Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 932

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Xiao Lengyue was thrown backward. The wings behind Qin Wentian flickered, as he shot towards her like a golden bolt of lightning.

"KILL!" Qin Wentian stabbed out with another spear. But then, a white light flashed, manifesting an ancient mirror right as Qin Wentian’s spear stabbed through. The impact shattered the mirror instantly, but the force of the rebound caused Qin Wentian’s hand to tremble. The power of his spear had been neutralized. That flash of white light had been caused by Xuan Yang, who was fighting beside Xiao Lengyue.

How could Xiao Lengyue miss this opportunity? She had screamed the moment Qin Wentian’s spear energy neutralized her own. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and frost covered her entire figure. Rumbling sounds rang out as the ice statue shattered completely. Xiao Lengyue punched out in rage, imbued by the power she obtained from her ice statue’s self-destruction. If an ordinary genius were to be hit by a blow of this magnitude, their body would suffer the same fate as the ice statue—shattered into pieces.

For fights between experts, victory and defeat could be decided in an instant. Qin Wentian had been blocked by Xuan Yang, giving Xiao Lengyue the opportunity to strike. Another surge of extreme frost funneled into his body as his inner organs were about to turn to ice. When Xiao Lengyue punched out, Qin Wentian had the faint sense that his entire body was transforming into countless particles that were about to be torn apart. It was an alarming sensation.

At this moment, the runic glow circulating around Qin Wentian maximized in intensity. A surge of invincible suppressive pressure bore down from the sky. His constellation radiated an intense light as the G.o.d’s Hand was activated once more. This pressure broke apart all the ice as he stabbed out with another annihilative spear strike towards Xiao Lengyue, and the two sources of power collided frenziedly against each other.

"GO!" The long spear in Qin Wentian’s hand expanded. A spear that shocked the heavens, breaking all that obstructed it. His spear shot out from his hands while Xiao Lengyue struggled, and she sought to freeze her surroundings again and again. Everything in her vicinity was frozen completely.

But right at this very moment, a flood of spatial energy tunneled through, revealing a fist of golden light that broke apart the frozen s.p.a.ce. This happened the instant Qin Wentian launched his attack towards Xiao Lengyue, whose face turned ashen at the sight.

-Bzz!- Xuan Yang instantly turned and attacked Qing`er when he noticed this. But he saw Qin Wentian retaliating in kind, blasting out a Star-Seizing Palm Imprint aimed directly at him. This Star-Seizing palm strike was powered by the G.o.d’s Hand, and it contained an annihilative might that was capable of destroying all that wanted to block it.

Xuan Yang howled—numerous mirrors appeared in the air as he activated his Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art to its limits. Qin Wentian’s attack blasted into the mirrors, and a terrifying rebound force struck back, causing Qin Wentian’s arms to turn numb from the impact. Immediately after, Xuan Yang launched his own surprise attack with a spear erupting forth from within his mirror constellation.

"Amazing, no wonder Xuan Yang is ranked #4 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. His reputation is the real deal for sure. It’s simply too difficult to break his Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art. In truth, Xuan Yang’s attacks are not that terrifying, but because of how marvelous the mirror art’s abilities are, he can turn all attacks against his opponents themselves. Only a person that’s leagues above him in strength could break his Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art, but evidently, Qin Wentian has yet to attain that level. Hence, Xuan Yang holds an invincible position."

The audience quietly mused as they spectated the battle. It was too difficult a challenge to defeat Xuan Yang.

However, this wasn’t simply a one-on-one battle. It was a team fight. Qin Wentian naturally understood that it wouldn’t be easy for him to break Xuan Yang’s mirror art. Right now, Qin Wentian was akin to a wind roc, shuttling rapidly backward as he chose to retreat. A powerful spatial diagram appeared in front of him, spinning about madly as Xuan Yang’s spear slammed right into it. That spear was completely absorbed into the spatial diagram and transported into the void, thereby nullifying it completely.

It could be said that there was perfect coordination between Qin Wentian and Qing`er. Qing`er helped Qin Wentian block the strike, and Qin Wentian instantly attacked Xiao Lengyue after he successfully retreated. Xiao Lengyue initially wanted to kill Qin Wentian and then join Xuan Yang in dealing with Qing`er together, but she was interrupted because of the attack Qin Wentian blasted her way. She and Xuan Yang were completely separated; with Qing`er and Qin Wentian between them; they had no way to coordinate their attacks.

"Princess Qing`er and Qin Wentian are in no way inferior to Xuan Yang and Xiao Lengyue. If they really can win this battle, the prestige of the Twin Stars Alliance will collapse to the ground," the spectators mused. Right now, the new Twin Stars Alliance was a union between the old alliance and the Xiao Sect, with the new twin stars now being Xuan Yang and Xiao Lengyue. If they were defeated here, the reputation of this so-called number one power in the City of Ancient Emperors, would surely be tarnished.

The spectators could see that the battle between the four was growing more and more intense. Qin Wentian and Xiao Lengyue traded attack for attack, while Princess Qing`er opted to go for the softer method and neutralized Xuan Yang’s attacks instead. Because of the high difficulty in shattering Xuan Yang’s mirror, she adopted a defensive stance. She would also occasionally switch positions with Qin Wentian and ambush Xiao Lengyue.

Princess Qing`er fully utilized her advantage of spatial energy to its limits. And given that Qin Wentian’s speed was originally faster than Xiao Lengyue's, Xiao Lengyue’s situation only grew worse and worse as time flowed by.

"Qin Wentian, you’re truly despicable. As a man, you depend on the help of a woman to do battle." Xiao Lengyue coldly spat. She unleashed all the skills she was capable of, yet she had no way to destroy the G.o.d’s Hand to defeat Qin Wentian. There was already a hint of impatience in her heart, so she intentionally tried to provoke him into losing his temper.

