Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 914

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By asking that question, Xiao Lengyue has already proven that she didn’t trust Qin Wentian ever since the start. Hence, Qin Wentian didn’t directly reply but chose to rebut with a, "If I said I didn’t acquire anything other than the map, would you believe me?"

He knew that it was evident Xiao Lengyue wouldn’t believe him. In that case, no matter how he tried to explain, the ending was already destined. Staring at the change in Xiao Lengyue’s expression, Qin Wentian’s heart was filled with coldness. These geniuses were all very intelligent, but they were too clever by half. Xiao Lengyue managed to guess that the reason he could comprehend the chant was because of the underground palace. And from that, she a.s.sumed further and was certain that he obtained a treasure or something of that sort.

Because regardless of her or Xuan Xing, they didn’t believe Qin Wentian had a talent that exceeded any of them. Based on what qualifications could he comprehend the secret of the chant? Even accomplis.h.i.+ng something that immortal kings failed to do?

"Qin Wentian, have I not treated you well?" Xiao Lengyue asked. The smile on her face had already turned cold.

"On what matters are you referring to?" Qin Wentian’s tone also grew colder upon noticing the change in Xiao Lengyue’s att.i.tude.

"When you were surrounded by Ji Lanshan and the G.o.d Extermination Palace, it was I who brought you to the Xiao Sect, forcing Ji Lanshan to voluntarily retreat, no longer daring to find trouble for you and your companions. You brought me into the forbidden ground that was the underground palace, many of the others felt anger and vengeance towards you but I have never blamed and even protected you on so many occasions. Even when Xuan Xing wanted to deal with you, I obstructed him. Could it be that after I have done so many things, it’s still not enough?" Xiao Lengyue asked.

"Firstly as for the matter with Ji Lanshan, you should have seen it as well since you were there. He couldn’t do anything to me at all. Even if I didn’t join your Xiao Sect, I had no fear of Ji Lanshan. You wanting me to join was because of my expertise with divine inscriptions and as for the matter of me bringing you to the underground palace, was this not requested by you? Even immortal kings died in there, but I led you out only using half a year’s worth of time. Not only did I find the exit, I even led all of you to the actual emperor palace."

Qin Wentian’s eyes turned sharp as he slowly replied, he then continued, "But in the ancient palace, because you didn’t obtain anything, hence you said these words? If you managed to acquire the ancient inheritance or some treasures, would you still say these words? If before we even entered that place, if there was someone who told you that I can lead you through the pa.s.sageway in half a year, would you have rejected the notion and chose not to enter? Most probably you would be filled with thankful grat.i.tude, rus.h.i.+ng to request my help."

"If you had obtained benefits in there, it would all be due to your wisdom and foresight? But if there were no benefits, you would push everything onto I, Qin Wentian? Is this the sect leader of the Xiao Sect’s true character?" Qin Wentian’s words were filled with frost. He then continued, "As for Xuan Xing, the purpose of him wanting to deal with me. I wonder...are there any differences between him and you at all?"

Xiao Lengyue stared at Qin Wentian. After which, she only smiled and stood up. "Qin Wentian, very well. I will give you some more time. You best consider properly."

After speaking, she flicked her sleeves and directly departed the area.

Qin Wentian stared as Xiao Lengyue left. There was no change to his expression. His eyes then slowly closed as he continued his cultivation, trying to comprehend that incomparably mysterious force of the oracular chant. In the City of Ancient Emperors, it was of paramount importance to increase one’s strength as quickly as possible.

Silence was in the courtyard, there were no distractions at all until Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen came by to look for him.

"Senior brother, they are monitoring us." Jun Mengchen’s voice was filled with rage.

"It’s normal." Qin Wentian laughed. "In the next few days, I intend to undergo one more round of close-door seclusion. I will cultivate in this courtyard, and you guys should also work hard to cultivate as well. Before the Xiao Sect truly acts to deal with us, just allow them to monitor, don’t clash with them yet.

