Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 937

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Zi Daoyang; he was the son of the Violet Emperor, the one ranked at the top of the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

Yet now, someone was holding him by the throat in the air. It felt like that figure could take his life away with just a single thought.

The various geniuses present were all incomparably nervous. That gray-robed old man stared at Zi Daoyang, his empty eyes were seemingly able to penetrate all of Zi Daoyang’s thoughts.

—BOOM!— An intense energy wave abruptly gushed out as a voice drifted from Zi Daoyang’s body, "Sir, who might you be?"

"That isn’t Zi Daoyang’s voice!" Everyone’s faces stiffened. The Violet Emperor, it must be the Violet Emperor!

The gray-robed old man’s eyes continued staring at Zi Daoyang. And within Zi Daoyang’s eyes, the silhouette of the Violet Emperor suddenly appeared.

"Who am I? And who are you?" The old man still hadn’t relinquished his hold on Zi Daoyang. His voice was filled with an archaic inflection, as though after experiencing the vicissitudes of time, he had already forgotten his own ident.i.ty, had forgotten everything.

"This seat is the Violet Emperor, my son is here in the City of Ancient Emperors to temper himself, and I hope that Sir will be able to show him mercy," the Violet Emperor’s voice rang out. The gray-robed old man’s eyes flashed as he faintly spoke, "Violet Emperor…your strength is decent. Should I spare your son?"

It was like he was talking to himself. A terrifying aura gushed forth from Zi Daoyang, but the palm of the gray-robed old man similarly gushed forth with boundless strength. He stared at the silhouette of the Violet Emperor, "Are you resisting me? Forget it then, since your son had the fortune to come to this place, I will let him go unharmed."

After he spoke, he simply tossed Zi Daoyang a distance away in front of him. Upon seeing this scene, the hearts of everyone trembled. In front of this old man, leaving Zi Daoyang aside, he hadn’t even cared about the Violet Emperor. But of course, since this mysterious old man seemed to have forgotten everything, he might not even know who the Violet Emperor is.

However, why was such a powerful existence like the old man in here? What was his purpose?

This mysterious old man then turned his gaze onto the various geniuses. His empty eyes piercing the gaze of everyone in turn, as though he could see through everything.

"Too weak. Why are there so many weaklings? What is the use of all of you coming here?" The old man sighed. All the geniuses present were speechless; the geniuses of the City of Ancient Emperors were actually labeled weak by this mysterious old man. In that case, what sort of character would be talented enough to be seen as a genius in his eyes?

"Forget it, forget it, just leave it to fate." The mysterious old man sighed again. After that, he soared through the air and pointed his finger straight at the location radiating the pure aura of kings and emperors. An instant later, his silhouette flickered as he vanished directly. None in the crowd could see how he departed; his movements were so fast that they couldn’t follow them at all.

"What an old freak," Jun Mengchen murmured in a low voice before letting out a relieved breath. But as the sound of his voice faded, he suddenly felt a terrifying pressure boring down on him. Jun Mengchen’s expression turned stiff. After which, he only saw a hand reaching down from the sky, directly lifting him upwards.

"Mengchen…!" Qin Wentian’s countenance drastically changed. "Senior, please show mercy!"

"Among these weaklings, you can be considered one of those that are not too bad. I will not kill you. You can go on ahead, too." With a toss, Jun Mengchen directly soared forward, in the direction of the two different auras.

The hand vanished from sight as though it had never once appeared. Such strength caused everyone to shut their mouths instantly, not daring to speak another word.

"Let’s go." The group of people continued forward, staring at the two different colored auras that towered up the skies. Even more questions surfaced in the minds of the geniuses: was this where the Brahma Heavenly Emperor had left his inheritances?

Were these two locations, both radiating two completely different auras, left behind by the ancient emperor?

Or was there another ancient emperor that had also left his inheritance in this place?

Finally, the crowd came to the center of the two locations. On the left, was a cavern that radiated a gray aura. On the right was a cavern that radiated a pure and untainted golden-colored aura, akin to that of kings and emperors. When they reached the center, the geniuses couldn’t help but hesitate. Which direction should they choose?

"Little Rascal is over there." Qin Wentian stared at the cavern with the gray aura. What inheritance did the ancient emperors leave behind? It had already been so many years, yet this mighty aura still seemed to radiate forth endlessly, even shooting up into the skies.

"That should be the inheritance left by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor." The crowd spoke as they stared at the left cavern. The Brahma Heavenly Emperor was a G.o.d of slaughter, whose name rocked the entire immortal realms. He was extremely ruthless and once slew a total of eight immortal emperors in a single battle. How terrifying was that? His aura was sure to contain coldness and killing intent, as well as unbridled tyranny capable of destroying everything. This seemed to suit the grayish aura radiating from the left.

"Which direction do all of you wish to go?" Qin Wentian asked.

Qing`er didn’t say anything, she would naturally follow Qin Wentian.

"We have to take a look at both locations. I have no preference," Hua Taixu calmly answered.

"I will go to the right. Mengchen should be there," Zi Qingxuan replied. She could feel the pure golden aura of king and emperors

"I wish to take a look at the right cavern as well," said Nanfeng Yunxi.

"Okay in that case, Qing`er and I will head over to the left, while the three of you head to the right. Nanfeng Yunxi, take care of them if trouble should arise," said Qin Wentian. He had to head to the left to check on Little Rascal’s condition. Qing`er would be with him, and Nanfeng Yunxi should be strong enough to take care of Zi Qingxuan and Hua Taixu if they were attacked.

