Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 978

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In the boundlessly vast City of Ancient Emperors, blood flowed like a river. It was unknown how many experts died in that fight. The members of the Qin Sect had completely suppressed and overwhelmed the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. Although some members of the Qin Sect had been injured from the attacks of the battle formation, none of them had died. This was because the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect's experts only dared to heavily injure the geniuses here at most, they didn't dare to kill any of them in fear of incurring death grudges towards the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

From the beginning to the end, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect's experts were completely dominated. After their battle formations shattered, it became a free-for-all slaughter for the Qin Sect's experts. Although there were a few who managed to tear a b.l.o.o.d.y path and escape, this incident was undoubtedly a b.l.o.o.d.y lesson painful enough to make the upper echelons of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect's heart ache. People couldn't help but wonder what the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was feeling now. In any case, he was the one who gave the order.

Right now, it was most likely that the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was completely infuriated. He must want nothing more than to slice Qin Wentian and his companions into a thousand pieces.

"Qin Wentian's strength is completely different from the past. It's not just him, Nanfeng Yunxi, and Princess Qing`er, but even Jun Mengchen, Zi Qingxuan and his demonic beasts have all undergone a transformation." The spectators couldn't calm their hearts when they saw this scene.

After this battle, the Immortal Ascension Rankings would have to undergo a shocking change once more with the top ten rankings being rearranged. The names of many people would be ranked down from within the current top ten.

Qin Wentian swept his gaze over the battlefield and returned to his normal size. His entire body s.h.i.+mmered with light, and he clasped his hands at the Qin Sect's experts. "I, Qin, offer my thanks to all the brothers and sisters that helped me out in this battle. If not for your partic.i.p.ation, we would definitely be the one at a disadvantage. Our sect would end up being chased down by people of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect."

"Sect leader is too courteous. Everyone is a brother and sister after joining the Qin Sect. We simply can't overlook the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor's decision. Now, he'll surely understand the rules of the City of Ancient Emperors. How dare he send an army for revenge just because a disciple of his was killed? He has no concept of shame."

"That's right, Brother Qin's combat process is already enough to shake the heavens and earth. We all deeply admire you! However, we acted to destroy the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect because we didn't approve of them. For the next battle, Brother Qin will have to depend on his own power."

"Brother Qin, I feel that your current strength is sufficient enough to fight against Zi Daoyang and Mo Xie. Next, let me be in charge of forming a cheering team for you. We're all antic.i.p.ating your rise to the top in the Immortal Ascension Rankings!"

"Haha, yeah, we're all filled with antic.i.p.ation for this battle!"

The members of the Qin Sect all smiled. Being able to personally witness this clash of the supreme in the City of Ancient Emperors was naturally a grand occasion. If not, they wouldn't have joined the Qin Sect. These people were all hot-blooded people and loved nothing more than to spectate the combat between two peak-tier experts.

There had never been anyone strong enough to challenge the positions of the first-ranked Zi Daoyang and the second-ranked Mo Xie before. Even Nanfeng Yunxi, who had always been ranked third, wasn't powerful enough to do so. Now, they were all here to spectate the battle that would determine whether the current Qin Wentian, who'd gone through a transformation, could knock Zi Daoyang and Mo Xie off their divine pedestals.

"Don't worry, as long as the members from the Violet Sect and the Evil Palace don't partic.i.p.ate, the experts of my Qin Sect will only observe. I, Qin Wentian, have now broken through to the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon. How can I still join forces with others to battle Zi Daoyang and Mo Xie? If I truly did that, I would be unfit to be the sect leader of the Qin Sect," Qin Wentian spoke valiantly, with an air of heroism in his words.

"Good!" The Qin Sect 's experts cheered. They were all filled with antic.i.p.ation for this battle.

"You think you're invincible just because you defeated the people from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect? Don't forget, the experts there are merely a bunch of lowly grunts. Qin Wentian's strength may be enough to dominate that group, but he still won't be able to withstand a single strike from my Daoyang gege, the #1 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. It's best not to be so, you'll all end up as laughingstocks in the City of Ancient Emperors." Xiao Lengyue couldn't stand the sight of those experts from the Qin Sect being in such high spirits. It was like they felt victory was already within their grasp. She couldn't stop herself from saying something to mock them.

