Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 912

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Before Qin Wentian, was a bunch of blood-colored runes on the statue that seemed to be formed from sentient blood.

The blood runes thrummed, directly piercing into the eyes of those who looked at it. And at the instant Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto the runes, a blood-colored beam of light directly shot into his mind, manifesting a crimson-colored silhouette that exuded an ancient aura which caused a blood rune to be imprinted within.

At this moment, Qin Wentian’s heart trembled violently. He closed his eyes and could faintly sense that he was in an illusory s.p.a.ce where that blurry crimson figure was imparting a chant to him. Every word of this chant was directly branded on the blood rune in his mind, but the words were extremely difficult to understand, so difficult to the extent where it seemed almost impossible to comprehend the meaning behind them.

"IMPRINT!" An ancient word imprinted itself, ringing out with the voice of the Great Dao. Qin Wentian felt his heart trembling again as everything else in his mind vanished. Staring at the blood rune, he was seized by a sense of unfathomability, there were traces of the Great Dao within.

"Is this something left behind by Ancient Emperor Yi?" Qin Wentian mused. Not only him, everyone who saw the blood runes managed to acquire the oracular chant. However, when they opened their eyes, there was only confusion within. The words of the chant to them were like a celestial book, unfathomable and immeasurable, they weren’t qualified to understand it.

Xiao Lengyue and Xuan Xing both also stood there and received that oracular chant. Their eyes stared at the blood runes before them but there was only a blankness in their minds. This feeling was too marvelous, it felt like they received the logic of a Great Dao but they still had no way to comprehend it. Not only that, the words of the chant seemed to be slipping one by one from their mind, they couldn’t catch hold of it.

"They are vanis.h.i.+ng, what’s going on?"

At this moment, a genius exclaimed in surprise, staring in shock at the blood runes ahead. The oracular chant in his mind turned blurry, and swiftly after, they faded away completely. When he turned his gaze onto the blood runes ahead once again, there was no more oracular chant being branded into his mind. There seemed to be only a single chance.

The other geniuses quickly sat down cross-legged and started to comprehend the chant, wanting to retain the words, not allowing them to vanish. There was a high possibility that this chant was left behind by the ancient emperor. If it vanished like that, it would truly be a pity. Let’s hope they would be able to comprehend some powerful might from this.

Qin Wentian similarly found a location and sat down cross-legged. His eyes closed, that blood rune imprinted in his mind shuddered. His body trembled too in resonance as rumbling sounds rang out. His demon bloodline was frenziedly circulating and the particles of divine energy compressed in his Yuanfu were all thrumming. In fact, even the mysterious white candle flame of his second bloodline was now flickering under the power of that ancient rune, undergoing transformations.

"What a powerful chant." Qin Wentian’s heart trembled unceasingly. He discovered that despite the overwhelming strength of his body, he gradually had no way to endure the circulation of this art.

"This is so difficult to comprehend. The Great Dao is formless, is this the oracular chant for G.o.d’s Hand?" Qin Wentian silently mused as he sank deep into his comprehension.

The secret art of Emperor Yi was lost in time. After him, no one else had cultivated the G.o.d’s Hand and n.o.body knew how it should be cultivated. Just like that oracular chant of the Great Dao, it was possible that Ancient Emperor Yi left this behind. And hence, it’s also possible that this was the oracular chant of the lost secret art.

The geniuses present all received the oracular chant and they swiftly started to cultivate. However not too long later, many of the geniuses opened their eyes with unsightly expressions on their faces.

The oracular chant in their minds gradually disappeared without a trace. It was like a formless Great Dao that had never even existed in the first place.

"Ancient Emperor Yi, what have you left behind exactly?" Some of them stared at the statue and asked. After that, quite a few of the geniuses walked into the interior of the statue, as though searching to see if there are still any other good fortune to be acquired here.

Sadly, they only saw incomparably complex divine inscriptions that were incomprehensible by all.

For many of the descendants of immortal emperors, they felt that the oracular chant was too mighty. In fact, the moment the chant appeared, a rumbling sound could be heard from their bodies as though great transformations were occuring within. It felt like the brand in them grew heavier but as time flowed by, the brand gradually grew lighter and lighter before disappearing altogether.

"How can this be possible?"

Some geniuses opened their eyes, staring at the desolate ancient hall in the emperor palace. Other than that gigantic statue, the ground in the surrounding were all cracked and destroyed. Was this the emperor palace they wanted to enter right from the start? They risked their lives just for this place?

There was completely nothing here…

Until much later, Xuan Xing and Xiao Lengyue opened their eyes. Their countenances were extremely unsightly and this was especially so for Xuan Xing. he could naturally sense the profoundness of the chant. There was a high possibility that the blood rune imparted to them was the oracular chant of Ancient Emperor Yi’s G.o.d’s Hand. However regretfully, he couldn’t comprehend anything from it.

Standing up, Xuan Xing glanced at the emperor palace. The only thing of value was the gigantic statue within it.

"Isn’t this just a torn and tattered place? What qualifications does it have to make an immortal emperor engrave those words on the monument we saw earlier? All this is nothing but a lie." Xuan Xing angrily spat. They were trapped inside that underground palace for so long and in the end, they achieved nothing.

