Apartment for Rent Chapter 13 Part2

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Guo Li dragged out the cold and stiff Ling Hu.

Flies that could get into just about anywhere were actively jumping around and laying eggs on the corners of his mouth, nostrils, and eyeb.a.l.l.s.

The dead Ling Hu only lost his soul. What he left behind was nutritious protein for random organisms to hatch on and eaten from the inside.

In the spirit of spreading the love, we really should ban cremation.

The atmosphere was awful, yet it made an actor feel obligated to throw out an ambiguous line in response. It didn't matter who, else even the bystander's soul was going to lose control.

"I am sorry."

Bo Yan mechanically spit out these three words before he buried his face into his body all over again, as though he was a hermit crab who couldn't find a sh.e.l.l to settle in. This was his concise line.

Guo Li was bewildered, but immediately understood what Bo Yan was trying to say.

Bo Yan was apologizing for stealing his lover from him.

"No... we... we were both wrong.... it was me who had too often neglected his feelings of being alone, otherwise we wouldn't be here right now." Suddenly Guo Li felt sorrow, finally guilt was starting to consume him.

This kind of backlas.h.i.+ng would bring out the good side of someone who has lost his conscience. I couldn't let such moral conversation continue. The situation would become unpredictable.

"They were on the right track, why switch gear now?" I remembered a line from a Head & Shoulder commercial. I changed into clothe shoes and hurried downstairs.

"I ruined everything, everything... no matter how things unfolded, I should have done this....." Guo Li was truly regretful, I heard him throwing himself onto the floor.

Bo Yan was speechless, he probably thought Guo Li went overboard on his break down.

Gently I twisted the door k.n.o.b with the key still inserted, pretending to be shocked by what I was seeing.

"Oh my G.o.d!" Guo Li was started and jumped straight up.

Bo Yan had no idea what happened and dashed out of the bathroom. But owing to the fact that he has been squatting for too long, he tripped over the dead body as soon as he left the bathroom.

My feet were weak. I lowered my body slowly as I gripped onto the door frame.

"What... what happened here?" I was shocked, pointing at Ling Hu's body on the floor.

The s.h.i.+ny knife still protruding from his chest.

Guo Li was breathing heavily, completely stunned b the unexpected development of events, just like how I was instkilled during my first encounters with Ying Ru.

Soon as Bo Yan realized it was me, he pa.s.sively collapsed onto the floor, as though he was saying "just arrest me and stop this torture already."

A fitting and cliche description that they would to describe this moment would be "it was as though the time had stopped and a century had pa.s.sed". But me, as a bystander, practically counted seconds in my head.

At the eleventh second, the real killer Guo Li finally tried to open his mouth to either explain something or admit to something, but all the words were tangled up in his brain. All I could make out was some garbled up noises rolling around inside his mouth "EEEEE EEEEE OOOOO OOOOO."


Translator's Note: Did you all know that this was made into a movie? I thought the book was disturbing enough. Not sure I have the stomach to watch the movie. >.

Apartment for Rent Chapter 13 Part2

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