Best Of Makeovers Bundle Part 204

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JUDD LOOKED OUT over the orange-red desert, wind whipping at the back of his head. The setting sun had painted the sky in shades of pink and purple almost too bright to be real. He hadn't been to this spot in more than three months. It was his favorite place in all of Arizona, a scenic lookout point where one could see for miles and miles, where hills and mountains spread out forever and the sunsets were always breathtaking.

He usually came here to hike or to just sit and think, but lately life had been so busy, consolidating households with Lucy, dealing with the extra cases he'd picked up from all the publicity over the Fantasy Ranch sabotage case, fighting to gain the respect of Lucy's ornery cats-who still weren't too keen on giving him any bed s.p.a.ce at night-he just hadn't had time.

Not that he minded his new life. On the contrary, he loved it. Life with Lucy might not have been the calm, boring, ordinary existence he once imagined for himself, but it was everything he wanted.

A small hand snaked around his waist and interrupted his reverie. "If we don't hurry up, the minister's going to blow away."

Their minister, a small frail man in his seventies, did appear to be struggling to remain upright in the wind.

Lucy wore a long white dress that showed off her s.e.xy figure, wisely foregoing a veil or any fancy hairdo in deference to the gale that always swept through the desert at this time of year. She looked more beautiful today than ever.

"What are we gonna do about those two?" He nodded toward their attendants, Mason and Claire, who hadn't spoken civilly since a certain Porsche theft months earlier.

Lucy smiled. "I've got a plan."


"Just listen. What if we invite them both on our trip to Hawaii next month, but don't tell either of them the other is going?"

"And then what? Tie them together with a bunch of those Hawaiian flower necklaces and leave them until they make up?"

"It's Hawaii, the most romantic place on earth, and they're perfect for each other. All they need is a little helping along."

Judd pulled her close. "That sounds like a dangerous plan...but I like it."

She shushed him when Mason approached.

"Break it up, you two. We've got a wedding to get on with here." Mason thumped Judd on the back and gave Lucy an affectionate wink.

"Leave the lovebirds to their little romantic moment, you jerk." Claire, the most windblown bridesmaid in history, appeared from behind them.

She and Mason hadn't even seen each other since their twenty-thousand-dollar date. Judd guessed the problem was that Mason had finally met his match, and his pride was still smarting from the battle of wills that ensued.

"You two have to get along for the next fifteen minutes," Lucy warned.

"No problem. I'll just wait until after the ceremony to push him off the cliff."

A few feet away, the minister's toupee caught on the wind and went sailing away. He scowled after it, and Judd took that as their cue to get started before anything more important blew off into the desert.

He led Lucy to the spot where the ceremony would take place. Claire and Mason followed behind them and took their places.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today..." the minister began.

Judd looked into Lucy's eyes, seeing in them a lifetime of joy they would share. Falling in love with Lucy had been amazing, but this moment, right here and now, was where the real adventure began.

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Best Of Makeovers Bundle Part 204

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