His silhouette flickered as Xuan Xing exited the emperor palace. n.o.body dared to stop him if he wanted to leave. At the moment when Xuan Xing pushed the doors open, a tempest gushed forth. The ancient pa.s.sageway which they used to enter suddenly lit up as all of the boundless runic diagrams hidden within were completely wiped out in an instant.

Right now at the outside world, there were still many geniuses gathered there including people of the Twin Stars Alliance and the Xiao Sect. Up till today, n.o.body knew if Xuan Xing and Xiao Lengyue were still alive.

But at this moment, a beam of light shot out and as the runic diagrams were wiped away, the doors of the emperor palace opened with a figure standing there. That was none other than Xuan Xing.

"Xuan Xing is fine, he actually managed to enter the emperor palace."

"As expected, Xuan Xing is an outstanding genius. As part of the twin stars, and as a son of the Xuan Emperor, he truly accomplished it and managed to step into the emperor palace.

"Let’s go and take a look there. I wonder if there is still any good fortune around for us." The experts all sped over in the direction of the emperor palace rapidly, while feeling awe in their hearts at how awesome Xuan Xing was.

Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen were among the crowd as well. There were many experts around them and there was even one who was considered one of the strongest in the Xiao Sect that was ranked #20 on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, by the name of Greedwolf.

He turned to the direction of the emperor palace, as his expression flickered when he saw Xuan Xing. He then continued in a low voice, "You two best pray that nothing happened to Lengyue."

After that, his silhouette flickered as he sped towards the emperor palace ahead.

Little Rascal in the embrace of Zi Qingxuan also rushed out. Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen followed closely behind it. Seeing how excited Little Rascal was, Qin Wentian should be fine as well and there’s a possibility that he’s just in the emperor palace ahead.

An instant later, the experts present all entered the emperor palace. All of them were stunned when they saw the statue. Members of the Twin Stars Alliance gathered over to Xuan Xing while those of the Xiao Sect gathered around Xiao Lengyue. As for the other geniuses who went to the underground palace, they were currently observing this underground temple.

In just a short instant, the emperor palace was flooded with people and swiftly after, all of them discovered the blood runes behind the statue. Their hearts trembled and upon knowing that it could be an inheritance by an ancient emperor, all of them swiftly tried to comprehend it.

Little Rascal directly lunged towards Qin Wentian. But when it noticed Qin Wentian was cultivating, it could only lie quietly by his side, waiting for him to wake up.

"Senior brother!" Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan also came. However, they didn’t disturb Qin Wentian who was cultivating.

"Lengyue, are you alright?" Greedwolf walked towards Xiao Lengyue. Even as a rank #20 expert on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Greedwolf was still willing to follow Xiao Lengyue and join the Xiao Sect. Everyone was naturally clear that he wished to pursue Xiao Lengyue.

"I’m fine, it’s only because I was trapped there for half a year. Although it’s shocking, there was no danger." Xiao Lengyue furrowed her brows. There wasn’t any benefits at all despite them wasting half a year there. This made her extremely uncomfortable, what a waste of time.

Seeing how low Xiao Lengyue’s emotions were, Greedwolf turned his gaze in the direction of Jun Mengchen, staring at Qin Wentian who was sitting cross-legged. A coldness flickered in his eyes, "Lengyue, I heard that you were persuaded to enter this place because of a newbie who joined our Xiao Sect. How could you trust him so easily?"

At this moment, it was as though Qin Wentian could sense they were talking about him. His eyes slowly opened, and just so coincidentally, he was looking straight at the coldness in Greedwolf’s eyes. A frown involuntarily appeared on his face when he saw that.

"Senior brother, the people of the Xiao Sect have never treated us as friends. After you and Xiao Lengyue disappeared, we were instantly placed under observation by the Xiao Sect. This Greedwolf even said that if something happened to Xiao Lengyue, both me and senior sister Qingxuan would have to die." Jun Mengchen felt anger boiling his heart as he transmitted his voice to Qin Wentian.

An icy light flickered in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Although it was he who brought Xiao Lengyue into the underground palace, if it wasn’t for Xiao Lengyue doing so out of her own will, willing to take the risk, who could force her? It was fine if she vented her anger on him alone if there’s danger. But implicating his junior brother and sister? This made him feel extremely p.i.s.sed off in his heart.

"Mengchen, find a chance and we will sever ties with the Xiao Sect." Qin Wentian transmitted his voice. Jun Mengchen nodded lightly, he had no sense of belonging to the Xiao Sect at all. Although Xiao Lengyue was beautiful, she was too scheming. The people beside her were all male geniuses and there was no doubt she was using them, albeit the fact that they were willing to be used.

"Now, isn’t it about time to tell us the truth about what you really acquired back at the underground palace?" At this moment, Xuan Xing turned his gaze over to Qin Wentian as a group of people moved towards him, radiating cold intent. They weren’t willing to give up.

As the sound of Xuan Xing’s voice faded away, many of the geniuses who were in the underground palace all turned their gazes onto Qin Wentian. The unbreakable mystery of the underground palace was actually unraveled by Qin Wentian. Right now, everyone was still suspicious. They were suspicious that he had acquired something else rather than the map he said.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 912

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