Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 982

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A great wave of commotion rocked the City of Ancient Emperors after the shocking changes to the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

Qin Wentian led the Qin Sect and vanquished the experts from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. He'd also defeated Zi Daoyang, and in a domineering fas.h.i.+on, he took the place of the top expert. This was already extremely shocking. But next, once the newly updated rankings were announced, it was revealed that the top eleven—with the exception of three people— was completely dominated by members of the Qin Sect. They were all people that were either Qin Wentian's close companions or his demonic beasts. It was simply too crazy, to the extent that people found it difficult to believe that it was real.

Without a doubt, the Qin Sect had already become the number one power in the City of Ancient Emperors, and no one could shake their position. Eight of them were ranked in the top eleven; this group alone could dominate almost all other powers in the City of Ancient Emperors.

Many people had personally witnessed Qin Wentian's strength. For the ordinary geniuses in the City of Ancient Emperors, it was highly likely that they wouldn't be able to stand up to a single one of his strikes. Even an existence like Xiao Lengyue lacked the ability to defend against one of Qin Wentian's attacks.

From being hunted down, to climbing all the way to the peak, Qin Wentian had shown everyone in the City of Ancient Emperors what it meant to be a legend.

The news started to circulate around the City of Ancient Emperors. The reason why Qin Wentian and the Qin Sect had a meteoric rise was purely because of that miraculous encounter they had in the Antiquity City. In addition, Mo Xie had also entered that place. Hence, his ranking was still fixed at second place, a position higher than Zi Daoyang's.

However, according to them, the Antiquity City had thrown them out because their cultivation levels were too low, and then sealed the ancient path leading to it. But in spite of this, the other experts of the Qin Sect, and countless other geniuses in the City of Ancient Emperors still headed to the Underworld Mountains. They intended to see the truth for themselves.

The night felt extremely cold to Zi Daoyang. He teleported back to the Violet Sect's headquarters. This place had many majestic buildings, and was known as the number one power in the City of Ancient Emperors. Everyone was filled with reverence when the topic of the Violet Sect came up. Now, the place was completely empty, and only silence filled the area.

The Violet Sect, because of Zi Daoyang's defeat as well as his abandonment of Xiao Lengyue, had instantly disintegrated. The experts who joined had all chosen to disperse.

In the dead of the night, there was only silence. Zi Daoyang sat cross-legged with his eyes closed as his energy circulated within his body, and he gradually recovered from his injuries. Regarding Qin Wentian's overwhelming spear attack, almost the majority of its power had been blocked by his defensive immortal vest. But the remainder of the force had badly jolted his internal organs, and he'd ended up heavily injured. He would need to recuperate for a long period of time before he recovered.

Violet light towered into the sky, covering Zi Daoyang as he silently cultivated.

At this moment underneath the moonlight, voluminous flowing black robes floated at the boundary of the Violet Sect's headquarters. The flowing black robes were extremely large, and completely covered the figure hidden within. In addition, this figure exuded no aura at all—their glowing black robes seemed to have the ability of completely concealing their presence.

The flowing black robes hovered in the air, slowly inching forward, and stopped before the wall that separated the cultivation ground, which Zi Daoyang was currently in, and the headquarters. It was like a spirit in the darkness; even if it stood in front of someone, it would be almost impossible for them to sense its presence.

The flowing black robes quietly neared, not releasing their aura at all. Zi Daoyang completely had no idea and was still immersed in his cultivation. The rumbling sounds from within Zi Daoyang continued to echo as violet light filled the sky. But even so, powerful stellar martial cultivators had extremely sharp senses. If they felt an aura stealthily sneaking up on them, they would instantly be jolted awake by that awareness, especially for such a powerful expert like Zi Daoyang.

However this time around, Zi Daoyang didn't notice anything.

That mysterious figure gradually inched closer, blending into the night, like they didn't exist at all.

But at that moment, a slight sound echoed in the night. Zi Daoyang instantly retracted his aura, and he abruptly opened his eyes. His sharp senses could feel that something was wrong, as though there was danger nearby.

—bzz!— A tendril of his perception gushed forth as a violet light swept over everything. But after a period of time, nothing happened. That tendril of perception shot through the flowing black robes, as though it didn't exist. The black robes were like the darkness of the night, and the person it covered, was the void.

Zi Daoyang sighed, he didn't think he'd become so suspicious after his defeat today. Sweeping out with his perception, he could find nothing at all.

Tilting his head and glancing at the sky, Zi Daoyang closed his eyes once more and continued with his cultivation.

Outside the area, the flowing black robes quietly floated closer, making no visible movements and completely blending in with the darkness. It stopped for a very long moment, exhibiting extreme patience.

