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In just a few days, the army returned, and they arranged a place for Ma Chao to stay and sent people to call him over. Although Zixuan had followed Ma Chao back, for the sake of some unnecessary trouble, she did not pay a visit to Zhao Yun and even her sister.

"Reporting to the General, Master has asked General Ma to come over."

Ma Chao quickly arrived in front of Liu Bei and asked sincerely, "Master, why have you called me here?"

Liu Bei laughed honestly, and then said with a sincere smile, "Ah, I'll arrange a mansion for you at the east side of the city, you can stay there."

"Thank you, Master. Ma Chao will not be able to repay you."

"You're being too serious."

There would still be pleasantries to talk about him, and it was common for people to be hostile towards him. Since Ma Chao had just become his subordinate, Liu Bei would naturally pay more attention to him.

Reporting, advisors, soldiers have been sick in succession in the army, there were five more cases today. After Kongming heard the news, he frowned and went forward to check, the soldiers then went forward and asked, "Advisor, what do we do?"

"First, isolate these soldiers." After searching for a long time, Kongming still could not find the reason. At this time, he remembered that the Confucian Scholar that Ma Chao brought along had never appeared, and he had a feeling that he would find a way. Thinking of this, he walked towards Ma Mansion.

The Military Advisor asked for an audience... "What, do you want to do this? Military Advisors would not easily visit, there must be something important going on, but Mengqi is still not back, quickly invite him in. "

He thought that since Ma Chao was not here, he must be the one looking for him. He thought it would be better to tease him for a bit, and leave immediately without taking any action, which was no longer within his consideration.

Zixuan had changed into a new set of female attire, with a light green jacket with purple flowers embroidered on it, making it seem extremely refres.h.i.+ng in the summer, and casually put on a bun. Her black hair accentuated her fairer complexion, and slightly powdered her cheeks, making her look even more rosy, this was a woman that was suitable for her to do things in, the lady in the mirror would definitely look beautiful if she were to dress up even the slightest bit, so she was not in the mood to do so at the moment.

Zixuan walked towards Kongming while carrying a cup of tea, his heart uneasy, "My master still hasn't returned, Military Advisor, please wait for a moment." She kept her head lowered, not daring to look at Kongming.

"Are the strategists who came with General Ma Chao in the mansion?"

Zixuan frowned, not good, it would definitely be seen through, "You must be talking about Mr. Zhao." He forced a smile and stuttered.

"Oh?" Kongming thought, that man was surnamed Zhao.

"Teacher has always been a loner and has never seen guests. What can I tell you on behalf of the Military Advisor?" In any case, no one had seen him before, it was fine to casually make up some strange characteristics to trick him, he didn't know it would be Zixuan, and he even more so didn't know that the person in front of him was Zixuan!

"I heard that Teacher is proficient in medicine, so I came to request for guidance."

"I do not dare, I do not dare. Mister Zhao is only slightly knowledgeable. Military Advisor, please speak frankly."

"There have been a lot of sick soldiers in the army recently. I couldn't find the reason, so I came to ask for Mr. Zhao's help." Mentioning this matter, Kongming still felt a headache.

"Yes, I'll go make the report." Zixuan laughed awkwardly, and then bid farewell and headed inside the house.

"Such good tea, sorry to trouble you, Miss." Kongming looked at the light smile on the corner of her mouth, and saw everything.

In fact, he did not need to pa.s.s on any message, he just walked over to the study room, picked up the pen and quickly wrote on the paper with his left hand, then returned back to the hall. Kongming quietly savored his tea and looked around at the decorations, deep in thought.

After handing the slip of paper to Kongming, Kongming opened it to look at. There were only four words that he would be able to read, and Zixuan really didn't know what had happened.

"Did Mr. Zhao personally hand this to you?" Kongming raised the slip of paper and asked the girl in front of him.

"Yes, personally written." Zixuan laughed in embarra.s.sment. He had failed in his plan and this was not teasing Kongming because he had suffered, it seemed that he had no other choice!

"Zhao Hongying, Zixuan, how have you been? I didn't expect you to be a girl, you're actually so beautiful." For a moment, he gazed at her lost in thought. Her beauty was different from ordinary girls. She had her own unique spiritual beauty, yet was also as cold and charming as a cold plum. Most of her beauty was due to her intelligence and scheming.

"How did you recognize me!" Zixuan was extremely angry, and was secretly vexed, it seemed like this opponent could only hide and disappear, but was discovered the moment they met, making a mistake!

"Even if it was written personally, why is your sleeve stained with ink? And why are you so sure I won't recognize you if you change into a woman's outfit? "

Zixuan saw that there were traces of ink on the cuffs of his sleeves. Normally, he would wear clothes that came with him, and there were rarely robes with such loose and wide sleeves that were tightly fastened to the cuffs.

"I hope the advisor can help me keep this a secret!"

"Yes." He lightly waved his feather fan, wanting to speak but then hesitating, "However …"

"I understand. I will help you settle what you just said." He sighed lightly. In the end, he had still managed to sneak in. It was probably impossible for him to continue hiding.

"s.h.i.+ng said so." Zixuan opened his eyes wide, feeling regretful in his heart, as if Zixuan had always been making mistakes and losing to him ever since they met, "However, since Zixuan has agreed, then come with me."

"Let me change my clothes first." It was as if he wanted to get rid of this troublesome outfit as soon as possible.

