Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 911

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The geniuses in the underground palace, the strongest two powers among them… the Xiao Sect and the Twin Stars Alliance. Xiao Lengyue supports Qin Wentian and now, Xuan Xing had no objections as well. Since this was the case, the others wouldn’t object too. After all, all of them wanted to exit this place.

This was a forbidden ground, although there was no direct danger, it can still trap immortal kings until their life expired. Right now, Qin Wentian was probably the only one who could bring them out. Although this was only a possibility, they can only try it, hoping for the best.

"All the divine inscriptionists come out. Also, you have to be a divine inscriptionist that’s capable of seeing through the divine inscription runic diagrams of the underground palace." Qin Wentian spoke. He can be considered one and Xuan Xing another. After that, more and more inscriptionists walked out. To them, unraveling wasn’t that difficult, they were all able to see the transformations within.

"Okay, just six of us is enough." Qin Wentian nodded. Qin Wentian nodded and after that, he pointed to the five pathways and spoke, "The five of you, each of you choose a pathway and I want you to light up all the runic diagrams one by one respectively. Since all of you understand divine inscriptions, you naturally would know which position would be the safest to stand in. As for the others, just split into five groups and follow the five of them.

"What about you?" Xuan Xing stared at Qin Wentian as he questioned.

"For this underground palace, if you view it from a bird’s eye view, you will realize that it’s a picture of a giant palm. The five pathways takes the shape of the five fingers and the place we are in now, is the heart of the palm. I will be responsible for this place." Qin Wentian spoke, his words causing everyone to blink. Now that they heard it, this place truly seemed to resemble a palm, it was just because they were trapped within earlier and they had not sensed it.

"Why are you the one responsible for the heart of the palm area?" Xuan Xing coldly asked.

"If you are sure you know what to do, you can take my position." Qin Wentian did a gesture of invitation with clear mockery in his eyes. Xuan Xing stared at Qin Wentian with enmity, but he could only snort coldly in response.

"Those of the Xiao Sect will be with you." Xiao Lengyue spoke.

"Sure." Qin Wentian nodded. After which, he walked to the center of the area. Xiao Lengyue and those of the Xiao Sect followed, while the other experts followed the five other divine inscriptionists.

After everyone was in position, Qin Wentian started to trigger the runic diagram beneath his feet, causing the singular-unit divine inscriptions to light up one after another.

However, his eyes were closed. He basically didn’t even need his eyes. Each and every runic diagram was already imprinted in his mind and in fact, he could even clearly copy and reproduce each runic diagram. It naturally wasn’t a problem for him to trigger these divine inscriptions with his eyes closed.

Little by little, the entire underground palace started to light up. The glow radiating forth from the divine inscriptions grew increasingly resplendent. A terrifying might s.h.i.+mmered in and out of existence and the moment it was triggered to explode, a world-shaking destructive power would gush out.

"The power of divine inscriptions are truly marvelous. The light emitted from these different kinds of divine inscriptions are actually from the same source. This should be what father meant when he said that the myriad of all things converged back to one. Regardless of what divine inscriptions, at the very end they can all be combined." Xiao Lengyue mused silently. Researching divine inscriptions can easily delay one’s cultivation. Hence, a majority of stellar martial cultivators chose to increase their strength the quickest way by focusing only on cultivation, ignoring divine inscriptions. However, truly powerful divine inscriptionists were respected by all.

When all the runic diagrams lit up, the geniuses here inclined their heads and stared above in the air. Golden runic light could be seen illuminating every spot of this underground palace. better put it, not this underground palace. It was as Qin Wentian said, now that everything was lit up, the shape of this place was that of a giant palm. With the golden runic light outlining the curve of the palm, it felt as though this place was created after a giant palm blasted downwards.

"Can we exit just like this?" Many wondered. Although Qin Wentian thought of this idea, how could those immortal kings who were trapped here for over tens of thousands of years not think of the same thing? There should be people proficient in divine inscriptions among them as well. And even if no one among them knew divine inscriptions, given their comprehension abilities, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to comprehend lightning up this entire underground palace. But why then did they still died in here?

Evidently, just doing this was insufficient.

Qin Wentian’s eyes were tightly closed. His perception gushed out and started to control the flow of the divine inscriptions. Along with his guidance, the entire divine inscriptions in the underground palace started to circulate. Qin Wentian kick-started them, and soon after they started to circulate in a flow of their own volition and finally, a surge of terrifying aura gushed forth amidst a terrifying rumbling sound as the entire underground palace started to shake.

"He really accomplished it." Xiao Lengyue stared at Qin Wentian with a dazzling light flas.h.i.+ng through her beautiful eyes. Even immortal kings couldn’t accomplish this and ended up dying after being trapped for eternity, but Qin Wentian managed to succeed in half a year’s worth of time?

Although she was filled with antic.i.p.ation, when he truly succeeded, Xiao Lengyue only felt a sense of disbelief. Would someone’s comprehension really be so monstrous? He could even unravel something immortal kings could not.

The giant palm started to rotate, Qin Wentian need not control it any longer. Boundless runic light circulated automatically and Qin Wentian abruptly turned and dashed ahead while shouting, "FOLLOW ME!"