Rumbling sounds rang out from the cultivation ground that Zi Daoyang was in. He was completely shrouded in violet light as he immersed himself into his cultivation.

Finally, the flowing black robes moved again. It flew into the cultivation ground, and stared directly at Zi Daoyang. It then came to a halt about 100 meters away as though contemplating the situation.

—bzz!— Abruptly, a dazzling ray erupted outwards as the violet light enveloping Zi Daoyang flared intensely.

At the same instant, a saber appeared from the black robes, s.h.i.+mmering with the power of darkness as it slashed down with crus.h.i.+ng force. This strike was too swift, so swift that it caused one to be breathless. At such a close proximity, there was no way to block the saber attack.

Time seemed to slow at that moment. An expression of extreme shock flashed across Zi Daoyang's face. What he'd felt earlier had actually been true. But right now, even though he could see the flowing black robes in front of his eyes, he still couldn't sense an aura at all.

… puchi… The cruel saber of darkness slashed down, aiming for Zi Daoyang's throat. Fresh blood splattered out, and a look of intense fear flickered in Zi Daoyang's eyes.

He, Zi Daoyang, was ranked first in the Immortal Ascension Rankings; he was an unrivaled existence in the City of Ancient Emperors. But now, someone was actually hunting him?

That devilish saber glowed with a terrifying darkness. When it came into contact with Zi Daoyang, its energy tunneled through him and ravaged the interior of his body. His throat was close to being severed, and the force had even twisted his head to the side.

The flowing black robes then flew forward, and hovered in the air. A mysterious figure of darkness walked out from the black robes. It was a silhouette that was familiar to Zi Daoyang, but the eyes of this mysterious man were incredibly cold and merciless.

…pu… Zi Daoyang wanted to say something, yet he ended up involuntarily coughing out even more blood. His neck was bleeding, and considering that his head was already twisted to an unnatural angle, he couldn't speak even if he wanted to.

Ahead of him, the silhouette that walked out from the flowing black robes stretched out a gigantic hand and pressed it on Zi Daoyang's head. A terrifying runic light flashed instantly, numerous black-colored runes appeared from Zi Daoyang and were being relentlessly absorbed into the gigantic hand. That cold pair of eyes simply looked at Zi Daoyang, appearing so calm that Zi Daoyang felt terror, and also immense despair.

Up until now he still didn't believe that he was going to die or that the place of his death would actually be in his Violet Sect, within the City of Ancient Emperors.

He was Zi Daoyang, the #1 ranker as well as the son of the Violet Emperor. But now, he was about to be brutally killed by this unknown a.s.sailant.

He, Zi Daoyang, was going to die!

The mysterious man said nothing from the start until the end. He also didn't intend to give Zi Daoyang the opportunity to escape. Finally, when Zi Daoyang drew his last breath, the mysterious man took all his items away and put on the flowing black robes, once again shrouding his body within them. An instant later, an evil smile lit up his face as he blasted out a powerful attack, destroying Zi Daoyang's head before he vanished completely from the area.

In the Qin Sect, Qin Wentian was cultivating as well. He was in his own cultivation ground and used a formation to seal the entire place. Currently, there was only a treasure cauldron in the sealed cultivation ground. Qin Wentian's silhouette had disappeared into it.

In the interior of the cauldron, the rays of the Sacred Luminance cascaded endlessly downwards. Qin Wentian stood with his hands clasped behind his back, bathing in the holy radiance. He had already experienced the baptism once before, so the effects would no longer be as great. The main reason why he was cultivating inside the cauldron was because he wanted a chance to study and comprehend the innate techniques recorded inside.

Boundless runes could be seen carved into the interior of the treasure cauldron. Qin Wentian had on a serious expression as he attempted to comprehend them.

"There are quite a few powerful innate techniques here." His eyes were like lightning as he stared at the boundless runes. These runes were all incredibly profound and incomparably tyrannical.

Looking closer, one could clearly see that the complex runes were interwoven into diagrams. A fearsomely baleful aura seemed to emanate from them. This cauldron was an ancient desolate cauldon, and it had many pictures of terrifying greater demons carved into its interior.

Qin Wentian closed his eyes and steadied his mind—these runes were all imprinted into his memory. He was currently sitting at the center of the interior, and the runic diagrams surrounded him, all spiraling around him in a frenzy.

"Dragon!" At that moment, Qin Wentian saw a true greater demon dragon soaring up to the nine heavens, shattering the dome of the sky.

"Divine turtle… that's a Xuanwu!" Qin Wentian's eyes flickered as he saw an inconceivably large divine turtle hovering in the air. It looked like nothing could break its defense.

"Roc!" Qin Wentian saw another great roc, the sovereign of the sky, with wings spanning 90,000 meters. It soared through the air with unrivaled speed—who could compete against it?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 982

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