Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1005

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Qin Wentian's perception rushed up to the Nine Heavenly Layers. Now that he was a half-step Immortal Foundation expert, his perception naturally grew even stronger. It was incomparable to the initial time when his perception shot up to the 5th Heavenly Layer. Now, his tyrannical perception could remain in the 7th Heavenly Layer almost indefinitely.

His perception continued floating in the starry space of the 7th Heavenly Layer. He saw many strange-looking constellations that exuded a fearsome aura. However, Qin Wentian's perception didn't remain and continued stretching out towards the furthest reaches of this starry space. He wanted to see if he could improve, and attempt to condense a constellation from the 8th Heavenly Layer.

If his perception could break through the limits of the 7th Heavenly Layer and reach the 8th, how strong would the constellations there be?

Qin Wentian's heart burned with anticipation. After some time, he began to feel a terrifying pressure pressing down on him. However, as he is a half-step Immortal Foundation expert now, his perception was way stronger than before. There was no problem for him to persist on and finally, he reached the dividing line between the 7th and 8th Heavenly Layer. Here, there was a supreme pressure that prevented him from advancing forward.

"DASH THROUGH IT!" Qin Wentian's perception gushed up. At the 8th Heavenly Layer, the weakest constellation there would be many times stronger compared to the strongest constellation on the 7th Heavenly Layer.

In addition, the law energy circulating around constellations at the 7th Heavenly Layer was already very clear, let alone constellations from the 8th Heavenly Layer. The fluctuations of law energy would definitely be stronger, and if the astral soul condensed was used as the base of an Immortal Foundation, his power would naturally become even more tyrannical.

Now, he still didn't know if he would succeed in establishing the saint-grade Immortal Foundation but he would do his best and attempt this.

"BOOM!" His perception rumbled, shooting straight up attempting to cross over to the 8th Heavenly Layer. Qin Wentian began to feel a splitting headache so painful that it felt like his head was about to explode. He gritted his teeth as his brows tightly knitted, bringing along with him his incomparably powerful will as he continued. He could even endure the pain of shattering his Immortal Foundations. He definitely has to succeed in his attempt to barge through to the 8th Heavenly Layer.

His perception climbed higher and higher, and finally after some time, his perception managed to break through the barrier and entered the 8th Heavenly Layer. The instant he did so, a surge of overwhelming might blasted down on him and with an explosive boom, Qin Wentian's mind went blank as he coughed out blood. His body grew soft and directly fainted into unconsciousness.

Qin Wentian only woke up after several days. Sitting up, his body once again flowed with immortal light as he stared at the skies with deep obstinance in his eyes.

"The more you don't allow me, the more I'm going to succeed. Constellations of the 8th Heavenly Layer, how strong are all of you exactly." Qin Wentian's perception shot up into the starry space of the Nine Heavenly Layers once more. Boundless astral light cascaded onto his astral projection. The view here could only be described by the word stunning but to Qin Wentian, he didn't have the time now to admire the beauty. He wanted to succeed.

In the following month, he experienced three failures as he ended into unconsciousness. His perception then finally lingered at the 8th layer long enough for him to see a constellation. That was a constellation in the form of an ancient halberd. The halberd permeated the atmosphere with a blackish flowing light that promises absolute calamity.

"A weapon-type constellation, the law energy it contains should correspond to the law of destruction."

This was the fourth time this month Qin Wentian's perception entered the 8th Heavenly Layer. That towering constellation in the form of an ancient gigantic halberd hung majestically across the sky. The fluctuations around it was extremely terrifying, if one could condense an astral soul from this, their attacks would contain an inherent destructive might. The Mandates and Laws one could comprehend from this would naturally be related to destruction and finally establishing an Immortal Foundation using the law energy of destruction. This constellation would undoubtedly augment one's attacking prowess, granting them boundless might in combat.

Qin Wentian didn't have any ability to explore further for choosing other constellations. But naturally, this particular constellation already satisfied him. This was a constellation from the 8th Heavenly Layer!

Of course, there was no doubt he would have more choices to choose from if he remained in the 7th Heavenly Layer. But he chose to give that up with no hesitation for the sake of condensing an astral soul from a constellation from the 8th Heavenly Layer.

In fact when he attempted to connect to and condense the astral soul from this ancient halberd constellation, he met with umpteen failures. His perception projection body was destroyed time after time, and it felt incredibly tormenting.

After several months of effort, along with his incomparably resolute will, a beam of astral light finally cascaded down from the 8th Heavenly Layer breaking apart everything, descending onto Qin Wentian.

In the White Emperor Palace, a white-robed figure stood there with his arms behind his back. That figure was staring at the skies as a terrifying white light shimmered in his eyes.

"The 8th Heavenly Layer." That figure murmured. Although his tone was calm, his heart was buffeted by huge waves. A moment later, he retracted his gaze as though nothing out of the ordinary happened and didn't look at the skies again.

Now, almost three years have passed since Qin Wentian and Qing`er started their seclusion. The two of them haven't exited yet, and people in the royal palace would occasionally think about them. They were all wondering if the two of them would be able to succeed in a single attempt, completing their Immortal Foundation, ascending to true immortality and not half-step immortality with a single step.

If they were really planning to complete their Immortal Foundation, how many years would they take?

Most probably the time needed wouldn't be short. This was a process that all mortals who wanted to become immortals had to undergo. It would be for the best if they can complete their Immortal Foundations in one go. If they failed to do so, it would leave a shadow in their hearts, breaking their confidence and they might continue to fail in the future, remaining as a half-step Immortal Foundation expert.

