Battle Of Ascension Chapter 98: Rune

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"Rune Master?" Zhen Yi and Randy didn't know what rune master was. Moreover, this was the first time for them to hear about Rune Master.

"Yes, a Rune Master, also I am the first one who graduated from the East Blacksmith as Rune Master," Somad's expression was still aloof.

"What is Rune Master? What you do and why you said you have an important role in my guild growth?" As he didn't what Rune Master was, he asked Somad for further explanation about Rune Master.

Hearing Randy's question, the aloof expression on somad's face changed to shocked, "You don't know about Rune Master? Your guild has a private smithy and you don't know about Rune Master?"

Randy shook his head which afterward he looked at his wife, inquired if she knew about Rune Master or not. But his wife also shook her head, indicated that she knew nothing about Rune Master. He looked at Udin and Gusti if they knew about the Rune Master, but they didn't react even though he looked at them, at last he looked at Somad again.

Looking at Randy who didn't know about Rune Master, Somad dejected, "What Rune Master doing is to create a rune,"

"Then? What is the use of rune? Is it important for my guild?"

Somad became even more dejected as Randy knew nothing about rune. He believed Rune Master more important than a blacksmith as Rune Master was rarer than a blacksmith and to become Rune Master was more difficult than a blacksmith.

He thought if he told Randy and Zhen Yi about him being Rune Master they will welcome him with enthusiasm and a warm welcome, but their response was a contrast from what he imagined.

"You can use the rune for enhancing your equipment, the weapon and armor you use. If you set a rune into your weapon, it can enhance the attack of your weapon and enhance element power of your weapon," Somad explained the use of rune.

"Oh, element power, what is it?" This was also the first time Randy heard element power.

"I don't know too," Somad answered plainly as he also didn't know about the element power. The teacher who taught him to create the rune at the East Blacksmith also didn't explain what element power was. He told Randy what the teacher told him.

"So, your job is to make rune and rune can enhance the equipment. All right then, welcome to the Happy Guild. You can use the Happy Smith to do your work, later I will tell my dad you will work in the smithy," Randy still didn't know the detail of Rune Master or how rune work, but Somad said it could enhance the equipment. It was a good thing to enhance equipment.

As he didn't know how hard to become a Rune Master and he didn't know Rune Master was rarer than the Blacksmith, so he thought Rune Master was another branch from blacksmithing and nothing special about the Rune Master, so he just took Somad casually as he accepted Gusti in his guild.

"But… but…" There was something that Somad wanted to say but he hesitated.

"Oh, is there something you want to say?" Randy asked.

Somad nodded his head as he took a deep breath before he let out what he wanted to say,

"First, I need your cooperation to help with my work. Don't cut my words, just listen first what I say," Somad said as he noticed that Randy wanted to ask something.

"I need your cooperation in my work. I need a good ore, beast blood, it's not just any beast blood at least a rare beast blood, and it must blood from the heart of the beast. Also the bone of rare beast, I mean the spine of the rare beast, I need it to create a rune. Lastly, I need you to buy the rune scroll and the rune tool for me. If you can provide me with this, then I will join and work for the Happy Guild," Somad explained in one go what he needed to create a rune and requested it to Randy.

Randy didn't expect to create a rune was somewhat complicated, it was different from the normal blacksmith. Also, the materials used to create a rune somewhat weird, blood and the spine of a rare beast. From what Somad requested, there was a special tool to make runes and also need a scroll. It was really different from the normal blacksmith and he also interested in this rune.

"Hmm, how much you need to buy the rune tool and the scroll?" Randy asked.

"The normal tool rune is about 10,000 Gold and the best tool rune is 100,000 Gold and about the price of the scroll depended on what scroll you want to buy because every scroll contained a formation to enhance the equipment and every formation give different enhance to your equipment,"

"For a common scroll, it could enhance to 5% attack or defense on your equipment while the uncommon scroll could enhance to 10% attack or defense on your equipment. Also, there is a different scroll, it could enhance element power also the attack or defense in your equipment and it's more expensive,"

"The price for common scroll is 100 Gold and for the uncommon scroll is 300 Gold, as for the price of the scroll that could enhance the element power is 200 Gold for the common grade and 500 Gold for the uncommon grade scroll,"

"Also, there are two type scrolls. The normal scroll and a permanent scroll, the difference is when you use the normal scroll the formation in the scroll will dissipate after I used it while the formation in the permanent scroll will not dissipate even I used it many times. Of course, the price of the permanent scroll is more expensive than the normal scroll. The price for the permanent scroll is 5,000 Gold to 7,000 Gold of the common permanent scroll and 15,000 Gold to 20,000 Gold for the uncommon grade,"

Somad explained elaborately as he knew Randy knew nothing about the rune.

"Do you have the materials to make the rune now?" Randy asked again. After Somad detailed explanation, what he understood was he must invest a lot of Gold to groom Somad. So, he wanted to ask Somad to make the rune, with a sample of the rune it's easier to understand about the rune.

Though tens of thousands Gold was nothing to him as he just got 20 million from the Ascension Tournament, he must consider if the investment was worth or not, and the simplest way to know about this was to ask Somad to make the rune.

"I only have the scroll and the ore. I don't have the tool, the rare beast's blood, and the rare beast's spine," Somad seemed to understand what Randy's intention why asked if he had the materials or not.

"I have the rare beast so you can take the heart and the spine," Zhen Yi said as she also understood Randy's intention furthermore she also curious about rune.

So, only the tool was lacking to make the rune. Randy took out 5 10,000 Gold notes and gave it to Somad.

"Here, buy the best rune tool and make the rune,"

Somad took the gold notes and depart to buy the rune tool, the best rune tool. He determined to impress Randy by his work after failed to impress Randy by his profession as Rune Master. He believed Randy would be impressed by his work.

Why did he want to join the Happy Guild?

First, he heard Randy was the strongest person based on the rumor that circulated over the city after the Ascension Tournament ended.

Second, his two friends were the Happy Guild member so it will be easier to adapt in the Happy Guild.

Third, he believed that Happy Guild was different from other guilds. Took the Dragon Dynasty as an example, in the Dragon Dynasty there were a people chosen or even more than one for the Rune Master they groomed from their own people so it was hard for him to compete in other guilds.

He guessed the Happy Guild was different from the Dragon Dynasty as the structure between the two were different, moreover, There was no one joined the Happy Guild since it established. That was why he joined the Happy Guild he wished the Happy Guild would give full support to him as the Rune Master.

After 10 minutes, Somad back and they went to the Happy Smithy to make the rune. As Somad entered the smithy he didn't let them enter the smithy even Randy's father kicked out by Somad.

Somad said if there were people watching him he could not focus to make the rune. So, he asked them to wait outside.

They were waiting for an hour before Somad went out from the smithy while brought Randy's sword in his hands, Darkness.

There was a change in his sword, there was a faint white glow shrouded the sword.

Battle Of Ascension Chapter 98: Rune

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