the comprehension of any types of power. Qin Wentian now was thinking, he hasn't even reached the level of simplicity to complexity with regards to this giant palm model. To comprehend the mysteries within, he should start from the most basic step first.

"Spiritual Refinement Method." Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath, he decided to discard all his previous comprehension and restart the whole process, starting from comprehending the simplest kind of divine inscriptions in the giant palm model which consisted of the runic diagrams, until the point where he can revert back from complexity into simplicity. This was the only way, it was of paramount importance to do this step-by-step. There was no shortcuts one could take.

Qin Wentian had no distractions in his heart, fully focused in his comprehension. Hence, he couldn’t feel the flow of time, and wasn’t able to feel the rising balefulness of the other geniuses.

Since he had something to do, he was in a state of total concentration. As for the others, because they were doing nothing, every second that pa.s.sed felt like torture.

Within the underground palace, the other geniuses walked to and fro repeatedly, fully exploring the place but it was all useless. Nothing they did had any effect, there was simply no exit here.

It felt that everyone who pa.s.sed by Qin Wentian, regardless of whether were they from the Twin Stars Alliance or the Xiao Sect, would all shoot a cold and venomous glance at him and as time flowed by, the coldness in their eyes intensified.

They had no way to blame themselves for their impulsiveness for choosing to follow Qin Wentian in, hence they could only push their blame onto Qin Wentian himself. This was nothing but human nature.

If looks could kill, Qin Wentian would have already died countless times.

"Xiao Lengyue, you are truly patient." Xuan Xing came by once again, glancing at Xiao Lengyue before turning his eyes onto Qin Wentian.

Xiao Lengyue’s heart trembled slightly, patience?

Her patience was diminis.h.i.+ng by the second.

It has already been five months since they entered the underground palace. They didn’t cultivate, resulting in zero improvements, and they were simply waiting with agony every single day, trying to search for a glimmer of hope but the fruitless results slowly led to despair.

"His patience is better than yours." Xiao Lengyue snorted.

Xuan Xing’s sinister gaze was on Qin Wentian, he couldn’t help but to admit that out of all these people, Qin Wentian’s patience was the best. He still wanted to see Qin Wentian spending his days in agony, yet Qin Wentian didn’t seem to feel any agony at all. He seemed to be fully immersed in a world of his own everyday, quietly cultivating as though he wasn’t trapped by this place, but chose to come here purposely to cultivate instead.

Such resolution even made Xuan Xing felt some traces of jealousy.

"Is he waiting for others to find the exit for him?" Xuan Xing coldly asked.

And at this very moment, a figure stomped his way towards Qin Wentian. Upon seeing this scene, Xuan Xing frowned but an instant later, a cold smile flashed in his eyes.

Finally, there was someone who couldn’t control their anger any longer.

Right now, Qin Wentian was at a critical moment, he could already separate the divine inscriptions into the different categories. He stood before the three-dimensional palm model, and stretched out his palms, causing divine inscriptions to circulate around it. Boundless divine energy appeared on the heart of his palm, flowing according to the principles of the divine inscriptions in the three-dimensional model. And in an instant, there seemed to be a variety of transformations that occurred in his palm. As long as he willed it, the divine inscriptions there could transform countless times in an instant, according to his will.

Qin Wentian then retracted his palm and continued a.n.a.lysing the marvelous transformations and abstruse mysteries, it was like he received a hint of enlightenment. Right now, his naked eyes alone could already see the a.s.sembly and rea.s.sembly of the divine inscriptions in the runic diagrams, the endless changes and transformations. Such a feeling was extremely profound, he wasn’t able to explain it clearly if he was asked to put it in words.

However at this very moment, Qin Wentian suddenly felt a sense of crisis descending on him. His eyes abruptly snapped open, and he saw a blood-colored palm imprint blasting his way. This terrifying palm could smash one into pieces, and Qin Wentian didn’t even have time to see who the attacker was.

Qin Wentian could only hurriedly gather his energy and blast out his palm in a hurried defense. Fearsome runic light s.h.i.+mmered around his palm, directly colliding with the blood palm imprint. However instantly, Qin Wentian was flung through the air, smas.h.i.+ng on the stone wall behind him as a terrifying force entered and ravaged his body, causing him to groan miserably, coughing out blood as his countenance turned pale.

Inclining his head, Qin Wentian stared ahead. The commotion caused many to turn their attentions over, and all of the other people here were all looking on with cold gazes, filled with baleful intents in their heart. Xiao Lengyue was also among these people. This time around, she chose not to obstruct the attacker.

Qin Wentian’s lips curled up into a cold smile. He was here trying his best to comprehend the abstruse mystery of this d.a.m.nable place, these people were just milling around doing nothing, yet they wanted to vent their anger and frustrations all onto him? Right now, they even wanted to kill him off? How laughable was this?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 909

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