Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 917

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Qin Wentian’s voice trembled the s.p.a.ce, causing the hearts of everyone here to shudder as they heard his words.

When Qin Wentian entered the underground palace, it wasn’t him who entered alone. There were other geniuses like Xuan Xing and Xiao Lengyue as well. However, the one who eventually managed to cultivate the G.o.d’s Hand, was none other than Qin Wentian alone. The others all failed to do so.

In the ancient emperor palace, there was an oracular chant that could be imparted, able to be learned by anyone who wished to. Also, Qin Wentian’s earlier words should be true. With Xuan Xing and so many others who also visited the underground palace, his lies would be exposed immediately if he intended to lie. Evidently, it was true that Qin Wentian was the one who allowed the others to escape from that underground palace.

"To think that G.o.d’s Hand is tyrannical to such an extent. It should be exceedingly difficult to cultivate it and since Qin Wentian has succeeded, it might truly mean that his talent surpa.s.sed the others." Some of the crowd silently mused. After this battle, they didn’t know if there would be a new name on the Immortal Ascension Rankings. Although the strength Qin Wentian displayed now was due to G.o.d’s Hand, since he had already comprehended it, it was a strength that belonged to him, Qin Wentian. It wasn’t impossible for him to become a ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

It was just that n.o.body knew what rank Qin Wentian would be, if his name was on the rankings.

"You are truly arrogant to the extreme." Xuan Xing emitted an extremely cold aura upon hearing his name being brought up in such a humiliating context. The experts of the Twin Stars Alliance surrounded Qin Wentian and his companions.

In this case, although Qin Wentian defeated Ji Lanshan and the people from the G.o.d Extermination Palace, the enemy arrayed before him now was even more terrifying.

Xiao Lengyue with the people of the Xiao Sect, Xuan Xing with the people of the Twin Stars Alliance. Despite the overwhelming power of G.o.d’s Hand, Qin Wentian’s cultivation base was merely at the seventh-level. How can he topple this piece of sky? He would find it tough to escape even if given wings.

At this moment, the spectators couldn’t help but to wonder...if Qin Wentian had the cultivation base of Xuan Xing and Xiao Lengyue, at the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon, that and in addition to G.o.d’s Hand, would he have the power to sweep over everything?

The tyrannical power of G.o.d’s Hand was truly extremely fearsome to behold.

Staring at so many strong enemies surrounding him, a terrifying rumbling sound echoed from Qin Wentian’s body as he expanded in size once again. His palm naturally also grew in size, but the amount of runic light radiating from it only grew more resplendent.

"I have no interest in playing around, fighting one on one against you." Xuan Xing coldly spoke. He directly pointed his finger at Qin Wentian, "Seize him."

"Be sure not to kill him." Xiao Lengyue added. A moment later, experts from both powers stepped out, preparing to capture Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian coldly smiled, a raging wind gusted as he directly soared up into the skies. As he moved, the tens of experts from both powers followed after him, emitting powerful auras that promised destruction, sweeping across the heavens and earth.

However at this very moment, a low droning chant sounded out from Qin Wentian. The timbre of the words exuded a sense of ancientness, causing the gusts of wind in the air to intensify and to turn even more violent.

"With the chant of demonic divinities, the ancient will stretches through the skies. Gathering demonic qi from the eight directions, devouring astral energy from the starry skies…"

An overwhelming burst of demonic qi swept across this entire s.p.a.ce, gus.h.i.+ng frenziedly from Qin Wentian. The demonic blood in his gigantic body seethed and surged, issuing terrifying sounds akin to tidal waves. At the same time, those experts that flew up in the air with him all had expressions of sharpness on their faces and upon staring at Qin Wentian now, fear and trepidation could be seen flickering in their eyes.

"What a powerful demonic qi." The hearts of everyone trembled. They only saw that in the air, the figure of a gigantic roc suddenly appeared, exuding a supreme demonic might.

"I connect and fuse them as one, I offer my mortal body as a sacrifice...TRANSFORM MY DESTINY INTO THAT OF A DEMON!"

