Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 984

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All this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly off a flint. If the movements of Purgatory and Little Rascal had been slightly slower, the devil saber would have already beheaded Little Rascal.

Although Little Rascal evaded the strike, he still had yet to escape from danger. The mysterious man in the black robes slashed out once again, cleaving the void into two. The golden-winged great roc that Little Rascal had transformed into roared in anger, soaring into the air so fast that after-images were left in his wake. At the same time, an immortal-ranked sword appeared in his paws and he frenziedly slashed out in defense.

—BOOM!— The immortal sword shattered, and the devil saber continued to descend through the air. At this time, the other experts of the Qin Sect had already rushed over. They all took out their immortal weapons, and tyrannical auras of power swept through everything, creating a terrifying tempest.

Qin Wentian also appeared. His aura towered up the sky, and the look in his eyes was cold to the extreme. The demon sword in his hand hummed incessantly, and abruptly, a long spear materialized and shot through the air, aiming for the mysterious man in the black robes.

That man in the black robes also understood that he was in a disadvantageous situation. He soared up the air and unleashed another saber strike. A terrifying tribulation force gushed out, containing the might to split apart the heavens and earth. The long spear that Qin Wentian shot out couldn't defend against it. The black-robed figure immediately shot towards the direction Little Rascal had flown away to. No matter what, he was determined to get hold of Little Rascal, but the golden-winged great roc that Little Rascal had transformed into was simply too fast. Little Rascal had no desire to do battle at all. He knew this opponent was extremely dangerous.

"Mo Xie, stop hiding." Qin Wentian stepped out, brandis.h.i.+ng his demon sword and slas.h.i.+ng out with it. The experts of the Qin Sect crowded over, sealing off the entire area. They wanted to see if that black-robed figure was truly Mo Xie.

"How dangerous… He'd managed to infiltrate the Qin Sect without giving away his presence. This concealment ability seems to have been granted by those voluminous black robes. When one uses their senses to probe it, they only sense emptiness; there was no aura from any person at all."

"Zi Daoyang must have been killed by this man." A thought flashed through the minds of the experts from the Qin Sect. They all fixed their stares onto him, wondering silently if this person was Mo Xie.

"Didn't you want to fight against me? I came here today to grant your request." A voice rang out from within the black robes. After which, the black robes receded somewhat as a pair of hands and face appeared. The surrounding experts all narrowed their eyes when they saw who it was.

"Mo Xie!"

"It's truly Mo Xie. He's the one who killed Zi Daoyang. This Mo Xie is simply too dangerous."

"Despicable, he actually tried to sneak attack us. Senior Brother, let's kill him together. There's no need to fight with him one-on-one." Jun Mengchen and the others had all arrived. Luckily, Qin Wentian made preparations or Little Rascal wouldn't have survived.

"Qin Wentian, to fight or not to fight?" Mo Xie gripped his devil saber, staring straight at Qin Wentian. His dark golden eyes flashed with coldness, appearing immeasurably deep.

The experts of the Qin Sect also looked to Qin Wentian, only to hear him laugh coldly. "Since you wish to fight, I, Qin, will keep you company. Brothers of the Qin Sect, seal this place and don't let him escape. Since he wishes to fight, I will accompany him all the way until the end."


"An imposing att.i.tude."

The experts of the Qin Sect all praised his actions. Before this, Qin Wentian had defeated Zi Daoyang in battle, but Mo Xie had killed Zi Daoyang by ambus.h.i.+ng him. It was necessary to have this battle between the #1 and #2 rankers in the Immortal Ascension Rankings; it would ultimately show which of them could peer down at all geniuses from the peak in the City of Ancient Emperors.

A violent wave of energy burst forth from Mo Xie—the black robes continued shrouding his figure as he unleashed his power.

Qin Wentian stepped out and activated the G.o.d's Hand. He didn't dare to underestimate Mo Xie.

This man was originally the #2 ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings, and even Zi Daoyang had been filled with trepidation at the thought of fighting him. Now, Mo Xie already had three-ninths of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor's inheritance, and also an indestructible physique. In addition, he had also experienced the baptism of the Sacred Luminance, and hence Mo Xie's combat prowess would surely be higher than Zi Daoyang's.

