Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 48

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May 16, 2018

Vol 1, Chapter 48: Blazing Light Sword Strike

TL: Godspell

At the same time.

Yin Yifei and all the other Core Inheritance Disciples, respectively returned to their seating positions, specially build above the arena.

Also, around twenty to thirty Elders from both the Outer Sect and Inner Sect of the Sect and some Experts from the same generation were also seated. There are also some Experts that had come from outside the Inquiring Sword Mountain. All of them are orderly seated above the arena, patiently waiting for the beginning of the competition

After the time for half of an incense stick to burn, the sound from the melodious and mighty bells sounded in the entire arena.

Five Banks Great Competition is officially begun.

Soon, there was an announcement above the martial arena, for the first round of the conformation between the fifty chosen disciples respectively from the Five River Banks, all of them will be divided into two group each containing 25 chosen disciples, each chosen has to seize this chance to slaughter his way up in the First Round of the competition.

From the East River Bank, the strongest Li Lan had to battle the chosen disciple from the North East River Bank.

His two followers Ge Yin and Zhang Tianlun had to separately fight the chosen disciples from the South River Bank and the Central River Bank.

Several other chosen disciples from the East River Bank had also already gotten their opponents.

Looking above the announcement stone, Ding Hao had also obtained the name of his first opponent.

East River Bank No.10 vs West River Bank No.6

Ding Hao opponent, is one of a chosen disciple from the West River Bank ranking at the Sixth Position.

At this time, all the disciples from the Five River Banks, does not further need to continue line up for waiting, they are free to choose any battle they want to watch, or they can freely choose to support a chosen disciple, that they liked personally.


No. 36th Arena.

Following the stairs, step by step, Ding Hao calmly arrived at the arena, where his opponent is already waiting for him at the center of the arena.

"Hahaha, my luck is really too good, unexpectedly made me bumped into a disciple of the weakest of the Five River Banks, the East River Bank, on top of it, a chosen disciple listed at the tenth, haha!" Dressed in a long red robe, the chosen disciple from the West River Bank seeing Ding Hao from the East River Bank, madly laughed and impatiently shouted: "Hurry up, don't waste my time, after defeating you, I your father will eventually have to prepare for the second round of the competition!"

His face is somewhat familiar to Ding Hao, thin face with a long neck, eyes high above the top, clearly not paying any attention to Ding Hao.

Without any change in his complexion, Ding Hao arrived at the center of the arena.

An Inner Sect Disciple will be personally responsible for supervising the battle, after carefully inspecting the equipment of the two, he had not discovered any sort of sinister or any ruthless concealed or hidden weapon or any sort of weird weapon, after checking on the things he had to pay attention, he slightly nodded to begin the competition.

"Hey, little boy, this is your bad luck, to run into me." The bamboo boy with a big sneer, step by step approach towards Ding Hao.

Ding Hao with his rusted sword tied up to his waist, indifferently, calm and aloof like a deep sea, is standing in the arena.

Just then, from below the arena, suddenly a high cheering like a wave transmitted through the air, a sea of sounds, deafening the entire arena.

"Senior Brother Ding, come on!"

"Senior Brother Ding, make him fly with your sword!"

"Instantly kill this rampant red bamboo pole!"

"Senior Brother Ding, you have our support, trample him, come on!"

"Senior Brother Ding, you have to win!"

The sound of cheering madly surges like a wave upon wave, a sea of voices, making the battle look extremely alarming, which resulted in bringing the attention of many people, even at the far place on the podium many Experts has also noted about this scene, making them look over from far.

"I didn’t know, little boy was so popular, unfortunately, it’s of no use, the martial arts contest cannot be compared with your popularity, the victory or defeat is still decided by strength!"

Dressed in a long robe, thin and slender bamboo pole is also somewhat scared by the massive enthusiasm from the disciples of the East River Bank, he cannot help but feel jealous at his heart, sneering he calmly approach Ding Hao.

"If you're finished with your nonsense, then start the battle" Ding Hao calmly said.

"You ... Smelly brat, it seems you are really eager for a beating, then let me complete your wish." The thin bamboo pole had become very angry, holding a scabbard in his right hand, his long sword changed into a glimmer of silver light shooting toward Ding Hao.

At the same time, his foot on the ground, produced a terrible burst of fearful cold air, his whole body like a leopard flee out, his right-hand in a flash, covers the sword hilt in the air, his whole-body unifying with his sword produced a wisp of electric glow.

Fearful sword technique!

And clearly above the sword skills of Fang Tianyi.

The chosen disciples from the various Banks are really not that easy to defeat.

Sword Qi erupts, making Ding Hao black long hair danced into the air.

However, Ding Hao right now is still extremely calm.

He did not move even a bit, until to the point the sword tip reached his shoulder, in a flash, he made his two fingers like a sword, then execute a Foundation Sword technique "Lift Clouds".

A wisp of pale-silver Qi fills in the air around Ding Hao’s palm.

Instantaneously, above the arena, threatening Cold Qi surges up.

At this time, thin bamboo pole only thought that his opponent's finger suddenly transformed into a shape of a sword, which directly struck at his ribs, making a groan coming out of his mouth, an extremely painful feeling swept over his body, he cannot help but become pale due to this.

He had no idea, a chosen disciple of East River Bank ranked at the tenth, will actually be able to block his killing move "Blazing Light Sword Strike".

Every disciple knows about this technique, one needs a quick movement technique to be able to perform the sword technique, this whole set of sword skills is absolutely a fierce killing technique, but he did not think that his opponent not only can avoid but he can also easily counter it by a mere Foundation Sword Technique!

Ding Hao jet black hair gently sways in the wind, covered in a cold qi, with his sword frozen in ice.

Right now, his heart is beating very fast, because he knows, that his opponent is an Expert!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

He continuously tries to perform different stances of "Blazing Light Sword Strike" to block the sword attack coming from Ding Hao.

In a flash, an intense fearful blazing sword light, like a wave covered Ding Hao, thoroughly submerging his entire body with a silver light.

Below the arena, all of the disciples nearby from the East River Bank had turned completely silent.

Because as before Ding Hao still has not drawn out his sword.

He is not anxious, not slow, his palm covering with a silver cold qi and is continuously gently is whipping on the opponent's sword body, like a bright eye filled with endless light, continuously observing and trying to figure out every sword path of the opponents.

The sound of a crisp cry from the sword is filled on the arena.

The sword momentum of the thin bamboo pole is getting quicker and quicker, displaying his full power.

Right now, his only thought is for the first time he was able to display the full power of "Blazing Light Sword Strike", he is completely submerged in the sword technique, every gesture, and motion, he is executing perfectly, according to his mind, usually when he practices with his sword, he did not have such condition at that time.

Gradually, thin bamboo pole Song Feixiong was surprised to find that when he practices his sword, he would gradually meet some obstacles and creaky flaws in his sword training, but right now all of them had gradually disappeared, his cohesion of sword moves had almost reached the perfect realm.

(TL: Finally, the author mentions his name)

This had made all the disciples below the arena dazzled and intoxicated.

"Haha, Senior Brother Song Feixiong is really fierce, he was able to master a set of a mortal rank middle grade "Blazing Light Sword Strike" to such a degree of proficiency, that chosen disciple from the East River Bank is soon going to get defeated!"

The disciples from the West River Bank are beaming with a face full of smiles.

"Nonsense, our Senior Brother Ding has only intentionally let off this bamboo pole, so far, look carefully, our Senior Brother Ding has not even drawn out his sword!" As Ding Hao's number one fan, the juvenile hunter youth Zhang Fan rebuts with great sarcasm immediately.

Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 48

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