Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 989

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In the Everpeace Marquis Manor, Qing`er held onto Qin Wentian's hand. The people in the surroundings stood frozen, and all of them felt the hot burning sensation of humiliation on their faces. In front of Princess Qing`er, they'd actually kept on slandering the person she loved. It was no wonder that she would be so angry and had even slapped the Marquis Madam three times. So the reason was because Princess Qing`er and this young man were lovers.

Qin Wentian, the #1 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings.

Qin Wentian and Princess Qing`er were both mutually in love.

Would he even use words to outrage the modesty of Xia Lian?

Be it in talent, demeanor, status…what did Xia Lian have that could compare with Princess Qing`er?

In addition, as long as these people weren't idiots, they would all understand. As the daughter of the Everpeace Marquis, Xia Lian's status was extraordinary. However, given Qin Wentian's talent and the fact that he was the #1 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he would be gladly welcomed no matter where he went. If he wanted to, it would take him no effort to have an immortal emperor as his master. Such a character was more than enough to match up against Xia Lian. Unless Qin Wentian was r.e.t.a.r.ded, was there even any need to use words to outrage her modesty?

Such slanderous lies were extremely ridiculous. Xia Lian now felt a burning sensation on her face as though she was the one slapped. How laughable, she was the one who'd called Qin Wentian a dog slave earlier.

The entire area fell into silence. Now, the truth was clear. Xia Lian had lied, slandering the person Princess Qing`er loved, and she had even commanded the demonic beasts to seek his death. Truthfully speaking, her actions were disgraceful, and it was a grave breach of propriety to offend her superiors. Even if Qin Wentian was merely Princess Qing`er's friend, Xia Lian didn't have the authority to order his death. If she did so, that would be the equivalent of slapping Qing`er's face.

Qin Wentian was watching all of this with a cold smile on his face. He also hadn't expected that someone in the Marquis Manor at the Evergreen Immortal Empire would attempt to kill him. With their status and authority in the empire, they were so audacious to the point where they didn't even see the need to give Qing`er face.

The actions of Xia Fan, Xia Lian, and the Marquis Madam had all been taken into consideration by Qing`er. Their plan was simple; they would have Qin Wentian killed and with him dead, no one could refute what they said. They could simply s.h.i.+ft all the blame onto him.

Right now, Qing`er's rage still hadn't abated. Her eyes were as cold as ever, and if Qin Wentian had been in danger from contending against someone while roaming the outside world, it would have been fine with her. But in this place, the Everpeace Marquis Manor was the subordinate of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. With her status as the Princess, did these people even have any regard for her? She was the one who brought Qin Wentian here, and they even dared to go so far as to attempt to kill him?

How could Qing`er be willing to let this matter rest?

Her cold eyes landed on Xia Lian. Qing`er then spoke in a glacial tone, "Xia Lian insulted Qin Wentian first. After that, she acted together with Xia Fan, and sent demonic beasts to kill him. And even later, the Marquis Madam acted selfishly without investigating the truth of the matter. She audaciously continued on with her attack despite my command to stop, intending to kill Qin Wentian. My presence has never been in your eyes. The whole lot of you have showed no regard to the Evergreen Immortal Empire, as well as my royal father, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. Tell me then, how should I judge this crime?"

Qing`er spoke, her cold eyes on the Marquis Madam. And upon hearing her words, all the experts broke into a cold sweat. This crime was undoubtedly a large one. In addition, it was clear Princess Qing`er had no wish to gloss over the matter.. She had even used the name of the Evergreen Immortal Empire and the Evergreen Immortal Emperor in her words just now.

The Marquis Madam's mouth twitched and her expression was incredibly unsightly. Right now, she practically had no way to refute Qing`er.

"Xia Lian, are you the one who insulted Princess's friend first?" The Marquis Madam spoke icily. Right now, she could only continue with this act. If not, did she wish to have a falling out with the Princess? If she really did so, she would no longer have any leverage to turn this around. If she clashed with the daughter that the Evergreen Immortal Emperor doted on the most, even her father, the Cloud King, wouldn't be able to protect her.