However, Xiao Lengyue only saw Qin Wentian laughing coldly in response. This laughter seemed to mock her. And as Qin Wentian continued his attacks, he replied, "Xiao Lengyue, what’s laughable is that as the #6 ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings, you only possess this measly bit of strength. Now, it’s about time for our battle to end. I shall show you the true strength of the G.o.d’s Hand."

As the sound of his voice faded, boundless light s.h.i.+mmered from his palm, incomparably resplendent. The countless runes circulated madly, and who knew what terrifying calamity that palm was capable of. It felt like the entirety of energy condensed within was close to erupting all at once.

Xiao Lengyue stared in shock at Qin Wentian’s palm. She saw the wildly circulating runes blend together, then spinning rapidly into a vortex that frenziedly devoured all energy from the surroundings. A terrifying destructive storm manifested in front of the palm, so powerful that Xiao Lengyue’s heart involuntarily shuddered.

"Back when your G.o.d’s Hand was destroyed, you weren’t able to rea.s.semble a second one. You’re basically overdrafting the power of the G.o.d’s Hand." Xiao Lengyue stared at Qin Wentian.

"You’re right. But what of it? The G.o.d’s Hand can sustain its peak battle state for a very long time. After the battle ends, I can dissipate the energy within. But the G.o.d’s Hand has another name—the hand of divinity. It has another special characteristic; it can unleash might belonging on the divinity level, becoming a true combat-type G.o.d’s Hand," said Qin Wentian. After which, his silhouette dashed forward, lifting his palm and blasting it out towards Xiao Lengyue.

In the next instant, an incomparably gigantic palm of divinity fell from the sky, containing an unexcelled might that had the power to destroy everything. This kind of power made Xiao Lengyue feel completely helpless. She threw her head back and let out a heaven-shattering scream as boundless frost all surged forth, transforming into numerous ice mountains, wanting to block the power of that gigantic palm of divinity.

However, a fearsome deafening sound rocked the air, and all the ice mountains were shattered to pieces. Not only that, the palm of divinity moved as fast as light, destroying everything in its way.

-BOOM!- A thunderous sound rang out. Xiao Lengyue collided with the monstrous palm. The spectators then saw a deep crater in the shape of a gigantic palm appearing on the ground below her. The next moment, Xiao Lengyue was flung backward and mercilessly slammed into the ground, causing all present to stare dumbfoundedly at the crater created. Even Qing`er and Xuan Yang paused their fight, both glancing over their direction.

The crater was frozen solid, coated with ice. A chilly energy permeated the atmosphere and an instant later, the sound of coughing rang out. With apparent difficulty, a figure slowly climbed out from the deep crater as fresh blood unceasingly flowed from the corners of her lips. Xiao Lengyue inclined her head, staring at Qin Wentian standing mid-air, a look of despair in her eyes.

Followed by her defeat from Qing`er, who was a rank above her at that time, she had now been defeated in such a domineering fas.h.i.+on by Qin Wentian. This young man who had once recruited by her into her Xiao Sect, it had all been for the purpose of allowing her to gain access to the ancient palace of Emperor Yi as she wanted to find the legacy of the G.o.d’s Hand. They’d found the legacy alright, but out of all of them, it was only Qin Wentian who eventually managed to comprehend it. She’d received no other benefits at all. And today, half a year later, Qin Wentian depended on that very secret art she recruited him to search for—the G.o.d’s Hand—to defeat her in such an overwhelming manner. What irony was this?

"Xiao Lengyue was actually defeated by Qin Wentian!" The countenances of all the spectators froze. Qin Wentian, who obtained the G.o.d’s Hand, was already destined to experience a meteoric rise in the City of Ancient Emperors.

The radiance around his palm gradually dimmed. Although his G.o.d’s Hand was still active, it wasn’t as resplendent as before. Xuan Yang’s countenance turned ice-cold. His silhouette flickered, directly rus.h.i.+ng at Qin Wentian. Without the G.o.d’s Hand, how could Qin Wentian still withstand his attacks? Even though his partner had been defeated, this didn’t mean that the battle had come to an end.

However, Qing`er teleported and appeared directly before Xuan Yang, blocking his path. Her spatial energy was extremely powerful, and she blocked Xuan Yang with ease. Although she had no way to break Xuan Yang’s mirror art, Xuan Yang couldn’t defeat her as well. When the spectators watched the battle between them, they all felt that there was virtually no difference between the ones ranked #4 and #5 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

Supported by his Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art, Xuan Yang couldn’t be defeated. However, his attacks weren’t enough to overpower Qing`er, either.

Qin Wentian had foreseen that this would happen; he had fought with Xuan Yang once before and hence, he was clear of Xuan Yang’s strengths and weaknesses. Right now, he was making his way towards Xuan Yang, but at this moment, several experts of the Twin Stars Alliance started rus.h.i.+ng towards him, as though they could no longer continue watching pa.s.sively.

"What? You can’t afford to lose?" Qin Wentian swept his eyes over the members of Twin Stars Alliance as he coldly spoke, causing them to halt in their steps. They stared icily at Qin Wentian, and several of them drew closer to Xiao Lengyue, preparing to take care of her.

"What just happened?" At this moment, a voice descended from the sky. A figure could be seen soaring through the air, exuding an incomparable magnificence. An unexplainable demeanor emanated from him, and his aura was neither sharp nor tyrannical. However, his presence alone made everyone feel inferior to him. He spoke in a casual manner, but his voice managed to contain an unquestionable thread of authority!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 932

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