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The bird was was big, it was about seven meters long, and once it spanned the wing, it could reach fifteen meters span.

However, the size of the bird was not the one who gave them a fright. What frightened the Alliance was the big boulder on its talon. Each boulder in a range of five to seven meters in diameter, this was what frightened them out.

If it was only one or two boulders, then there was no need for the Alliance to worry. But, it was not only one or two boulders. There were about a thousand huge black birds and each of them carried a boulder.

This meant the boulder was also about a thousand boulders and it would rain the Alliance force. It was really frightened the Alliance, even Randy had no way to prevent it.

He could use his sword blade to destroy the boulder. However, if he used his Sword Blade, it would only make the situation even worse. The sword blade could only slice the boulder and it did not solve the problem.

Randy had another way, it was his Fire Elemental Power. But he would not be able to destroy all boulder with his Fire Elemental Power. It took a long time to shoot a fireball compared with the sword blade and he would not be able to destroy all boulders.

Randy thought the way to prevent these boulders destroy the Alliance. He really did not expect the two beast kingdom had the aerial beast and could come up with this idea.

He thought hard to solve these blackbirds, but he only thought to stop these many huge black birds with his own strength. He did not realize that he had someone who could take care of this blackbirds.

Asuka, once again, Randy forgot that he had a reliable general under his command. He was always thinking to solve the problem with his power. He always relied on himself to solve the problem and he used to do this as he often acted alone rather than in a group.

Even though he always stressed out how important teamwork to his guild member. But he himself never relied on the others, he used to be working alone, and Randy still did not realize this point.

Actually, he could solve this problem if he used his ultimate skill, Dragon Transformation. But he did not want to show and use this skill except there was no other way than this one.

As Randy was thinking a solution besides the Dragon Transformation skill, there were three flame arrows shot up. In a one-third way, the three flame arrows split into thirty flame arrows. In a two-thirds way to the group of bird, the thirty flame arrows split into sixty arrows.

Boom! Boom! Broom!

The sixty flame arrows. .h.i.t the bird and released out a succession explosion. From the explosion, Randy saw there were about forty huge black birds fell. Soon, there were another three flame arrows shot up once again and the same scene repeated once again.

Randy stunned for a while and then, he turned his head toward the source flame arrow. There was a woman with an exquisite red golden bow in her hand. The woman was Asuka and kept firing the flame arrows and Randy realized that he had a general could be relied on.


Randy tapped his forehead hard as he came to sudden a realization. He was relying on himself too much and forgetting he had someone he could rely on.

"Let's we move too!" Randy said as he was ready to leave the formation.

"To where?" Udin instantly responded. He did not understand what Randy order. There was Asuka who could cope with the huge black bird and he felt they were powerless against the aerial beast as they could not fly.

Randy rolled his eyes at Udin, "Do you think she can shoot all birds down?"

Udin looked up and shook his head. It was impossible for Asuka to shoot all birds down in a short time. But what could he do with these many huge black birds?

"Then we have to move to protect them!" Randy pointed the people on the outer formation and Udin only understood after Randy said it.

Asuka would snipe the bird from here, but it was impossible for one people to clear a thousand huge blackbirds in a short time. There must be some of the birds slipped away from Asuka's arrows and their job was to protect the people behind from the boulder.

Without them, the people with no bloodline would not be able to handle the huge boulder and it was their job to protect them. At least, they must do what they could to save those people.

Asuka killed almost two-thirds of the blackbirds and over three hundred boulders successfully released on the top of Alliance formation. However, three hundred boulders easily repelled by the teamwork of the frontline.

The frontline force spread and managed to reduce the damage on the Alliance force. It was fortunate there were only a few hundred people wounded, but the Alliance suffered no casualties from the boulder rain.

As the Alliance relieved from the boulder rain, the beast horde launched their attack. A kilometer away from them, the beast horde was still advancing forward to the Alliance forces.

The Alliance just overcome the aerial beast, now the beast horde was coming at them. It was fortunate they finished they finished the huge blackbird fast, so they could still be prepared to engage the beast horde.

The frontline immediately gathered in the front and they executed the plan they had planned a long time ago. Randy and the other guild leaders gathered and led the Alliance clashed against the beast horde.

A kilometer distance and it was a short distance for the beast horde. Less than ten minutes, the two sides clashed. Randy and his guild members took head on the group of Eternal Grade Beast group.

Since the start, the group of Eternal Grade Beast was his target as he found 42 of 53 Eternal Grade Beast was a mutated beast. Randy immediately aimed this group to take down the strongest first.

The other guild leaders also did not want to lose. They also aimed the same target as Randy. They thought Randy wanted to get the Eternal Grade Bloodline for his guild, so they did not want only Happy Guild took this.

It did not take a long time before they realized they were no match of Eternal Grade Beast. The Eternal Grade Beast easily overwhelmed them. Long Tianyu even could not take one Eternal Grade Beast alone, his son and his subordinate helped him only to cope for one Eternal Grade Beast.

However, different from the other guilds experienced, Randy could cope with ten Eternal Grade Beasts at once. There were ten Eternal Grade Beasts surrounded him and more Eternal Grade Beast came after him as the beast realized Randy was the strongest among the human. They wanted to take the strongest down first.

