Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 936

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"Underworld Mountains." The various geniuses instantly discovered that the location before them was the actual real Underworld Mountains. Similarly, they discovered almost instantly that the strength and energy from their bodies were slowly being sapped away.

Hua Taixu stared at this seemingly illusionary s.p.a.ce, as though he wanted to use his samsara eyes to break through the binding. However, even with his powerful samsara eyes, he could only see a vast fog obscuring his sight. The secrets of the Underworld Mountains weren’t something he could see through.

"Nanfeng Yunxi, you’re here." At this moment, a silhouette flickered, appearing before her. This young man had a flat nose and forehead, and his eyes seemed to gleam with a strange l.u.s.ter. He seemed extremely demonic, and quite different from normal humans. However, his eyes were extremely sharp, and when his gaze swept over to those present, it was filled with an air of balefulness.

"Demonic qi. This person is a demon." Qin Wentian could sense that the original body of this man was a demonic beast. Ordinary people wouldn’t normally dare to approach and get so close to Nanfeng Yunxi. Qin Wentian searched through his memories and instantly came to a conclusion on who this man was.

Zhan Peng, ranked #7 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he came from a race of demonic avian beasts.

"What’s the matter?" Nanfeng Yunxi glanced over as she asked.

"What are you doing with these ordinary people? Follow me and we will roam the Underworld Mountains together." Zhan Peng continued, "We’re the only suitable match for each other."

People in the surroundings all had expressions of interest on their face. Especially so when Zhan Peng termed Qing`er and Qin Wentian as ordinary mortals. Could it be that he didn’t know Princess Qing`er’s ranking was higher than his? And Qin Wentian had also defeated #6-ranked Xiao Lengyue, someone who was a rank above him.

However, this Zhan Peng’s character had always been one of aloofness and pride; he did whatever he desired, heedless of everything else..

Zhan Peng was a demonic bird from an ordinary species. Knowing how pure and first-cla.s.s the Southern Phoenix bloodline was, he naturally l.u.s.ted after it. He didn’t know his limits and his aspirations were higher than the heavens. He wanted nothing more than to slay the sky sovereign divine roc and to replace it as the real sovereign of the skies. Hence, he strongly felt that only Nanfeng Yunxi’s Southern Phoenix bloodline would be compatible for him, and that she should mate with him.

There was once a person who joked that this Zhan Peng was nothing but a chicken l.u.s.ting after a phoenix, ignorant of the immensity of the heavens and earth. However, that person was then brutally murdered by Zhan Peng. From then on, everyone only dared to mock him in their hearts as n.o.body dared to underestimate Zhan Peng’s strength.

"Scram," Nanfeng Yunxi coldly commanded. Her eyes were filled with disdain when they looked at Zhan Peng. This lowly being who kept thinking how lofty he was, he truly was a disgusting sight.

"Zhan Peng, why would Princess Nanfeng fall in love with you? You’d best obediently join my alliance or you won’t even know if you suffered a disadvantage later on." Not far away, an emaciated-looking person spoke out, giving off a sense of gloom. People instantly recognized who this was. This emaciated-looking fellow was none other than the #8- ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Bone Demon.

Besides Bone Demon stood a female with ordinary looks. However, she had an extraordinary demeanor. Her gaze was sharp as she stared at Nanfeng Yunxi and Qing`er. These two were not only supreme beauties, they were top rankers of the Immortal Ascension Rankings as well. This Zhan Peng truly didn’t know how the word ‘death’ was written. Most probably, he had no idea that he couldn’t afford to antagonize this group of people.

"It seems like Bone Demon and Xu Ruxue have allied. Kun Nu is in their group as well. What a powerful formation." The crowd stared at the three of them. Behind Xu Ruxue, there was a bald monk whose name was Kun Nu.

These three were respectively ranked #8, #9 and #10 on the Immortal Ascension Rankings. They had all arrived; the news of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance had drawn everyone over.

Peak geniuses allied with peak geniuses. As for the others, they could only make up for it in terms of numbers.

