Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I'll Squeeze Out Milk Volume 1 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15  It’s firmly standing up.

Walking down the wide paved road under the light of a moon-like object that’s shining in the sky above; we can finally see the man-made light coming from the town not far ahead.

"Going in like this is probably a bad idea isn’t it?"
"You’re right… I wish we had a cap or something to hide your horn."

Small as it is, a horn is still a horn. If anyone sees me like this they will figure out that I’m a monster in a heartbeat.

"Why not try tying your hair up? Here, use this."

He say as he unties his shoelaces.

"I’m sorry, but this is all I have."
"Don’t worry, I’m the one who should be apologizing for the troubles. Anyway, won’t you tie it up for me?"
"Me…? Is it fine?"
"Just do it. It’s not like I can tie it by myself in this darkness."
"We can, you know… Let my sister do it once we arrived…"
"Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?"

The town is right in front of our eyes now.
While still holding on to Minoko's fur, I rotate my body 180 degrees to face Erim; and lightly hit his face with my chest in the process.

"Come on, please~ you don’t have to do it perfectly or anything~"
"Wait- don’t rub it in! … It smells good…"
"Your thoughts are leaking out, you know. Hmm? Are you alright? Your heart is beating super fast."

As I ask that he let out a sigh.

"I understand … I’ll do it."

With his shaking hand he starts to comb my shoulder length hair with his fingers.

On the way here Erim taught me the common knowledge of this world. The calendar this world uses is more or less identical to my old world; 12 months in a year, 30 days a month, 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day. The weight and height units are also the same as Japan's and although the currency is a bit different I can just think of it like visiting another country.

Erim also seems to be able to understand the meaning of loan words which is really convenient. Maybe our words are being translated in real time?
The technologies this world has are also vastly different; things like smart phones, TV, or automobiles are nonexistent, even electricity hasn’t been discovered yet. Although it seems that advances in magical tech lead to the creation of many household appliances.

Instead of feeling anxious, I think I might as well enjoy this.

"It’s done."
"Ohh, thanks."
I reach my hand out and gently touch the 2 dango-dango-like balls of hair. Although it would be enough to just bun it up he went as far as to coil my hair around the horns to hide it better.

"Amazing, you’re quite skilled aren’t you."
"I, I tried my best as to not ruin your cuteness!"
"You flatter me but I don’t think I have any cuteness to ruin."
"I’m not flattering…"
"Doesn’t it look like an orc's? My face that is."

I say with a sigh.

"Did someone say that to you?"
"Well, no. But if an orc takes a liking to me then it must mean that I look like an orc, right?"
"Richy-san… Have you seen your own face?"
"Not yet since there wasn’t any mirror back in the hut."
"Well… About that… An orc's preference is actually like that of a normal human's; there’s even a saying that if you have a beautiful child you should hide them in the house and such. Besides, female orcs don’t even exist."
"Eh? Then you’re saying that they’re all male?"
"Yes. That’s the reason why they have to seek out females of other races to mate and since they have a really potent seeds, all children will always come out an orc."

Orcs really are the worse. Seriously, just die.

"So if I look that desirable to an orc then does that mean my appearance is just that orc like?"
"Of course n-"
"Ah, wait! You don’t have to answer that since I’m just asking without thinking…"

The reincarnation assistant lady also said that even an incubus isn’t always handsome, isn’t it? So a succubus should be the same, right?

It will be bad if I just believe what an orc said; they’re just brutes that will attack anyone as long as it’s a woman after all. The adventurers back then too… They probably only took an interest in me because of my race. Erim is probably the same.

How cruel. Please don’t look at my hideous face. (E: and so the self belittling continues.)

"Richy-san… Aren’t you too hard on yourself?"
"Not at all. I realized after I came here that I took the comfort of my previous world for granted. Wanting to become a dragon and whatnot are just fantasies."
"If it’s this bad then you will probably faint when you see the mirror."

So it’s that bad… So he’s saying I should brace myself? I might just become a hikikomori again…

"Next time for sure I’ll find a suitable ribbon for Richy-san to use instead of these dirty shoelaces."
"There’s no need."
"I think you’ve become a bit cautious around men, Richy-san. That’s good to see."

I just honestly think that there isn’t anything that would look good on me and even if there is, wearing it would just make me embarrassed; I’m still a guy on the inside, you know?

"Well then for cow-san… Let’s use these boots for now."
He says while sliding his boots over her horns; it goes on easily and as if the boots are made for her, they fit her horns perfectly.

"As I thought, it covers the horns up perfectly. No one should notice it now."
He says while nodding his head with satisfaction; Minoko on the other hand let out a low-pitched "Moo".

"Ahahaha, take it easy, okay?"
"What is it? Did she say something?"
"'To place footwear on someone’s head like this… You’ll regret this later!' Or so she says."
"That isn’t something to laugh about!"
"It’s fine, Minoko isn’t someone like that… She did beat the eyepatch guy half dead though…"
"She beat leader half to death while I was unconscious!?"
"Although just eating him straight up would be fine too…"
"You are serious about that aren’t you…"

Trash that prey on the weak, toying with women and then selling them can just die. Seriously.

According to Erim, that group of adventurers doesn’t live in Meirouk*(E: see footnote)but actually came from another city called Rabantrail* and was here because of a request from the guild. They should be back there by now.
I was actually quite curious about the adventurer guild too since Raventrail is apparently around an hour's walk from Meirouk; my boyish fantasies want to check it out.
I don’t want to bump into them again though.

…Doesn’t that line of thinking tend to raise flags?

Author's note: and there’s our title card. What? Did you think it’s something else that’s standing up? Sorry, but it’s just a flag.

Earth's note: the two city name is written as "Meirooku" and "Rabantoreru" in Japanese and I have no idea how should I write it in English so suggestions is welcome.
Arock's note: I changed "Rabantrail", to "Raventrail", because that seems to be the closest appropriate name for the city. Still can't understand what to do about "Meirouk", though I am thinking of using "Melluk" or "Merook", but this seems fine as it is.

Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I'll Squeeze Out Milk Volume 1 Chapter 15

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