The ancient chant continued unceasingly from Qin Wentian, as an energy that originated from the heavenly layers descended.

"Bzz!" The violent gusts of wind swept over everyone with increasing ferocity. The heavens and earth changed color and abruptly, a huge ma.s.s of blackness blotted out the skies.

That was a gigantic roc, incomparably demonic. A king’s aura emanated from it, as though it was a great sage among the powerful rocs of old.

The gigantic roc spread its wings, directly blocking out the sun. The hearts of everyone trembled violently as they stared at the sight above them. What is this…?

Demonic qi gushed forth, as the winds further intensified. The spectators only saw a pair of lofty and demonic eyes. That pair of eyes shared the same arrogance as Qin Wentian did, like a sovereign of the skies, unexcelled in the world.

Clearly, those were Qin Wentian’s eyes!

"Demonic beast? How can this be. Qin Wentian’s true form was a demonic beast?" Many people exclaimed in shock. Was there yet another extremely fearsome demonic beast appearing in the City of Ancient Emperors?"

"He don’t seem to be a true demonic beast. Could it be that it’s some super strong demonic transformation technique?"

If this was the case, Qin Wentian was truly too terrifying. He was able to comprehend G.o.d’s Hand, and had the comprehension abilities of humans in addition to the fearsome physique and pure power of demonic beasts. Not only that, he also had the speed of the wind roc. This was simply a perfect body.

What was even more terrifying was that the spectators discovered G.o.d’s Hand was still being activated. Qin Wentian who had transformed into the sovereign of the skies, the talons on one of his hands were violet-golden in color. There’s no doubt that that is the G.o.d’s Hand, and the size of it now was seemingly able to destroy anything in existence.

The things the spectators thought about earlier were all coming true. Now, in the form of the roc, Qin Wentian had a cultivation base at the ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon, in addition to the augmentation effect of G.o.d’s Hand.

Xiao Lengyue and Xuan Xing both froze, staring dumbfoundedly at the giant roc in the sky. This fellow actually still had such a trump card?

"He isn’t a demon. That’s a demonic transformation art, borrowing insane amounts of external power to form a demon body." Greedwolf, who was by the side of Xiao Lengyue, spoke out.

"No matter if he is a demon or not, right now his combat prowess is definitely unfathomably strong." Xiao Lengyue murmured. Even if it was her, ranked #6 on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, she didn’t dare to underestimate Qin Wentian who possessed the secret art, G.o.d’s Hand.

"He shouldn’t be able to sustain too long in this form. Let’s sap his energy first." Greedwolf suggested. Xiao Lengyue didn’t agree, nor did she reject.

"Bzz~" In the air, the gigantic roc Qin Wentian transformed into, flapped its wings causing huge gusts of winds that blasted at the people below. The gusts of wind sliced towards the experts of the two powers and Qin Wentian coldly spoke, "Since all of you can enter the City of Ancient Emperors, you are naturally disciples or descendants of immortal kings and emperors. All of you by right should be peak heaven chosen of various regions in the immortal realms but why are you so stupid… fighting for the sake of dying for others? Are there benefits in doing so? I can tell all of you now that if I act, I won’t show any mercy."

The tyrannical ice-like voice was like a decree of a sovereign, containing an unparalleled arrogance.

The hearts of those experts started to waver. No matter if it was Xiao Lengyue or Xuan Xing, both of them didn’t seem to intend to act personally. Right now, these experts were like those who had already mounted a tiger and couldn’t get off halfway. Their hesitation was evident that they were frightened by Qin Wentian’s words.

"With so many experts here, you really think we would fear you? Merely trying to scare us off. TAKE HIM DOWN!" A voice rang out in the air, the speaker was none other than Xia Qianhan from the Xiao Sect. And as the sound of his voice rang out, a terrifying aura swept through this entire s.p.a.ce.

Beams of violet-golden divine arrows erupted forth, s.h.i.+mmering with runic light. They pierced through the void, and moved with lightning speed, aiming for the gigantic roc in the sky.