"Shut up." Zhan Peng coldly swept a glance at Bone Demon. He then turned back to Nanfeng Yunxi. "As someone extraordinary, I will surely become the sovereign of the skies in the immortal realms in the future. Nanfeng Yunxi, you possess the ancient phoenix bloodline—the two of us are a match made in heaven."

The geniuses nearby wanted to laugh, but there were none who dared. This Zhan Peng’s personality was filled with prejudice. He inherited this trait from his demon father. His father was an ordinary bird that cultivated into a demon emperor, ruling a certain region in the immortal realms. Not many dared to antagonize him, and he could also be considered somewhat of a legend.

Demonic beasts and humans were different. Human stellar martial cultivators had to depend on their effort and luck to encounter good fortune to continue growing endlessly. Their comprehension abilities might also grow stronger depending on what sort of good fortune they meet. However, the comprehension abilities and insight of demonic beasts were fixed at the moment of their birth. A divine bird was a divine bird, and for ordinary birds…no matter how hard they tried, it was still impossible for them to become a roc or a phoenix.

Qin Wentian saw how weird this interaction was, but he was silently impressed by Zhan Peng’s persistence and self-confidence. With such traits, an individual would almost always achieve results that no ordinary person could match. From the bottom of his heart, this Zhan Peng truly felt that Nanfeng Yunxi was a match made in heaven with him.

"I told you to scram." Nanfeng Yunxi’s countenance grew even colder as cold intent gushed forth from her. This Zhan Peng had actually said this in public, telling her to mate with him and that they were a match made in heaven?

"Nanfeng Yunxi, if we mate, we will surely become the stuff of legends." Zhan Peng’s stubbornness far exceeded Qin Wentian’s imagination. In fact, he was becoming more and more irritating, and it was especially disgusting in the eyes of Nanfeng Yunxi. She was someone with an exceptionally high-grade bloodline, yet this Zhan Peng kept saying he wanted to mate with her.

—BOOM!— A terrifying aura gushed out. Nanfeng Yunxi was truly angry now. This caused Zhan Peng’s expression to stiffen. Although he was stubborn, he knew there was no way he could win against the one ranked #3 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. He could only say, "Since you don’t want to make a decision now, you can take your time thinking about it. I will take my leave first."

After speaking, Zhan Peng’s silhouette flickered, soaring ahead. Nanfeng Yunxi’s aura fluctuated wildly, then she gradually retracted it. However, there was still a look of coldness flickering in her eyes.

"That man is truly interesting," said Jun Mengchen in a low voice.

"His original form is a normal bird demon, and he’s extremely persistent. If I hadn’t known that his innate disposition was always like this, I wouldn’t have spared him," Nanfeng Yunxi icily stated. This caused Qin Wentian’s expression to flicker, and he smiled as he looked at Nanfeng Yunxi. "Who would have thought that the cold and arrogant Princess Nanfeng could be so compa.s.sionate?"

Nanfeng Yunxi froze. She stared at Qin Wentian with bewilderment—no one who had ever spoken to her like this. Maybe it was because of her coldness that people didn’t dare to draw close to her, which had leading to the fact that no one had ever truly understood her.

"Let’s go, there are many who are already on the move." Qin Wentian stared in the distance. Right ahead was none other than the gap between the mountains with walls filled with the blood runes. Right now, a silhouette could be seen standing there and it was none other than the top ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Zi Daoyang.

—bzz!— A silhouette soared towards that gap, but he was blasted back in an instant. It was Zhan Peng. He slammed ruthlessly onto the ground from the impact as his countenance turned ashen.

"It’s impossible to get through this pa.s.sageway," Zhan Peng said. "There must be some other route that we can enter."

Zi Daoyang didn’t say anything. He continued staring at the blood runes in contemplation. Where was the second ranker now? If he’d pa.s.sed by this pa.s.sageway before, how had he managed to accomplish it?

Could it be that the second ranker used the tyrannical flesh of his indestructible body and barged through it forcibly?

Zi Daoyang silently speculated, that ruthless man might have truly done so, sparing no thought as he forged ahead.

