Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 969

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In the Antiquity City, bathing in the holy radiance of the Sacred Luminance, Qin Wentian’s body s.h.i.+mmered with a brilliant light. Within his body, astral energy and runic light interweaved together, causing thunderous rumbling to ring out. Right now, he could already withstand the pain somewhat. He started to monitor the flow of energy in his body.

These runes shone frenziedly, the violent energy gathering into a terrifyingly sharp sword. Instantly, the humming sound of ten thousand swords rang out from his body, their might shaking the heavens, as they circulated ceaselessly around Qin Wentian. He began to radiate a boundless sword might, and he himself was formed of pure sword intent. In this state, he could easily condense particles of divine energy. This was the most perfect state of the Spiritual Refinement Method.

Qin Wentian’s body underwent another transformation, as the flawless and pure energy of his bloodline acted as a guide. Runic light sparkled and a terrifying wind roc’s silhouette appeared, easily condensing astral energy into divine wind energy that contained the power of the wind roc. The Spiritual Refinement Method at the Grand Completion level was truly without flaw.

Four grand constellations appeared in the air, each of them seeming to evolve continuously. The divinity-like, towering giant figure of the Suppressive Annihilation Constellation was covered in countless suppressive runes. It spanned across s.p.a.ce, exuding a supreme annihilative might that could suppress all things throughout time.

As for the Sword Slaughter Constellation, the sword intent was endlessly evolving. It transformed into a sword rune light that descended from the sky, containing a supreme sword might that could exterminate everything in existence.

For the Demon Sovereign Constellation, numerous supreme greater demons manifested in the air, causing the people’s hearts to tremble.

And last of the four, the Dreamworld Constellation, its marvelous and unique might of dreams and illusions grew even stronger.

The most evident change was still none other than Qin Wentian’s body. With the Fiend-G.o.d Body Refinement Art—and the power of two bloodlines in him—his current body was like that of a true immortal or demon. Wearing a platinum fiend-G.o.d armor with blood colored light circulating around, along with sword runes, wind roc runes, and all sorts of attribute runes engraved onto it, he was currently casting a perfect, world-shaking body.

—BOOM!— A terrifying aura towered into the sky. The rumbling in Qin Wentian’s body grew even more terrifying as his constellations shone more resplendently than ever. His aura grew even more vast—it was a sign of a cultivation base breakthrough.

After experiencing the process of baptism, Qin Wentian’s cultivation level broke through to the final stage of Celestial Phenomenon, the ninth level.

The next step would be immortality.

After so many years since arriving at the immortal realms, Qin Wentian had finally reached this level. He was now only a step away from immortality.

Qin Wentian waved his hand and within moments a shadow manifested, transforming into the silhouette of a vermilion bird. It was none other than Purgatory.

Purgatory naturally knew what Qin Wentian had experienced. Being in Qin Wentian’s bloodstream, she received the best nutrition. A red glow filled the sky the moment she appeared, and she slowly flew up into the air, going through the same baptism process of the Sacred Luminance with an indomitable spirit.

~ROAR~ An earth-shattering roar rang out. No far away, Little Rascal who was bathing in the holy radiance was currently enveloped in a golden glow. His body gradually turned golden, as though he was wearing an armor formed from pure gold. Inclining his head and roaring at the heavens, a supreme king aura erupted forth from him. His entire body turned a gleaming golden—he was like a king among demonkind.

Everyone was undergoing a transformation. Even for Zi Qingxuan, she had also managed to hold on. Although she was in inconceivable pain and agony, she had an incomparably strong will that fortified her determination. She wouldn’t allow the distance between her and the others to widen, and it was such a rare opportunity to be able to bathe in the holy light of the Sacred Luminance. How could she fail just like that?

Although she had to endure boundless pain and agony, Zi Qingxuan gritted her teeth as her body also experienced a transformation.

Sacred Luminance—the legendary holy light from ancient times. Even immortal emperors would view this as a supreme treasure. They had encountered this in the Antiquity City, and now Qin Wentian and his companions were undergoing transformations based on their individual potential and talent.

It was unknown if it was because Little Rascal was a demonic beast—it was the first to finish the transformation and walk out of the Sacred Luminance. Its body floated in the air, staring at the others. The it right now exuded an extremely terrifying aura at the very peak of Celestial Phenomenon. The baptism had also left its entire body to become extremely relaxed. It was like Little Rascal’s soul had undergone a baptism as well.

And at this moment, its eyes suddenly gleamed with sharpness, turning over to a lone silhouette that was slowly walking over. This new arrival was none other than Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s expression was heavy, staring at the group of people undergoing the baptism of the Sacred Luminance. His heart trembled violently when he saw the holy light.

"Is that…the Sacred Luminance?!!" Mo Xie exclaimed in shock. His steps hurried forward. As of now, the opportunity to obtain a portion of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor inheritance from Little Rascal was temporarily no longer as important.

The Sacred Luminance was a holy radiance from ancient times.

Little Rascal’s gigantic body lunged forward, obstructing Mo Xie as he roared thunderously. Mo Xie’s dark golden eyes flickered with coldness. "You don’t need to rush to your death. Your portion of inheritance will be mine sooner or later."