Now, Xia Lian had no other choice. She could only ignore the shame and continue with her act.

Qing`er and Qin Wentian both had cold smiles on their faces. The Marquis Madam spoke, "Princess, previously I only acted in a moment of impulse, moving to kill without first verifying the truth of the circ.u.mstances. Your subordinate is guilty, but since Princess has already punished me, can this matter be temporarily forgotten? As for who's right and who's wrong in this case, your subordinate will investigate it with impartiality and update Princess as soon as possible."

Delaying. Right now, the Marquis Madam considered this the best plan. She wanted to delay this matter as long as possible and send Qing`er away.

"You should know that you are already in the wrong. You chose not to verify the truth and instantly acted with the intent to kill a person. With such behaviour, s.h.i.+elding the shortcomings of your children, you still want us to wait for you to investigate? Are you joking with us?" Qin Wentian laughed coldly.

Qing`er then said, "Let me ask you again. Will you give me a satisfactory answer to this or not?"

Qing`er didn't like to speak this much, let alone cause trouble for people. But this time around, for Qin Wentian's sake, she had to speak out.

For a mere Marquis Madam to even dare to punish Qin Wentian with death? In that case, when she brought Qin Wentian into the royal palace, how great a pressure would Qin Wentian have to face then? This was something she could never tolerate.

"Since Qin Wentian is the man Princess is in love with, Princess will naturally believe in him. But this doesn't mean that his words are the truth. At the very least, Princess has to give me an opportunity to investigate things clearly." Even now, the Marquis Madam was still unwilling to apologize and admit her guilt as she continued defending herself.

Qing`er stepped out, moving towards Xia Lian. This scene caused the Marquis Madam to freeze. Xia Lian's expression was frozen as she stared in fear at Qing`er.

—BOOM!— An intense spatial fluctuation gushed forth. Qing`er directly appeared behind Xia Lian, grabbing hold of her with her hands. Instantly, the fearsome ripples of spatial power enveloped Xia Lian, causing the Marquis Madam's countenance to drastically change. However, the Marquis Madam took no action to stop Qing`er. If she did so, it would be equivalent to her acting against Qing`er. And then this matter would only be blown even more out of proportion.

"Since you want to s.h.i.+eld her shortcomings so much, I can only choose to act myself. We are supposed to be the guests of the Everpeace Manor, yet Qin Wentian was insulted and narrowly killed. With her lowly status, Xia Lian actually dared to try and kill my friend? That is a crime… only punishable with death!" Qing`er's icy voice rang out. Xia Lian stared at those cold eyes, and she finally knew what terror was. Her body couldn't help but shudder involuntarily.

"Princess, my father, the Cloud King, has rendered many war merits for the sake of this empire. Can it be Princess is going to kill my daughter without even a fair investigation, just like that? Xia Lian is the granddaughter of the Cloud King. Princess's actions will surely cause the hearts of all the dukes and marquises of the empire to grow cold." The Marquis Madam brought the Cloud King's name out, intending to suppress Qing`er.

"Just because the Cloud King has rendered several war merits, you guys dare to kill my friend in front of my eyes? If the Cloud King had rendered even more war merits, wouldn't that mean the whole lot of you could even dare to to kill me in front of my royal father as well?" Qing`er's voice was like thunder, causing everyone's hearts to s.h.i.+ver. Such words were truly ruthless, and there was nothing more for the Marquis Madam to say.

—BOOM!— A violent spatial lacerating might gushed forth from Qing`er. The countenances of everyone drastically changed. The Marquis Madam shouted in shock, "Princess!"

"Princess, please stay your hand." A thunderous voice rang out through the air as an imposing figure materialized. This person instantly appeared in the air, staring in the direction of Qing`er and Xia Lian as he spoke, "I, the Everpeace Marquis, apologize for the conduct of my daughter. In the future I will guarantee to be more strict and will punish her heavily for what she has done. Can Princess please spare her life?"

