Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 991

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Waves of commotion rocked the royal palace of the Evergreen Immortal Empire.

Princess Qing`er had brought a young man into the royal palace, and this matter simply couldn't be hidden. In fact, very swiftly many major characters even knew that Princess Qing`er arranged for that young man to stay in Princess Changping's estate. This verified the guesses of many people. It was very possible that Princess Qing`er might truly have fallen for this young man.

"Considering the princess's age, it's very normal for her to fall in love. But who exactly is that young man? Which immortal emperor is he the descendant of?" The major characters in the royal palace all mused silently, wanting to know more about Qin Wentian's origins.

Princess Qing`er had fallen in love, and it was fine if she did so, but this person must definitely be able to match up to her status. If not, all the young men who were pursuing Qing`er wouldn't be convinced otherwise.

"The name of that young man is Qin Wentian, right? There are no peak-level immortal emperors in this layer of the immortal realms that have the surname of Qin. He must be either a descendant of an ordinary immortal emperor or a powerful one that's hidden in seclusion."

"I've heard some information from the guards at Princess Changping's estate. This young man isn't a descendant of immortal emperors—he came from a particle world. Apparently, he became acquainted with Princess Qing`er in that particle world, so Qin Wentian must be a genius in that particle world."

The commotion caused by this news was extremely terrifying. In just a short instant, all the major characters in the royal palace knew of Qin Wentian's name and origin. Most probably, even Qin Wentian himself had no way to antic.i.p.ate the commotion he had created. It had caused his name to resound endlessly, shaking the major characters of the Evergreen Immortal Empire.

"This man actually originated from a particle world? Could it be his talent is heaven-defying? Exuding magnificence through the generations?"

"Maybe because Princess Qing`er is still too young, and hence she's blinded by the so-called love she's feeling. The princess is not yet mature, and might have been cheated by this guy's flowery words."

"Princess Qing`er actually killed the granddaughter of the Cloud King for the sake of someone from a particle world? In addition, this happened when the two of them were staying as guests at the Everpeace Marquis Manor? This is somewhat too overwhelming. it will most likely even displease his Majesty."

The commotion had reached an unbelievably large scale. There were some geniuses of the younger generations who were completely reluctant to accept this, and they felt unconvinced. They had always wanted to be closer to Princess Qing`er, but she had never given them a chance at all. Her icy demeanor kept countless pursuers away, and she had shown no interest in a relations.h.i.+p before, regardless of what ident.i.ty and status the pursuer had. But now, she had actually brought a man from a particle world here and even killed the granddaughter of the Cloud King for him.

Jealousy reared its ugly head. There were already many young geniuses who hated Qin Wentian.

Qing`er had completely no idea of the waves her actions caused. The reason she brought Qin Wentian back was to tell her family of Qin Wentian's existence and to let them know of her feelings. It would be best if they could approve of Qin Wentian.

The Great Emperor Palace was situated in the central region of the royal palace's vast territory. Immortal qi permeated the atmosphere, exuding boundless elegance and majesty. Qing`er arrived before a luxurious-looking hall and entered through it.

"We pay our respects to Princess Qing`er." The guards outside the hall knelt down as they saw Qing`er approaching.

Within the majestic great hall, a middle-aged man with an extraordinary demeanor could be seen. He put down the brush in his hand and looked up, staring at the beautiful figure walking towards him with a gentle smile on his face. "Qing`er, you are back."

"Mhm." Qing`er nodded. Even when facing her father, her expression was as cool as ever. However, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor understood her and naturally didn't blame her for it. In fact, he had always blamed himself for missing out on Qing`er's childhood.

"I…" Qing`er opened her mouth, and as she tried to speak, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor stretched out his hand and stopped her. He smiled, "I already know. It's Qin Wentian, right? I didn't expect that he would find his way to the City of Ancient Emperors from a particle world. His determination is truly out of this world."

Qing`er's beautiful eyes flickered. She calmly stared at the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, and didn't say anything. She waited for him to continue.

"Right now, the entire royal palace is affected by this commotion. Many kings, dukes, and marquises are already denouncing Qin Wentian. They say he isn't qualified to be with you." The Evergreen Immortal spoke lightly. Qing`er didn't reply, but the light in her eyes had grown colder.

"I know you suspect me of orchestrating that incident with the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. But you don't have to suspect me. I can tell you straight away that I didn't tell the Eastern Sage to play Qin Wentian like a fool," the Evergreen Immortal Emperor said calmly. "Naturally, I also didn't tell him to look out for Qin Wentian. Everything he did was according to his own intentions. If he really had accepted Qin Wentian as a disciple, I wouldn't have any objections either. It's only that I didn't antic.i.p.ate Dongsheng Ting to also fall in love with you, which made them intentionally suppress Qin Wentian."

"But you also didn't want him to become the disciple of Eastern Sage, right? You didn't even want him to come to the immortal realms," said Qing`er as she looked at her father. Her thoughts were very meticulous, and she was also very sensitive. She had long sensed some of her father's thoughts on this matter.

"You can put it that way. But do you know why?" asked the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. Qing`er didn't reply, waiting for her father to tell her himself.

"Because of you." The Evergreen Immortal Emperor sighed. "All the kings, dukes, and marquises in our empire are discussing what status a person must have before that person can be a match for you. But they also know I care nothing for ident.i.ty or status. Right from the start, this world has always been very fair. If you want a high position, you have to climb up the ladder yourself. And when you are at a certain height, people below will start fawning over you. They will want to use you to help them climb up as well. Right now with my current status, there's almost no one whom I need to look up to. What I truly hoped was for you to grow in strength."

