Atelier Tanaka Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part3

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We left the director's office and went to the academy's cafe.

It was the same cafe I encountered Ester-chan in when I was visiting the academy. It seems that this is a place her and her entourage use as a home base. Back then, the loli b.i.t.c.h and her friends picked a fight with me and I ended up leaving.

However, today was very different. Rows of people surrounded a table with me at the centre. All of them were extremely beautiful girls. Any of you are fine, just, please, let's get married after being pa.s.sionately in love for three years.

Surely, at least a couple of them must have their hymens.

As long as I'm friends with Ester-chan, I'll be surrounded by cute girls. If I look straight ahead, I can only see cute girls. If I look to my left, cute girls. To my right, oh, it's Ester-chan. She had moved a chair next to me and was now snuggling up to me.

There were rows of steaming cups of tea lined up on our table. One for every beautiful girl surrounding me. This is heaven. So many great thighs were visible around the table when I looked down.

"Well then, let's get this strategy meeting started!"

Ester-chan triumphantly said.

I guess she's actually serious about trying to catch the great thief with her entourage. Personally, I think it would be a lot easier on my own. If there are more people, they'll just get in the way and give the prisoners more chances to escape.

The fact that my allies would be these cute girls also makes me hesitant to allow them to be a part of this. Especially considering the fact that they're beautiful girls that are also the daughters of n.o.ble families. I can see it now. They'll be kidnapped, g.a.n.g.b.a.n.ged, sold to a foreign country, and then be used as s.e.x objects.

"FitzClarence-sama, my family has connections to the Guild in the capital city. Just say the word and they'll find those prisoners!" "I-If that's the case, my family has influence over the military!" "Wait a moment! If we're going to use the army, my grandfather was a general!" "I-I could also help a little…."

The beautiful girls were also desperate to help Ester-chan.

As one would expect of someone with so much power.

However, in response to her obsessed entourage, the loli b.i.t.c.h slammed her hand down on the table.

"You're too loud. Be quiet."

All of the cute girls trying to show their usefulness fell silent.

She's tyrannical. It looked like one girl was about to speak up when Ester-chan gave her a cold glare, causing her to back down.

However, once Ester-chan turned to me, her expression softened.

"I think this will be a very dangerous job. It would be safer if it were just the two of us, right?"


If only you had your hymen.

I desperately held back these words.

"No, I should handle this matter alone."

I can't afford to involve the loli b.i.t.c.h.

I don't want to put my friend in danger.

By the way, at this moment, I am a lone man surrounded by beautiful girls. It's like a dream. I'm so happy. The fact that someone like me could be surrounded by beautiful girls is more fitting of a fantasy world than even flight magic.

There are lolis. There are glamorous girls. There are slender girls.

All of them are beautiful.

No matter which way I look there are beautiful girls.

If this were j.a.pan, I'd have to pay hundreds of thousands of yen for this same experience.

But all of these girls here are free.

I can talk with them as much as I want.

"I-I know! I…umm, that's it, maybe you want all of them to help out. That's fine! I'll definitely be useful! I know I can be useful to you! I want us to see the world together!"

"No, that offer is a bit…."

This loli b.i.t.c.h is the type of b.i.t.c.h that can ruin a man. And what was with that last line? As I looked around at the surrounding girls, they were all clearly confused as well. They all seem to be doubting Ester-chan's behaviour.

"It's just like what I said to the Deputy Director. It's better if I do this alone."

I stated this as clearly as possible.

She didn't care about my words or who was here with us and said,

"I want us to spend as much time together as possible. I want us to experience new things together. I don't care if you want to treat me as a slave or a mistress, as long as I can receive your sperm! Please, just take me! I'll do anything! Even if I were to die tomorrow because of it, I would have no regrets!"

Ester-chan was now in invincible mode.

There's no stopping her when she lets her love for me take over. If she still had her hymen, I'd throw her on this table and start doing her in front of her entourage. Why isn't she a virgin? It's only natural a girl as pretty as she isn't a virgin. It's only the leftovers that still have a hymen.