The expressions of the Qin Sect's experts turned stiff. Although Xiao Lengyue's words were arrogant, they were logical as well. Earlier, Qin Wentian's performance was extremely dominating, akin to a G.o.d of battle when fighting against those of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. He slayed whoever blocked his bath, and n.o.body could surpa.s.s him. But that was only because his opponents were weak! This was why Qin Wentian appeared to be so overwhelming. If his opponent had been Zi Daoyang instead, the circ.u.mstances would naturally be different.

The first-ranked Zi Daoyang had always been an unparalleled existence in the City of Ancient Emperors. In addition, he not only had a portion of insight from the Brahma Heavenly Emperor's inheritance, he'd also consumed another portion from the former tenth-ranked Zhan Peng as well. Now, he'd grown even stronger. And even leaving aside Zi Daoyang, Mo Xie's original strength was already tyrannical beyond comprehension and he, similar to Qin Wentian, had experienced a miraculous encounter in the Antiquity City. How could he not be strong?

In the end, everything still had to depend on their actual battle with each other.

"You're already a laughingstock among the geniuses here in the City of Ancient Emperors. Your mouth is as despicable as ever, s.l.u.t." Jun Mengchen crossed his arms in front of his chest, disregarding the beauty of Xiao Lengyue. He'd instantly humiliated her with his words. He truly disliked Xiao Lengyue—he had disliked her since long ago. To think that this woman could still keep calling out Daoyang gege in that seemingly sweet and affectionate manner? How utterly disgusting.

"You…" Xiao Lengyue pointed at Jun Mengchen with her trembling fingers.

"You what you?" Jun Mengchen stomped the ground. "What are you pointing at me for? Do you want to fight one-on-one and make it a death match? Your father's immortal sense is already used up, right? Without his protection, are you planning to seduce more guys for your own preservation again?"

Jun Mengchen's tone was sharp, his words filled with provocation. Xiao Lengyue grew even more enraged as a chilly aura gushed forth from her.

"FIGHT!" Xiao Lengyue coldly spoke. No matter what, she was once ranked sixth in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. How could she suppress her anger after being publicly humiliated by Jun Mengchen, a once seventh-level ascendant who used to be a member of her sect?

Xiao Lengyue stepped out, only to see Zi Daoyang holding her back. Violet light gleamed in Zi Daoyang's eyes, exuding an extreme coldness as he spoke to Jun Mengchen. "Bullying females? Are you not ashamed of yourself? If you want to fight so badly, I shall accompany you. Killing you will be as easy as flipping my palm over."

"My junior apprentice brother is the same as me, we were both merely seventh-level ascendants when we entered the City of Ancient Emperors. At that time, you were already ranked first in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. How can you still feel superior from challenging my junior apprentice brother? Are you so shameless?" confronted Qin Wentian After that, he stepped out and faced Zi Daoyang. "Since Mo Xie isn't here, let's you and I battle it out, Zi Daoyang."

Qin Wentian pointed his finger at Zi Daoyang, "Come at me."

~COME AT ME~ Qin Wentian's voice echoed through the sky, like an endless boom of thunder. The experts of the Qin Sect retreated, opening up the battlefield for the two of them. Even Jun Mengchen and his other companions retreated, and they all stood behind Qin Wentian. They stared at Zi Daoyang with an open challenge in their eyes—they were also filled with antic.i.p.ation for this battle.

The experts of the Violet Sect retreated as well. They voluntarily withdrew without waiting for Zi Daoyang to give the command. Zi Daoyang must fight this battle; he had no reason to reject the challenge. The City of Ancient Emperors is a place where geniuses gathered. They, more than others, were all inclined towards strength. If Zi Daoyang didn't dare to fight, there was no longer a need for the experts of the Violet Sect to continue following Zi Daoyang.

There were many experts in the Qin Sect, but no one tried to initiate a battle between the sects. Qin Wentian wanted a one-on-one battle against the first-ranked Zi Daoyang. The moment Qin Wentian had stood out among the rest, this battle had already been fated to happen.

—BOOM!— Zi Daoyang stepped out. He was shrouded in violet light, and his constellation flared as a fearsome aura gushed forth from him. His eyes gradually turned violet, emitting purple rays of light that could stir a person's soul. With incomparable arrogance, he said, "I once said it before: even if you stepped into the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon, you won't be able to withstand a single strike. Since you wish to die so badly, I will grant you your death."

