Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 538

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Chapter 538 - You Destroyed the Peace and Harmony of a Family

"Oh, since you've spoken up, I guess I have no choice?" Pinliang pretended to be disappointed. He had to act like this to not make Mengyao suspicious.

"Let's go then!" Mengyao said hurriedly. She was afraid that her mother might leave the area if they kept wasting time!

All these years, she longed to meet her mother, thinking about her mother all the time, but she didn't speak up. She chose to tough it out not showing it on the surface yet missing her mother very much. However, she was a nineteen-year-old girl, so she might pretend to be mature at times and act like a big sister in front of Yushu, but she still couldn't resist the urge to meet her mother.

Should she tell her father? Mengyao shook her head. Her father didn't even mention a word about her mother all these years. It seemed like he had long since forgotten her and put all his attention into the company, which frustrated Mengyao, but she couldn't do anything. She loved her father as much as her mother!

She didn't know why her father and mother had argued, and she didn't know why her mother had left her for so many years, but Mengyao planned to track her mother down first and persuade her father later. It might be a surprise to him as well!

After giving it some thought, Mengyao decided to meet her mother privately first! She had complete faith in Pinliang and concluded that the someone was her mother.

"OK!" Pinliang nodded and shouted to Xiaofu, "Xiaofu , come here!"

"What is it, Liang Bro!" Xiaofu was puzzled. It could not be denied that Xiaofu was very good at acting after practicing many times.

"Take us to Mt. Shuangyan," Pinliang ordered.

"For what?" Xiaofu was taken aback.

"Don't ask. Are you gonna come?" Pinliang didn't want to explain.

"Oh, let's go!" Xiaofu stopped asking.

Mengyao didn't find anything suspicious about Pinliang bringing Xiaofu out. He was Pinliang's dog, and bringing a dog out was a quite common.

Pinliang and Xiaofu were walking in front of Mengyao and Yushu, leading them along. The four of them escaped the school through the front door.

"Yaoyao, what happened, why are we going Mt. Shuangyan? And who's that girl that looked like you?" Yushu asked curiously.

"Don't worry about it, just follow me!" Mengyao chose not to explain the long story. Besides, her mother might not be there anymore.

"Oh, but I think that, as girls, following Pinliang into the wilderness is absurd. Should we tell s.h.i.+eld Bro?" said Yushu as she saw that night was falling.

"Just admit it, you want to call Lin Yi. You don't have to find so many excuses!" Mengyao heartlessly exposed Yushu. "Do you miss him?"

"Oh, I thought you missed him, Yaoyao!" Yushu blinked. "So should we make a call?"

"Do what you want!" Mengyao huffed. However, she realized Shu's action was logical after thinking about it .They should tell Lin Yi. It was the wild, after all. What if something happened?

Yushu really did miss Lin Yi, but she didn't know what kind of emotion she was feeling. It might be that she was not used to living separately. It was a little colder without him in the house.

"What a miserable life this concubine has, always helping the wife deliver the message." Yushu took out her phone and started talking to herself.

"What did you say?" Mengyao almost tripped over her own feet. "What wife and concubine!"

"You're the wife and I'm the concubine." Yushu wasn't afraid as she answered with a smile on her face.

"Shu, you little-! Don't make me rip your tongue out! Who's Lin Yi's wife?" Mengyao glared at Yushu.

"Oh! Yaoyao truly likes s.h.i.+eld Bro!" Yushu threw her arms up in celebration. "I just said wife and concubine, I didn't say it was s.h.i.+eld Bro!"

"You! Argh!" Mengyao was frustrated. She fell into Yushu's trap. The girl never did say whose wife and concubine.

The wife and concubine joke was set up by them when they were young, but they didn't determine who the guy would be…. She fell into the trap! She was outsmarted by Yushu! Mengyao gave Yushu a death stare. "Open your mouth!"

Yushu shook her head, grinning.

"Why?" Mengyao thought, Has the stupid girl learned her lesson? She knew that I was going to pull her tongue?

"I'm not stupid. If I opened my mouth, you would—" Yushu screamed, "Ahhh! No! Ow! That hurts!"

Mengyao seized the opportunity and pulled at Yushu's lower lip. "A stupid girl will forever be a stupid girl."

"Guys like stupid and dumb girls!" Yushu clutched her chin and mumbled, "You're too mean, Yaoyao, n.o.body will pamper you!"

"What do you mean?" Mengyao asked.

"You're bullying the concubine, destroying the peace and harmony of a family. If it was ancient times, you would be an unloved queen!

"Do you still want your tongue?" Mengyao threatened.

"Ugh…" Yushu stopped joking around and was about to call Lin Yi, but she saw Xiaofu had hailed a taxi, so she couldn't make the call now.

"Mengyao, Shu, let's go!" Pinliang waved his hand at the girls after seeing that Xiaofu had flagged down a taxi.

Xiaofu had stopped a seven-seater Touran taxi. Yushu and Mengyao were smaller, so they chose to sit in the very back of the car. Pinliang had no choice but to sit with Xiaofu in the second row.

Pinliang was so angry he wanted to kick the sh*t out of Xiaofu. What was he doing? He should have stopped a five-seater instead of a seven-seater!

He wanted to sit with Mengyao in the back seat because three people had to occupy the back seats with one in front in a five-seater car, but his plan was kaput.

However, Mengyao was sitting behind him, so he couldn't lose his temper and had to restrain himself..

During the drive, Yushu texted Lin Yi, telling him that they were going with Pinliang and Xiaofu to Mt. Shuangyan.

Lin Yi received the text right at the start of the second auction. He read the text but did not reply, since Yushu was texting him with a matter-of-fact tone on their whereabouts, and also because he couldn't take action.

Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 538

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