After hearing Ester-chan's words, the entourage were all staring at me.

Seriously, what am I supposed to say here?

It seemed that she misunderstood their stares. She looked at her followers in disbelief and said,

"No way. D-Don't tell me you all are going after him too!"

What a ridiculous accusation.

"Eh!?" "N-No, I never said anything like that!" "Umm, FitzClarence-sama, w-w-what did you mean by 'slave…?'" "FitzClarence-sama, maybe you should calm down a little." "H-H-H-H-How absurd!"

In response to their reactions, the other customers in the cafe turned their attention to us.

And them using the name 'FitzClarence' isn't helping anything.

The loli b.i.t.c.h's every move served to draw more attention to us.

"If any of you try to take him I'll never forgive you! He's off limits. I love him more than anyone else, so, you know, if any of you have feelings for him, I'd ask that you give up on him for me…okay?"

The aura around her had changed completely from her previous dignified manner. She started pleading with the surrounding girls as if she were praying. This change caused her to almost appear to be a lovely young girl that still has her hymen. I'm confused about how to feel.

However, I wasn't the only one confused.

Can we just leave it like this?

If her father finds out about this, I'm dead.

The power of the FitzClarence family is enormous.

But Ester-chan is still trying to act like a perfectly innocent girl.

How scary.

"Ester-san, just calm down. I understand what you're trying to say. By all means, you can come with me this time. The daughter of the FitzClarence family is surely equal to a hundred people."

"S-Seriously!? I can come!?"

"Please do."

"Can you impregnate me!?"

"No, that's not…."

She won't give up.

Well, that's until she makes up with Allen and she regrets saying any of this. If a couple members of her entourage decide to let her father know about this…. It would just be best if I got her to shut up as soon as possible.

"That's fine! It's probably better if we let things play out naturally!"

"I think that's for the best."

What does that mean?

"T-Then, we need to decide on our plans!"

"Yeah, that's true. However, sitting for so long can be bad for your body. Maybe we should take a short break. Clearing our minds first is essential to coming up with a good plan."

"Really? Oh, do you need to use the restroom?"

"Yeah, well, that's also part of the reason."

"Then, I can come with you! I'll help!"

"No, one person should be fine…."

Ester-chan has gone completely berserk.

I'd probably be erect right now if I wasn't trying so hard to keep it down.


I left the men's room and was now walking down the corridor back to the cafe. A few metres ahead of me, I saw a girl peeking around the corner. It was one of the members of Ester-chan's entourage that were surrounding the table earlier.

"Stop there. There's something I want to ask you."

"…what is it?"

I looked around to see if there was anyone else.

I was worried they might be planning on ambus.h.i.+ng me. This girl looked somewhat familiar…. Ah, right, this girl was there when I first met Ester-chan at the cafe. If I'm not mistaken, she seemed like the leader of Ester-chan's entourage.

She was in her mid-teens. She had a bob cut with brown hair hanging just above her shoulders, and both her chest and height were modest. Her blue eyes looked sharp as she gazed back at me with a scowl.

"What did you do to FitzClarence-sama to make her like that?"

"That's…a really good question."

"J-Just tell me already! You must have used magic to charm her…."

"No, I never did anything like that."

"Really? I wonder what her father would have to say about this!"

"You don't need to do that. I never did anything of that sort to her."

More importantly, does that type of magic actually exist?

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not interested, but, for my first time, I'd like for each of us to come to like each other naturally.

"Then why…."

"There are some misunderstandings that have led to this. I hope to lead her in the right direction so that everyone involved can remain friends. I apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your concern."

"Misunderstandings? You're saying there are things she's misunderstanding?"

Isn't that obvious?

Just look at my face.

"You're her friend, right? So you know she judges people more on the type of person they are rather than their looks. She's still young and has a pure heart, so that's why she's started liking an average guy like me."

"…if what you said is true, I'm a little relieved."

"I haven't told a single lie."

