Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 955

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The expressions on the faces of the members of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect instantly changed. Evidently, they hadn’t expected a female to react so ruthlessly and decisively. Not only that, she was extremely strong, and had damaged the eyes of their companion in a single move.

Not only that, the people from the Qin Sect had surrounded them, and they all seemed to be extremely powerful individuals. Their auras were incomparably ferocious, creating a stifling pressure. Anger could be seen on their faces, and their waves of cold intent swept through the inn, causing the atmosphere to become extremely tense.

That ugly young man was now blinded, and he continued to scream in agony, spewing out venomous curses. "I’m blind! I’M BLIND!! Senior Brother, kill that f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h. I WANT HER TO DIE!"

However, Que Tianyi and the others didn’t make a move. On the contrary, they had actually calmed down because the situation was simply outside of their expectations.

"Sister Nanfeng!" Zhao Xin`er called out, wanting to run over, only to see Que Tianyi’s hand shooting out as a terrifying coldness enveloped her, as though he wanted to freeze her vitality.

"Release her," Nanfeng Yunxi coldly ordered. Behind her, a phantom of an ancient phoenix could be seen. She stepped forward as the red glow covered the entire area. Brilliant embers of flames flickered into life around her, containing a destructive might that could destroy everything.

"You blinded my junior brother, yet you want me to release her?" Que Tianyi asked coldly.

"Didn’t you all want to see the members of the Qin Sect? We are here, and if you defeat me, you can blind my eyes as well. Using a weak maiden to threaten me? Weren’t you very arrogant earlier? Why are you such a coward now?" Nanfeng Yunxi’s words were dripping with arrogance. But as the one ranked third in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, how could her strength be weak?

"Release her. If not, things won’t end as simply as having one of your members being blinded," someone spoke. This person was a female, and was none other than the previous ninth-ranked Xu Ruxue. She’d also chosen to join the Qin Sect, and was now a member.

"I was truly curious to see who’d be audacious enough to command our Qin Sect’s sect leader to come and see him. Right now in the City of Ancient Emperors, the only ones likely to have that kind of courage are Zi Daoyang and Mo Xie. But now that I see you guys, you’re all truly a disappointment." Li Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest, as a look of contemptuous mockery flashed in his eyes. Back then, he quit the Xiao Sect because he was disappointed with Xiao Lengyue’s character and how she tried to deal with Qin Wentian despite all the help he’d provided. Now that the Qin Sect had risen up, he too, had chosen to join them.

Li Yu had already met Qin Wentian back when he’d first entered the City of Ancient Emperors. Who would have thought that within a short amount of time he’d be ranked fourth in the City of Ancient Emperors—Qin Wentian could already be considered something of a legend.

"Are you the sect leader of the Qin Sect?" Que Tianyi stared at Nanfeng Yunxi as he asked.

"No," Nanfeng Yunxi icily replied. "But, meeting me is the same as meeting him."

"The Qin Sect in the City of Ancient Emperors…what tier of power is it?" Que Tianyi’s gaze flickered as he asked. Before this, he only believed that the Qin Sect was an ordinary small sect. But now seeing the aura from his opponent, as well as the strength of their members, he began to doubt himself. It was like his previous conjectures had been off by a long shot. This supreme beauty in front of him was actually causing him to feel an oppressive and threatening pressure.

"You talk too much nonsense." Xu Ruxue snorted in disdain. "Leng Pingchao has already informed us of what you said earlier. Since you’ve dared to utter such words to humiliate our Qin Sect, how do you think this matter should be resolved?"

"What do you all want?" Que Tianyi asked.

"Everyone in your group must slap yourselves ten times. Our Qin Sect shall then forget this matter," Nanfeng Yunxi spoke with cold arrogance, her words darkening the expressions of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect’s members. She wanted them to slap themselves?

"Ridiculous," Gusu Tianqi coldly replied. "We will fight if you wish to fight."

"If you are still a man, release her before we start the battle." Nanfeng Yunxi stared at Que Tianyi.

Que Tianyi lifted Zhao Xin`er up and released a freezing energy that froze her in ice. After which, a palm strike slammed into her back and she was flung through the doors of the inn.

Nanfeng Yunxi stiffened. She waved her hands and a wave of heat directly infused into Zhao Xin`er, warming her up and melting the ice within. Zhao Xin`er moaned and trembled violently—she seemed to be suffering from immense pain.

"I’m Que Tianyi, a disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. We are all disciples of the immortal kings and emperors of our sect. You’ve blinded one of our members, and still you want us to release your people. Are you satisfied now?" Que Tianyi spoke as waves of coldness radiated from him. A pale cold moon appeared above his head as his battle intent emanated outwards.

Nanfeng Yunxi flew towards Zhao Xin`er and cradled her gently, "Xin`er, I will make him pay for this."

After that, she pa.s.sed Zhao Xin`er to the person beside her and stepped forward, staring at Que Tianyi and his group of people. In her eyes, there seemed to be an image of flames from a burning phoenix. A clear clarion cry then rang out from the phantom behind her back, as blazing red flames towered up into the skies, sweeping over the area.

"A disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor? I’ve never heard of him before," Nanfeng Yunxi stated. She then pointed her finger out once more as the red glow enveloped the entire place. A phoenix manifested and shot out from her finger, directly aiming for Que Tianyi and the others. At this moment, the countenances of their group all changed. They stared at Nanfeng Yunxi floating in the air. The might exuding from her in that moment was unexcelled in this world.

puchi… Blood splattered through the air. One of them had been struck, his arm slashed clean off of him.

