Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 965

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Qin Wentian brandished the demon sword as he soared into the air. A brilliant flash of immortal light erupted forth as beams of sword light tore the area apart, transforming into shadows of numerous sky rocs that blasted back the ancient bell. The genius controlling the bell instantly spat out blood, his mind trembling violently from the impact of the clash.

A pair of phoenix wings took form behind Nanfeng Yunxi’s back. Her entire body was circulating with a boundless immortal glow, appearing incomparably holy. Like a maiden from the nine heavens, she was beyond comparison in this world.

—bzz!— The wings spread open, enveloping Qin Wentian within. Momentarily, boundless flame-immortal light circulated around Qin Wentian, and immortal armor appeared on his body.

"Destroy their battle formations first," said Nanfeng Yunxi. Her phoenix wings arced through the skies in a beautiful curve, and she brought Qin Wentian directly before the primordial devil ape’s formation. She threw forward a flawless phoenix feather, which contained a towering might, and with a wave of her hand, a flood of red light devoured everything ahead.

Many people in the City of Ancient Emperors were descendants of immortal kings and emperors, but there was still a disparity between them. For those with higher statuses, they would naturally possess stronger treasures. Nanfeng Yunxi was a descendant of Matriarch Southern Phoenix, so she would naturally have extremely powerful treasures with her.

Qin Wentian clearly wouldn’t miss such an opportunity. The demon sword in his hand exploded outward, slas.h.i.+ng frenziedly as the humming sounds echoed endlessly. The experts of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect all took out their immortal weapons in defense, the impact causing terrifying shockwaves as the energies interweaved into a fearsome screen of immortal light. However, despite their best efforts, the formation was still shattered apart.

"Brothers and sisters of the Qin Sect, kill your way out!" Qin Wentian roared. The experts of the Qin Sect all immediately used their immortal weapons to launch attacks in all directions, causing even more chaos to erupt within a short amount of time.

A completely black-colored devil saber appeared in Mo Xie’s hand. He moved like a devil as he stepped out and rushed towards Little Rascal.

Qing`er stood on her void leaf, instantly appearing beside Little Rascal. The immense spatial fluctuations wrapped around Little Rascal as it turned back to its normal size. It jumped into Qing`er’s arms, appearing like an ordinary cute pet as a protective light screen formed around them.

—BOOM!— Mo Xie’s saber cleaved down as a black calamitous light descended from the sky, causing the sky to darken.

chi chi... The terrifying devil saber slashed through the lightscreen, penetrating the barrier bit by bit as the boundless destructive might ravaged its way through.

Qing`er didn’t panic, and she stretched out her arm as a golden lotus bloomed. The petals opened and closed, as a brilliant light erupted forth, destroying the energy from the devil saber’s slash. After which, the leaf she was standing on appeared beside Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan as she hurriedly called out, "Get on!"

Their silhouettes flickered, and they climbed onto the spatial treasure. Mo Xie furrowed his brows, feeling as though things might not go his way. The daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor owned a spatial treasure. It would be exceedingly difficult for people to pursue her.

On the other side of the battlefield, Qin Wentian and Nanfeng Yunxi both had powerful immortal weapons, but they were unable to hold back their opponents because of their superiority in numbers. Numerous attacks shot towards them unceasingly, forcing them to retreat. The protective layer of light around them was already covered in cracks—it was about to break apart at any moment.

The spatial treasure shuttled through s.p.a.ce, directly appearing near Qin Wentian and Nanfeng Yunxi, and the spatial fluctuations wrapped around them as the treasure transformed into a beam of light that shot through the horizon.

"STOP THEM!" a voice roared, and countless immortal weapons launched attacks at that beam of light. The leaf boat trembled violently—Qing`er, Qin Wentian, and the others inside all felt themselves being rocked intensely. In fact, Qing`er even coughed out blood as her countenance turned pale.

—BOOM!— An intense light flashed and the leaf boat disappeared completely, as though achieving teleportation. In the blink of an eye, it reappeared once again high up in the air.

"CHASE IT!" commanded an expert from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect immediately. An ancient s.p.a.ce boat appeared as the experts from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect hurriedly boarded it.

The ancient boat glimmered with immortal light, madly speeding ahead as it chased after Qing`er’s spatial leaf boat.

Mo Xie’s countenance changed. The devil saber in his hand flew out. He stepped forward, jumping onto the saber and quickly transforming into black-colored lightning, erupting forth with extreme speed.

The other experts from the Qin Sect paused after they saw Qin Wentian’s group drawing a majority of their enemies away. A moment later, Xu Ruxue commanded, "Let’s retreat!"

As the sound of her voice faded, the members of the Qin Sect respectively fled the battlefield. Without Mo Xie present, no one else wanted to risk their lives by fighting against people with immortal-ranked weapons. The members of the Evil Palace retreated as well.

Zi Daoyang’s gaze flickered. As expected of a spatial treasure. n.o.body knew if those experts from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect would be able to catch up to them.

"Daoyang gege, what’s in the depths of the Underworld Mountains?" Xiao Lengyue asked Zi Daoyang.