—bzz!— A tyrannical aura gushed forth from Qin Wentian. He executed the incarnation burst technique, which manifested multiple silhouettes that rushed straight at Mo Xie. The silhouettes then unleashed star-seizing palm strikes that contained a suppressive annihilative might.

Mo Xie tilted his head, and his dark golden palms blasted out in rapid succession as runes of darkness filled the sky. Their fearsome attacks clashed against each other in mid-air, with both ending up mutually destroyed.

"Show me how strong the power of the G.o.d's Hand is," Mo Xie sneered. A towering devilish might gushed forth from him and his dark golden eyes were terrifying to the extreme.

"I shall show you since you wish for it so much." Qin Wentian soared into the air, appearing directly in front of Mo Xie. They weren't unleas.h.i.+ng their constellations to augment their respective strengths. This time, Qin Wentian chose close combat, using the G.o.d's Hand to attack Mo Xie directly.

Mo Xie's palm also blasted out. The dark golden palm imprint contained a terrifying devilish tribulation force of darkness, seeming to originate from the abyss. The instant his palm struck out, a fearsome vortex manifested, and frenziedly absorbed the energies within its surroundings.

"What a fearsome palm imprint." The hearts of everyone shuddered. Qin Wentian's and Mo Xie's palm imprints collided together, the impact shaking the heavens and earth, and their qi and blood churned. However, their bodies remained standing tall and neither were forced back as they blasted out once more with their other palms.

In the next instant, thunderous rumbling sounds echoed and shook the entire s.p.a.ce. Layers of destructive light enveloped them as they warred to their heart's content. Each and every blow exchanged caused the spectators to feel their qi and blood churning. Such close combat attacks were simply too fearsome.

"Mo Xie's palm attack seems to contain a devouring power within, able to devour, transform and even revert the attack from the Qin Sect leader. Could it be that after consuming the portions of insight and power that Zi Daoyang had, he also gained a trace of comprehension for Zi Daoyang's Thousand Autumns Emperor Art?" somebody exclaimed in shock.

"If that's the case, it means that Mo Xie's Brahma Heavenly Emperor's inheritance has already started to gradually take form."

The two of them continued fighting. The others were shocked that their attacks had grown more and more powerful, and the impact of their strikes were increasingly ferocious. Qin Wentian's bloodline power erupted forth as he unleashed devastatingly suppressive attacks that could break everything apart. Mo Xie's devilish tribulation force towered up into the sky as his energy exploded with overwhelming might, fighting with such strength that the sky changed colors.

"The Qin Sect sect leader is gradually gaining an advantage. He seems to be a little stronger than Mo Xie."

"Mhm, it looks like the perfect G.o.d's Hand and his bloodline power contain such might that they can even shake Mo Xie's indestructible physique. It's evident that the Qin Wentian right now is more powerful than Mo Xie, despite Mo Xie having three portions of insight from the Brahma Heavenly Emperor's inheritance."

"Mo Xie, if that's all you're capable of, then you've already lost!" Qin Wentian roared, akin to a supreme battle G.o.d. The vast desolate might of his demon bloodline thrummed, as he prepared to unleash an even more powerful attack.

"Is that so?" A mocking cold smile flickered in Mo Xie's eyes. This smile caused Qin Wentian to suddenly feel a sense of uncertainty. An earth-shattering boom rang out from the impact of their attacks once more. But this time, a terrifying surge of destructive energy erupted from Mo Xie in response. Qin Wentian's G.o.d's Hand was able to shake the heavens, but it was forcibly shattered bit by bit by Mo Xie's destructive tribulation energy.

At this moment, the tribulation devilish force enveloped the s.p.a.ce he and Qin Wentian were in as the boundless destructive might continued to shatter G.o.d's Hand. Qin Wentian's countenance turned incomparably unsightly. Mo Xie's strength…

"This…" Expressions of shock and disbelief appeared on the faces of the Qin Sect 's experts. A surge of devilish tribulation might shot into Qin Wentian's body, rumbling his insides while Mo Xie then placed his hand of darkness on his head. The destructive black-colored runes transformed into a fearsome black vortex, preparing to devour all of Qin Wentian's power.

"Plundering my inheritance?" A cold smile appeared on Mo Xie's face.