Meanwhile, the Happy Guild members with Emperor Grade Bloodline and King Grade Bloodline teamed out to face the group of Mythical Grade Beast.

Dark red sword revolved around Randy and it pushed a few Eternal Grade Beasts back. Randy used Myriad Chiliastic Sword from the start to cope against ten Eternal Grade Beasts.

It was not easy even for Randy. If it was only three to five Eternal Grade Beast, then it would be easy for him. However, ten Eternal Grade Beasts besieged him and he noticed more Eternal Grade Beast coming to him.

Randy controlled the dark red sword as he scanned the beast surrounded him. All beasts who surrounded Randy was from Wolverian tribe. The Wolverian's eyes emanated a deep hatred as they glared him. Randy realized where this hatred came from, it was from his t.i.tle, Wolverian Nemesis.

More and more Eternal Grade Wolverian came to Randy. It was like Randy's presence attracted the Wolverian hatred and the Wolverian did not care with the others. The Wolverian tribe only aimed Randy and his guild member who had Wolverian Nemesis t.i.tle. The Happy Guild's presence really helped the other guilds from the huge pressure of Eternal Grade Beast.

Meanwhile, Long Xinya also in the same condition. There were eight Wolverian surrounded her and she was having a hard time to cope with these eight Wolverians.

Randy scanned the surrounding and he knew they were in a disadvantaged position.


Randy vanished and three long sharp claws were tearing up Randy's after image. Randy used his shadow drive and appeared behind the three Wolverians with two Infernal Blade which shrouded in a crimson flame in his hand.

He knew that he could only use the Shadow Drive only once when he fought a high-grade beast. When he used this skill once, the enemy would realize his skill, and Shadow Drive was no longer effective to be used as a sneak attack anymore like now.

Randy slashed his Infernal Blade downward on both side Wolverian. Two Eternal Grade Wolverian fell, but the Wolverian in the middle turned his body. The last Wolverian used the claw attacked Randy face.

Randy jerked his body back, but the long claw managed to scratch his cheek and left three lines of swallow cut wound. Randy's heart was thumping fiercely. If he did not pull his body promptly, the claw would hit the plump baby on the top of his head.

Randy was more worried about the plump baby than himself. He reacted fast and darted his body forward before slas.h.i.+ng his Infernal Blade to the last survived Wolverian.


Explosive strike triggered and the Wolverian's head exploded. In the flash, Randy immediately stored the Wolverian's dead bodies as the three Wolverian he just killed was a mutated beast.

The fierce fight started and it was not an easy fight for the Alliance as the fight continued. The frontline also realized the Eternal Grade Beast was not the beast they could cope with.

The other guilds immediately changed the target to the group of Mythical Grade Beast group. However, this only made the matter worst to the Happy Guild's side. With the other guilds moved to the Mythical Grade Beast group, Happy Guild's pressure heavier.

The fierce battle lasted eighteen hours before finally, the Alliance put the two beast kingdoms' resistance down in eighteen hours. Thanks to Happy Guild who held the Eternal Grade Beast group. The Alliance managed to defeat the two beast kingdoms.

However, the Alliance also suffered many casualties. The 1,300 people in the frontline was a little fortunate as only 258 people died, but when it came to the outer formation, it much worse than they expected.

Only a little four hundred thousand people survived from seven hundred thousand people who partic.i.p.ated in the battle. The Alliance suffered almost a half of their force.

Randy immediately slumped down to the ground immediately after the battle finished. He did not expect the 53 Eternal Grade Beast would give him a hard time to finish and he wasted ten hours to kill 33 Eternal Grade Beast.

He was exhausted and the hurried breath slowly calmed down as he lay down on the ground. Afterward, Randy immediately took out a Stamina Potion and let out 'fwuah' sound afterward.

He was delighted as the battle in Australia had come to an end. He could go back soon to Evergreen City as long as the d.a.m.n Ascension Guild arrived here and repaired the teleportation site.

Soon, he noticed there was a figure walked toward him. He looked up and it was Long Xinya. She also had exhausted look plastered on her face. She was in condition no better than him. But she was still worked to fulfill her duty as the vice leader.

Long Xinya's purpose was reported the current situation of Happy Guild after the battle. However, just as she wanted to speak, Randy raised his hand up.

"Wait a minute!" Said Randy as he received a message. When he opened the inbox, he noticed there were three unread messages. It was Zhen Yi who sent him the three messages.

He received the first message sixteen hours ago and the second message was fourteen hours ago. Randy checked the first message and it was happy news.

"Honey~~ I will give birth to our first child in twelve to twenty hours??? I wish you to get back soon~~"

Randy immediately opened the second message. Maybe because Randy did not reply at her message, she sent another message.


Let alone replied the message, he did not even realize there was a message as he was battling the Eternal Grade Beast at that time.

'She must be sulking, ' Thought Randy as she did not send the message afterward. Maybe, the third message was she had successfully given birth to their child.

Randy felt pity that he could not accompany his wife, but he was also helpless as he could not leave Australia.

Randy opened the third message which he received just now. However, the smile on Randy froze and his pupil contracted.

"BACK!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!"

Battle Of Ascension Chapter 363 Back!!!!!! Fast!!!!!!

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