A step to immortality, completing one's Immortal Foundation in a single breath. This was the ideal scenario to every stellar martial cultivator.

Qin Wentian formed a connection to the constellation, opened up an astral gate, formed a new Yuanfu, condensed an astral soul. He did it step-by-step. He began to absorb the terrifying astral energy from that 8th Heavenly Layer constellation while comprehending the fearsome law energy of destruction.

If one wants to establish an Immortal Foundation, they first had to understand the attribute of the law. Only then could they draw the motes of law energy into themselves, using immortal energy to establish their powerful Immortal Foundations.

All these naturally took a very long period of time. For people with weak wills or confidence, low comprehension and perception, it was tough for them to become immortals.

Many people were stuck at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon all their lives. There were also many who were stuck at half-step Immortal Foundation for all their lives. Although they were considered immortals, when compared to true immortals, the disparity was too great. There were plenty of half-step Immortal Foundation existences in the immortal realms.

Qin Wentian was still in his seclusion. He finally understood why a session of seclusion, when at the immortal level, would last as long as an ordinary mortal's lifetime. This was no exaggeration.

Now, roughly four years passed. Qin Wentian's sixth Immortal Foundation finally established and after a round of shattering, it became perfect.

Using immortal sense to survey the interior of this body, he could see the six foundations. Although his foundations couldn't 'fuse' together unlike others, there was a mystical connection between them. Motes of law energy criss-crossed, exuding a light that enveloped all six Immortal Foundations. The law energy from these six foundations repeatedly interweaved and superimposed on each other, as a wonderful transformation occured.

Qin Wentian's body could only now be described as perfect. He had flawless skin, the exquisite lines and contours of his face grew even clearer, as he became even more better looking.

This was an immortal. At the immortal level, ugly-looking people would be reduced. Unless one was purposely slovenly in dress and manner, not caring about their appearances, or they were innately born incomparably ugly...if not, when they reached the immortal level, their entire being would transform. Their flesh and skin would become flawless, the demeanor they exuded would have a certain gravity to it and with immortal halos around them, they would all become more handsome or pretty.

The changes to their outer appearance had a limit, but the transformation occuring inside their bodies would continue endlessly.

Now, the immortal light from Qin Wentian's six Immortal Foundations interweaved together, creating a transformation. The last step for Immortal Foundation existences was to complete their Immortal Foundations. At this moment, Qin Wentian had yet to finish that last step.

A white candle-like glow circulated within Qin Wentian's body, around all six of his Immortal Foundations. No amount of law energy from the foundations was able to expel or destroy this white glow as the power contained within began flowing into them. The law energy of the six foundations started to frenziedly circulate as a tempest brewed within Qin Wentian's body, while the countless laws blended together, melding into the white glow.

Qin Wentian's immortal sense surveyed the changes to his body while his heart pounded with sudden shock. To complete an Immortal Foundation, one had to do so using their comprehensions of law energy. However, it seems that he was an exception. The process was being done automatically.

In the external world, in the air above… law energy in the form of astral light from his constellation endlessly flowed into him.

Qin Wentian discovered that right in the center of his six foundations, the boundless law energy actually blended together and transformed into a flawless, brand new, resplendent and sparkling Immortal Foundation.

This Immortal Foundation was in the shape of a human, it gradually grew clearer and appeared to be like a divinity that had an innate immortal physique, exuding divine charm.

The law energy from his six foundation all congregated onto the human-shaped figure as thunderous rumbling sounds echoed. This human-shaped Immortal Foundation gradually became more and more corporeal, radiating boundless light while the six Immortal Foundations in his body faded away, slowly turning transparent. Although they were transparent, they still existed. The law energy they produced was still flowing constantly into the human-shaped Immortal Foundation.

"RUMBLE!" A heaven-shaking transformation occurred within Qin Wentian's body.

Qin Wentian's body transformed into a fearsome vortex that started ravenously absorbing all the energy from the remaining cultivation resources in his surroundings. After a period of time after all the remaining energy was absorbed, layers of light wrapped around him, resembling a cocoon while he digested the energy. It lasted until one day...when all the energy was finally digested, Qin Wentian's body suddenly emanated boundless light that shot straight up into the sky, causing a resplendent phenomenon to be formed. The amount of power exuded was as though a divinity had appeared in the world.

In the royal palace of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, many people had bewildered expressions when they stared up at the sky.

"What is that?" The crowd only saw multi-colored light streaking through the skies as a phenomena was born. Faintly, one could make out the appearance of a human-shaped figure amidst the boundless light.

"Is that the heavens giving birth to a phenomena?" The hearts of many trembled. Some kings and marquises even stepped out of their estates, standing with their hands behind their backs as they stared at the sky.

What did this portend?

In the emperor palace, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor stood there as he gazed at the heavens, silently contemplating this phenomena.

The stillness and silence of the royal palace had suddenly vanished, replaced with liveliness and excitement. Many people were asking their elders what the phenomena represented? However, even immortal kings had no idea what to answer.

The heavens giving birth to a mystical phenomenon was a sure sign that there was a demon-level genius. Strangely enough, the place below the phenomenon was none other than Princess Changping's estate. Suddenly, a notion hit them... Qin Wentian was still in seclusion, preparing to ascend to immortality there right?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1005

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