Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 968

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The group of them waited for Little Rascal by the side. Little Rascal was currently undergoing a transformation, as though shedding its mortal body and changing a new set of bones. Its gigantic body exuded a fearsome baleful might, causing them to sense the aura of a demon king emanating from it.

The Southern Phoenix Clan was a powerful ancient great clan in the immortal realms, they have survived for countless years and have many ancient records that recorded the information of the immortal realms from the ancient times. Hence, Nanfeng Yunxi’s horizons were broader compared to the usual geniuses.

"Maybe it has something to do with the experts of ancient times. This info isn’t something I can come into contact with, maybe only those immortal emperors would know the full details behind this." Nanfeng Yunxi spoke in a low voice. She was a junior and although having a cultivation base at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon isn’t considered weak, she still has not yet stepped into immortality. Hence, she counted for nothing in the immortal realms, the Southern Phoenix Clan wouldn’t allow her to know of too many ancient secrets.

Qin Wentian nodded. They continued waiting for a period of time until Little Rascal finally exited the blood pool. Its entire body underwent a transformation, causing the power of its bones and flesh to grow even more terrifying. Inclining its head, it roared up at the sky, as its eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Let’s go and see what’s ahead." Qin Wentian spoke. The group of them continued forward. The Antiquity City that lies beneath the stars was filled with innumerable secrets. There was a broken saber impaled in the ground that exuded a fearsome devilish might. Around that broken saber, a forcefield of towering saber qi could be felt. It was so powerful that it seemed it could rip apart anything in existence. Qin Wentian and his companions could only stare at it from far away. The moment they got close to it, they felt as though their bodies were about to be sliced apart. Such treasures would surely have gained sentience, they need not dream about getting near it, let alone taking it for themselves.

The humming sound emitted by the broken saber was akin to someone weeping in grief. Despite Qin Wentian and his companions walking further, they could still clearly feel the might of that devil saber.

Gurgling sounds drifted over from afar. The sound wasn’t loud but it was very pleasing to the ear. Turning their eyes over, their countenances all froze for a moment when they discovered that there was actually an astral river in the distance. The glow cascaded downwards in a liquid-like state, also resembling boundless runes that acted like the flowing water of a waterfall that cascaded downwards, was.h.i.+ng through this world. However, when the light touched the ground, it actually vanished into nothingness.

"Is that an astral river?" Zi Qingxuan felt her heart trembling. They headed to its direction. Nanfeng Yunxi stared at the boundless runic light as well as the waterfall-like phenomenon as her heart pounded rapidly to the extent that she found it even hard to breath.

Qin Wentian sensed the strange state Nanfeng Yunxi was in. He glanced over and asked, "Nanfeng, do you know what that is?"

"I once saw a similar image before in an ancient scroll, but that was only a picture. If I’m right, we just came across a miracle." Nanfeng Yunxi’s voice was solemn as she continued, "In the legends, above the nine heavens there’s a ray of light known as Sacred Luminance. It could baptize the bodies of mortals, causing them to be refined and transformed. If my guess is right, this astral river of light, is none other than the Sacred Luminance. It’s an existence of the void, we are unable to bring it away, nor can we truly touch it."

"Sacred Luminance is able to purify and refine our bodies, causing them to undergo a transformation while igniting our potential. The stronger someone is, the more benefits he would gain if he underwent a baptism by this holy radiance, the Sacred Luminance. Because stellar martial cultivators will grow stronger as their cultivation progresses, their potential is ceaselessly being tapped again and again, allowing themselves to have a greater chance of evolution. Immortal emperors and kings all possessed terrifying potential, and if they could undergo a baptism by the Sacred Luminance, they would transform and become supreme immortal king or emperor characters with a single leap.

Nanfeng Yunxi mumbled. She then sighed, "Sadly, we won’t be able to bring the Sacred Luminance out with us. If not, my Southern Phoenix Clan would have a very high possibility to become the strongest power in the boundlessly vast immortal realms.

"That terrifying?" Qin Wentian’s expression stiffened. How holy an existence was this scared luminance? Sadly, it’s located in the first level of the City of Ancient Emperors, and was in an even more remote location - the Antiquity City in the sky. It was inconceivably hard to encounter this.

"Mhm, there’s no doubt that if the Sacred Luminance can appear in the outside world, chaotic wars would surely be fought between the truly supreme powers to see who can lay claim on it." Nanfeng Yunxi’s beautiful eyes flickered as she spoke. She then continued, "To think that we would have such good luck. Although we are mere ascendants now, and our potential cannot be compared to those who have already succeeded in becoming immortal kings and emperors, we can use this to aid us to ascend to immortality. The process will be many times smoother than usual."

"Let’s go try it now." Jun Mengchen spoke with some impatience.

"Be careful, the Sacred Luminance is a holy radiance from the legends. I don’t know if there would be any danger. It’s best to be more cautious." Nanfeng Yunxi reminded. Qin Wentian nodded, "Nanfeng is right. This holy light from ancient times, we better be more cautious with it."