Que Tianyi stepped out, and the pale cold moon enveloped him in a brilliant glow. He shot forth a beam of light towards Nanfeng Yunxi, filled with the power of absolute freeze.

Nanfeng Yunxi and Que Tianyi exchanged blows in the air. The cries of a phoenix rang out, and the fearsome heat completely enveloped Que Tianyi’s constellation, unceasingly infusing its insides with heat. This caused Que Tianyi to abruptly turn pale. His power was actually inferior to Nanfeng Yunxi.

The instant Nanfeng Yunxi sent out her energy, the entire inn caught fire, directly burning it to cinders. The experts spectating nearby hurriedly retreated, and they stared at the people from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect with a mocking smile in their eyes. These arrogant fellows were newbies who’d just entered the City of Ancient Emperors, yet they didn’t understand the meaning of keeping a low profile? Now, they would probably have to pay a painful and terrible price.

Gusu Tianqi’s strength was quite strong. He released his sun furnace, as nine suns began s.h.i.+ning behind his back in an incomparably resplendent manner.

Although Gusu Tianqi became the disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor after Que Tianyi, many people in their sect still believed Gusu Tianqi was superior. Gusu Tianqi’s talent was higher; it was only that he’d joined the sect later.

After stepping into the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon, Gusu Tianqi’s strength was far different than before. Terrifying sun spears shot out from his furnace, forcing the members of the Qin Sect to hurriedly retreat.

Xu Ruxue’s long whip directly lashed out, aiming for Gusu Tianqi. Shadows of her whip attacks covered the sky, causing boundless runic light to flash as the whips all lashed down. Gusu Tianqi still had a calm look on his face. He then roared loudly as his sun furnace erupted with boundless light, sweeping across the area, and slamming into the countless whip shadows in the sky. Sizzling sounds rang out endlessly, but to his shock, Gusu Tianqi discovered that his sun spears had actually been destroyed in the collision. The whip attacks were all infused by a destructive runic might, capable of destroying anything with a single touch.

Other than these main characters, the other members of both groups started to fight. But the instant the fight began, the people from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect were instantly placed in an inferior position, and they were completely dominated.

What was even more terrifying was that this battle had just started. But Que Tianyi’s constellation had already been corroded by the energy from Nanfeng Yunxi. An ancient phoenix soared above the pale moon, and its sharp talons raked through it. Nanfeng Yunxi erupted with a vast and overwhelming power, and each of her attacks forced Que Tianyi to use his full strength to defend against.

Que Tianyi’s countenance had turned extremely ugly. As a personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, he had never experienced such a miserable defeat. He completely wasn’t her opponent. In front of this woman, he, a personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, simply wasn’t good enough to measure up to her.

—BOOM!— Que Tianyi was blasted by the attack as he coughed out several mouthfuls of fresh blood. The members of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect stared at this scene; their faces were pale white, and none of them could muster a smile. Previously, they had ravaged a sect in the City of Ancient Emperors out of anger. However, the circ.u.mstances were now different, and it didn’t matter that they were all core disciples, or that their sect considered them important enough to be carefully nurtured; the personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had actually been injured in such a short span of time.

On the other side of the battlefield, the other personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, Gusu Tianqi, was still fighting. Although he could still hold on, it was clear that he was being suppressed. Xu Ruxue was an existence among those ranked within the top ten in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. Clearly, she wasn’t somebody who Gusu Tianqi could defeat, especially considering the fact that he’d just stepped into the ninth level not too long ago.

—bzz!— Nanfeng Yunxi didn’t seem like she was planning to show any mercy. As quick as lightning, a phoenix sword materialized in her hand as she slashed outwards. The air was torn into two by a blazing red light. Que Tianyi’s heart trembled in fear as he did his best to summon the entirety of his energy to defend himself, but to no avail. As the sword slashed down, his defenses had all collapsed and his body was left with a long, b.l.o.o.d.y wound, his robes torn apart. He had narrowly avoided being slain by this strike, and he was so terrified that his entire body turned cold.

"WAIT!" When he saw Nanfeng Yunxi preparing for another attack, Que Tianyi couldn’t help but call out in a hurry, "It’s just a misunderstanding, why must you act to kill?"

"How shameless can you be?" At the back, Leng Pingchao cursed. The contempt in Nanfeng Yunxi’s eyes intensified when she looked at Que Tianyi. "Disciples of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor are actually this useless? Then on his behalf, let me clear out the trash from his sect."

"YOU DARE TO KILL ME?" Que Tianyi was completely stunned when he heard her words. "I’M A PERSONAL DISCIPLE OF THE EASTERN SAGE IMMORTAL EMPEROR!"

"Such an inferior disciple. Even if I killed you, he wouldn't avenge you." As the sound of Nanfeng Yunxi’s voice faded away, the red glow enveloped the heavens and earth as a supreme destructive might shrouded Que Tianyi. Her finger stabbed forth and the entire area around him began to collapse.

Que Tianyi felt chills all over his body. How could this be? HOW COULD THIS BE?!

What status did a personal disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor have? But this woman in front of him actually dared to speak with such arrogance, saying that even if she killed him, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor wouldn’t take revenge for him.

A wretched look flashed in Que Tianyi’s eyes. Since that was the case, he’d allow her to meet with his master, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor.

Que Tianyi didn’t take out an immortal weapon to resist her power. On the contrary, he activated a strand of immortal sense on his body as a startling might pervaded the air. After which, a rumbling sound echoed and a majestic figure manifested from the energy. The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s silhouette had appeared!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 955

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