Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 922

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"What a powerful spatial control ability. She was able to enter the void and disregard all attacks. This is immortal law energy!"

Their hearts shuddered upon seeing how Qing`er had directly bypa.s.sed the radius of ice and frost, brus.h.i.+ng aside Xiao Lengyue’s attack. No wonder Princess Qing`er was able to rank #5 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings; she had already comprehended a trace of immortal law energy.

And the reason why the immortal foundation realm was such a huge watershed was because the moment a mortal transcended mortality, they would undergo a qualitative transformation. Despite these absolute geniuses only managing to comprehend the slightest trace of law energy, they were all exceptionally terrifying.

Qing`er’s body easily bypa.s.sed the frost and ice, appearing in front of Xiao Lengyue. She then simply struck out with a fist, transforming the fearsome lacerating effect of s.p.a.ce into lines of light which threatened to tear apart the void.

The spectators could only see the killing lines suddenly surround Xiao Lengyue, closing in to slaughter her. The power of a single punch was enough to shake those watching to their very core.

Xiao Lengyue screamed—her surroundings were frozen by ice—and stabbed her fingers forward. Instantly, a sharp gust of arctic cold air shot out, capable of corroding Qing`er’s body.

However, Qing`er merely waved her hand as a line of light slashed over, slicing apart the frozen s.p.a.ce, and continuing on towards Xiao Lengyue.

Xiao Lengyue unleashed her finger technique at the line of light slas.h.i.+ng towards her, causing the light to break apart.

"Frozen Extermination Finger!" The spectators stiffened with alarm when they saw Xiao Lengyue’s finger technique. Her dainty jade-like hands stretched out, as all ten fingers stabbed forth simultaneously with lightning speed, freezing everything she pointed at. Her power was enough to to condemn anyone to death instantly.

The moment Xiao Lengyue attacked, Qing`er had already made her move. Her silk-like, dainty hands stretched out at the same instant a resplendent golden light flashed. When her palms pressed together, a circular golden-colored diagram manifested before her. An unending flow of astral light cascaded down on it, and a moment later, the circular diagram had grown large enough to fit two humans. When the Freezing Extermination Finger smashed at the diagram, the power of ice was unable to freeze it entirely. Instead, the golden light lacerated the frost energy into nothingness.

The golden diagram radiated a boundless stream of light, blasting forward with killing intent. This caused the hearts of many to tremble—Xiao Lengyue was in danger.

These two proud daughters of heaven had both gone crazy. Choosing to fight in such close combat would naturally increase the element of danger. If either one of them were even the slightest bit careless, it might result in heavy injuries or even death.

"How powerful; that must be a supreme technique used by Matriarch Ji, the Immortal Slaying Diagram." Some of the geniuses present recognized Qing`er’s attack.

"The daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Princess Qing`er, has an innate immortal king physique and extraordinary talent. Back when the Evergreen Immortal Emperor fought for his empire, he sent her away to protect her. And after she was brought back, it was rumored that the Evergreen Immortal Emperor doted on her in every possible way, and even trained her personally to become his successor. And that’s not all; he also sent Qing`er over to Matriarch Ji, who eventually acknowledged Qing`er as her student out of fondness for her. Matriarch Ji didn’t do this for the sake of giving face to the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. If she truly hadn’t been fond of Qing`er herself, there was no way she would impart such a supreme technique to her."

A genius among the spectators spoke in a low voice. These descendants of immortal kings and emperors had broad connections and were knowledgeable of all the major powers in the immortal realms.

"Indeed, given Matriarch Ji’s status in the immortal realms, she has always done things her way. Her personality is extremely eccentric, and she doesn’t give face no matter who the other party is. If she didn’t personally favor her, she definitely wouldn’t have accepted Qing`er as a disciple simply because she was the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor." How could these people not know who Matriarch Ji was? It was a terrifying concept: Qing`er had the support of two powerful immortal emperors.