"Okay." Nanfeng Yunxi nodded. After which, they separated into two groups, with Qin Wentian and Qing`er walking towards the left cavern.

There were people heading in both directions. More people chose the left. Naturally, it was because of the lure of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. His legendary stories were just too shocking.

Qin Wentian and Qing`er entered the cavern. This cavern seemed to be formed naturally by the heavens, while the aura that currently radiated forth was created at a later time. On the ground, bones and skeletons laid all around, causing nervousness to set in the hearts of the crowd. It seemed like it wouldn’t be so easy to enter this place. And there was even the possibility of life-threatening danger.

"Ancient coffins?" At this moment, a few stone platforms with wooden coffins came into their view. These coffins were manufactured from unique materials, and were undamaged even after thousands of years.

"Zi Daoyang is over there." The crowd had noticed that Zi Daoyang was sitting cross-legged at the side of the cavern, his eyes seemingly closed in meditation.

"What's going on with him?"

"What are within these wooden coffins?"

The crowd inched closer and closer. An instant later, a person from the crowd walked towards the coffin and peered within.

"ARGH!" A scream of extreme misery rang out. That person retreated explosively, falling onto the ground. That scream was filled with abject terror, causing everyone to turn their eyes to him. The other geniuses among the crowd saw that he was now bleeding from his eyes. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

"What the h.e.l.l?" Everyone froze as they turned to the coffin. The fate of that poor guy caused the other geniuses to halt their steps mid-way. They didn't dare to take a single step forward.

—BOOM!— Everyone’s hearts trembled. A strange sound was echoing from within the coffin, and an instant later, a pair of hands could be seen grasping its sides. This pair of hands were pale white, and entirely bloodless. The eeriness in the atmosphere intensified as everyone started feeling nervous.

After which, the geniuses saw a body rising from the coffin. The head of that body swerved around, staring at the geniuses. And just an instant later, everyone felt a burning pain in their eyes. They felt as though their eyes were being pierced by blood-colored arrows as a powerful will gushed into their minds. All of them felt as though they had been transported into a world of blood, as a terrifying figure with an air of absolute dominance stood before them. There was a blood-red spear in the figure’s hand, and it was now p.r.o.nouncing its judgement on them.

Qin Wentian was the same as the rest. When that pair of eyes glanced over, everyone present experienced the same thing. He did his best and struggled free after staring at the figure in the coffin. It was an incomparably imposing figure, like a tyrant lord under the heavens, possessing incomparable divine might.

"Eight coffins…" Qin Wentian discovered that there were a total of eight wooden coffins in this cavern. This meant that there were seven other existences similar to the one who appeared earlier.

"Heavenly Emperor…" A terrifying thought rang out in Qin Wentian’s mind. Were these eight existences the bodies of the eight supreme-tier immortal emperors that the Brahma Heavenly Emperor had defeated in the past?

Their bodies were placed here by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor?

…BOOM…BOOM… ! The terrifying sounds continued as movements were detected coming from the other seven coffins. Seven pairs of ghastly white hands appeared on the sides of the coffins as seven bodies rose to stand up. At the instant their eyes opened, all of them emanated an unexcelled heavenly might.

—bang!— One of the bodies stepped forth, and with a thunderous bang, the geniuses in the cavern were all forced to the ground in a prostrating manner. Even Zi Daoyang couldn't resist the pressure.

However, among the geniuses, the #8-ranker Bone Demon was struggling against the pressure and did his best to crawl forward. His eyes were fixed on one of the bodies. The body he was staring at suddenly radiated a dazzling light, as though there was a mysterious power within.

"Bone Demon, of the junior generation, pays his respect to ancestor." Bone Demon knelt on the ground, respectfully kowtowing to one of the bodies. That figure he was bowing to trembled. An instant later, an arm shot out from the void, directly grabbing hold of Bone Demon, as the figure’s empty eyes stared straight at him.

"Ancestor, I'm a junior member of the Bone Race, your descendant!" Bone Demon’s countenance was filled with terror as he hurriedly called out.

"Bone Demon is from the bone race of ancient times. The figure in the coffin is actually his Ancestor, and there's no doubt he's an immortal emperor. Back then, the eight immortal emperors defeated by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor were actually brought here to this place. Their bodies have not been destroyed, and they were placed into the coffins instead," someone mumbled, his words instantly causing fear to appear on the faces of the other geniuses.

The Heavenly Emperor. The eight immortal emperors. Have all of them truly perished?

In that case, what exactly were these bodies now? Did the Brahma Heavenly Emperor refine them into puppets?

Upon thinking of this, the hearts of everyone trembled violently. Immortal emperor puppets. This…

They then saw the Bone Race Ancestor turning his gaze onto Bone Demon. There were no emotions in his eyes at all. Did he still possess a sense of self?

—BOOM!— The ancestor immediately tossed him away, causing Bone Demon to smash heavily against a wall. Cracking sounds rang out as several of Bone Demon’s bones were fractured. He lifted his head and stared at his ancestor with a questioning look in his eyes. His ancestor…a supreme-tier immortal emperor had actually been refined into a puppet by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor?

"Brahma Heavenly Emperor, you are so ruthless. Is your inheritance truly here?" Bone Demon turned his eyes towards the depths of the cavern.

"Inheritance. What type of attribute energy does the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance possess? Out of all the ancient emperors in recorded history, only a select few could stand side-by-side equally with the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. How could the attribute energies he was proficient in be limited to a single type?" The hearts of the crowd shuddered. If they truly obtained the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance, what sort of storm would it create?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 937

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