Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 962

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Upon sensing the auras from these three opponents and the demonic beast before him, Zi Daoyang knew he had a high possibility of being defeated.

However, would he truly give up and leave?

He was Zi Daoyang, the son of the Violet Emperor. He was ranked first in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, inferior to no one. They wanted to make him give up on this battle?

"I shall play with you guys since you all want to play." Zi Daoyang had his own pride, a pride that belonged to the one ranked at the top of the Immortal Ascension Rankings. Before this, he was the first to arrive at the Underworld Mountains. He could have depended on immortal-ranked weapons to subdue Little Rascal, but he’d chosen not to. As the strongest person in the City of Ancient Emperors, he believed his strength was able to settle everything—he didn’t need to break the rule of using immortal-ranked weapons to handle a mere demonic beast.

This wasn’t foolish, but rather, it was his pride from being the strongest.

From the beginning of time, the strongest geniuses at the peak all had a pride that belonged to themselves.

Qing`er, Nanfeng Yunxi, and Little Rascal took up their positions, moving in a circle around Zi Daoyang while Qin Wentian’s gigantic body stood arrogantly, controlling the movements on the battlefield.

"FIGHT!" Zi Daoyang roared. Violet light filled the skies and congregated into a gigantic palm imprint that slammed towards Little Rascal. However, Little Rascal didn’t back away, and responded with a paw swipe of its own. Boundless runic light flashed, and its gigantic sharp talons contained an incomparable terrifying power within, directly blasting through the palm imprint and shattering it.

A lotus bloomed, creating a screen of light that shone on Zi Daoyang. Boundless spatial energy cascaded downward, shrouding him within. Qing`er’s countenance was like ice, and she pierced forth with a finger, manifesting numerous void swords that immediately slashed through the air.

Zi Daoyang waved his hand. His divinity constellation shone with a dazzling light as he activated the Thousand Autumns Emperor Art once again. Qing`er’s attack branded directly on a formless barrier as runes of light flashed, causing her own attack to rebound back on herself.

"Ordinary attacks are useless against Zi Daoyang. His Thousand Autumns Emperor Art can return all attacks back to their attackers," Nanfeng Yunxi explained. Right now, she appeared flawlessly perfect, exuding an incomparable holiness. Behind her, the phantom of an ancient phoenix cried out as a stunning red glow abruptly rose through the sky, transforming into blazing beams of light that erupted out towards Zi Daoyang. A surge of intense burning energy converged into beams of light that combusted all in its path as they slammed into Zi Daoyang.

Zi Daoyang’s expression changed. A large violet s.h.i.+eld abruptly appeared before him, exuding a sense of indestructibility. But the beams of light all transformed into numerous phoenix swords that madly slashed outwards. That violet s.h.i.+eld endured the annihilative power within the swords and gradually turned scorching red from the heat. After which, a thunderous boom rang out and it shattered into pieces.

"How powerful, these kind of attacks are just too fearsome. Those phoenix swords contain a fire energy that could even burn the heavens, and they also possess the capability to slash apart everything. With just this move, Nanfeng Yunxi has already ensured that almost no one in the City of Ancient Emperors can stand up to her." The spectators felt their hearts shaking.

Zi Daoyang activated the Ultimate Violet Saint Immortal Art to its utmost limit. It was like he was borrowing power from the heavens— violet qi rose from the east as his entire figure was cloaked inside a column of violet light. His hand stretched out, manifesting a fearsome violet palm that blasted towards Nanfeng Yunxi’s burning flames. The two of them clashed furiously, and the gigantic violet palm relentlessly pushed forward to take down Nanfeng Yunxi.

The terrifying heavenly hammer materialized in Qin Wentian’s G.o.d’s Hand once again, and slammed down in an earth-shaking strike. The suppression constellation in the air cascaded its light onto the heavenly hammer, causing the pressure it exuded to explode upwards in scale. Zi Daoyang’s other hand shot up into the sky to block the hammer blow.

~RUMBLE~ A heaven rumbling sound echoed as their attacks slammed into each other. The earth shook violently—the power of their attacks were terrifying to the extreme.

In the air, numerous figures of suppression descended, the pressure they emitted all focused onto Zi Daoyang. They shot out lines of light, forming a dazzling diagram of suppression. Zi Daoyang inclined his head and suddenly felt a fearsome suppressive might gathering above him.

"Go and help out!" Xiao Lengyue coldly shouted. She could sense the difficult situation Zi Daoyang was in. The combination of four experts was too powerful, and even though it was Zi Daoyang, he still found it hard-pressed to fight against them all. She led multiple experts and rushed over, intending to aid Zi Daoyang, but a moment later, the gigantic sword in Qin Wentian’s hand slashed down towards Xiao Lengyue. A cleaving sword slashed through the void—Xiao Lengyue’s countenance stiffened as she retreated with explosive speed. The gigantic figure that was Qin Wentian intended to keep all of them separated from Zi Daoyang. No one was allowed to interfere.

Zi Daoyang roared. He shot up into the sky, yet he only saw Qin Wentian’s heavenly hammer crus.h.i.+ng down once more, bringing with it a towering might. It was like the hammer of a battle G.o.d, and it slammed into Zi Daoyang, forcing him back to his original position. Although Qin Wentian’s violent attack wasn’t enough to injure Zi Daoyang, he couldn’t find a way to remove himself from this death trap. He was completely cornered.

Nanfeng Yunxi advanced. Ten thousand ancient phoenixes furiously shot forward, containing a power that could shake the heavens and earth.