The Immortal Slaying Diagram radiated a perpetual spatial light that was capable of annihilating all before it. Instantly, Xiao Lengyue was surrounded by the threat of death.

"Xiao Lengyue’s attacks have all been suppressed," the spectators mused silently. Spatial attacks were simply too fearsome to fight against. No wonder Qing`er was ranked above Xiao Lengyue.

The energy of the Frozen Extermination Finger continued to freeze its surroundings, yet the ice and frost were easily destroyed by the Immortal Slaying Diagram. With a shout of rage, Xiao Lengyue enveloped herself with the frost and ice, transforming her form into that of an ice statue. An extremely glacial aura gushed forth from her, and despite how far the spectators were, they could all feel traces of its coldness threatening to freeze them solid.

"Immortal Slaying Diagram?" Xiao Lengyue asked. Astral light bathed her as an overwhelming icy energy descended, turning the s.p.a.ce into a world of ice and frost. She blasted out with her palms, aiming directly for the Immortal Slaying Diagram. The overwhelming frost managed to break through the diagram’s defenses, causing the coldness to corrode Qing`er’s body.

However, Qing’er’s countenance remained unchanged, seeming as calm as ever. The Immortal Slaying Diagram grew even more resplendent, intent on slaughtering its target. The destructive light s.h.i.+mmered, and as Qing`er’s palm blasted out, all obstacles in its path were torn to shreds.

A surge of chaotic current danced wildly about in the air. Xiao Lengyue paled, retreating without pause. She launched her counter-attack at the same time, but Qing`er merely waved her hands as beams of light shot out from the diagram, frenziedly destroying Xiao Lengyue’s a.s.sault.

"Puchi…" Fresh blood sprayed in the air as a wound opened up on Xiao Lengyue’s palm. She stretched out her hands and gathering an unending tide of frost and ice to block the attacking beams of light. But she’d still been injured in the face of Qing`er’s strength. And as the attack slammed into her, Xiao Lengyue’s body was left covered in wounds. Her visage was still beautiful, yet she was now in an extremely miserable state.

"Xiao Lengyue still lost in the end. Princess Qing`er may not have revealed her face, but there’s no doubting her strength. With the guidance of two powerful immortal emperors, it’s only natural for her to be ranked above Xiao Lengyue." The spectators felt their hearts shaking when they looked at the two flawlessly beautiful figures in the air. Spectating a battle between two proud daughters of heaven was an exceedingly rare opportunity.

Right now, it was still a mystery how terrifying the #3 ranked Nanfeng Yunxi would be.

"Bzz!" Spatial energy enveloped Qing`er. Her delicate frame moved, as a runic light flashed underneath her feet. She vanished instantly, then abruptly re-appeared right next to Xiao Lengyue, punching out once again. This punch had enough power to penetrate through the void, appearing instantly before Xiao Lengyue.

"The battle’s victor and the defeated have already been determined, but she still intends to fight." Everyone’s expression froze; they could still feel waves of coldness radiating from Qing`er, and she stared at Xiao Lengyue with a dispa.s.sionate look. Each of her strikes showed no mercy at all.

"Ever since their positions were decided on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Xiao Lengyue has constantly been looking for Qing`er. She intended to defeat her and prove her own capabilities. But maybe Princess Qing`er never paid attention to her before now. There’s a possibility that she’s acting this way because Xiao Lengyue tried to attack Qin Wentian earlier. Although she didn’t say anything, her anger was apparent just from her expression."

Qing`er’s attack was extremely savage. Xiao Lengyue’s expression drastically changed—it was like she could feel the heat of Qing`er’s anger in every blow. Xiao Lengyue could feel that Qing`er wanted more than just her defeat. She retreated with explosive speed, unleas.h.i.+ng her power of ice and frost to its limits. Her Frozen Extermination Finger shot out once more but was directly broken apart, and the remainder of the spatial fluctuations slammed into her body, breaking through her defenses.

