Astro Boy Part 15

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"This is Geraldo Segunda for OmniNews Network," the reporter said, putting a microphone in Cora's face. "Can we have a few words for the viewers at home?"

Before Cora could answer, her cell phone rang. She took it out of her pocket.


Her face lit up. "Mom? Dad?"

She listened for a moment, blinking back tears. "You and Dad have been looking for me on the Surface?"


She put her hand over the phone and signaled to Astro.

"It's my folks. They're watching us on TV!" she said excitedly. She spoke back into the phone. "Of course I know Astro. He's my friend."

Cora listened and rolled her eyes. "Of course, I realize he's a robot, Dad." She smiled as she heard his reply. "Oh good, you like robots now."

Astro smiled and waved at the crowd. He spotted Dr. Tenma on the sidelines. Astro waved. Tenma waved back.

"Who's that?" Cora asked.

"My dad," Astro said proudly.

"Your dad?" Cora asked. How could a robot have a dad?

Astro shrugged. "It's a long story."

Suddenly, sirens blared throughout the city. Soldiers rushed in. Astro tensed. Was the Peacekeeper back?

"Everyone take cover!" one of the soldiers yelled. "There's an alien threat approaching Earth!"

Astro looked up. A huge creature with slimy tentacles covered the sky.

People screamed and ran in terror. Astro powered up his jets.

"Wait!" Dr. Elefun called out. "Are you sure you're ready for this, Astro?"

Astro nodded. Dr. Elefun was right. This was his destiny-to be a hero.

"I was made ready," Astro replied as he blasted off into the sky.

Astro Boy Part 15

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