Jun Mengchen stiffened, "Are we not leaving the Xiao Sect directly?"

"No, leaving the Xiao Sect is already no longer something we can decide. Xiao Lengyue believes that I acquired something she wants, an inheritance of the ancient emperors. But in truth, the oracular chant needs oneself to comprehend it. She failed to do so and believed that I used some other treasure to achieve the effect. There’s no way for me to explain at all. Hence just allow them to monitor us for now as they wish to. Since my movements are restricted, I might as well go into seclusion."

Qin Wentian smiled, "As for you both, I believe the restriction on your movements wouldn’t be as strict. As long as I don’t leave here, they wouldn’t go too far. However, I have no idea when they would really act against us."

"I understand. We will endure this for now as long as possible until they make a move against us. We won’t clash with them and will try to drag out more time as much as possible to increase our strength." Jun Mengchen spoke.

"Yeah. Mengchen, I will have to trouble you to endure for now. Your character is impulsive but we have no choice but to endure for now in the City of Ancient Emperors." Qin Wentian stated.

"Don’t worry senior brother. I understand. We can only blame our strength for not being strong enough. If we were at the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon, how could we stand for this? We can just simply fight them." Jun Mengchen angrily stated.

"Okay, let’s go and cultivate." Zi Qingxuan could understand the pressure on Qin Wentian to raise his strength. She was very clear on what personality Qin Wentian has. If he was truly enraged, he would dare to do anything and an example was just how he showed his arrogance in front of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. However, he could also endure what ordinary people couldn’t. What he desperately needed now was time.

"Mhm, senior brother. You have to cultivate hard as well." Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan left the area. Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath and sank into a state of concentration.

Half a month later, Xiao Lengyue came by to look for Qin Wentian again. This time, she just asked directly, "Have you considered it?"

Qin Wentian stared at Xiao Lengyue as he shook his head. "I’ve already told you. If you want to cultivate the oracular chant imparted by the blood runes, you first have to comprehend the divine inscriptions of the underground palace. However, it is impossible for you. Even if I wished to teach you, it’s impossible too. Why must you a.s.sume I acquired a treasure to aid me in cultivating that?"

Xiao Lengyue frowned, as she coldly spoke. "Qin Wentian, I’ve already given you sufficient face."

"Many thanks." Qin Wentian smiled. Xiao Lengyue didn’t say anything and directly left, leaving behind only a glare filled with ice.

In the next few months, Xiao Lengyue came by several times. She was extremely direct and her att.i.tude was colder and colder compared to the previous times.

Xiao Lengyue also discovered that Qin wentian could be extremely patient. He didn’t say he wanted to leave the Xiao Sect either and was content to simply sit quietly in his courtyard to cultivate as though nothing had happened at all. As for Qin Wentian’s two companions, they would either cultivate in the Xiao Sect or temper themselves by roaming the City of Ancient Emperors. Her Xiao Sect’s experts were monitoring them closely and there were no signs that they wanted to run away.

It felt like Qin Wentian was more than willing to let the current status quo continue on and on. It could be considered that Qin Wentian wasn’t a fool. He knew that if he forcibly said he wanted to leave the Xiao Sect, it would basically be an impossible thing. That would only serve to fuel her anger further.

Finally, Xiao Lengyue’s patience reached its limit. Today, many experts of the Xiao Sect came to the courtyard which Qin Wentian was residing in and barged in directly. However, Xiao Lengyue wasn’t present today. The one in the lead was the second strongest expert in the Xiao Sect, Greedwolf.

This group of people exuded their terrifying aura, causing the pressure they emitted to bore down on Qin Wentian. Especially so for Greedwolf, his eyes were ice cold, filled with killing intent.