Zi Daoyang’s gaze froze. Ever since the inheritances of two ancient emperors had appeared, everyone felt that this place had no more secrets. n.o.body would intentionally head to the depths of the mountain to search for something non-existent. This was the logic of humans. Since there were already two inheritances, how could there still be something more to be found?

However, Xiao Lengyue’s sentence suddenly caused Zi Daoyang’s heart to tremble. Would there be some other reason as to why the two ancient emperors had fought against each other?

Could there be other secrets still hidden within the depths of the Underworld Mountains?

He stared at the direction that Qing`er and the experts of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect were heading towards—they were moving deeper into the depths of the Underworld Mountains. Zi Daoyang didn’t know if anyone had ever entered there before. Among these countless mountains, could there be other hidden secrets?

"Daoyang gege!" Xiao Lengyue called. Zi Daoyang turned to her, "Lengyue, I need some time to recover first. Afterwards, we will make preparations to head into the depths of the Underworld Mountains. This place is too vast and I’ve never explored that area before."

"Right, let me accompany Daoyang gege as well," Xiao Lengyue obediently suggested, completely different from the cold and arrogant maiden who’d been the head of the Xiao Sect in the past. Witnessing this, the former members of the Xiao Sect who had feelings for her sighed quietly in their hearts. No matter how proud a woman was, in front of Zi Daoyang, they were like putty in his hands. This was the advantage of having a higher status—the treatment they received from Xiao Lengyue was completely different.

On the leaf boat, Qin Wentian held onto Qing`er. As he saw the traces of blood at the corner of her mouth, he stretched his hand out to gently wipe them away.

"I’m fine," said Qing`er, smiling at Qin Wentian, looking incomparably beautiful. Normally, Qin Wentian would have definitely been ecstatic to see Qing`er acting like this. However, now there was only rage in his heart. The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had sent over three hundred experts to hunt him down? Very well, he would definitely make them all pay the price.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian replied lightly. His hands then held on to Qing`er’s delicate ones as he stared ahead at the boundless majestic mountains. Only a stretch of desolation could be seen. There weren’t even any beasts or birds, let alone humans.

The City of Ancient Emperors was an extremely mysterious place. There were ancient emperors that had left their inheritances here, and there were also ancient emperors who had fought to their deaths here. This vast location concealed too many secrets.

"They’re still pursuing us," observed Nanfeng Yunxi. Qin Wentian turned his head back and saw a gigantic s.p.a.ce boat following them at lightning speed. Despite the speed of Qing`er’s spatial treasure, they still couldn’t shake their pursuers off.

"This must also be a spatial treasure prepared by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. Its purpose must be to prevent you from escaping," Nanfeng Yunxi remarked. Since the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had already given the command to kill Qin Wentian, how could he still allow Qin Wentian to leave the City of Ancient Emperors with his life intact?

"Apparently, my survival would be the equivalent to smacking the face of Eastern Sage. In that case, not only must I live well, those experts from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect shouldn’t bother dreaming that they’ll return." A terrifying coldness flickered in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Since they’d failed to kill him in one go earlier, he would slowly play out this hunting game with them.

The leaf boat continued to shuttle through s.p.a.ce, traversing an unknown amount of distance. Time flowed by, and their surroundings were still filled with endless mountains. There seemed to be no end to it at all.

"How vast are the depths of the Underworld Mountains exactly?" Qin Wentian felt shocked. Right now, it seemed that the Underworld Mountains occupied a much larger area than the entire city area of the City of Ancient Emperors.

"There might be something hidden among the vast wilderness here," Nanfeng Yunxi said in a low voice as they continued shuttling through the air. It was unknown how far they had been traveling, but the people of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect were still in pursuit.

And just like this, Qin Wentian and his companions continued their flight for a total of nine days. It was highly likely that they’d traversed a distance that was many times that of the city area in the City of Ancient Emperors. Such a vast region was truly terrifying.

"What’s that ahead?" At that moment, they spotted a blurry silhouette far ahead. As they drew near, that silhouette became more distinct. And to their surprise and shock, there was actually a city floating high up in the sky. It seemed to be a place where divinities resided and exuded an immensely majestic air.

Down below, there was a pa.s.sageway that slanted upwards, leading to the city in the sky.

"Is that…?" Nanfeng Yunxi’s beautiful eyes flickered with shock. A city in the sky had appeared within the City of Ancient Emperors!

Memories surfaced in her mind, and she recalled reading information recorded in ancient scrolls regarding the City of Ancient Emperors. It was rumored that the ancient emperors fought here in this city during ancient times. The scrolls mentioned people fighting for vague and unknown reasons, and the most critical information in that ancient record was something about a city in the sky. However, it was unknown as to what secrets this mysterious sky city contained. In fact, no one could even verify its existence.

However, it seemed that the info in the ancient record was true to a certain extent. There really was a city in the sky. This must be the reason why the ancient emperors would all gather in the City of Ancient Emperors in the first place.

"Do you know what that place is?" Qin Wentian asked Nanfeng Yunxi.

"Antiquity City…it’s rumored that the reason the ancient emperors gathered in this city was all because of its existence. But as to what lay inside it, no one knows," Nanfeng Yunxi explained in a low voice, her words causing the eyes of Qin Wentian and his companions to gleam with sharpness!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 965

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