Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 950

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Thunderous sounds shook the sky. Mo Xie’s every step could rumble the heavens and earth, as a vast might gushed forth from him, akin to angry tidal waves that surged madly, sweeping across the area.

The surrounding geniuses were intensely shocked as they felt the power of his aura. Although Jun Mengchen’s cultivation level was lower than Mo Xie’s, Jun Mengchen wasn’t an ordinary character. But even so, he’d still been sent flying with a single strike. One could very well imagine how strong Mo Xie was now. His strength was simply too tyrannical.

Nanfeng Yunxi and Qing`er stepped out, blocking Mo Xie’s advance. Mo Xie’s eyes shone with a cold and fearsome light, staring at the two supreme beauties before him as he spoke, "Get out of the way. I don’t wish to injure women."

Qing`er exuded a startling might as her powerful spatial energy gushed forth. Boundless sparks of multicolored light enveloped her, making for an extremely terrifying sight.

At the same time, a red glow flashed through the air. Nanfeng Yunxi’s aura was just as startling. A phantom of an ancient phoenix appeared behind her, and her stunning beauty was beyond compare. Two women of such supreme beauty both stood in front of Qin Wentian, intent on obstructing Mo Xie.

The statue’s light shone unceasingly on Qin Wentian as energy flowed into him. His mind was filled with scenes from an ancient time, and gradually, ancient characters imprinted directly into his mind. It caused a buzzing sound to ring out, and a voice could be heard speaking.

"Immortal foundations have six tiers that can be broken down into three grades. The first three tiers are known as the mortal grade, the fourth tier is known as the immortal king grade, the fifth tier is known as the immortal emperor grade, and lastly, the sixth tier is known as the saint grade. A shattering leads to an increase in grade. Shatter the mortal to become the immortal, shatter the immortal to become the saint."

An ancient voice echoed in Qin Wentian’s mind. Immortal-foundation experts had to first establish the immortal foundations, and they were cla.s.sified according to what the voice had said.

The fourth and fifth tier were considered the king/emperor grade, respectively.

The sixth tier was the legendary grade. A saint-grade immortal foundation!

They had to establish a supreme physique for no other reason than as a prerequisite for establis.h.i.+ng a saint-grade immortal foundation.

Shattering one’s foundation was a method steeped in immense pain and agony. With every shatter, it was akin to being reborn. If one didn’t have a powerful enough physique, they would inevitably die after their immortal foundation was shattered. Hence, if one didn’t manage to establish a supreme physique, it would be useless to even obtain the inheritance.

Qin Wentian continued to absorb the information flowing into his mind. He stared at Mo Xie as his own terrifying aura gushed forth. His entire body shone with a supreme light as he activated the G.o.d’s Hand in preparation for the fight.

But wasn’t Mo Xie’s aura just as overwhelming and terrifying? His entire body shone with a dark golden l.u.s.ter, and he gave off a sense of invincibility just by looking at him. The strength of his body had already reached an unfathomable extreme.

Mo Xie stepped out once again. Dark golden light transformed into numerous sharp blades that shot out. He stared at Qing`er and Nanfeng Yunxi, "If this man dares to seize my inheritance, I’ll just take it back no matter what method I have to use. If you two wish to block me, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.

As the sound of his voice faded, Mo Xie lifted his palm to release a terrifying surge of devilish tribulation force. The instant he blasted out, numerous devils manifested, sweeping towards Qing`er and Nanfeng Yunxi. The two ladies were still strong enough to stand against Mo Xie, but as for Hua Taixu and Zi Qingxuan, because of their lower cultivation base, they ended up like Jun Mengchen—blasted away from attempting to obstruct Mo Xie.

chi!—chi!— Qing`er and Nanfeng Yunxi both attacked at the same time. Countless sharp spatial swords exploded out, containing traces of law energy that tore apart the s.p.a.ce, capable of lacerating everything. However, how could Mo Xie’s attacks be weak? The entire sky turned a dark golden color. Every particle of his devilish tribulation force contained a shocking amount of power within, transforming into a wave of pure destruction that easily blocked and destroyed Qing`er’s attack. His strength was so strong that it could only be described as overwhelmingly ruthless.

Nanfeng Yunxi manifested the power of an ancient phoenix that burned everything in its path. But despite its power, her attacks were also blocked by Mo Xie. The impact from the clashes formed a tempest—with the three of them at its center—before spreading out in all directions. Such might was like that of an apocalypse, containing the power of pure destruction, which forced all the surrounding geniuses to retreat far away. They could only sigh at how terrifying the combat prowess of these three were.

—BANG—BANG!— Terrifying sounds rang out continuously. Nanfeng Yunxi and Qing`er were forced back. In fact, a surge of dark energy had blasted into them, causing them to groan in misery as traces of blood could be seen on the corner of their lips.

Both beauties were injured, and several of the surrounding geniuses felt compa.s.sion and pity in their hearts as they watched on. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they would have already stepped up to help by now. However, their opponent was none other than Mo Xie. Who would dare to stand against Mo Xie?

Qin Wentian seized Mo Xie’s inheritance. It was impossible for Mo Xie to spare him.

"SCRAM!" Mo Xie roared in anger, stomping the ground as a baleful aura gushed forth, its might shaking the heavens.

Qing`er’s long hair fluttered in the wind, and in that instant an incomparably terrifying image flashed through her eyes as the outline of several diagrams could be seen. A moment later, an unfathomably powerful might erupted forth from her body.

"That’s…" The other geniuses felt their hearts trembling violently when they looked at Qing`er’s eyes. Those eyes were exceedingly fearsome, and contained a hint of something demonic within. Her eyes had manifested a diagram of a blooming lotus that seemed to be sealed away.