Xiao Lengyue and the others of the Xiao Sect froze for a moment. Their hearts clenched before they turned and followed after Qin Wentian, sprinting towards the place where they entered. However, no one understood why Qin Wentian was running there, that place was clearly a dead end.

"BOOM!" A fearsome beam of light shot out as the entire palm started shaking. At the end point of Qin Wentian’s sprint, the stone walls there started to explode bit by bit until a hole opened up for them. This scene caused Xiao Lengyue’s heart to pound violently. The group of them increased their speed, directly das.h.i.+ng out of the exit.

"Qin Wentian!" A roar of rage sounded out. The other experts on the other pathways also swiftly dashed out. The roar was naturally emitted by Xuan Xing, and was filled with coldness.

No wonder Qin Wentian chose that position, so it turned out that it was the nearest to the exit.

"Bzz!" Qin Wentian transformed into a wind roc, and sped towards the exit. A moment later, he discovered that he re-appeared in another pa.s.sageway.

Behind him, the sounds of explosion continued. Screams filled the air as experts from the Xiao Sect and Twin Stars Alliance rushed through the exit. This pa.s.sageway was slanted in an upwards direction, and the geniuses didn’t seem to have time to settle the debt with Qin Wentian, they were all staring at this newly appeared pathway as coldness filled their hearts. This wouldn’t lead to another dead end would it?

"There’s light in the distance, there should be a way for us to proceed." A person exclaimed. The crowd continued to speed ahead, and after following the pathway, they appeared at another gigantic area. In addition, even more runic diagrams could be seen at this place, and they were even more complex than before. Even Qin Wentian had no way to see through all of these divine inscriptions.

"Before this, that place we were in resembled an arm. Have we pa.s.sed through the arm and arrived at the interior of the body?" Qin Wentian’s heart trembled slightly. However, the ‘body’ seemed incomplete, there were shattered walls in all directions, and light drifted in from the outside. There were even people speeding over to the source of the light as voices of confusion filled the air. "This...this whole place is a statue of an ancient emperor? We’ve walked out of the d.a.m.nable cavern from the body of an ancient emperor?!"

Qin Wentian moved towards a large gap in one of the walls, reaching the outer area. He floated in the air and turned back to regard the place they were at. Truly, the whole outer area resembled a incomparably gigantic body that was like a statue but somehow it seemed so real. The place they walked out earlier was from the arm socket. And now when they turned their gazes into the distance, they could see an ancient hall over there.

"This is the emperor palace we saw. It must be this place. So the underground palace we were in earlier, was the hand of the ancient emperor." Xiao Lengyue felt her heart shaking. They reached this place by pa.s.sing through the arm, this then was the real entrance.

"There’s a monument here with words engraved from some ancient expert!" An expert from the Xiao Sect shouted in excitement. The gazes of the crowd turned in the direction of the entrance of the ancient hall and indeed, there was a stone monument there. Their figures flickered as the sped downwards, staring at the stone monument.

"It’s said that supreme experts from the senior generations specially came here to admire the inheritance left behind by the ancients. They were filled with longing, staring at the bearing of the ancients, sensing their strength and power and could only sigh to the heavens as to why were they not born of the same generation as the ancients. How regretful, they couldn’t exchange blows with the ancients, unable to measure how far they were from them. They can only choose to protect the inheritances left behind, hoping that in the future, some fated one of the junior generations might be able to once again display the brilliance of the ancients."

The words on the monument were filled with force. With a glance, every stroke of the word characters contained a terrifying law energy. Everyone could sense how fearsomely powerful the person who engraved the words on this monument was.

"Sighing to the heavens as to why they were not born of the same generation...only filled with regrets because they are unable to measure how far they themselves were in terms of strength when compared to the ancients…" Someone mumbled, as the hearts of everyone trembled. "The person who left these words didn’t sign his name, and there was basically no words of boasting in them. If this is true, how strong was the person who left these words? Sighing with regret that he was unable to measure himself against an ancient emperor."

"I wonder which supreme expert from the immortal realms was it who dared to say this. He must be someone with power strong enough to fight against an ancient emperor. Sadly, he didn’t sign his name, we won’t be able to know his ident.i.ty." Some of the geniuses here felt regret. Such a powerful expert didn’t leave his name behind.

"Before this in the underground palace, was it really a forbidden ground that had no exit? That place which can trap those immortal kings to their deaths actually failed to trap this senior who left the words behind on the monument." Qin Wentian murmured. He glanced at his surroundings, this place was completely devastated, with vestiges of destruction all around. Only the stone monument and the ancient hall still remained perfect, exuding a majestic and imposing aura. Clearly, the senior who left the words did something to ensure the emperor palace of Ancient Emperor Yi remained in perfect condition.

This made everyone sigh, the spirit of that senior was admirable, incomparable to the average man. Not only did he not destroy this place after realizing he couldn’t obtain the inheritance, he even helped to ensure that this place of inheritance was preserved and maintained perfectly for the fated one in the junior generations.

At this moment, Qin Wentian saw many of the experts silently leaving this place, moving deeper into the hall. However, there were no shouts of confusion or excitement like before, but apparently, the experts here discovered something. Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered as he also moved to where the experts were. Very swiftly, a gigantic statue appeared before him. His expression froze as his sight remained fixed on the thing everyone was staring at.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 911

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