They moved closer and closer to the Sacred Luminance as they spoke. The closer they got, the more intense the sense of holiness it exuded. The Sacred Luminance that cascaded down from the sky, what might did it possess exactly to be able to drive so many ancient emperors into a frenzy.

"I will attempt it first." Qin Wentian continued. He released his aura, his body s.h.i.+mmering with an intense light as he stepped out, directly coming into contact with the Sacred Luminance. That boundless light enveloped Qin Wentian completely in an instant.

"ARGH!" A cry of agony rang out, causing the expressions of Qing`er, Nanfeng Yunxi and the others to change drastically.

Especially Qing`er, she instantly turned pale as her heart pounded, wanting to rush out. However, Nanfeng Yunxi grabbed her arm and spoke, "Wait a moment!"

Qing`er stopped, staring ahead only to see the boundless light cascading endlessly downwards, seeping into Qin Wentian’s body. In just an instant, that supreme physique of his was seemingly pierced by the filaments of light. There seemed to be countless tiny holes on his body, appearing as though he could not endure the power of the Sacred Luminance from antiquity.

"Careful. The Sacred Luminance will break apart the original balance of one’s body!" Qin Wentian roared out a warning. Nanfeng Yunxi and the others had solemn and heavy expressions as they slowly continued forward.

Qin Wentian was bathing in that light, as waves of energy broke apart the balance of his body. This wasn’t as simple as he imagined. The Sacred Luminance was able to directly ignite his potential but everything still had to depend on he himself.

This inconceivable pain would cause many to sink into unconsciousness as their wills broke apart.

Qin Wentian gritted his teeth and did his best to resist. His entire body was shuddering, breaking apart every second before being reborn anew. The blood within him started thrumming as boundless astral energy transformed into a mini astral river, was.h.i.+ng through his body, cleansing it of its impurities, infusing his blood and bones.

"ARGHH!" Everyone respectively stepped into the Sacred Luminance as they let out cries of pain. Evidently, they were undergoing the same process as Qin Wentian. These people were all who had powerful wills and determination, they gritted their teeth and endured the h.e.l.lish agony. If one’s will wasn’t strong enough, this radiance of baptism would turn into a radiance of death instead.

All of them floated into the air, bathing in the holy light. Their bodies convulsed involuntarily as extreme pain painted their faces. Everyone was carefully guarding their minds, not daring to have the slightest bit of distraction, protecting their wills from being obliterated.

The waves of pain continued endlessly. Their bodies experienced destruction and rebirth again and again. Qin Wentian’s perception tuned into his body, he could see there was a mysterious energy that was purifying his blood. His blood was seething and surging while the toughness of his bones increased immensely. His skin now had a l.u.s.ter akin to jade as he radiated a holy light.

"ARGHHHHH!" Terrifying roaring sounds emitted from Qin Wentian’s body. There seemed to be an image of a gigantic demon from the primordial era that manifested, enveloping itself around Qin Wentian. There was also an incomparably mystical pure white energy shrouding it. Qin Wentian only has a modic.u.m of control over this white energy, it seemed to have the power of rebirth, allowing him to have an extreme recovery rate, it was also immune to all toxins, able to neutralize all poisons in the world. If he used it for attack, it contained an immense destructive power.

These two kinds of power circulated within Qin Wentian, powerful suppressive energy as well as the FiendG.o.d Body Refinement Art also flourished. All these coursed through each part of Qin Wentian’s body, gradually being condensed into runes that were engraved onto his bones and the interior of his body, akin to particles of divine energy.

Right now, boundless runic light s.h.i.+mmered on the exterior of his body, refining his toughness to another level.

Rumble~ Astral light from his four great constellations appeared. Under the effect of the Sacred Luminance, these constellations began to be covered in runes. Especially so for the suppressive annihilation constellation. That towering golden giant was s.h.i.+ning more brilliantly compared to the rest and its glow cascaded down onto Qin Wentian, containing a supreme suppressive might, further molding his body.

Other than Qin Wentian, Little Rascal’s body underwent a second transformation. He roared endlessly as its body grew even larger, causing a flood of baleful qi to tower into the skies.

Zi Qingxuan’s state wasn’t that good. She was constantly coughing out blood but despite so, she gritted her teeth and continued enduring. Her body was in danger of complete destruction, but there was an intense reluctance in her eyes. The Sacred Luminance was a holy matter from the legends. Now that she encountered it, it was a chance hard to come by in a millenia. How could she give up? She had to persist all the way until the very end.

In comparison to her companions, Zi Qingxuan’s talent was a shade inferior. However, she was also a disciple of the Heavenly Talisman Realm and her potential was extremely outstanding as well. Truly, only those who have extreme talent and potential would be able to withstand this baptism.

And once they successfully did so, all their potential would be stimulated as they experienced another transformation!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 968

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