"Actually, it's very beautiful for you to act like this." Kongming looked at her with sincere eyes, which should have come from the bottom of her heart.

"I don't like it." Zixuan changed back into his men's attire and followed him.

When the two of them arrived at the camp, they saw one of the soldiers fall. Zixuan connected the pulse on one of the soldier's wrist, and didn't come to a conclusion even after a long time, "How is it?"

Zixuan shook his head, "Advisor, I want to investigate, but first we have to isolate the patients, and contact them as little as possible."


"What did they eat? "What have you touched?"

Zixuan asked a series of questions, but there was still no result. There were no problems with the food, but there were some questions regarding the water. Kongming and Zixuan had been together for an entire day, so time quickly flowed by.

In the blink of an eye, the sun had set. Zixuan was searching earnestly, and did not notice a pair of deep eyes staring at him from the side. "Thank you, Zixuan.

"Oh, okay."

The two of them walked to the Ma Residence. Kongming asked: Oh, why is Zixuan here? Zixuan felt like laughing, and said: "I'm staying here ah, Mengqi knows that I'm acquainted with all of you, he only knows me here. If I abandoned him and left, he would think that I was lying to him."

Since he was already here, he decided to stay and have a meal with Kongming. However, Ma Chao had not returned for a long time, and someone had sent him a message just now that Liu Bei was the one who left him for dinner.

"Advisor, after you."


"Will the Sister-in-Law have any objections if the Military Advisor doesn't return late at night?" Zixuan tried to ask tentatively. He knew that since he had a wife, he shouldn't have spent too much time alone with her.

He smiled without saying a word.

That night, Zixuan and Kongming was in the room discussing medical skills. "Instructor, I think the problem is with the water sources." "Oh?" Kongming still gently waved his fan.

"We have investigated the water source, is there any problem?" "Yeah, I just felt something was wrong." Zixuan was still pondering when Kongming noticed the zither on the table, "Zixuan, do you still remember the first time you played for me?"

"Yes, < autumn="" wind="" words="">." "Then play another song for me today." "No, let me hear it."

As he listened, a sense of serenity emerged on Zixuan's face. Finis.h.i.+ng his words, Kongming bid farewell to Zixuan, "It's already late, Kongming will be taking his leave."

"Please take care, advisor." After sending Kongming away, Zixuan played on his zither, but that was impossible, how could Zixuan be willing to have Kongming accompany him? There was no other way, he had been invited back by Liu Bei with great treatment, how could he leave Liu Bei's side? It was impossible to subdue Wolong, but who could contend against Wolong?

Zixuan was agitated and unable to sleep at night.

arrived at the epidemic area very early in the morning. This time, Zixuan carefully checked the patients and found out that there was a trace of an animal bite on their body, it was a mouse, which meant that this was plague. Zixuan went to look for the Military Advisor, "Military Advisor, Zixuan has preliminarily determined that this is plague."


"Yes, they have been bitten. I have checked the granary and it has been raining in recent days. The granary is leaking and the military is getting moldy. I'm afraid that's the reason." Kongming made another investigation and it was as Zixuan had said.

Kongming reported this to Liu Bei, who called the manager in charge of the granary over, then called the Military Advisor over. When the two of them faced off, he said: "Food officer, we are derelict in our duties, causing hundreds of soldiers in our army to be sick, and dozens of soldiers to die from illness. Our crimes are too great, we will behead everyone and warn everyone."

This was beyond Zixuan's expectations. Although Liu Bei was the benevolent and righteous Lord, he actually killed someone because of that. Imperial Uncle, is this too severe of a punishment? "If he doesn't die, I hope that Royal Uncle can help me out."

Liu Bei said: "Zixuan, there's no need to ask for forgiveness. I have already made up my mind, so there's no need to say anymore." Zixuan placed his hope on Kongming and looked at him.

Kongming lightly waved his fan with his eyes closed. After the execution, Zixuan walked out with a bad feeling in his heart, and chased after him, "Zixuan, Zixuan." Kongming kept on shouting, "Oh, advisor, I was thinking about something and could not hear it, please forgive me, what matter did the advisor want me to do?"

"Are you blaming me?"

"Zixuan doesn't dare to, it's just that Zixuan isn't used to it."

Kongming gently and patiently explained, "Zixuan, it's not that I like killing. You have to know, if you don't punish him properly, how can you submit to the" Zixuan understands, this is what you all meant when you said those who have achieved great things are at ease. " Zixuan left without even turning his head back.

In the evening, Kongming took care of everything and came to find Zixuan. General Ma, the Military Advisor asked to meet him, just as the two of them were eating dinner. "What business do you have with the Military Advisor?" "Who knows?" Zixuan said in disdain, "Quick, invite him in."

"Advisor, you're a rare guest. Please take a seat." Mengqi said, "Ah, it's nothing, I came looking for Zixuan for something."

"Oh, the advisor definitely hasn't eaten yet. Let's eat together."

After dinner, Zixuan and Kongming came to the house and started chatting, "Zixuan, are you still angry?"

"No, no, which one?"

"I only came here because I don't want you to misunderstand me."

"Zixuan understands. The Military Advisor was overthinking it, it's just that the Royal Uncle is the benevolent and righteous Lord, and killing someone today was beyond my expectations. I was too indecisive."

Beauty And Heroes Chapter 17

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