Qin Wentian opened his eyes and stared at Greedwolf, only to hear Greedwolf coldly speaking, "Qin Wentian, you brought Lengyue into the underground palace and was trapped there for half a year. In there, Lengyue still protected you to the best of her abilities and if it wasn’t for that, you would have fallen to Xuan Xing long ago. In addition, the people of Twin Stars Alliance often come by to make trouble, demanding that we hand you over but Lengyue has never done so."

"Lengyue is too kind, she’s able to tolerate you time and time again but I can’t be bothered to waste time with you. Within seven days, if you don’t hand over the secret art, I will expel you from the Xiao Sect. If you are no longer someone of our Xiao Sect, don’t blame us for being impolite to you." Greedwolf blasted out his palm as a huge rock at the courtyard exploded to pieces.

"Let’s leave." Greedwolf waved his hand. The other experts of the Xiao Sect stomped the ground, causing waves of destruction to wreck the ground. They coldly stared at Qin Wentian before leaving together.

After Greedwolf and company left, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan came over. Upon seeing Qin Wentian sitting there, Jun Mengchen spoke, "Senior brother, they have truly gone too far."

Qin Wentian’s countenance was calm. He glanced at Jun Mengchen as he smiled, "Seven days? Let’s just endure a little more and we will leave the Xiao Sect."

"Okay senior brother. I will accompany you and cultivate here." Jun Mengchen nodded. Qin Wentian felt a warmth in his heart, he smiled and nodded to Jun Mengchen. Zi Qingxuan also chose to stay here, the three of them choosing to cultivate on the broken ground.

Five days later, a savage aura permeated the air, terrifying to the extreme. Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan stood to the side, watching as boundless astral light gushed out from Jun Mengchen. His constellation appeared as rumbling sounds echoed from his body, exuding an ancient air of grandeur akin to a primordial desolate beast. The rumbling sounds echoed endlessly, drifting through the air.

"To think that Mengchen has already caught up with us. I’m really happy for him." A smile appeared in Qin Wentian’s eyes. He was very happy, this is probably the only thing during this period of time that could make him feel this way.

"Mhm," Zi Qingxuan smiled with a nod of her head. After that, she glanced at Qin Wentian and couldn’t help but feel a sense of inferiority in her heart. The first time they met, her cultivation base was the highest. Right now, both Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen had reached the same level as her but in terms of combat prowess, she was actually the weakest among them now.

The two of them beside her were geniuses at the peak. Standing beside them, her l.u.s.ter would only dim.

Swis.h.i.+ng sounds rang out as several experts of the Xiao Sect glanced in this direction only to see Jun Mengchen achieving a breakthrough. Many of the experts had their arms crossed in front of their chests as a cold smile adorned their lips. After breaking through, he was merely at the seventh-level of Celestial Phenomenon. In the Xiao Sect, such a low cultivation base amounted for nothing.

"There’s still two more days for you to consider. You better know what’s good for you." An expert of the Xiao Sect glanced over and spoke. In the middle of the crowd, Li Yu stood there silently, observing everything. He also saw Xiao Lengyue who was some distance away, but there was only a look of waning enthusiasm in his eyes. Li Yu then turned and moved towards Xiao Lengyue as he called out, "Lengyue."

"What’s the matter?" Xiao Lengyue asked as she stared at Li Yu.

"I’ve accompanied you for a long time in the Xiao Sect, and I was happy doing so. However now, I wish to try my luck and roam the City of Ancient Emperors alone. From now on, I have nothing to do with the Xiao Sect. Take care." Li Yu spoke, his words causing Xiao Lengyue’s countenance to change. She hurriedly added, "Li Yu, the Xiao Sect needs you."

"The Xiao Sect is one of the top three powers here in the City of Ancient Emperors. Also, you are the #6 ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings. With me or without me, there’s no difference. Farewell." Li Yu bowed slightly before his silhouette flashed as he directly departed. Xiao Lengyue stared at Li Yu’s silhouette, as an unnatural expression appeared on her face.

Li Yu choosing to leave the Xiao Sect now, was it because he was unhappy with her?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 914

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