I don't want to lose my life with a certain maid because of this used up hole. I will protect that life. To accomplish this, I have to harden my heart and put her on a route towards Allen. No, in this particular case, it's possible I could put her on the lesbian route with her entourage.

"…I think I'll need to wait a little to decide if you're telling the truth."

"Of course, take as much time as you need."

She still looked suspicious of me. I guess I'll have to wait a while before that changes but at least I've bought myself some time.

I left the corridor in front of the restroom and returned to the table Ester-chan was waiting at.

Most of her entourage had returned to their positions around the table. Ester-chan sat at the centre as they happily chatted away. Just watching from the side like this could heal any wound in my heart.

I then recognized someone that wasn't here earlier.

"O-Oh, he wasn't here before I went out into the hall…."

The entourage captain also chimed in.



Two days ago, after we all split up at the n.o.ble mage's mansion, he had spent the entire day desperately clinging on to Christina's leg. I was worried about him but it seems he's recovered. He was showing his normal smile. He stood there, clad in his knight armour, surrounded by girls.

Most of the girls surrounding him were members of Ester-chan's entourage. They all seemed to be overwhelmed by the sheer presence of such a beautiful ikemen. Their pupils had all changed into hearts.

I quickly returned to my place at the table.

"Oh, Tanaksan."

"It's good to see you, Allen."

The ikemen bowed his head.

And my soy sauce face followed suit.

"What are you doing here?"

"No, w-well, I came here to thank you for everything you've done over the past few days. I was going to visit you when, by chance, I spotted her…."

Allen glanced over at Ester-chan.

I see.

"I-I have nothing to say to you!"

His ex-girlfriend refused to even make eye contact with him.

Oh, I'm feeling that strange sense of superiority again.

It's the type of feeling that could spoil a person.

"…umm, Tanaksan, can I speak with you for a moment?"

He looked a little discouraged after Ester-chan's reaction, but he's a strong guy.

However, I find it hard to feel sorry for him. He's only been in the cafe for a few minutes but already has most of Ester-chan's entourage and many of the female customers surrounding him. They're all longing after him with bright, s.h.i.+ning eyes.

Even many of the female staff are occasionally glancing over at him.

The fact that he wore his armour made him even more attractive. I'm sure that if Ester-chan weren't here, he'd have already conquered one of these girls.

"What is it, Allen?"

"I heard from one of these girls that you'll be helping investigate the prison break that took place recently."

"Yeah, well, I somehow ended up helping out."

"It may be rude of me to ask but can I join you? I feel like I'll be able to learn a lot if I'm by your side…."

"I see."

It might not be bad having a knight that belongs to the Central Order working with me. He could be very useful if I get myself in trouble. He'd be much more useful than the loli b.i.t.c.h and her friends.

"If you want to, I'd love to have your help."

"Really? Thank you."

"But can you take time off from the Order?"

"It's embarra.s.sing to say but when I tried to hand in my resignation, my commander refused to accept it and told me to take some time off and reflect on myself. I can't serve and I can't leave, so I've been put on an indefinite vacation."

"I-I see…."


The Royal Knights of the Penny Empire are surprisingly kind to their employees.

Or is it just due to the fact that Allen is such a big shot?

"If that's the case, I'd be glad to have you helping out."

"Thank you! I'll be sure not to cause you any problems!"

He gave an obedient nod followed by a brilliant salute.

It was a beautiful scene.

However, there was one person that wasn't happy about this.

"W-Wait a minute! I never agreed to allow Allen to come with!"

"It should be fine. He just wants to help out."


The loli b.i.t.c.h looked p.i.s.sed.

I wasn't the only one trying to defend Allen.

"FitzClarence-sama, it would be useful to have a man help out!" "I-I think so too!" "It would be a real help if we had a man in case of any emergencies!" "It would be really encouraging if we had a knight with us!" "He's so well trained! And those muscles are amazing!"

I'm right here. You've had a man with you this entire time.

I don't really mind.

"Now then, we should start planning."

Our party was formed like this.


Atelier Tanaka Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part3

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