Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 915

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Li Yu’s departure naturally caused Xiao Lengyue’s mode to worsen. Although the Xiao Sect was powerful, the reason was because she managed to gather many of the experts in the City of Ancient Emperors.

Li Yu, as a ranker in the top hundred of the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he alone was sufficient to establish a power. However, he chose to follow her. He is someone of extreme importance, and only because of people of his strength following her, did the Xiao Sect became so powerful today. But, Li Yu actually chose to leave now.

From Li Yu’s eyes, Xiao Lengyue could see a hint of disappointment.

She could be considered as someone who understood Li Yu’s character. Li Yu was an optimistic and cheerful individual. He was someone who valued justice and the reason why he joined the Xiao Sect was purely because he wanted to pursue her. But now...evidently, her beauty could no longer affect him.

Xiao Lengyue was an intelligent person, she had only done one thing recently and that was to target Qin Wentian. Li Yu might feel unhappy because of this and hence, he chose to leave.

However, Xiao Lengyue didn’t think that she was wrong. She had to get the inheritance of Ancient Emperor Yi no matter what.

If she managed to learn the secret art G.o.d’s Hand, it’s not merely a temporary boost in her power. In all her life, a combat prowess would be a level higher compared to those on the same level, forever a step ahead of others.

At this moment in the cultivation ground of Qin Wentian’s courtyard, Jun Mengchen opened his eyes as gleams of sharpness flickered within. Qin Wentian smiled at his junior brother, "Mengchen, congratulations."

Jun Mengchen sprang to his feet, he just finished consolidating his foundation. "Still not enough, only at the seventh-level of Celestial Phenomenon."

"Take things step-by-step, cultivation isn’t something you can rush. Right now, the three of us are finally at the same level." Qin Wentian smiled. After which, he continued, "Let’s go for a walk to relax."

"Go out for a walk to relax?" Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen turned to Qin Wentian. There’s two more days regarding the deadline given to them by the Xiao Sect. Right now, Qin Wentian wanted to go for a walk to relax? Most probably, it wouldn’t be that simple.

"It’s time to leave." Qin Wentian transmitted his voice to the two of them. They didn’t say anything, only mutually exchanging a glance while nodding silently in their hearts.

"Let’s go." Qin Wentian turned and soared into the air. But at this moment, experts of the Xiao Sect appeared before him, blocking his way. "Where are you going?"

Qin Wentian frowned, "What’s the matter? I don’t even have freedom after joining the Xiao Sect? Can’t I go out for a walk?"

"There’s only two more days to the deadline. It won’t be too late for you to go then." That person snorted coldly. Many experts of the Xiao Sect were now in the air, obstructing their way.

"But I feel like going out now. If the Xiao Sect chooses to restrict my freedom, there’s no need to consider anymore at all. I shall announce that we are now leaving the Xiao Sect." Qin Wentian coldly spoke. That expert initially still wanted to say something but he only heard Xiao Lengyue interjecting, "Let him go out for his walk."

Xiao Lengyue slowly moved forward. The gazes of everyone were all on her. "Qin Wentian, there’s no problem if you wish to go out for a walk. However, you best think carefully about this, people of the Twin Stars Alliance are all out searching for you. If Xuan Xing captured you, he wouldn’t treat you as nicely as I did."

"That’s my own matter. There’s no need for sect leader to be concerned about it." Qin Wentian replied.

"Sure then, you can leave." Xiao Lengyue smiled coldly. Qin Wentian and his companions soared through the air while the experts of the Xiao Sect remained in their original position, coldly staring after them. At the moment Qin Wentian exited the boundary of the sect, Xiao Lengyue’s silhouette flickered as she followed after. The other experts also all followed behind her respectively.

"I knew it wouldn’t be so simple." Jun Mengchen coldly laughed when he sensed the presence of the Xiao Sect behind them.

"Xiao Lengyue came, and so did Greedwolf. Greedwolf is an expert ranked #20 on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, and he’s Xiao Lengyue’s most trusted subordinate in the Xiao Sect." Zi Qingxuan spoke in a low voice. There were plenty of experts in this group that was currently following them.