With such powerful blood runes casting a repulsion force field, if one couldn’t endure it mid-way, that person would die for sure. Ordinary people most definitely had no way to barge through it.

"It might be tough to bypa.s.s this with just one individual’s strength. In comparison, this might be effortless when the strength of so many are gathered together. These blood runes emanate different kinds of energy, and each of you need to try your best to comprehend one. After which, just unleash your will together and we should be able to pa.s.s through this with no trouble at all." A lazy-sounding voice rang out from the crowd. Everyone turned their heads left and right, yet none could see who had spoken. Everyone couldn’t help but feel that the atmosphere was now even eerier than before.

Could it be that there were other existences here in the Underworld Mountains?

"Or to put it in another way, if someone can comprehend all the runes here by themselves, he would be able to enter with no problem," said Zi Daoyang. Everyone’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. Had the second ranker succeeded in doing so?

However, if this was the case, it meant that a lot of time would be wasted. The Underworld Mountains were sapping their strength. And unless one could withstand the strength-devouring effect, this strategy would undoubtedly be extremely idiotic.

"Sure, if you want to do it that way, no one will stop you," the lazy-sounding voice from before coldly rang out. Zi Daoyang smiled. "Who the h.e.l.l are you? Do you only know how to hide your presence?"

n.o.body replied, the voice had no response.

Zi Daoyang turned his gaze to the crowd. "Everyone, just try to comprehend one of the respective energies. As long as we all work together, we will be able to comprehend the blood runes in a short amount of time and successfully pa.s.s through this area."

"Okay." The various geniuses present nodded. Luckily, there were plenty of people who had stepped into the Underworld Mountains. It should be no problem if they worked together to comprehend the blood runes.

"Let us try our best to understand them as well," Qin Wentian whispered. Till now, he had no idea how Little Rascal had successfully pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway.

Qin Wentian then closed his eyes as his perception drifted towards the stone walls the blood runes were inscribed on. Instantly, several types of energy gathered and took form, gus.h.i.+ng over to him. Qin Wentian’s will directly locked onto a single type, then started to comprehend the true intent of that energy.

The various geniuses were all respectively in a state of focus, trying to comprehend the blood runes on the walls. Gradually, the l.u.s.ter of the blood runes dimmed. The collective strength of the geniuses were powerful indeed, and an hour later, the entire stone wall had completely lost its light. Zi Daoyang opened his eyes and stepped out onto the pa.s.sageway. Behind him, the various geniuses followed closely.

When Qin Wentian pa.s.sed by the walls, his finger couldn’t help but trace the runes as he marveled silently at it. What sort of character had inscribed these runes on the walls?

Before them, a sense of vastness could suddenly be felt. The gaze of everyone froze as they stared ahead. There were two places with entirely different auras before them. One was dark, eerie and cold, just like an underworld filled with devils, containing a sense of dominance within. The other was its total opposite. Brilliant light radiated from there, seemingly able to expel all darkness. The aura it radiated was filled with a sense of incomparable pureness, like the qi of justice, belonging to kings and emperors of the world.

These two completely different auras had existed side by side for an unknown number of years.

~bzz~ At this moment, a grey-robed figure suddenly appeared. The figure casually stood there, exuding an aura unexcelled in the world.

"Wrong, this is not the way to enter…" a voice drifted from that figure. The figure then opened his eyes and stared at Zi Daoyang, who was in the lead. The eyes of that figure were like a blank cavernous holes, akin to the eyes of the dead. Just a glance directly caused one to sink within; the pressure that figure exuded felt like heavenly might. It felt like that figure was capable of killing them all with just a single glance.

—bzz!— A wind gusted by and the figure appeared directly before Zi Daoyang. "You all broke the rules."

"Senior…" Zi Daoyang wanted to speak, but the figure was already stretching out his hand, moving too fast for the naked eyes to follow its motion. Zi Daoyang was grabbed by the neck and lifted into the air. This scene caused a chill to bloom in the hearts of everyone; the pressure they felt was so stifling that they couldn’t even breath!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 936

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