Qin Wentian’s G.o.d’s Hand grabbed downwards. Those divine arrows were effortlessly stopped by him mid-flight. They had no power to penetrate the G.o.d’s Hand.

"Bzzz!" Qin Wentian’s wings flapped as he instantly vanished from sight. Although his size was incomparably gigantic, his speed was so quick as though it could seemingly transcend s.p.a.ce itself. How fast was the speed of a wind roc? As expected of a sky sovereign roc.

With this flap, the gigantic roc directly appeared above those experts. His G.o.d’s Hand blasted downwards, shattering s.p.a.ce apart, causing thunderous explosions to ring out. Several of those experts in the air were slammed down onto the ground forcibly by the impact, causing huge craters to appear everywhere as the bones in their bodies fractured, amidst screams of misery and agony in the air.

"DISPERSE!" The experts roared. All of them simultaneously attacked, forming gigantic palm imprints, powerful sharp swords etc, aiming for the great roc. However, with another flap, the gigantic roc moved like lightning, disappearing in an instant before reappearing again high up in the sky.

"Fast...he’s too fast!"

The spectators all stared in awe. Was this the speed of a sky sovereign roc? It could basically be considered unrivaled.

Qin Wentian had cultivated many roc-type techniques before. In addition he had the rune bone of Paragon Sky Roc, able to comprehend the essence of the energy within it resulting in the fact that when he transformed into a great roc, he was incomparably familiar with how to use his power.

"Bzz!" Qin Wentian’s wings flapped again, causing tornadoes to appear in the air. A violet-golden spear appeared in his hand as he stabbed it forth with blinding speed. Upon seeing that attack, there was basically no one who dared to block it. In just an instant, the experts scattered in all eight directions.

There was no one who dared to stand up against that sort of speed in addition to the crus.h.i.+ng force of that attack imbued by G.o.d’s Hand. The destruction it could cause was simply on an inconceivable scale.

"G.o.d's Hand…" Xuan Xing’s longing intensified further upon seeing how powerful it was. He decided to go out, sparing nothing. Even if he had to cut off Qin Wentian’s head, he was determined to obtain the secret art, G.o.d’s Hand.

But at this moment, Xuan Xing suddenly saw a pair of cold-looking eyes staring his way. After that, a tyrannical beam of light that could sweep over everything, shot towards him at an unbelievable speed.

And at this instant, Xuan Xing only felt his entire body stiffening up. He quickly unleashed his constellation. It was in the form of an incomparably marvelous diagram that contained fearsome divine might.

"Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art!" Xuan Xing screamed in rage upon seeing the long spear stabbing towards him. The supreme mystical art created by Emperor Xuan was unleashed to its limit. In the middle of the air, an incomparably ancient-looking mirror appeared, exuding an extremely unique force.

"Bang!" Qin Wentian’s spear smashed downwards as a fiery beam of light shot outwards. Xuan Xing roared in anger as cracks appeared endlessly on the ground underneath his feet. That spear attack was emanating an unbelievable pressure, suppressing him. An instant later, cracks appeared on the ancient mirror but Qin Wentian was flung through the air as well. After he recovered, he discovered that the violet-golden long spear had already shattered. Even the talons infused with the power of G.o.d's Hand, were trembling involuntarily.

"You reflected my attack back at me?" The coldness in the lofty eyes of the roc was cold to the extreme. Was this the strength of the #27 ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings? The son of the Xuan Emperor… to think that the Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art actually had such a unique power. It was only because his strength overloaded the limits of the ancient mirror Xuan Xing had summoned, which resulted in the numerous cracks appearing on it. The mirror now seemed to be on the verge of shattering apart.

"Bzz!" A raging wind rushed by as Qin Wentian soared high up into the air once more. Another spear that was s.h.i.+mmering with layers of destructive might materialized once more from G.o.d's Hand. Xuan Xing’s body was shaking, he stared up at the gigantic roc in rage. "You dare?"

His Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art had no way to block another strike from Qin Wentian. The power of Qin Wentian’s attack was too terrifying, it had already reached a peak in terms of power!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 917

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