"Senior Brother!" Jun Mengchen rushed out. Little Rascal and Purgatory were roaring, while Qing`er's expression had drastically changed, radiating boundless might as she also flew towards Qin Wentian. Nanfeng Yunxi was bathed in flames, and she stepped out and cried in rage, "Mo Xie, you've already established your immortal foundation! And you still came here to fight one-on-one with an ascendant? Despicable sc.u.m!"

"Immortal foundation. Mo Xie has already established his immortal foundation…" Only now did the other experts realize what was going on. Their countenances all changed; Mo Xie hid the fact that he had already broken through. Before this, he wanted to devour Little Rascal, and after that failed, he lured Qin Wentian to fight with him because he wanted to devour Qin Wentian's power.

A tribulation cloud suddenly appeared in the air as the law energy of the City of Ancient Emperors appeared. An unsightly expression appeared on Mo Xie's face—it looked like his time was up. The black robes he'd cloaked himself in was a very valuable treasure that could completely conceal his presence and aura. A few days ago, he had already established his immortal foundation in the City of Ancient Emperors. It was because of this set of black robes that he hadn't been discovered by the law energy. Everything he did was to further his aims, and he would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

"SCRAM!" The power of his immortal foundation blasted out as currents of destructive power danced wildly, generating waves of might that ravaged the surroundings, pus.h.i.+ng away the law energy. The devil saber appeared once again in Mo Xie's hand. He started to infuse the power from his immortal foundation into it and slashed out in a wide arc, driving everyone away and making it so n.o.body dared to approach.

Qin Wentian stared at Mo Xie, his eyes gleamed with a dazzling light as his Yuanfus began to rumble, condensing boundless amounts of astral energy into a Greater Demon similar to that of a true dragon. One… two… more and more Greater Demons coalesced inside his body. The power of his demonic bloodline exploded outwards, and the demonic qi was so thick that it felt like Qin Wentian was a descendent of some ancient primordial demon G.o.d.

"ROAR!" A thunderous roar echoed from Qin Wentian, like the roar of an angry demon G.o.d. His bloodline protection kicked in, manifesting the phantom of a supreme Greater Demon which then enveloped him. The phantom roared, and with a wave of its hand, all the Greater Demons formed by Qin Wentian materialized out in the open, lunging towards Mo Xie.

Mo Xie frowned, his left hand brandished the devil saber to defend against the attacks and he also had no choice but to retract his right palm from Qin Wentian's head. The immortal foundation within him released an unparalleled might that blasted towards the Greater Demons, shaking the heavens and earth. The Greater Demons all exploded, but the powerful impact also forced Mo Xie to back away. Qin Wentian naturally took the chance to slash out a sword strike with his demon sword at this exact moment, unleas.h.i.+ng a powerful immortal beam of light.

Mo Xie abandoned his devilish saber. Focusing on both of his palms, he thrust them outwards, while channeling the might of his immortal foundation.

"BOOM!" A burst of destructive runic might erupted forth, destroying the immortal beam of light from the demon sword.

However at this moment, the law energy of the City of Ancient Emperors finally descended, forming layers of light that enveloped Mo Xie. This scene caused Mo Xie's expression to turn incomparably ugly to behold. He stared at Qin Wentian ahead of him, extreme reluctance in his eyes.

"I should have killed you immediately. Consider yourself lucky today," Mo Xie coldly spoke. The layers of light that enveloped him grew even brighter. Qin Wentian knew that the law energy of the City of Ancient Emperors, upon sensing immortal might exuding from people at the first level, would instantly expel them from the city.

Mo Xie had depended on those black robes to mask himself from the law energy of the City of Ancient Emperors, and now he was exposed.

Mo Xie's body was forcibly floating up in the air, directed by the law energy. Qin Wentian stared at him coldly, "Mo Xie, I will see you again in the immortal realms." Mo Xie's eyes similarly flashed with coldness. See him again in the immortal realms? He too hoped for such an encounter.

Finally Mo Xie disappeared, but the hearts of everyone still weren't calm. The former #1 ranker, Zi Daoyang, had already died at Mo Xie's hands, and Qin Wentian, the current #1 ranker, had narrowly died as well. Mo Xie was simply too dangerous.

Even when Mo Xie's silhouette disappeared, Qin Wentian's eyes were fixed on his trajectory for a long time. Qing`er and the others arrived around him, only to hear Qin Wentian mumbling, "It's about time for us to leave the City of Ancient Emperors as well."

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 984

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