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eight and eighteen-years-old

Xiahou Xuan and Mo asked things about each other and exchanged information.

Mo asked, “What happened?” Deep inside him, facing such a beautiful woman with a very soft and cold voice felt really uncomfortable.

“Oh, big brother, don’t be afraid! I am a good kid!” Wei Yang raised a cute little fist with a smile. The sleeves of the princess slipped a little showing her arm with a white jade in it. There was no scar and her skin looked perfect.

But because of this, the two people became more puzzled; there were no scars inexplicably presented there. It was likely to be conspiracy!


Mo was forcing himself to not listen to the soft voice of the girl. "Why am I afraid? Is boss afraid of her too?" He thought.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Mo forcibly chilled his voice trying to do his inquisition lightly.

"Oh, I'm… Ah…"

The voices stopped abruptly and the two people looked at her strangely. The innocent girl turned pale again and she was looking at her hands in fear.

"What’s happening here?" Wei Yang asked.

Xiahou Xuan and Mo stopped the inquisition for a moment and scratched their heads.

Surprisingly, the sky cleared and a fresh rainbow hung over the horizon.

“What’s wrong with you?” Looking at this helpless girl, Xiahou Xuan’s heart felt heavy-handed. How ridiculous it seemed that the Xiahou Xuan who didn't care much about people couldn't endure her situation.

Xiahou Xuan: "Ah?"

Wei Yang re-focused again and then she looked at Xiahou Xuan who just spoke. She saw the torment in his eyes. Although it vanished quickly, Wei Yang still saw it.

"What’s your name? Why are you here?" Xiahou Xuan spoke, but he didn't go close to her because it might frighten the girl. Her vigilant heart did not waver.

“Wei Yang. My name is Wei Yang.” Wei Yang swallowed her saliva. Instead of giving her attention to the two guys, she saw and looked at her strange hands. Finally, she felt a painful sensation in her brain and she could not contain it. She fainted.

Xiahou Xuan frowned and asked, "What was your name again? Is It Wei Yang?"

Wei Yang fell down on the ground. He hurried forward and lifted her up to his car.

Mo looking at Xiahou Xuan behind him, he also looked at the beauty in his boss's arms, wrinkled his frowns, and then smiled again, and thought, "Finally, the boss saw a woman who has a beauty." He was still spying at the woman while running the car.


On the outskirts of the city, the sun emitted light halos after the rain. Xiahou Xuan’s car came into an independent manor of his name. With a little shower, the whole body of the manor was filled with mist. The manor had a large lawn, which is green all the year round. Though there was not a single flower, it also looked pleasing to the eye.

Xiahou Xuan was sitting on the sofa in the room, lying sluggish, looking at the girl lying on the bed to be examined. He seemed no difference from the usual, but Xiahou Xuan, who was known as an iron man, a fearless man, was ironically afraid at that time.

Xiahou Xuan’s heart was a bit of a mess. The girl he saw for only an hour seemed to have the ability to change him. He lowered his eyebrows and looked at the blot, which was left by the girl, in his waist. When he took her, he knew it would be like this, but he did not hesitate to hold her in his arms.

Disordered, chaotic…

An hour passed, Xiahou Xuan’s mood seemed to slow down. Finally, there was an explanation for all his mood swings – the girl was so beautiful that he finally learned to have pity on her.

“I'm here!” After checking Wei Yang, the man dressed in white robe turned to walk towards Xiahou Xuan to give his greetings respectfully and courteously.

Xiahou Xuan opened his eyes and there was a sharp light in his slanting eyes. He said idly, "This lady was injured in her internal organs, but she did not have any life threats. It was only that the young lady's brain was also traumatized. The possibility of amnesia is very high."

Of course, it may sound silly… However, he did not dare to say this.

“Amnesia?” Mo asked strangely.

Mo asked that just after Wei Yang moved slightly to bed. She rubbed her eyes and her voice was awake with a bit of husky, and it sounded very nice, "The more hustle…"

Xiahou Xuan noticed Wei Yang’s action at that moment. When she heard Wei Yang’s voice again, he stood up and walked to the bed. He suddenly frowned again and asked, "Is she still traumatized?" He came near and only then discovered that the air had a bloody smell.

"Huh?" The man in white robe walked to wards them, puzzled, and checked again briefly. Still, found no result. He had to bend over and said, "She have no injuries."

Standing on the side, Mo suddenly asked and pointed at the faint scarlet red stain between Wei’s lips and teeth, and said, “Bai Han, the wound is in her mouth!”

The man in white robe, named Bai Han, was an excellent subordinate of Xiahou Xuan in Beijing.

Bai Han heard Mo's statement. He was then busy holding Wei Zhong’s delicate chin. He carefully looked around, turned, and said, “It should be visceral injury; she could spit blood but swallow again.”

He continued to praise Wei Yang, saying that the blood was no big deal and that such kind of beautiful woman who seemed to be very weak was so strong, that what he can only say was that the girl was a perfect creation of the Higher Being.

No one could see the pain that she suffered.

It seemed hard to blink, Wei Yang finally opened her watery eyes which vigilantly swept all the people in the house, and finally stopped at Xiahou Xuan. That moment was like a night spring, thousands of trees and pearl blossom! All her worries disappeared after seeing Xiahou Xuan because she remembered big brother’s eyes. She tightly closed her lips and suddenly brightly opened her mouth.

“Big brother!” Wei Yang’s eyes leaped up from bed and she rushed into Xiahou Xuan’s arms, which made Xiahou Xuan’s body stiff.

Wei Yang, with her eyes open, looked at her hands trembling, and then looked at Xiahou Xuan in fear. She swallowed the mouth water and said, “How did my hands become so big?” She remembered that before she became unconscious, she found something wrong with her hands.

However, the first reaction came from Bai Han. Because earlier, he said that Wei Yang was likely to have memory loss.

“Do you remember your name? How old are you? And where do you live?” Bai Han asked very carefully. He was gentle to the patient.

Wei Yang’s mouth curved on the corners and her seblue eyes were full of suspicions. But still, she answered the questions of Bai Han. “My name is Wei Yang. I am eight years old. My home? I don’t remember.” She looked at Xiahou Xuan. In the end, she chose to deceive. She can see that Xiahou Xuan’s identity was probably like the underworld and her own identity did not allow her to easily tell other information.

"Eight years old?!!!"

The three looked at each other. Wei Yang looked 18 years old. But she said herself that she was only eight years old!

Bai Han laid back for a while and said, “It looks like selective amnesia. She has forgotten everything after the age of eight.”

Black Belly Boss's Pet Wife Chapter 2

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