Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 47

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May 11, 2018

Vol 1, Chapter 47: Five Banks Great Competition

TL: Godspell

Wearing a long golden robe, age around 30, looking dignified, a long swaying beard in front of the chest, he looks like an ordinary mortal being without any Profound Qi fluctuation, but his presence is creating an indescribable pressure all around, it seems that even the light rays around him are beginning to tear apart.

Immediately, all the disciples had held their breaths.

A very strong feeling of suffocation overwhelmed Ding Hao as if he was being pressed by an ancient mountain.

In his Lower and Middle Dantian, the Ice and Fire Profound Qi seems to have also been suppressed, both his Qi seeds violently began to send Qi in his meridians and acupoints rapidly, putting an instinctive resistance.

Hurriedly, Ding Hao tries to stabilize this chaotic Qi in his body.

"So strong, I am afraid, the strength of these three-middle-aged people had already surpassed beyond the boundary of Martial Ancestor Realm, already reaching an inconceivable realm, it seems that it is common for the Inquiring Sword Sect to have so many experts!"

Ding Hao secretly praised in his heart.

"Snort, these low realms puny little Grandmasters, back then, with a snap of this old lady finger, several of these Grandmasters will come running along!" The Blade Ancestor said with disdain in her mind.

"In the end, a small sect will always be a small sect, even after producing three generations, their overall level is still that of a Grandmaster, Sigh…!" The Sword Ancestor likely not falling behind, immediately offering his own thoughts.

Scratching his nose, Ding Hao is thinking about something else, totally forgetting about the two Ancestors.

The origins of these two Ancestors are very mystical, who knows what sort of hundred thousand of years this two-old monster is, in their eyes, all the experts in the Snow Province are like some random goods.

"These three people are the True Inheritance Core Disciples, it is really a surprise that they have come to attend the Five Banks Great Competition!"

Among the disciples, some had recognized the identity of these three peoples dressed in golden robe above the arena.

After the establishment of the Inquiring Sword Sect, innumerable generation of disciples one after another had established their seniority, according to their time, these disciples are divided each into generations-Second, Third and so on…  

Presently, it is rumored that the old ancestor of Inquiring Sword Sect, had already lived for more than 600 years, continuously hiding in the world.

The present Sect Master is Li Xiejian is a disciple from the Second-generation.

For more than 300 years, Li Xiejian is the Sect Head of the entire Inquiring Sword Sect, his strength is immeasurably deep, it is said that besides the old ancestor, no one can be his opponent in the entire Inquiring Sword Sect, in the entire Snow Province he is one of the strongest Great Grandmaster.

Li Xiejian has extremely high prestige in the Sect, but he usually lives in seclusion, so Ding Hao and the other Registered Disciples are not eligible to see him in person.

In addition, there are also some strong elders who are peers with the Sect Leader Li Xiejian, from the Second Generation, usually, their status is also very high in the Sect.

In particular, the True Core Inheritance disciple is from the Second Generation, almost second only to the future Sect Head of the Inquiring Sword Sect, there is also a vast difference between them and any other Second Generation Disciple. This time, these True Core Inheritance disciple had personally arrived to manage the Five Banks Great Competition, hinting that the Sect had placed a great importance in this Competition.

"We welcome the Senior Brother!"

All the disciples, scattered around the arena simultaneously bowed in a respectful manner.

On the first arena, a middle-aged man with a square face and big ears raised his hand slowly, instantly a gentle Qi spread out, making everyone held their breaths, the man on the arena is very dignified, possessing an imposing manner, his pair of eyes burning with hot fire, presently nobody around the arena dares to look at ones at his eye.

He lightly glanced at all the disciples from the Five Banks and nodded slightly.

"The Five Banks Great Competition is now officially begun, I hope that all the fellow disciple seriously pay importance to this Martial Arts Contest and spare no effort to go all out, come out in your strongest state, and expands the prestige of my Inquiring Sword Sect, do not be terrified and over-cautious about being getting injured or losing your cultivation, before and even after, do not let your Elders, Seniors Brothers, and the Sect Master to be disappointed!"


Wearing a golden long robe, his clear voice sounded in the entire arena.

Next, another disciple from the third generation read out a set of customs and the rewards for the Great Competition, then the Five Banks Great Competition has officially begun.

The chosen disciples from the various Banks, under the envy gaze of the remaining 2000 disciples, slowly walked out from behind the crowd, and arriving at the first arena, after getting their roll plates, the martial arts contest had begun.



On the first arena, the square-faced middle-aged man with big ears suddenly become very surprised.

"What’s wrong? Did Sin Brother Yin find something wrong?" At his side, the elder from the same generation Lu Qi said with a smile.

The square-faced middle-aged man with big ears Yin Yifei slightly shook his head way: "A moment ago, I Just had a very strange feeling, a chosen disciples below from these 50 disciples, some of them are giving very unusual aura, when I try to feel again that strange aura, I was not able to discover it, as if it was all just an illusion?"

"Is there such a thing?" Lu Qi is also extremely surprised.

"Perhaps Senior Brother Yin eyes had become foggy, is there some problem with the Martial Arts that you are practicing, is there any need to make a fuss for nothing." Another one of his peers from the same generation disciple Cheng Fei mockingly said; "All these 2000 disciples are the Seedling that the sect has chosen for the future, how can there be anything strange."

"You ..." Lu Qi was extremely angry.

Beckoning with his hand Yin Yifei hints Lu Qi and Cheng Fei not to haggle over this matter.

Core disciples have factions also, this long-witted Cheng Fei is not a part of the Yin Yifei Group, mutual undermine is quite often, although Yin Yifei is also quite angry about this in his heart, but today on this formal occasion, in the presence of these several thousands of Disciples and Elders, he does not want to make a big fuss out it.


Ding Hao had also received his roll number with a ten on it.

With handing out his own imprint on another set of the plate to the disciple, Ding Hao temporarily returned at the side of East River Bank Disciples, clearly waiting for the draw to start the battle.

Just a moment ago on the first arena, suddenly a very extremely powerful aura, had passed over his body very gently and swiftly, nearly making Ding Hao stand out on the spot, because of the strange condition of his body had nearly caused him to be found out by one of the True Inheritance Disciple.

Ding Hao has also become a bit alarmed in his heart.

Soon, one after another the serial number of the chosen disciples are being drawn out.

Ji Xin, Li Juling and all the other chosen disciples from the East River Bank, had already handed their roll plate, each and every one is filled with an impatient look, a face that cannot wait for a battle, to display their might in front of every person present in this Five Banks Great Competition, every chosen right now is in the same state, right now they all are filled with brimming self-confidence.

Like always Li Lan is maintaining a low profile, calmly standing apart from the crowd, with eyes closed.

At his side, there are two of his trusted friends Ge Yin and Zhang Tianlun who are continuously glancing around each other. Clearly, they are also waiting to show their might in front of all the disciples as soon as possible.

Ding Hao had also keenly noted that these two are looking at him with some inexplicable hostility. Moreover, today their aura is also somewhat different from the past couple of the days.

"Could it be that I am too handsome, that’s why they are looking at me with such hostility, hmm ..."

Ding Hao had secretly become very alert in his heart.

Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 47

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