Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 35

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Hearing Ye Chen's question, Pang Dahai twisted around and looked at Ye Chen with his sparkling eyes as if staring at an idiot.

Ye Chen grasped the meaning of Pang Dahai's look.

Giggling, he rubbed his head and found the question he asked foolish.

The earth fire and true fire were all bred by the heavens and the earth, but the true fire was superior. The earth fire could refine the jade spirit liquid, let alone the stronger true fire.

"Sect elder, I will take this volume about jade spirit liquid refinement." Trusting the volume into his chest, Ye Chen took out twenty spirit stones.

"All right, you just go on shopping. Don't steal things." Pang Dahai walked away after receiving the spirit stones.

Excited, Ye Chen was qualified for refining the jade spirit liquid because of the true fire he had. He surely could refine the liquid once he grasped the refinement method.

In an instant, it seemed that he saw numerous bottles of jade spirit liquid wobbling before his eyes.

Feeling pretty good, Ye Chen wanted to spin around as the true fire in his body vibrated.

"Treasure appears." That idea occurred in Ye Chen's head intuitively. The true fire also vibrated when he found Tianque sword in the Spirit Tools Pavilion. After Ye Chen claimed his owners.h.i.+p of the sword, he gained the secret skills of burning sky.

Afterwards, he supposed that the mysterious true fire was capable of identifying treasures.

"The gadget thought highly by the true fire must be outstanding."

Tapping his belly, Ye Chen flicked his look at each item displayed on the shelf, and until he caught a sight of the purple golden bottle gourd, the true fire flickered sharply.

"No doubt, it is you." Ye Chen strode to the purple golden bottle gourd and seized it after he decided to purchase the bottle gourd.

Nothing special, the purple golden bottle gourd was as large as an adult's palm, with profound spells inscribed on it.

But Ye Chen knew that the true treasure could not be judged from its appearance. His Tianque Sword looked common as well. Unexpectedly, it was a heavy sword and contained the powerful secret skills of burning sky.


Ye Chen pulled up the gourd plug and looked inside the bottle gourd with one eye closed. To his surprise, it was s.p.a.cious inside and could accommodate a dozen jars of water.

Glimpsing at the true fire flickering in his elixir sea, Ye Chen asked, "You select the bottle gourd because of its enormous volume?"

The true fired vibrated as if it understood Ye Chen's question.

"I believe your choice." Ye Chen cast his look at the price marked under the bottle gourd, and twitched his lips.

"Oh, my gos.h.!.+ It is worth a thousand and three hundred spirit stones."

"I cannot afford albeit dissipating all my fortune!" As the true fire kept shaking, Ye Chen drew a sigh.

"Boy, you want this bottle gourd?" Pang Dahai lurked around and suddenly showed up behind Ye Chen without making any noise, which frightened him.

Ye Chen chuckled and scratched his head, "Sect elder Pang, could you please sell this little bottle gourd to me at a lower price?"

"No, the purple golden bottle gourd is s.p.a.cious inside. It is really cheap at a thousand and three hundred spirit stones."

"So it is!" Ye Chen answered regretfully.

When Pang Dahai noticed Ye Chen's awkwardness, he thrust his hands in pockets and asked, "How many spirit stones do you have?"

"A thousand and a hundred."

"Two hundred short of the price. Do you have other things worth two hundred spirit stones?"

Ye Chen coughed, edged towards Pang Dahai and took out a small black bottle from his storage bag.

"What is it?" Taking the black bottle, Pang Dahai plucked its plug and smelled next to the bottle neck.

Pang Dahai choked at once and hurried to block the bottle plug.

"Boy, it is poisonous pellets inside." Coughing, Pang Dahai snapped, "Where did you get the stuff?"

"I picked it up by chance." Ye Chen touched the tip of his nose. The small black bottle was from the crooked old man. He had nothing left and only the bottle of Blood-thirst Pellets could be served as two hundred spirit stones.

"Picked it up? Are you lying to me?"

Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 35

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