Qing`er unleashed her Immortal Slaying Diagram, aiming for Zi Daoyang. Little Rascal moved with the speed of lightning, rus.h.i.+ng up for close combat. Its paw suddenly swiped out with unbelievable strength and speed.

The diagram of suppression—formed from the lines of light of the figures of suppression—turned corporeal. Zi Daoyang could only feel his constellation energy being suppressed completely. The light from that diagram shone onto his constellation and himself, causing him to feel a burden so heavy it was if he was shouldering the heavens. Gradually, he began to feel more and more helpless.

"Zi Daoyang is at his wit’s end. He’s going to be defeated soon." The people of the Violet Sect and Qin Sect felt their hearts trembling when they saw this. If it was a one-on-one battle, none of these people would be able to match the first-ranked Zi Daoyang. However, by joining forces, they managed to beat back Mo Xie, and now, even Zi Daoyang couldn’t stand against them.

"If this goes on, I’m screwed." Zi Daoyang was trapped within the attacks of four experts. The power of the heavenly hammer when it slammed down could even seal his combat strength. If this dragged on, it would be extremely disadvantageous for him.

Zi Daoyang’s pupils turned violet. He stared at Little Rascal’s gigantic body and abruptly, he gave up on defense and decisively rushed towards the beast, aiming for its vitals.

—BOOM!— Nanfeng Yunxi’s attack immediately blasted into him. He was enveloped by protective layers of violet light, but he was still so shaken up that he couldn’t help but groan in agony. Qing`er’s attack landed at the same instant, slas.h.i.+ng at his body and tearing apart layers of light, but at this moment, Zi Daoyang couldn’t care less. He blasted out with his palms, causing runes to fill the sky as he grabbed outwards.

Another deafening boom rang out—Little Rascal’s attack was shattered apart. That violet palm grabbed it directly and a moment later, waves of darkness converged into a vortex as he frenziedly drew upon the energy within Little Rascal’s body.

"RELEASE HIM!" Qin Wentian’s heavenly hammer smashed down. Zi Daoyang raised his hand to defend, only to see his imprint being broken apart by Qin Wentian’s hammer. That fearsome hammer slammed into Zi Daoyang, causing him to cough out blood, but his other hand still solidly held onto Little Rascal. Even if he fell to the ground, he refused to let go. Inclining his head, a fearsome light shone in his eyes as he glared at Qin Wentian.

Coughing out a few more mouthfuls of blood, Zi Daoyang’s body trembled. Evidently, the injuries he was suffering from weren’t light at all.

"ROAR!" Little Rascal emitted a heaven-shaking roar of pain. Qin Wentian turned ashen, and the heavenly hammer in his hand vanished, replaced by a divine sharp sword that s.h.i.+mmered with heavenly light. His sword finger pressed down, stabbing towards Zi Daoyang.

In that instant, Zi Daoyang’s countenance changed. A terrifying force that seemingly broke through into immortality shook the entire area. The finger attack of absolute death shot towards Zi Daoyang, who summoned the entirety of his strength in his body. He had no choice but to release Little Rascal, blasting upwards with both his palms in a bid to defend himself as a violet divinity appeared before him.

puchi... A brilliant light flashed. Qin Wentian’s G.o.d’s Hand was shattered apart by Zi Daoyang’s attack. However, that sword-finger attack blasted into Zi Daoyang at the same instant the violet divinity was sacrificed in place of Zi Daoyang. The surge of sword energies pa.s.sed through it and continued to ravage his defenses.

Borrowing power from the rebound force of the impact, Zi Daoyang madly retreated. Fearsome fissures appeared on the ground, and a cavity could be seen on Zi Daoyang’s body. Fresh blood leaked onto the ground; the b.l.o.o.d.y wound on his body was caused by the fearsome lingering sword might of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian returned to his normal size. His G.o.d’s Hand disappeared, but his aura was still rising. By borrowing the power of the G.o.d’s Hand and the entirety of energy in his body, the him right now could already sustain the usage of a single sword strike of the Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Swordplay. However, the boost to his attack wasn’t as terrifying as before which could jump levels to kill his opponents. The him right now was at the absolute peak below immortality.

This strike had heavily injured the one ranked first in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, Zi Daoyang.

"KILL OUR WAY OVER!" The people of the violet sect rushed forth. The geniuses of the Qin Sect naturally did their best to obstruct them. The two groups of people fought ceaselessly, with many experts ending up injured. Zi Daoyang took out a pill and consumed it, his violet pupils staring at Qin Wentian in rage. In the City of Ancient Emperors, this was the first time he’d suffered such a major disadvantage.

But at this moment, a vast aura drifted over from afar, containing a startling might. The gazes of everyone turned over as their eyes narrowed in focus.

Zi Daoyang didn’t feel any surprise when he saw who arrived—Mo Xie could be seen slowly advancing closer to them from a distance. Zi Daoyang’s expression was cold as he spoke, "Initially, I thought I could easily win this battle for sure. Who would have thought that I’d be injured here, benefitting you for free."

Zi Daoyang had naturally antic.i.p.ated that Mo Xie would appear. He hadn’t showed up earlier because he’d been waiting for a good opportunity. Mo Xie had always been ruthless, and wasn’t above using underhanded methods to accomplish his objectives. He was an extremely dangerous individual, and now that both members of the Violet Sect and Qin Sect were exhausted, Mo Xie, who was currently leading the members of his Evil Palace over, undoubtedly possessed an extremely great advantage!

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 962

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