"Wait till I reached the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon. The first person I slay will definitely be this Greedwolf. Before this, when senior brother was in the underground palace, Greedwolf was extremely rude to us, monitoring our every action and even threatening us with death everyday." Jun Mengchen spoke with dissatisfaction.

He wasn’t in any hurry. Although Greedwolf was at the ninth-level, there were too many people stuck on this level, unable to breach the barrier to immortality.

It wasn’t so easy to be able to establish an immortal foundation. Many geniuses at the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon were all stuck here for several hundreds of years. In fact, for those with weaker talents, they wouldn’t even be able to cross this gap for all eternity. But in this case, there wouldn’t be many of such people in the City of Ancient Emperors as almost everyone here were geniuses at the absolute peak.

Qin Wentian and his companions’ speed was extremely fast. But how could the Xiao Sect be slower than them? They followed the three of them very closely, it was basically impossible to shake them off their tails.

The other experts in the City of Ancient Emperors all had expressions of interest on their faces when they saw this. Xiao Lengyue, one of the top three supreme beauties of the City of Ancient Emperors, was actually leading her men to pursue three people. They couldn’t help but to wonder what was the ident.i.ty of the three of them which Xiao Lengyue was chasing.

"I heard that guy is Qin Wentian. Recently, he’s quite famous as well. Even Xuan Xing of the Twin Stars Alliance wanted to hunt him. It’s rumored that back then the reason why they could all enter the ancient emperor palace, was precisely because of this Qin Wentian’s efforts." Someone in the crowd started to share the info that he knew with the others. Evidently, Qin Wentian was gaining fame in the City of Ancient Emperors.

There were countless geniuses here in this place. More and more people below were spectating this scene. However at this moment, Qin Wentian and his companions stopped abruptly and didn't continue moving forward.

Xiao Lengyue and her followers stopped as well, studying the situation ahead.

"Mhm?" At this moment, Xiao Lengyue noticed a group of figures ahead. An expression of interest appeared in her eyes, these figures were all very familiar to her.

This group, was none other than experts of the G.o.d Extermination Palace which Qin Wentian had a conflict with earlier. Ji Lanshan and his followers were all present. And indeed, the paths of enemies were extremely narrow, there was bound to be an inevitable clash between two opposing factions.

Ji Lanshan stood in the air, his cold eyes sweeping over at Qin Wentian and his companions as a cold smile adorned his lips. "Wow, such a coincidence. I heard that those of the Twin Stars Alliance are hunting for you. In addition, the Xiao Sect also doesn’t seem to be as protective of you as before."

"What does this have to do with you?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Surely you wouldn’t have forgotten about the matters that happened between us back then so easily, right?" Ji Lanshan spoke with cold arrogance. His gaze turned to Xiao Lengyue in the distance as he spoke, "Sect Leader Xiao, I have a grudge to settle with this guy. The Xiao Sect won’t interfere in this right?"

Xiao Lengyue had a smile of frost on her face. She moved forward with her experts, sandwiching Qin Wentian and his companions between. She then spoke, "Qin Wentian doesn’t seem to be interested in the protection my Xiao Sect can provide. Who would have thought that he would encounter you, Ji Lanshan, so soon after he left our premises. In that case, I wish to direct a question to Qin Wentian. Are you agreeable to my earlier proposal?"

"I don’t understand what sect leader means by that." Qin Wentian emotionlessly replied.

"ARE YOU ACTING DUMB?!" Greedwolf shouted. "The Xiao Sect protected you from danger, and after obtaining benefits, you want to enjoy it alone and not share it with members of our sect? Now let me ask you this again, do you agree to Lengyue’s proposal?

"What if I say no?" Qin Wentian asked.

"In that case, my Xiao Sect shall expel the three of you from our sect. You guys are not qualified to become our members and naturally your lives and deaths would have nothing to do with us." Xiao Lengyue coldly spoke. It was as though she wanted to use this opportunity to deal a heavy blow to Qin Wentian. If he continued to be so stubborn, she wanted to see how he would resolve this with so many members of the G.o.d Extermination Palace present currently.