The Evergreen Immortal Emperor stared at Qing`er, his eyes filled with love and affection as he continued, "In this world, in regards to existences like immortal kings and emperors at the peak, there are many more males compared to females. Why is this so? It is because men have a deeper obsession for cultivation, a deeper thirst for power. Although they have people they love, it is very rare for them to sink completely within that love. However, this is different for women. Women are much more sentimental and emotional, and they are easily swept away by the tides of love. Qing`er, you are precisely an example of this."

Qing`er's beautiful eyes flickered. It was very rare for the Evergreen Immortal Emperor to converse with her the thoughts that were truly in his heart. She had brought Qin Wentian back with her to express her feelings on the matter. Her royal father seemed to understand her intentions, and he was similarly telling her the true thoughts in his heart.

Women were more sentimental and emotional and were easily swept up by the one they loved. She was a cla.s.sic example of this… Qing`er had no way to refute it. She knew what her father said was the truth.

"Child, I did indeed hope that he wouldn't come to the immortal realms. I don't wish to see you sinking into the river of love so young in your life. Sometimes, the things that you cannot obtain and cannot see will, in turn, transform into a kind of intense motivation that pushes you on. For example, during the period of time when the two of you were separated, you improved with G.o.dly speed. Qin Wentian was the same as well. Maybe this is the reason why he arrived in the immortal realms so quickly and found you in the City of Ancient Emperors after such a short time had pa.s.sed.

"Hence, even if you blame Father, I will still stick to my thinking. One day, if both of your strengths are high enough to reach my level, you can do whatever you want. But as for now, I really don't support the two of you," the Evergreen Immortal Emperor said honestly. Qing`er didn't know what to say; she couldn't blame her dad for his love for her.

"Being together can give me motivation as well. I will avoid delaying my cultivation, and so will he." Although Qing`er understood the Evergreen Immortal Emperor's concern, her voice was still filled with determination. Just as the Evergreen Immortal Emperor had said, females were usually more sentimental and emotional in comparison, and since she was already so deep in the river of love, it naturally wouldn't be so easy to pull her out. She was unable to accomplish such a thing.

The Evergreen Immortal Emperor sighed with melancholy. "His level of cultivation is merely one of the reasons why I don't support this. Do you wish to hear about the main reason?"

"Mhm." Qing`er nodded.

"Right now, imagine that if you and Qin Wentian were to run into danger, with him facing a life-and-death crisis. The you now, if you could sacrifice yourself to save him, would you be willing to do so?" The Evergreen Immortal Emperor asked solemnly, his tone turning heavy. Qing`er's body trembled slightly, looking into her father's eyes.

Would she? Naturally, she would!

"The look in your eyes has already told me your answer." The Evergreen Immortal Emperor bitterly smiled. "I already know about that incident in the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. Also, when you were in the City of Ancient Emperors, Qin Wentian caused a wave of events to unfold. Every time he was in danger, you would always be by his side, fighting shoulder to shoulder with him, even when he was killing the descendant of the Xuan Emperor or when he fought against Zi Daoyang."

"Even if we disregard all that as nothing, in the future when Qin Wentian ascends to immortality and meets with even more dangerous situations on his path to rise to the top, would you escape alone?" asked the Evergreen Immortal Emperor.

"No," Qing`er calmly replied. The Evergreen Immortal Emperor already knew she would answer this way.

The Evergreen Immortal Emperor turned his head, staring at a portrait in the great hall. In that portrait, the image of a supreme beauty could be seen. She had a smile that could topple empires, and she also bore a strong resemblance to Qing`er.

"I'm not proficient in spatial energy. You inherited your talent in spatial energy from your mother. You should also know the energy sealed in your body is something she left for you. You were only born just before she died…" The voice of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor grew misty as he sank into his memories. Qing`er silently listened, and a moment later, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor continued. "Qing`er, do you know how your mother died?"

"No…" Qing`er shook her head. The death of her mother was something no one in the royal palace had dared to talk about.

"She died to protect me." The Evergreen Immortal Emperor slowly turned back, and his immeasurably deep eyes shone like the stars as he stared at Qing`er. His calm voice caused Qing`er's heart to tremble violently.

At this moment, Qing`er understood that it was impossible for her to change her father's opinion.

"Child… to me, your accomplishments in cultivation will always be ranked second in my heart no matter what. Your safety is my main concern, and it is everything to me." The Evergreen Immortal Emperor sighed. "I don't wish for you to take the path of your mother. I don't want her footsteps to echo before yours as you follow them down. Qin Wentian doesn't have the ability to protect you. At the very least, the him now isn't strong enough to do so."

"One day, only when he is finally strong enough to protect you, the doors of our immortal empire will open for him," the Evergreen Immortal Emperor said slowly, telling Qing`er the truth in his heart. Undoubtedly, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor was a good father, even though he didn't support Qing`er and Qin Wentian.

Qing`er had no way to contradict anything he said. In fact, she didn't even have the qualifications to change her father's thinking. How could she still persuade him?

The Evergreen Immortal Emperor valued her life more than anything. Naturally, it also exceeded Qin Wentian. This was because Qing`er was his daughter.

"Father…" Qing`er called out. The Evergreen Immortal Emperor simply stared at his daughter.

"Thank you." Qing`er spoke in a low voice, as a smile appeared on the Evergreen Immortal Emperor's face. The word 'father', and 'thank you', truly made him feel very happy in his heart.

"I understand your love," said Qing`er, gazing at her father. A gentle smile appeared on her face as she continued, "However, I too, have the right to choose who I love. You can choose not to support us, but father… you cannot object to this!"

Staring at the smile in Qing`er's eyes, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor was left speechless for a long time!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 991

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