Qing`er turned her gaze onto the Everpeace Marquis who'd just appeared. Her aura hadn't weakened in the slightest, and her coldness actually grew even more intense. She stared at the Marquis as she said frostily, "Closed-door seclusion? So it turns out that the Everpeace Marquis has been watching your daughter and son insulting my friend, Qin Wentian, right from the start. You did nothing even when they gave the order to kill him. You watched silently in the shadows when your wife, the Marquis Madam, ignored the rights and wrongs of the matter, even when she audaciously ignored my command and attempted to kill him. What a righteous Everpeace Marquis!"

After she spoke, Qing`er's long hair fluttered in the wind. Her aura was cold to the extreme. The countenance of the Everpeace Marquis turned incredibly unsightly, and after that, he only saw Qing`er striking her palm out as the boundless spatial energy ripped through the body of his daughter, Xia Lian. A miserable scream of agony echoed through the air. At this moment, the faces of all the experts from the manor were as pale as paper.

"XIA LIAN!" The Marquis Madam stepped out, appearing beside her daughter. A terrifying might gushed forth from her, sweeping over Qing`er. But Qing`er merely turned and eyed her calmly. Did the Marquis Madam dare to do anything to her?

The Everpeace Marquis had also appeared, he pulled his wife back, silently reminding her to endure this. If she really attacked the Princess, that would be tantamount to a rebellion. When the Evergreen Immortal Emperor lay down the blame, the entire Everpeace Marquis Manor would instantly be vaporized by his rage.

"Princess, are you satisfied now?" The voice of the Marquis Madam was quivering with emotion as she stared at her daughter who had fallen to the ground.

Qing`er stared at her and said, "You should be lucky that you met the current me. If I had enough strength, I would spare no one who dared to make a move against Qin Wentian…"

"…including you yourself!"

Qing`er stared straight at the Marquis Madam, and the overwhelming coldness of Qing`er's voice chilled her entire body. She could clearly sense Princess Qing`er's determination. She finally understood that Xia Lian was wrong, so terribly wrong. Given Qin Wentian's position in Princess Qing`er's heart, if the Princess had possessed enough strength, this entire manor would have been leveled flat into the ground.

She had slandered and insulted him, yet Xia Lian had even acted to kill Qin Wentian? How could she still live?

"We cannot afford to antagonize this man." The experts of the Everpeace Marquis Manor mused silently in their hearts. Touching him was like touching the reverse scale of Princess Qing`er. The Everpeace Marquis Manor could not afford to make this mistake.

"Everpeace Marquis. I order you to immediately activate the spatial transference array." Qing`er stared coldly at the Everpeace Marquis.

The expression on the Marquis's face stiffened. He then spoke with a harsh tone, "I obey, my Princess."

After he spoke, he turned and soared into the air. Qing`er and Qin Wentian followed after, when Qin Wentian suddenly stretched his hand out, and held on to Qing`er. He naturally understood that the reason Qing`er was acting in such a domineering fas.h.i.+on was all because of him.

Qin Wentian would be more than qualified to stand on equal grounds with the marquises and dukes in the royal palace, and not just the Everpeach Marquis Manor. Qing`er wouldn't allow those people to bully him. A mere Marquis Manor had already been so bold as to want his life, so if she didn't act in this manner, who wouldn't refrain from trampling over Qin Wentian when they reached the royal palace?

At the area where the spatial transference array was located, a bright light flashed, indicating the array was activated. Qin Wentian and Qing`er stepped within and soon after, an intense spatial fluctuation rocked the area as the two of them vanished.

At the instant they vanished, a fearsome aura gushed forth from the Everpeace Marquis, transforming into a terrifying windstorm that ravaged everything in the surroundings. His silhouette flickered and instantly returned to the place where Xia Lian had fallen. Right now, only silence remained… the Marquis Madam was hugging the corpse of her daughter as she icily stated, "I want to bring Xia Lian into the royal palace."

The hearts of everyone shuddered when they heard that, understanding what their madam wanted to do. She was going to complain to her father, the Cloud King!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 989

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