As though in response to Xiao Lengyue’s words. The experts of the G.o.d Extermination Palace stepped out, directly surrounding Qin Wentian and his companions. Ji Lanshan even unleashed his constellation in advance.

However, Qin Wentian only glanced at Xiao Lengyue with a cold smile on his face. "What an excellent Xiao Sect, using such unscrupulous methods to seize the treasures of one of your sect members. As for wanting to expel us from your sect? When have we ever been afraid of this? Very well, from now onwards I, Qin Wentian, as well as my junior brother and sister, no longer have anything to do with your Xiao Sect."

"IMPUDENT!" A fearsome aura gushed forth from Greedwolf, yet he only saw Xiao Lengyue waving her hand casually, "I want to see how long you can be arrogant for."

"Qin Wentian!" Ji Lanshan roared. "Back then you seized the interspatial rings of members of my G.o.d Extermination Palace and only managed to avoid the repercussions by hiding in the Xiao Sect. Have you ever thought that there would be this moment?"

"Can you know some shame? A ranker ranked merely at the #300+ position. You are still not qualified to talk to me in this manner. You, who is two cultivation levels higher than me, couldn’t even do anything to me back then let alone now. You are nothing more than trash. You don’t have the qualifications to be termed a genius in front of me. As for being a descendant of an immortal emperor? You are nothing but a joke."

Qin Wentian spoke in arrogance. Right now, he was no longer the low-profiled individual when he was in the Xiao Sect. His arrogance exuded forth in waves, towering up into the skies causing the eyes of the experts here to all gleam with sharpness. What was this fellow depending on? He actually dared to be so disrespectful to experts of the Xiao Sect and even wanted to go against a ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Ji Lanshan?

"Stop your bragging. Today, do you think that you will have time to inscribe a formation?" Ji Lanshan’s Thousand Talisman Constellation erupted forth as he circulated his Thousand Talisman Immortal Text, gus.h.i.+ng forth with overwhelming power.

"There’s no need for me to inscribe a divine inscriptions formation." Qin Wentian coldly laughed. He stepped out, and with a wild roar, rumbling sounds echoed out as a brilliant light flashed through the skies. His entire body was circulating with layers of fiendG.o.d light, as his body expanded to the size of ten meters, resembling a divinity of war, unexcelled in this world.

"Just growing bigger in size doesn’t mean your combat prowess would rise." The experts of the G.o.d Extermination Palace snorted coldly. After which, all of them released their constellations respectively, pressuring Qin Wentian together.

Qin Wentian unleashed his own constellation as well. Violet-golden light flashed through the skies and with a stretch of his hand, boundless runic light s.h.i.+mmered onto his palm. In this instant, Qin Wentian’s palms turned violet-golden in color, emanating an unfathomable might.

Qin Wentian’s mouth moved as he mumbled a chant. An instant later, his entire body radiated a dazzling light, akin to undergoing a transformation. The light s.h.i.+mmering on his palms grew even more resplendent as though it was no longer Qin Wentian’s hand but rather, a hand of the G.o.ds themselves.

Xiao Lengyue froze when she saw this scene, her gaze fixed upon Qin Wentian’s transformed palm.

Divine light emitted from Qin Wentian, and at this moment an expert from the G.o.d Extermination Palace rushed forth, slas.h.i.+ng out a saber strike aiming for Qin Wentian. However, Qin Wentian merely lifted and blasted out with his palm. His palm that resembled the hand of G.o.ds, directly shattered the saber light. Just a palm was sufficient to pluck down heavenly bodies, causing a terrifying rumbling sound to echo endlessly through the air. That expert who attacked earlier, felt his defenses collapsing, and as a result from the impact of the palm strike, he was injured grievously as his body was flung through the air into the horizon.

"G.o.d’s Hand isn’t just a palm art, but rather, it was an auxillary one, borrowing the principle of the secret art to ignite one’s entire attacking power within any of their techniques." At this moment, Xiao Lengyue’s gaze was fixed solidly on Qin Wentian’s palm as gleams of sharpness flickered ceaselessly within. The glow of divine light continued, the power Qin Wentian exhibited was extremely terrifying and beyond doubt!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 915

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