After speaking, Mo Xie side stepped and rushed towards the Sacred Luminance.

"ROAR!" Little Rascal transformed into a bolt of golden lightning, shooting towards Mo Xie as its golden claws lacerated outwards. The terrifying claws had the power to rip apart the heavens and earth. Mo Xie’s eyes flashed with an extreme coldness as his body s.h.i.+mmered with devilish tribulation force. His dark golden palms blasted out with a might powerful enough to shake the entire area.

After the deafening impact, both of them were forced backwards. This scene caused Mo Xie to freeze as his eyes gleamed with a terrifying light.

"After experiencing the baptism of the Sacred Luminance, your strength has actually shot up to the extent where you’re no longer inferior to me." Mo Xie’s voice was as cold as the edge of a knife. He released his tribulation devil constellation as boundless devilish tribulation force blasted towards Little Rascal. Little Rascal rose up into the sky and with a roar of anger, it transformed into the form of a golden-winged great roc, gleaming with a golden radiance.

Since a very long time ago, Little Rascal already had the ability of metamorphosis. It was an innate ability that Little Rascal possessed. And now after the baptism, the accuracy of the creatures it could transform into had grown increasingly real. The it right now was a true golden-winged roc, an incomparably lofty divine avian species.

The light from the devilish tribulation force shot over. Little Rascal wrapped its wings protectively around its body, blocking the attack before opening its wings again with such force that countless wind blades zoomed over to Mo Xie. Right now, Little Rascal was many times more powerful compared to previously.

—bzz!— Mo Xie once again rushed towards the Sacred Luminance. He wasn’t willing to entangle with Little Rascal. Right now he only wanted to step into the area of the holy light, to experience the baptism and to undergo a transformation. A raging wind whistled by—Little Rascal’s speed was too fast. The golden wings slashed out once more, aiming right for Mo Xie’s head.

Mo Xie’s palm turned a dark, golden color, and abruptly slammed forward, succeeding in grabbing hold of the golden wings. The powerful wings ripped at his dark golden palms as metallic grinding sounds rang out. After which, with a powerful roar, Mo Xie used the entirety of his strength to fling Little Rascal away. A powerful supreme might gushed forth as a devil saber materialized in his hand. Mo Xie then turned to Little Rascal’s direction and mercilessly slashed down.

Little Rascal spread his wings, shooting through the sky like a golden bolt of lightning, evading that mortal strike. Mo Xie had no time to continue pursuing him. He immediately stepped forward to move into the Sacred Luminance.

"ARGH!" A voice filled with extreme pain rang out. Despite Mo Xie’s indestructible physique, he was still affected by the baptism of the holy light. That wave of energy from the Sacred Luminance penetrated his body completely, and he felt like he’d melt into goo.

—BOOM!— Mo Xie’s devil might towered into the sky, sweeping across the heavens and earth as waves of devilish tribulation force permeated the atmosphere. His dark golden eyes shone with a terrifying persistence, exhibiting an iron will. Little Rascal rushed towards the area outside the Sacred Luminance, glaring at Mo Xie who was now bathed in the holy light. That area was filled with a fearsome destructive power, there was completely no way for anyone to fight inside it. As for launching attacks from outside, all the attacks would disintegrate the moment they came into contact with the light. It was already impossible to stop Mo Xie.

Afterwards, Nanfeng Yunxi, Qing`er, and Jun Mengchen had also finished their transformations, and they walked out of the area filled with the Sacred Luminance. When they saw Mo Xie, their countenances stiffened as their eyes went cold.

This fellow was here as well. That test in the illusory world with the greater demons had evidently trapped those from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, but couldn’t stop Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s strength was originally at a very terrifying level. Even if he fought against a greater demon alone, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Hence, he was able to arrive here.

"After undergoing the baptism of the Sacred Luminance, Mo Xie’s strength will surely be even more terrifying," Nanfeng Yunxi said quietly.

"There's nothing to fear. Both me and my Senior Brother have broken through to the ninth level after our experience. Unless he breaks through and ascends to immortality, his improvement won't be any greater than ours," rea.s.sured Jun Mengchen. "As long as he dares to come out, we’ll bury him here."

"There's no way for him to ascend to immortality. To do so would require one to first establish an immortal foundation. Although the Sacred Luminance can stimulate our potential to a large extent, it won't help stellar martial cultivators automatically form an immortal foundation." Nanfeng Yunxi shook her head and continued, "Establis.h.i.+ng one's immortal foundation requires sufficient and extensive preparation. It's not something one can break through on a whim."

As they spoke, Hua Taixu came out. His samsara eyes had become even more terrifying, so deep they seemed to stretch into eternity. His cultivation base had also broken through to the ninth level. The Sacred Luminance was easily able to allow the constellations of eighth level ascendants to undergo a transformation, allowing them to perfectly break through to the next level. In fact, even seventh level ascendants had a possibility of rising up by two levels and enter the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon.

Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan came out at almost the same time. Ultimately, Zi Qingxuan still managed to endure the pressure and also experienced a transformation. As for Qin Wentian, nothing much needed to be said. The him now, his eyes shone with a startling divine glow, able to see through the hearts of people. His body now s.h.i.+mmered with a fearsome runic light, transformed into perfection!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 969

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