However, this was only the beginning: Qing`er disappeared once again as light flashed in yet another direction. This was akin to teleportation, the ability to attack from all angles and directions as she willed it. Xiao Lengyue’s countenance turned incomparably ugly as she did her best to defend herself. But in a short period of time, golden light burst forth again and again as Qing`er’s silhouette appeared everywhere.

"What a violent method. That style is definitely from Matriarch Ji. It’s said that Matriarch Ji is extremely proficient with spatial energy, and possessed such strength that many immortal emperors held her in reverence.

"Xiao Lengyue’s aura has already weakened. She’s totally suppressed and will most likely be at a disadvantage soon."

And as expected, the unending attacks left Xiao Lengyue completely fl.u.s.tered. When another punch was sent her way, she lifted her hand and responded with a finger attack. But this time around, Qing`er’s body didn’t vanish but rushed directly towards her instead. The terrifying fist light hadn’t dissipated yet, piercing through everything to slam directly into Xiao Lengyue.

"You…" Xiao Lengyue spluttered in rage. Her body violently let loose a devastating energy that seemed to freeze everything in its surroundings. Qing`er’s delicate frame was enveloped by the frost, but she punched out another time, causing boundless fist lights to congregate, breaking apart the layers of ice one by one.


Xiao Lengyue’s was. .h.i.t by another strong blow to the body—Qing`er’s attack could bypa.s.s anything.

"She’s going to die!" At this moment, all the spectators were stunned with shock when they saw this. But immediately after, a brilliant light flashed as a faint silhouette directly appeared before Qing`er. In that instant, Qing`er was frozen solid. The Xiao Emperor’s immortal sense activated as his silhouette stood behind Xiao Lengyue.

"IMPUDENT. Who are you? Were you truly intending to take my daughter’s life?" the Xiao Emperor coldly shouted. Qing`er’s eyes were as glacial as ever, staring at him as she replied, "I am the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, as well as the disciple of Matriarch Ji. Get the h.e.l.l out of my way."

"You…" The Xiao Emperor’s expression froze at her words.

"So it’s Brother Evergreen’s beloved daughter. However, you are still somewhat rude when talking to your elders. Both you and Lengyue are merely tempering yourselves in the City of Ancient Emperors, so why is there a need to be so ruthless, to move in for the kill?" The Xiao Emperor’s voice contained an imposing tone of authority. The other spectators were speechless; they hadn’t expected that today’s battle would actually activate the immortal sense of two immortal emperors.

Not only that, given Qing`er’s status, even the Xiao Emperor didn’t dare to be too overbearing. Clearly, Qing`er would also possess a protective strand of immortal sense on her, and at the very end, the grudge between her and Xiao Lengyue would still have to be settled by themselves.

"Go and ask your daughter what she has done." Qing`er’s voice was as frosty as ever. The Xiao Emperor glanced at Xiao Lengyue, only to see an unsightly expression on his daughter’s face. Xiao Lengyue had been completely defeated—even the strand of immortal sense had been forced out of her. This battle was one of extreme humiliation.

"Enough. No matter what Lengyue has done, I will compensate you on her behalf. Both of you are supreme geniuses of the immortal realms, so it’s enough to stop the moment someone has reached their limit. You shouldn’t cause this incident to become a grudge against you and your elders. In any case, I won’t be able to stay too long in the City of Ancient Emperors. I will bring her away from this place first. If you still intend to, the two of you can fight again in the future.

After the Xiao Emperor spoke, his immortal sense surrounded Xiao Lengyue, and with a flash of light, they both disappeared on the spot. Although the Xiao Emperor appeared, he didn’t seem to think it was a good idea to bully Qing`er. Qing`er’s status was such that even immortal emperors would think twice about antagonizing her. And if a true death grudge really formed, since Xiao Lengyue’s strength was inferior to Qing`er’s, she would surely suffer in the future if she encountered Qing`er again in the City of Ancient Emperors!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 922

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