Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 920

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"Who?" The blinding golden light flashed brilliantly, causing the hearts of everyone to tremble. Before this both Xiao Lengyue and Greedwolf acted suddenly. Evidently they didn't want to let Xuan Yang capture Qin Wentian. They wanted to injure Qin Wentian first before seizing him away.

But at that exact moment, in the amount of time where a spark flew off the flint, this bout of golden light illuminated the skies. There seemed to be someone who descended down from the heavens, seemingly wanting to rescue Qin Wentian.

Or could it be someone with similar motives as Xiao Lengyue? Someone who wanted to capture Qin Wentian?

A spatial tempest gushed in the air as the eye-piercing golden light beams were like sharp swords stabbing out in all directions. When the silhouette within that light grew clearer, the eyes of the spectators couldn't help but to narrow as their hearts trembled violently. Even Xuan Yang who was rus.h.i.+ng over, halted at this instant. Frowning severely, a strange expression appeared on his face.

Why was she here? Was it also because of G.o.d's Hand?

That silhouette belonged to a flawlessly supreme beauty. Her countenance was ice cold, filled with frost. But despite so, even when she was angry, her beauty would still cause one’s soul to tremble. One couldn't help wanting to be nice to her. That holy demeanor seemed akin to a celestial maiden from the nine heavens. Pure, holy, n.o.ble, cold and also beautiful.

"What a beauty. Her features are even more outstanding than Xiao Lengyue. Who is she?" The spectators started to whisper. "Could she be Nanfeng Yunxi?"

"No, I've seen Nanfeng Yunxi before. Although the two of them are comparable in beauty, their demeanors are different." Someone replied.

"Who is she then?"

"In the City of Ancient Emperors, there are only three who can be termed as supreme beauties. Xiao Lengyue is already here and the possibility of Nanfeng Yunxi has been eliminated. Who else can she still be?" That person replied, his answer causing the expressions of those around him to freeze slightly.

Out of the three supreme beauties in this place, the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor was the most mysterious. She appeared rarely in public and had an innate immortal king physique. In the future, her lowest accomplishments would at the very least be an immortal king. In the City of Ancient Emperors, she didn't establish a power nor did she interact with others, choosing to do things alone.

Now...she actually appeared here?

"The daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Princess Qing`er?" Many among the spectators started to realize this as shock appeared in their hearts. The one most likely not to appear, actually appeared at this moment?

"Is she Qing`er? Senior brother’s lover?" Jun Mengchen stopped combat, staring at that flawlessly beautiful figure in the air as a faint smile flickered in his eyes. At the moment where his senior brother needed help most, Princess Qing`er appeared. In addition, her beauty truly seemed to be a match for him. No wonder his senior brother wanted to find Qing`er so badly.

"Senior brother will definitely become an immortal couple with Princess Qing`er." Jun Mengchen smiled. Zi Qingxuan who was beside him, naturally also saw that flawlessly beautiful silhouette. A slight look of disappointment and frustration appeared in her eyes. No wonder Qin Wentian had Qing`er in mind constantly. Such a woman, with her status and strength, actually appeared now to fight side by side together with him when he needed help most.

In the air, Qin Wentian in the form of the great roc stared at the familiar silhouette that appeared before him. A boundless warmth filled his heart. Right now, the severe injuries and the pain and agony he felt before, no longer mattered. After so many years, he finally met Qing`er again. The distance between the particle world they were from and the immortal realms was simply too far apart. Sometimes, he would be secretly filled with worry, afraid that they would miss each other on the long and winding roads of the immortal realms. The world was simply too large, he was worried that maybe...time would change things too much.

Luckily, he had worried too much. She still appeared in front of him protectively at the moment where he needed help the most. This was just like in the past… As a man, he originally should be the one protecting her. However, Qing`er was like his knight in s.h.i.+ny armor, and would always show up during his most trying moments, standing before him to aid him. Not only that, she always chose to remain silent, existing in the shadows. Never once asking him to repay her.

This love, these emotions they had for one another, grew more solid despite the pa.s.sing of time, growing deeper than ever.

Powerful golden light enveloped Qing`er as well as Qin Wentian. Qing`er was coldly staring at Xiao Lengyue. That lack of emotion on her face actually caused one to feel coldness in their hearts.

Xiao Lengyue was also staring at that flawless figure before her. Regardless of demeanor or looks, this woman wasn’t in anyway inferior to herself.

"Are you the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Princess Qing`er?" Although Xiao Lengyue had never met Qing`er before, she could guess her ident.i.ty easily. She had always been searching for her. The Immortal Ascension Rankings placed her at #6 while Qing`er was #5. Xiao Lengyue had always been unsatisfied and reluctant to accept that. She was searching for Qing`er before she wanted a battle with her.

At this moment, Qing`er shouldn’t have appeared here.

"You also want to capture him to seize away the secret art G.o.d’s Hand?" Upon noting Qing`er’s silence, Xiao Lengyue continued asking. "I always thought that you stood aloof from worldly affairs but now that the G.o.d’s Hand has appeared, it must be that you could finally no longer maintain your pretense?"

Qing`er continued coldly looking at her, not bothering to care about what she was saying. After which, as she turned her head and as she saw the demonic beast form of Qin Wentian, the coldness in her eyes vanished, replaced with faint traces of worry. She also didn’t expect that she would meet Qin Wentian again here in the City of Ancient Emperors. She didn’t expect that he would reach this City of Ancient Emperors so fast after parting from him back then at the Royal Sacred Region.

Qing`er had never doubted Qin Wentian before. It was just that she didn’t expect Qin Wentian would find her so quickly.

When Xiao Lengyue saw Qing`er ignoring her, an intense coldness gushed forth from her. It was extremely terrifying. But after that, she only saw a melodious voice sounding out in the air.