Qin Wentian similarly stepped out. A violent surge of energy gushed forth as his constellation shone brilliantly in the sky. His eyes were like lightning as he coldly replied, "I truly have no idea where your self-confidence comes from."

"It's from being ranked first in the Immortal Ascension Rankings. It's the self-confidence of the strongest expert in the City of Ancient Emperors." Zi Daoyang's arrogance soared into the skies. He pointed at Qin Wentian, "Qin Wentian, you are fated to become a joke, nailed to the board of humiliation in the City of Ancient Emperors. You'll only end up a topic of ridicule for the geniuses here."

"I've never seen anyone who could posture as much as that guy there. I want nothing more than to rush over and punch his face." Jun Mengchen had an impulsive character. His aura gushed forth, as though he himself wanted to fight against Zi Daoyang. This d.a.m.nable fellow was simply posturing too much. Although Zi Daoyang was truly the top ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he acted like he was truly number one under the heavens.

"Arrogance." The eyes of the surrounding spectators shone with a dazzling light. Qin Wentian was a star that had recently rose up in prominence. Would he be able to defeat Zi Daoyang who had stood at the peak of the City of Ancient Emperors for ages?

Or would it be just as Zi Daoyang had said—Qin Wentian was destined to be humiliated. The answer would soon be revealed.

Zi Daoyang possessed two secret arts: the Ultimate Violet Sacred Immortal Art, and the Thousand Autumns Emperor Art. He activated both, and the faint shadow of a divinity appeared in the air above him. It was none other than his constellation. Zi Daoyang had never before tasted defeat in the City of Ancient Emperors. He was unexcelled, and practically invincible.

The two of them locked gazes with each other as their battle intent towered up the sky, clas.h.i.+ng frenziedly against the other.



The two of them moved forward at the same moment. With just a single step, they crossed an immense distance, staring into the eyes of the other. A supreme might radiated from Zi Daoyang, like that of an invincible sovereign king. Within Qin Wentian's body, a rumbling force that could shake the heavens thundered out endlessly. His aura climbed upwards, incomparably majestic, like a battle divinity that could triumph over everything in existence.

"Die!" Zi Daoyang punched out, the violet light gathered into a Heavenly G.o.d Extermination Fist, containing an unparalleled killing might that blasted everything away.

Qin Wentian's star-seizing palm imprint devastated the surroundings, containing boundless might. The palm imprint s.h.i.+mmered with a resplendent runic light, imbued with a supreme destructive power. The two attacks collided and the entire area shook from the powerful impact

"How overwhelming! He attacked without being boosted from the G.o.d's Hand. They're both evenly matched!"

The crowd exclaimed in surprise. Qin Wentian's aura was incomparable to the him of the past. He had undergone a transformation, and was now akin to a G.o.d of battle.

~swish~ Zi Daoyang's left hand blasted out. The constellation in the air shone its radiance down—the beams of light interweaved and formed a gigantic diagram of violet light. Qin Wentian didn't hesitate and slammed his palm out, aiming for the diagram. But as the palm imprint blasted out, it was actually obstructed. The gigantic screen of light first neutralized its power, absorbing its energy, before reflecting the star-seizing palm strike back at Qin Wentian. Not only that, the reflected attack was further amplified by the power of Zi Daoyang's fist attack. The amount of power had doubled.

"The Thousand Autumns Emperor Art is too strong. It's much more powerful in comparison to the Heavenly Mystical Mirror Art of the Xuan Emperor. It can even restrain and reflect Qin Wentian's powerful palm strike. It truly lives up to its reputation for being one of the Violet Emperor's secret arts."

"Back then it was still fine when Nanfeng Yunxi, Princess Qing`er, and Qin Wentian joined forces to fight Zi Daoyang. Now that Qin Wentian is alone, he's doomed to be countered by the Thousand Autumns Emperor Art."

Many people were silently speculating the battle. It was impossible for Zi Daoyang's Thousand Autumns Emperor Art to reflect all the attacks if people chose to join forces against him. But now that Qin Wentian was alone, this particular secret art would counter him for sure. Unless…he uses G.o.d's Hand!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 978

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