~RUMBLE~ Rays of light shot out from Qing`er eyes, containing a terrifying penetrative strength, directly shooting towards Mo Xie. Mo Xie frowned, after that, a sharp screeching sound rang out as the rays of light collided into the dark golden energy emitted from Mo Xie’s body. It felt like her eyes were powerful enough to kill an ordinary genius.

"Mhm?" Mo Xie furrowed his brows. He currently had an indestructible body, and his defense was insanely high. By right, no ninth-level ascendant would be able to compare to him in terms of durability. His life force was vast and vibrant, and his defense was at an insanely high level. But right now, the rays of light shooting from Qing`er’s eyes were actually causing a significant reaction.

The rays of light continued shooting forth, the sheer volume was enough to shroud the entire area.

Aside from the dark golden l.u.s.ter flickering in his eyes, a terrifying vortex of darkness could be seen in its depths. Mo Xie stared coldly at Qing`er, radiating a force that seemed capable of devouring everything in existence. If he killed the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, the disciple of Matriarch Ji, what would be the consequences?

All of a sudden, a ruthless light gleamed in Mo Xie’s eyes. He then stepped out, his steps causing the earth to shake. His strength had already reached the ultimate peak under immortality; it was impossible to surpa.s.s him.

A thunderous boom echoed out as Mo Xie dashed directly at Qing`er. His actions caused the hearts of many to tremble. Mo Xie actually gave up Qin Wentian as his first target and had chosen Qing`er instead? Could Mo Xie really dare to act against her?

However, given how crazy Mo Xie could be, there was a possibility he might really do it. Mo Xie was an extremely ruthless character. There were many things he’d done that either others could never accomplish or weren’t brave enough to accomplish.

Mo Xie gathered up his vast might, then abruptly blasted it out, which manifested a powerful devil that lunged towards Qing`er.

The diagrams in Qing`er’s eyes shone with an even more demonic light. After which, different colored rays shot out, caging the entire area. A strange lotus slowly bloomed and shot towards Mo Xie. The lotus contained a level of power that was several time’s higher than Qing`er’s current strength.

The spectators could only stare in deep shock as they watched the different colors circulating around Qing`er, her long hair fluttering in the wind.

That terrifying collision once again shook the heavens and earth. The power of their attacks seemed evenly matched, creating a tempest that ravaged their surroundings. But then Mo Xie roared loudly in anger and he continued advancing forward. The aura he exuded was so vast it had no boundaries to it, as though it would never dissipate. That was the power of indestructibility.

Qing`er readied herself to resist it, but then a figure abruptly appeared at her side. An immense power erupted forth, as the terrifying G.o.d’s Hand appeared. Qin Wentian had arrived, and it appeared that his proficiency with the G.o.d’s Hand seemed even more terrifying than before. When he attacked, the entire area around him seemed about to collapse, and the power within his strike cleanly neutralized the power within Mo Xie’s attack.

—BOOM!— That violent collision caused Mo Xie’s attack to once again be destroyed. The geniuses nearby narrowed their eyes at this scene.

Qin Wentian’s combat prowess seemed to have undergone a change, and he’d become even more overwhelming. Right now, he was powerful to the extent where he could block Mo Xie’s attack.

After Qin Wentian’s attack, Qing`er’s eyes shot forth a light that enveloped Mo Xie. That light was a miraculous and mysterious s.p.a.ce lotus, which generated bursts of spatial killing energy as it shot towards Mo Xie.

Mo Xie howled in rage, and the dark golden light radiating from him shone even more intensely. Stepping out, he tried all the methods he could, but discovered he had no way of breaking free from that cage of spatial light. It was like he had stepped into a trap.

—BOOM!— Nanfeng Yunxi also unleashed her attack at this moment. A boundless red glow transformed into flames of slaughter, shooting towards Mo Xie amidst the shrill cry of an ancient phoenix.

Mo Xie’s gaze turned extremely terrifying. He stared at these incoming attacks as his constellation manifested before him, helping him to block the damage. His eyes narrowed on Qing`er, and his body exuded a boundless force that strove to tear apart the spatial bindings. Clearly, he hadn’t expected Qing`er to have such power.

Qin Wentian appeared in the air. The power of his suppression constellation gathered, transforming into countless figures of suppression that descended down to the ground. His countenance was ice cold as he stared at Mo Xie; he channeled the entirety of his strength towards his G.o.d’s Hand, preparing to launch an overwhelming strike.

At this moment, the G.o.d’s Hand emitted an unbelievably oppressive pressure.

"KILL!" Qin Wentian roared in anger as he launched his attack. This time around, his gigantic palm imprints all transformed into fearsome figures of suppression, each containing boundless indomitable strength as they rushed towards Mo Xie.

—BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!— Mo Xie tore apart the spatial energy locking him down. His strength was simply too much. After breaking free, he soared into the skies and punched out with a fist that penetrated the void, smas.h.i.+ng towards Qin Wentian. At that exact moment, the attacks launched by the G.o.d’s Hand arrived, exuding a sense of absolute annihilation, causing rumbling sounds to ring out. Mo Xie’s punch was completely obliterated, and Qin Wentian’s continued forth unimpeded, shooting straight at him. He hurriedly lifted his arms up in defense, and with a deafening boom, a powerful crack was heard from Mo Xie’s body, as though something had broke inside him. When that bout of energy from Qin Wentian dissipated, Mo Xie couldn’t hold it in any longer and coughed out fresh blood!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 950

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