Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 37

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"We meet again." Su Xinyue said gruffly with a sullen face.

"Senior sister Su, we meet again. What a coincidence it is!" Smiling, Ye Chen thrust the snow magnolia flower in his chest.

"It is me who saw the flower first. Hand it to me!"

"It is nonsense. You saw it first but I picked it ahead of you."

"You…" A frosty look swept across Su Xinyue's pretty face after she was enraged by Ye Chen.

As the last disciple of the chief master of Renyang Peak, she used to enjoy flattery, but suffered several setbacks when facing Ye Chen. How unbearable it was!

"Senior sister Su, see you later." Ye Chen took a step and went on looking for other snow magnolia flowers.

"Leave the flower!" As a cold voice came, Su Xinyue lifted her hand with white light revolving around it and tended to hit Ye Chen.

Twitching his eyebrows, Ye Chen spun around and punched.

After a while, Su Xinyue was at a disadvantage. She stepped back and her face darkened.

"Senior sister Su, is there any need for you to fight against me for a herb?" Ye Chen asked in a deep tone.

"You speak with great confidence while robbing other's spiritual herbs." Bellowing, Su Xinyue moved adroitly with her toes touching the ground. An energy sword flew out of her sleeves and she already held it.

"Breeze chant!" As Su Xinyue shouted, the energy sword vibrated, with spiritual light centering around it. The sharp sword pierced the air with the sound of wind.

In this condition, Ye Chen's face became pale.

He never imagined that Su Xinyue applied Xuan skills and each movement could cause his death. Ye Chen was certain that if he did not defend, his heart would have been penetrated through by her energy sword.

Ye Chen unsheathed Tianque Sword as Su Xinyue's energy sword rushed to him.


As the two swords collided, Tianque Sword buzzed. As Tianque shook in hand, Ye Chen stepped back. Although he defended against Su Xinyue's Breeze Chant, wind blades scattered over in the air, cut Ye Chen's robe, sliced his face and left a bloodline.

"It is hard for you to achieve great goals if you concentrate on how to kill others." Brandis.h.i.+ng the energy sword again, Su Xinyue was at a compet.i.tive advantage. Her half-moon wind blade sliced through the sky.

"You want to murder the disciple of the same sect for a spiritual herb. The one who concentrates on killing others is you or me?" Irritated, Ye Chen did feel her intention to kill him from her energy sword. What a hypocritical murderer Su Xinyue was.

Ye Chen walked forwards in crackles, transfused his vital energy to Tianque Sword and wielded the sword horizontally.


The force produced in two swords' collision pushed both of them backwards.

Ye Chen was at advantage and made up his mind to tech Su Xinyue a lesson.

But a strong wind roared and rushed to him when he took one step.

"Human core stage." Ye Chen's eyes glinted coldly.

He hastened to confront his rival and threw out his fist immediately.

The man hid in the dark punched too fast. Ye Chen was in a hurry and did not gather all his vital energy. He was attacked and staggered back.

"How bold you are! You dare to kill the disciple of Renyang Peak."

As a voice came to Ye Chen's ears slowly, a white flash flickered in the bushes quickly, arrived in front of Ye Chen and hit Ye Chen slantingly with a palm.

Ye Chen raised Tianque Sword ahead to protect himself in a flurry.


The man struck on Tianque Sword.

The sword vibrated and Ye Chen stepped back because of the enormous force. Before he steadied himself, another palm fell on his chest.

Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 37

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