"You are injured..." Qing`er stared at Qin Wentian. The gentleness she exuded now was completely different from the aura of an ice princess she exuded earlier. It felt like she was two different people. Her voice now contained a trace of worry, as well as a sense of hurt.

"This…?" The gazes of the crowd stiffened. This Qin Wentian was acquainted with the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Princess Qing`er?

Could it be that Qing`er wasn't here to s.n.a.t.c.h away the G.o.d’s Hand but rather, because she was acquainted with Qin Wentian?

Shock could be seen in Xiao Lengyue’s beautiful eyes as she stared at the scene ahead. A moment later, she only saw a smile flas.h.i.+ng through Qin Wentian’s eyes as he replied, "After seeing you, how can these injuries count for anything?"

As the sound of his voice faded, everyone felt even more shocked. Qin Wentian’s words seemed to be hinting at his love for her. They stared at Qing`er’s expressions, as though wanted to see her in anger. However, there was no fluctuations as she looked as cold as before. This kind of coldness was different from Xiao Lengyue. Qing`er’s coldness was an innate one, filled with traces of gentleness within her coldness. Most probably, her personality was like this as well.

And to the surprise of everyone, Princess Qing`er didn't seemed to be angry at all. She then asked, "Why are you here in the City of Ancient Emperors?"

"I came to find you." Qin Wentian replied. "I met Princess Glaze and it was she who told me that you are in here."

"Oh." Qing`er still had no fluctuations to her expressions but within her beautiful eyes, there was now a flicker of warmth. She felt warmth in her heart as well. No wonder he would appear here, so it turned out that he was looking for her. How many dangerous situations must Qin Wentian have experienced to search for her all the way from his particle world up till here?

Their conversation caused strange expressions to appear on the faces of the crowd. From their words, their closeness could be inferred. It seems that Qin Wentian’s relations.h.i.+p with Princess Qing`er was beyond ordinary.

"Princess Qing`er." At this moment, Xuan Yang who had always been silent, finally spoke in a cold manner. "This man is incomparably brazen, even wanting to kill my younger brother. I have to settle this debt with him. This matter has nothing to do with you, so please stand aside and do not interfere."

"Things are getting more and more interesting. Xuan Yang is the #4 ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, while Princess Qing`er is #5 and Xiao Lengyue is #6. These three all appeared here today. How interesting is that?" The spectators stared at the geniuses in the air with expressions of excitement on their faces. Three supreme geniuses contending against each other with Qin Wentian in the center of the tempest. Xuan Yang and Xiao Lengyue both wanted to capture him to seize the secret art away. However, Qing`er was acquainted with Qin Wentian and wanted to protect him.

Qing`er’s countenance turned frosty as she icily regarded Xuan Yang, ignoring him. Her personality was still like before, and she wasn’t fond of words. Only Qin Wentian was able to make her say more than a few sentences.

"Let me ask you again. Are you scramming or not?" Qin Wentian’s gigantic eyes stared straight at Xuan Yang as he coldly asked.

Xuan Yang’s eyes flickered with coldness, "Could it be you believe Princess Qing`er will be able to protect you? Anyway, depending on the strength of a woman? Are you even qualified to talk to me?"

"Depending on the strength of a woman?" A mocking expression appeared on Qin Wentian’s face. "Your father acted against me, destroying the G.o.d’s Hand I a.s.sembled. Do you even still have the face to talk to me in this manner? If it wasn’t for your father’s intentional actions, do you really think you would have the capabilities to act in such an arrogant manner before me?"

"Since this is the case, I really want to see if your father left behind a protective strand of immortal sense on you." Qin Wentian coldly continued.

"Leave it to me." Qing`er seemingly understood Qin Wentian’s intention as she hurriedly spoke and walked towards Qin Wentian’s side.

"I can’t always face you in this form of a great roc right? Qing`er trust me, everything is going to be fine. Given my current level of strength, although the boost in power some techniques provide me is getting increasingly smaller, the injuries I would sustain would naturally be much lesser as well." A warm smile appeared in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Xuan Yang was the #4 ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings. And there was also Xiao Lengyue and Greedwolf. How could he be at ease if Qing`er fought for him?

"Qing`er, let me do it." Qin Wentian laughed. Right now, a boundless and supreme sword might gushed forth from him as an astronomical amount of energy started to ignite. It felt like the entirety of his energy was being burned away, as beams of sword light towered up into the skies, as though they wanted to tear the heavens asunder. Qin Wentian’s gigantic silhouette flickered, his sword might dominated the eight directions, transforming into a fearsome tsunami of sword qi.

"It’s that attack." From afar, Ji Lanshan and the other experts of the G.o.d Extermination Palace felt their hearts clenching. Now that Qin Wentian had taken the form of a giant roc, how much more tyrannical would that sword strike be now?

"Mhm?" Xuan Yang suddenly frowned. He activated his Heavenly Mystical Mirror Art to its limit. He felt an overpowering sense of danger from Qin Wentian at this moment. That torrent of sword qi gus.h.i.+ng forth was simply too terrifying.

Qin Wentian stretched his talons out. Instantly, boundless sword might congregated on his sharp talons as he pressed forward in a direction. Over there, a burst of sword qi with world-shaking powers manifested, able to slaughter anything underneath the heavens.

"Earlier, your younger brother Xuan Xing has already taken one of my attacks. It was so powerful that it caused your father’s protective strand of immortal sense to activate. It resulted in him acting against me with the status of an Immortal Emperor, destroying my G.o.d’s Hand. Now...I wonder if there’s still a second protective strand of immortal sense on Xuan Xing…?" Qin Wentian coldly spoke. And as the sound of his voice faded, the expression on Xuan Yang’s face drastically changed as he asked, "What are you trying to say?!"

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 920

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